BTFTLIAW – Chapter 755

Chapter 755 – Dreaded By The Demon Race

There was a long distance between Demon City and Rising Sun City, so it would be impossible for the Demons to see what happened in Rising Sun City. It was also because of this that Besmir was unable to know what the Demons were doing unless he sent out scouts himself. He only managed to get information because of Zhao Hai.

One must say the Besmir really wanted to constrain the Demons, however, he was inferior to Zhao Hai when it came to commanding the other races. Because of this, he thought that unless it was Zhao Hai, it would be impossible for the city to work together in repelling the Demon Race.

This matter can be seen in Rising Sun City. In the city, the most suitable scouts would be the Elves. However, Besmir didn’t have the authority to command the Elves. This essentially meant that the city had no scouts to use.

The Elves only accepted Besmir as their commander because they were giving Zhao Hai face. However, this didn’t mean that they would listen to him.

But this time, the orders that Besmir sent out came from Zhao Hai. The Elves might not give Besmir any face, but they couldn’t just disregard Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai had always been fair in his treatment to other races. If they were punished by Zhao Hai, then not only would their races do nothing, they might even get more punishment instead.

Because of this, the Elves immediately went out to deal with the Demon scouts, and with an overwhelming victory at that. Although they were smaller, they still managed to eliminate the group of Demons. Even if this was a small achievement, this was still a huge morale boost for the people in Rising Sun City.

Seeing the actions of the Elves, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel delight. It seems like his decision with the Elves was correct. Most importantly, he also gained a metric about how strong 9th rank Elves could be. In the future, they would be able to understand how to utilize the Elves to their full potential.

The Demons wouldn’t know about what happened to their scouts, but as Lizzy said, the Demons have reached a state of complete mastery when it came to troop management. If their scouts don’t come back in a few hours, then it meant that they had an accident. Otherwise, the scouts would be punished if they came back late.

Because of this, when the Demons discovered that their scouts hadn’t returned, they immediately knew that something happened. They quickly sent a battalion in order to seek those scouts, but in the end, they were unable to find anything.

The Demons also understood that if nothing was found, then the only possibility was that they had been eliminated by the Humans. The Demons knew that there won’t be anything left once the scouts were defeated. This was because Zhao Hai was present, and he always turned his enemies into undead.

Because of this knowledge, the Demons decided to send a large unit to find the scouts. And even if a battalion was sent, they still didn’t dare to approach Rising Sun City.

It was clear that the Demons were dreading Zhao Hai. They wouldn’t dare face him before they had completed their preparations.

Zhao Hai looked at the actions of the Demons in the monitor. When he saw that they didn’t attack immediately, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief. This time, Zhao Hai sent the Elves out because first, he wanted to see how powerful the Elves were, and second, because he wanted the Demons to dread him even more, making sure that they would hesitate in making a move.

However, this situation held its advantages and disadvantages. They Demons might hesitate to make their attack, but when they do, then one could be assured that the Demons will be giving it their all. At that time, even if Zhao Hai personally went out, he would still be unable to stop their advance.

But the most fear that Zhao Hai had was the fact that he might not even be able to come out when the time comes. Although the Divine Race reinforcements were yet to arrive, there were all sorts of signals showing that they were on their way.

The Divine Race armies were very busy in the military barracks all the time. They had cleaned up every city in the Radiant Empire, this was a clear sign that the reinforcements would arrive.

After seeing the Divine Race, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. He really couldn’t understand why the Divine Race would want to obtain the Ark Continent. The Divine Realm was a plane that was a level above the continent. Properly speaking, there was nothing in the Ark Continent that was worth their effort. But they still decided to come, was this because the Divine Race had an inborn desire of conquest?

One could say that it would be unjustified if one were to compare the people in the Divine Realm and the Ark Continent. In the Divine Realm, children were born as 8th ranks, become 9th ranks through adulthood, and God-rank after some practice. In this case, why would they look into the Ark Continent? Even reaching 9th rank would be difficult for the people in the continent.

However, Zhao Hai suddenly changed his mind when he thought about the Divine Race’s heavy cavalry. They seem to not be part of the Divine Race. Each and every heavy cavalry rider looked very much like wild men. It was impossible for the Divine Race to have those kinds of people among them. This could only point to the fact that the heavy cavalry units were the Divine Race’s slaves. It might be possible for Iron Hammer and the others to be unaware of this fact.

This kind of situation was not impossible. Iron Hammer and the others hadn’t been to the Divine Realm in tens of thousands of years. A lot of things can happen in those years and it was impossible to know about the actions of the Divine Race during that time.

If those heavy cavalry soldiers were really slaves of the Divine Race, then Zhao Hai could understand their motives. They wanted to do to the Ark Continent what they did to the heavy cavalry soldiers.

To be honest, Zhao Hai also held belief that the light cavalry soldiers were slaves of the Divine Race as well. It would be impossible for the Divine Race to send 9th ranks of their own people to the frontlines. One should know that no matter how formidable, light cavalry losses were also quite high.

If the light cavalry and the heavy cavalry were slaves of the Divine Race, then the Divine Race had become scarier. This was because it was possible that they had subdued this people not in the Divine Realm, but on other planes instead.

Zhao Hai’s speculation was not based on nothing. The Ark Continent only had a written history of less than 10 thousand years. And the matters that Iron Hammer told Zhao Hai was only a few years before that. At that time, the Ark Continent still had people ascend towards the Divine Realm. This meant that, at that time, the people in the Ark Continent were quite strong.

Moreover, Iron Hammer’s tale had told them that the ascendants of the Ark Continent had waged war with the Divine Race. There were the gods of the other races as well as some human gods that had fought with them. This might look simple, but when one looks at it carefully, they could see that the Ark Continent held enough talent that their ascendants were able to form a force that can fight with the Divine Race.

If this was the case, then this meant that the Ark Continent had been sending God-ranks for more than tens of thousands of years ago. This showed the longevity and strength of the Divine Realm.

And through all these time, the Divine Race had managed to stay formidable. If they can use their power to invade the Ark Continent, then why can’t they use it on other planes? If the Divine Race used this method on other planes, then this would explain the existence of the light and heavy cavalry units.

This would also explain the reason why the Divine Race decided to invade the Ark Continent. They wanted to make a colony while at the same time, take revenge against the ascended God-ranks from the continent.

Zhao Hai thought about all of this while he was staring at the monitor. As the Divine Race got busy, the worries in Zhao Hai’s heart increased. The military barracks that had been set up can accommodate at least several tens of millions of troops. However, the overall number of troops that the Ark Continent had not reach that number.

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and consoled him, “Big Brother Hai, don’t worry about it. At the very least, we know that the Divine Race and the Demons aren’t allies. As long as they don’t group up, then we would have our opportunity.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he held Lizzy’s hand as he replied, “I’ll be fine. After all, even if they become allies, we can just abandon the Ark Continent.”

Lizzy nodded. The without notice, a day passed by. Just as Zhao Hai got up, Cai’er flew over to him and said, “Young Master, good news. The materials have matured enough to provide for one God-rank potion and I’ve already started its production. Also, in a few minutes, the tiny pagoda would be finish. Young Master should head over there and see.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go. Just wait a minute.” Then he went back to his room and cleaned himself up before he went towards the Processing Machine.

Laura and the others had also got up by now. They had also received the information before they quickly took care of themselves.

Laura and the others were different from other women in the continent, those that would need to do their makeup in half an hour, sometimes even over an hour. At this point, they had already abolished that custom. First reason was because they simply don’t have the time to do so.

The second reason was because there was no need. In the past, they would apply makeup in order to make themselves more attractive. But there was no need to do that right now. They had been drinking spatial water everyday and also ate the things in the Space. This allowed their skin and complexion to be as delicate as a baby’s skin. In this case, they would only ruin their face if they decided to put makeup on.

Because of these two reasons, Laura and the others didn’t bother to do their makeup as they immediately went towards the Processing Machine. They just adjusted their hair and wore some decent clothes.



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