BTFTLIAW – Chapter 754

Chapter 754 – Dark Mist In The Icefield

In the Northern Polar Icefield at this time, the icefield was not so frozen like before. After all, the source of the ice has been taken away. However, due to its relation with the sun, the icefield was still one of the coldest place in the Ark Continent.

After Zhao Hai acquired the wind bead as well as Bubble, he didn’t go and explore the place anymore. This was because Zhao Hai’s main purpose at that time was to retrieve the Beast God’s Spear. So when he found the spear, he immediately thought nothing about the Northern Icefield.

To be honest, nothing really did happen inside the Icefield. But now, it was different. Just as Zhao Hai was having a headache about the Demons and the Divine Race, an unknown change suddenly happened in the Icefield.

In the icefield, no matter day or night, the landscape had always been white. One almost couldn’t see any other color except white. Now, this white has been tainted by a little black spot.

But even if it was just a dark spot, its area was still quite bit. The spot was a black mist of over a hundred meters in diameter. In the white icefield, this black spot looked just like an ink blot on a sheet of paper.

This change happened without anyone’s notice. If Zhao Hai were to discover this black spot, then he might be able to calculate that it appeared just as the Elves’ Tree of Life started withering.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t have the time to pay attention to the icefield. The Demons and the Divine Race were already giving him headaches, he wasn’t so relaxed to turn his gaze towards the barren icefield.

As time passed, the dark mist became thicker and thicker as the area it took increased. After becoming about ten thousand meters in diameter, the center of the dark mist was already as black as ink.

Then inside that ink black mist, white smog started to bellow. But this white smog wasn’t anything normal, it can actually corrode everything in touched. This corrosive smog appeared more and more.

But this dark mist was nothing more than just a screen. Two days later, a black circular hole has been corroded by the white smog. Then from that hole, more and more dark mists started appearing, making the existing dark spot bigger and bigger.

The suddenly, a bony hand extended from that round hole before a skeleton walked out. He was fully bone white with a slippery bald head. It started to look around the place in puzzlement as it randomly walked around.

Shortly after the skeleton walked out, another skeleton appeared. This skeleton made the same action as the first one, then a third skeleton came.

More and more skeletons appeared from that hole and had started to walk in all directions. It might seem like they weren’t doing anything, but in fact they were actually fanning the area around the dark hole.

After an uncountable number of skeletons appeared, a giant bony claw suddenly extended out of the hole, making it bigger in the process. Then a huge magic beast appeared. This beast looked like a wingless skeletal version of the Demon Realm’s dragon. It was actually smaller than a dragon and it even had a few bones missing. The skeletal dragon looked like it had been ravaged by battle.

After this undead dragon came out of the hole, it immediately made a large roar. Although it was only a skeleton, the roar that it made was actually very loud. With this roar, the undead close to it started to group up before standing still. It seems like the undead were listening to the orders of this undead dragon.

As the loud roar spread, the skeletons in all directions suddenly proceeded to walk, slowly leaving the dark mist and walking further and further.

After this undead beast appeared, more undead started to appear from the hole. Then after a moment, a zombie with green hair started to climb up.

After these green haired zombies walked out, blue-haired zombies started to appear. Then behind those zombies were an uncountable amount of dark creatures. These creatures did the same as the skeletons before them, looking around before proceeding to walk.

At this time, Zhao Hai was actually worried about the Demons. The Demons were still camped up inside Demons City, this made Zhao Hai quite impatient. Moreover, the Demons have also started to send scouts.

Zhao Hai had always been thinking about the Demons. And now that they had started to send scouts, Zhao Hai began to worry.

For the other party to send scouts, then this meant that they were already prepared to attack. Yesterday, Zhao Hai and the others had discovered that the Demons have increased in Demon City. And now that they had sent scouts, then it seems like the Demons have decided to make their move.

After looking at the scouts, Zhao Hai let out a sigh before turning to Lizzy and said, “Lizzy, should we send some Elves to deal with these Demon scouts?”

Lizzy looked at the Demon scouts and then said, “Brother Hai, to be honest, dealing with those scouts would be a good idea. However, you also need to think that the Demons are pretty strict about their methods. These scouts should have their own methods. And even if we eliminate them, then this will definitely attract the Demons’ attention.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he replied, “We still have to send the Elves to deal with them. In any case, they would still attack. If we don’t make a move, the Demons might think that we are cowering in fear. Eliminate those scouts, let’s see how the Demons respond.”

Lizzy hesitated for a bit, but she still transmitted the orders without saying anything. Although the people in Rising Sun City weren’t afraid in facing the Demons, they still kept from sending scouts outside. Zhao Hai’s sudden order actually made them surprised.

However, Besmir immediately obeyed Zhao Hai’s order. He believed that there must be a reason for Zhao Hai to make it. Zhao Hai’s understanding of the Demons and their methods were much stronger compared to him. Therefore, he didn’t say anything about the order as he quickly dispatched some Elves to deal with the enemy scouts.

Zhao Hai looked at the Elves’ movements on the monitor. The Elves in Rising Sun City had already reached 9th rank. Moreover, they also provided with a lot of blood lightning beads. One can say that this motion was made to examine how powerful the beads could be in the hands of 9th rank Elves.

Before long, Zhao Hai saw the Elves group up into a hundred people per squad. All of them were advancing in the direction of the Demon Race’s forces.

These Elves were the elites of the Elven Race. And now that they had been supplied with blood lightning beads, it can be said that they were now the strongest combat unit in the continent. If they cannot defeat these Demons, then Zhao Hai’s investment would go to waste.

However, the Elves didn’t disappoint Zhao Hai. After the Elves departed, it didn’t take them too long before they found the Demon Race’s scouts. One must know that the scouts held the most versatile soldiers in an army. Naturally, this would also apply to the Demon race, their scouts were some of the elite forces of their respective armies. But after coming to the Ark Continent, these Demon scouts were yet to face the Elves. This made them look down on the approaching opponent.

Naturally, the Elves didn’t become polite as they immediately shot some stone beads. They didn’t use their blood lightning beads yet, they wanted to see the capabilities of these Demons first.

Finally, the stone beads had revealed how formidable the Demons were. One should know that these Demons weren’t 8th or 9th, they weren’t that high ranked. Therefore, the stone beads should be enough to cause them some damage.

However, the facts had shown that the Elves’ stone beads were unable to damage these Demons at all. This meant that without the blood lightning beads, the Elves would be useless in the battlefield.

If this was the case, the Elves could only deal with the Demons while in mid-air. The blood hawks were much faster than the Demons, so the Elves weren’t worried about them catching up.

At this moment, the Elves suddenly decided to fire their blood lightning beads. One must say that Zhao Hai’s blood lightning beads were quite lethal. A blood lightning bead was able to cause injury in a 20 meter circle within the opposite party. And with multiple of them fired at the same time, this would cause a chain reaction that enabled the beads to become much more deadly than before.

Firing on mounts was the best way to utilize the Elves. The scout troop that the Demons sent wasn’t large. But after seeing that the Elves were unable to cause them damage using their stone beads, the Demons started to think that the Elves can do nothing to them, that they had the strength to deal with the Elves easily. This caused the Demons to go and pursue the Elves.

It was at this time that the Elves started to use their blood lightning beads. These beads were things that even the Divine Race started to dread. Not to say 8th ranks, even the 9th rank Demons have exploded after being subjected to the might of the beads. They weren’t able to use self-destruct, even their formidable life force was unable to resist the explosion caused by the blood lightning beads. Almost instantly, the group of Demons vanished from mid-air, completely eradicated by the blood lightning beads.


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