BTFTLIAW – Chapter 745

Chapter 745 – The Prophecy Must Be Fulfilled

The disparity of strength was obvious, but it also lead to a headache. Strength cannot be met with just a day of practice. And this issue was prevalent to all the armies in the Ark Continent.

Ordinary armies in the Ark Continent weren’t very strong. At most, the soldiers in those armies have about 5th rank in strength. Even the elite troops of the continent had 7th and 8th ranks as their strongest members, and on average, have 6th rank soldiers.

If the Ark Continent went to war with the other countries using such armies, then there would be no problems. However, these kinds of armies were simply insufficient when it came to fighting the Demons and the Divine Race. There was no need to say about the army of the Divine Race, their weakest soldier had 8th rank strength. At the same time, the Demons were very strong as well, their weakest being 7th rank. If we factor in their environment and upbringing, the Demons would be no worse than the Divine Race. As the matter stands, there was a huge gap of strength between the residents of the Ark Continent and their two invaders.

Zhao Hai looked at the group present and then gave a smile, “The matter of strength is easy to deal with. Soon, I will bring in a batch of potions that would improve your strengths to at least 8th rank. When that time comes, you would have more capabilities to fight against the Divine Race.”

Baker and the others nodded with a happy expression. For them, this was absolutely good news. If they didn’t come to to Upper Bank City, then they might not have known when they’ll be able to drink Zhao Hai’s potions. After all, the continent’s population was just too large. Even if the plan to upgrade soldiers had begun, they wouldn’t know which month or even year they would get their turn. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “While we wait for the potions, everyone should think of tactics in order to deal with the Divine Race. You have seen their capabilities in today’s battle. They are quite strong, moreover, their formations were skillfully executed as well. If we want to defeat them, then we would need more than strength to do so.”

The group nodded, then Zhao Hai continued, “You just need to wait for a bit before I arrange for the potions. Also, make sure to place those injured in the rear. I will deal with the other injured soldiers when I return. Take care of them, I’m sure the Divine Race wouldn’t attack so soon. I am more worried about the Demons at this time. It wouldn’t be great for us if they decide to move.”

When the group heard Zhao Hai, their hearts couldn’t help but tighten. In the past, they didn’t have any feelings about this, but after going against the Divine Race, they truly understood the situation they were in. There was already a huge disparity between the Ark Continent and the Divine Race, and there were the Demons as well. They couldn’t help but feel anxious while thinking about this.

When he saw everyone’s expression, Zhao Hai said, “Alright, you should all get a rest. We just had a fight, everyone should be tired.” Then everyone stood up and left after giving Zhao Hai a salute.

When the group left, Zhao Hai immediately brought Lizzy and the others back into the Space. Laura’s group were quite busy inside the Space, taking care of the various commodities to be supplied to the continent. It can be said that Laura and Ruyen were the most busy among the people inside.

Zhao Hai greeted everyone before they all sat down. Then Zhao Hai said, “In today’s battle, the Divine Race summoned a person. He was called Deity by the Divine Race. From this title, one could say that he is a higher level existence compared to the Divine Race. And he was really powerful, only a mere projection from him managed to show such great strength. If it weren’t for Cai’er, I might have been in grave danger. If the Divine Race can summon a person like that, then it might be possible for them to summon another one. It would be a big problem if several of those people appeared simultaneously.”

Laura and the others knew about the degree of danger that this entailed, therefore, they couldn’t help but frown. Lizzy replied, “What is Big Brother Hai planning to do with it?”

Zhao Hai said, “We’ll just need to prepare for it. If the Divine Race could really summon a lot of people just like that, then we need to get ready to transfer the people of the continent into the Space in the shortest period of time. What do all of you think?”

Laura nodded and said, “It looks like this is the only way. The Demons and the Divine Race are already our limit. If those higher level people appear, then we could only evacuate the entire continent’s population into the Space.”

Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, do we need to tell the Patriarchs about this matter? Making them prepare for it in advance?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Let’s withhold this information for now lest we cause unnecessary panic. Let’s wait first and hope that our speculations aren’t true.”

At this time, Zhao Hai’s expression suddenly changed. He waved his hand and took out a messenger fish. This messenger fish was paired up with the Elf Queen’s own messenger fish. What matter did the Elf Queen have this time? Did an accident happen in the Elven Forest?

Zhao Hai immediately talked into the messenger fish, “Your Majesty, what’s the problem?” Then he looked towards the monitor as Cai’er displayed the Queen’s room.

Currently, the Elf Queen looked very anxious. Her complexion was somewhat pale, it seems like something terrible has happened.

When the Queen heard Zhao Hai’s voice, she immediately replied, “Mister, something happened. Our Elven Race’s Divine treasure, the Tree of Life, is withering. Mister, please come over and see it.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then he immediately thought of the Dwarf Race’s prophecy. In that prophecy, the Elves’ Tree of Life would wither.

The Elves had always regarded the Tree of Life as their Deity. They had always thought that it was a gift from the Goddess of Life to the Elves. And the Tree of Life did indeed give benefits to the Elven Race. Not only did it allow the Elves to understand life magic better, its liquid of life was also a good medicine for healing and cultivation. The first version of Spatial Water was another form of the liquid of life.

The Tree of Life had grown for many years without withering. Even with Zhao Hai’s status, the Elves still wouldn’t allow him from seeing it. Once could see how well-regarded the tree was to the Elves. However, they didn’t expect the tree to actually start to wither. To the Elves, this was an extremely important matter.

When Zhao Hai heard the Elf Queen, he couldn’t help but get anxious as well, he quickly replied, “When did you find out? Tell me what happened.” The Queen’s expression stayed tense as she replied, “Just today. I always go to the Tree of Life everyday in order to offer my worship. While I was praying, I found out that there was a hint of withering to the Tree of Life. I knew that this matter has been mentioned in the prophecy of the Dwarves, therefore, I decided to approach Mister to ask if you have any way of healing it.”

Zhao Hai immediately said, “First, block this news from going out. Don’t let other people know about it. I will be coming over there soon.”

Zhao Hai was very clear, if the Elves were to know that their Tree of Life was withering, then there was no doubt that they would go absolutely crazy. Its significance would trump the threat that the Demons and the Divine Race had caused.

The Queen agreed, then Zhao Hai immediately stored his messenger fish before his figure disappeared from the Space before it reappeared inside the Even Race’s city. Then he directly soared towards the Royal Palace.

Zhao Hai’s status was now an Elder of the Elven Race, and in addition to the times being hectic, the guarding Elves only thought that something had happened in the frontline. Therefore, they didn’t mind Zhao Hai’s presence too much and just opened the doors to the Royal Palace.

The Queen was very uneasy as she repeatedly walked around the room and then took a seat and then took a walk again. So when she heard the notification that Zhao Hai had arrived, she immediately said, “Invite Mister over, quickly!”

After Zhao Hai entered the Great Hall, the Queen turned to the guards and said, “Go and leave the hall. Make sure to close the door and don’t allow anybody else to enter.” The two guards nodded before they turned around and left the Great Hall.

After the guards left, Zhao Hai turned to the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, why did the Tree of Life wither? Do you have any ideas about it?”

The Queen shook her head and said, “I really don’t know. I just discovered that the leaves of the tree had begun to wilt. This case never happened before. Mister, come with me.” Then Zhao Hai gave a nod before the Queen turned around and led Zhao Hai behind the Great Hall.

Behind the Great Hall was a small courtyard. In this courtyard were two voiceless soundbirds. The Queen sat on one of them as Zhao Hai rode the other. Then the voiceless soundbirds flapped their wings and proceeded to fly upwards and towards an area above the city.

The city was very high, Zhao Hai didn’t even know how much, he hadn’t gone this high up before. Therefore, he had no idea about where they were going.

The voiceless soundbirds were almost flying in a vertical fashion. They flew non-stop for about a couple of hours before they stopped on a branch. This branch was not very thick, only able to accommodate one person walking on top of it. Not too far from where they landed was a hole, it was dark inside making it hard to see what was going on.

The Queen dismounted from the voiceless soundbird as she proceeded to walk towards that hole. While she walked over, she said, “For many years, mister will be the first outsider to come to this place.”

Zhao Hai stared blankly at the Queen. He didn’t understand what the Queen was saying. He thought that they were currently on the massive Tree of Life, it grew for all these years to become this big and tall. Zhao Hai thought that the Tree of Life was this giant tree, now it looks like this wasn’t the case.

Before long, Zhao Hai had entered the hole with the Queen. Upon entering the hole, they took a turn before taking yet another turn. This explained why the hole looked dark from the outside. At this time, Zhao Hai noticed a hint of green light shining in front of him. Then he slowly felt a strong wave of energy coming from that direction.

The Queen didn’t speak as she unconsciously made light footsteps. Zhao Hai had a faint understanding of where they were going to, so he also did the same.

The green light up front got brighter and brighter. Zhao Hai can also feel the energy getting stronger and stronger. Although this energy was very strong, it actually gave people a type of gentle feeling, just like warm sunlight, just like a mother’s hand, gently stroking your skin, making you feel warm. Zhao Hai’s mind couldn’t help but turn tranquil.


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