BTFTLIAW – Chapter 743

Chapter 743 – Magic Beast Upgrade

When Cloud Ying saw Zhao Hai disappear together with the Deity, he immediately launched an attack. He commanded the light cavalry to go and overrun the city. No change happened in the city since Zhao Hai’s disappearance and Lizzy and Megan were still inside. They knew that Zhao Hai was fine because of Cai’er, so they were relieved in fighting against the Divine Race.

As the horned pegasus cavalry slowly approached the city walls, Lizzy gave an order to begin firing the magic cannons. These horned pegasus cavalry knew about how formidable these magic cannons were from Silver Shuke. Therefore, they immediately made some evasive maneuvers.

However, the crystals that Zhao Hai used this time were of the fire element. Even if the opposing party avoided it, the explosion would still affect them. This explosion was quite lethal towards the light cavalry.

As the city wall continued their salvo, a distant explosion was suddenly heard. Lizzy and Megan turned to the direction of the sound and discovered that it was where the Elven aerial cavalry was. It seems like the Elves had used their blood lightning beads.

Cloud Ying and the others also heard the explosion. He had information from Silver Shuke that Zhao Hai was able to use blood lightning beads non-stop. It was clear that the explosion came from the beads. Cloud Ying’s expression couldn’t help but sink, it was possible that the routed light cavalry unit had met an unfortunate fate.

Although he was aware that Zhao Hai was able to use an unlimited amount of blood lightning beads, he didn’t care much of it. He knew that even if these beads were strong, it also had a restriction, only its master was able use it, no other. Because of this, he became assured and didn’t bother to think that the Elves might have blood lightning beads. But now it seems like his thoughts were wrong. Zhao hai can actually hand the blood lightning beads over to other people. This was beyond his imagination, the horned pegasus cavalry has been placed in a dangerous position.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly appeared in the sky above the city. Upon seeing Zhao Hai,  Cloud Ying’s pupils couldn’t help but shrink. Zhao Hai was present while the Deity was not, what did this mean? Has the Deity been eliminated by Zhao Hai? Was this possible?

Zhao Hai looked at Cloud Ying, but he didn’t bother to spare a word. He immediately released a large amount of undead to join the fight. Among these undead were God-ranks, while others had magic cannons in their bodies. Once these undead join, the horned pegasus cavalry would surely suffer.

At this moment, Cloud Ying waved his hand towards the people behind him. After that, the Divine Race who wore mage robes immediately muttered their incantations. Before long, these mages help their staffs up as it flashed a white light. When the light vanished, large quantities of magic beasts appeared.

These magic beasts were all white, and each of their figures looked fierce. Most importantly, these magic beasts were floating the air, signifying that they are 9th ranks and some were even possibly God-rank. Moreover, their numbers weren’t small. Each God-rank expert had summoned at least 10 thousand beasts. There were even some of them that managed to summon more than a million.

When the magic beasts came out, they immediately threw themselves towards the city, planning to overrun the Beastmen cavalry in the process.

Zhao Hai saw that the enemy Mages were indeed summoners. After the magic beasts appeared, he immediately waved his hand, releasing undead in order to meet the magic beasts. Some of them went down to support the Beastmen, while some went to the skies and fought.

The battle had officially started. The light cavalry was now putting their spears away and went on to grab their bows and arrows before sending a wave of arrows towards the city’s magic formation. The arrows were very powerful, although the protective shield managed to block them, ripples were constantly produced all over its surface, it was possible for the formation to shatter at any time.

Zhao Hai didn’t worry about it anymore after releasing the undead. He went on to establish his Domain as he threw himself towards Cloud Ying’s group. Zhao Hai wanted to go and smash the heart of the enemy camp.

It didn’t take too long before Cloud Ying managed to spot Zhao Hai’s approach. To be honest, Cloud Ying was somewhat afraid of Zhao Hai. This was because Zhao Hai managed to defeat their invincible Deity. For Cloud Ying and his people, the significance of this action was very big.

Because of this, Cloud Ying didn’t dare face Zhao Hai head on. He immediately directed the Divine Race infantry to form a wall in front of the Mages, not giving Zhao Hai a chance to approach.

Cloud Ying was also aware of Zhao Hai’s space divergent ability. In order to make sure that Zhao Hai wouldn’t use his ability to deal with him, Cloud Ying also arranged a few infantry units to surround himself.

Zhao Hai really wanted to deal with Cloud Ying by using the Space. But after seeing Cloud Ying’s arrangements, he knew that it became very hard to accomplish it. Zhao Hai decided to stop pursuing Cloud Ying as he diverted his attention to the horned pegasus cavalry. At this time, Berry and Shue came out, and the three of them formed a triangle  as they directly killed through the mass of flying cavalry.

With Zhao Hai as the tip, Shue and Berry formed an arrow shape behind Zhao Hai. As Zhao Hai went on to his killing spree, Berry was not there, however, one could see people dying without reason from time to time. Naturally, all those kills counted towards Berry.

There was no need to say about Shue’s fighting strength. The three’s triangle formation acted like a sharp knife as it sliced through the light cavalry formation. Their advance was just like a hot knife through butter. It became quite easy for them to rip open a big rift in the middle of the light cavalry formation.

The light cavalry immediately split into groups of a thousand people each. They turned into a square formation as they avoided Zhao Hai’s charge. Then they proceeded to launch attacks towards Zhao Hai.

Naturally, these light cavalry units were very familiar with regards to this way of fighting. Their battle formations were made with good coordination. The light cavalry units that Zhao Hai managed to kill got fewer as the pressure mounting on Zhao Hai’s back got stronger and stronger.

After seeing the change in the light cavalry unit’s formation, Zhao Hai immediately waved his hand, releasing more undead into the field. These undead divided themselves into squads as they proceeded to kill the light cavalry units.

The speed of the horned pegasus was very fast. Although they were fairly huge, they still held flexibility no worse than the blood hawks. No wonder the Divine Race chose them to be their mounts, they were very good.

Most importantly, these horned pegasus also had their own magic, and it was a type of rare lightning spell. The magic wasn’t weak at all. Zhao Hai was very attracted to these mounts. So just as he killed the light cavalry units, he also absorbed a couple of horned pegasus in the Space, intending to raise them in the future.

The magic beasts in the battlefield didn’t only compose of horned pegasus, there were also the magic beasts summoned by the Divine Race. And similarly, Zhao Hai also captured some of them for the Space. The fighting strength of these magic beasts weren’t weak, so Zhao Hai was prepared to raise them. When Zhao Hai captured these magic beasts, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Magic beasts in the Space has been upgraded. Most magic beasts in the Space have reached 8th rank. Common beasts such as argali and blue eyed rabbits are now 8th ranks, there are also other magic beasts that reached 9th rank.”

This was good news for Zhao Hai. When he heard this information, he immediately released some of the 9th rank magic beast of the Space. This time, he released the most common cattle in the Space. Blue eyed rabbits, argali, and raging bulls were the prominent beasts in the Space. Since the argali and blue eyed rabbits were still eight ranks, they couldn’t be used just yet. On the other hand, the raging bulls had become 9th ranks, so Zhao Hai decided to release them and had them go against the heavy rhinoceros cavalry on the ground.

At this moment, the heavy cavalry were slowly advancing towards the city. Although the Dwarves and the Beastmen were making attacks against them, the heavy cavalry’s defensive capabilities were just too good. Moreover, their mounts were also capable of earth magic. With how strong the cavalry unit was as well as their mounts, there was little that the Dwarves and Beastmen could do in order to stop them.

The impact of the heavy cavalry was very strong. So although they couldn’t fly up the wall, once they go under it and batter the defensive shield of the city, the protective shield would soon run out of energy to rely on. And once the protective formation gets broken, the casualties would then start to pile up. To combat this, Zhao Hai decided to release the raging bulls out into the field.

Although the raging bulls were now 9th rank, their strength still wasn’t that strong. After they reached 9th rank, they only became stronger in two points. First, their strength, and the other was their defense. Upon reaching 9th rank, the raging bulls had became bigger as their defensive capabilities soared up. But unfortunately, unlike the magic beasts in the continent, the raging bulls in the Space didn’t manage to develop their own consciousness. However, Zhao Hai understood why this was the case. Think about it, once a magic beasts gains sentience, they would be able to communicate like a human being. This would be a terrible thing and would make Zhao Hai opt out from eating the magic beasts in the Space.

The quantity of magic beasts that Zhao Hai released was quite big. About a hundred thousand raging bulls suddenly came out of the city’s backside as they went on and clashed with the heavy cavalry unit.

At this point, the horns of the raging bulls had become a meter long each. Their curved horns had become silver in color, each of them looked just like terrifying weapons. It was certain that their attacking strength wouldn’t be weak.

The raging bulls’ iron skins had also become cyan as their defenses got strengthened. Zhao Hai was currently thinking about killing a batch of raging bulls and then having the Dwarves make leather armor out of their skins. This would enhance the defense of the continent’s soldiers, reducing casualties in the process. However, Zhao Hai was not anxious about executing this plan. After all, the raging bulls had just reached 9th rank.


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