BTFTLIAW – Chapter 742

Chapter 742 – Surrender

After a few more experimentations, Zhao Hai came to understand that the small man was where his spiritual force lied. Although this was brought through when he was promoted, he didn’t actively make use of this small man, which was also his spiritual strength. Only when his body and spirit fully combined did his spiritual force gained sufficient strength.

Zhao Hai relaxed, and then he opened his eye. The painful sensation that he had felt before had completely vanished. Moreover, he can also feel unprecedented strength in his own spiritual force. It was time to deal with that immortal cultivator.

When Laura and the others saw that Zhao Hai had opened his eyes, they immediately went towards him. With a caring tone, Laura asked, “Brother Hai, how was it?”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile and said, “I’m alright. I just became careless and allowed myself to be affected by the enemy’s spiritual attack. But now I’m feeling good, I should be able to deal with him. However, its very strange, the magic treasure that he used this time didn’t have the strength of a projection. This tiny pagoda actually had form, it was too bizarre.”

Laura and the others didn’t quite understand what Zhao Hai was saying. However, they can tell that the immortal cultivator was anything but simple just by looking at his powerful attacks. Additionally, although he was a person summoned by the Divine Race, the Divine Race were the ones who were subservient towards him. This was enough to explain how strong he was.

Because of this, Laura and the others were very worried as they watched Zhao Hai’s battle. Laura said, “Brother Hai, you should just stay inside the Space. Just as you said, that person wouldn’t be able to stay here for too long. Just wait for him to disappear, then we’ll go and deal with the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “That won’t be ideal. I must deal with this person. I have settled on his tiny pagoda. I have an inkling that the pagoda would be helpful in upgrading the undead. Rest assured, I will be fine. I’m quite confident.” Then Zhao Hai’s figure disappeared and then appeared inside the pagoda once more.

The man was startled when he found out that Zhao Hai vanished from the pagoda. This tiny pagoda was a treasure that he still hasn’t refined. However, its attack was very strong, it can be seen in how Zhao Hai was affected in its spiritual attack.

As long as one gets covered by the pagoda, the pagoda will slowly refine the victim’s flesh and blood until it extracts a person’s soul and use it to power itself. The more souls gathered, the more powerful the pagoda would become. But the thing that the pagoda lacks the most right now was a main soul.

This tiny pagoda needed a soul in order to run by itself. As long as a main soul was provided, the pagoda’s power would be further improved. A main soul would also make it more convenient to use the pagoda in the future.

The man still hadn’t found an appropriate soul to act as the pagoda’s main spirit. But this time, he had settled on Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai wasn’t strong, the strength of his soul was quite formidable. It would be fitting to have him as the pagoda’s main soul.

However, just as Zhao Hai was about to be refined, he suddenly disappeared. The person moved his hand, making the pagoda return. Then with his divine sense, he scanned the insides of the tiny pagoda. When he confirmed that Zhao Hai did indeed vanish, his mind couldn’t help but feel muddled.

One must know that this pagoda was one of the man’s most important treasures. He came to the Ark Continent relying on the might of this treasure. Although the soul eating pagoda can swallow souls, it can also protect the soul of its user. His soul possessed the tiny pagoda and then came to the Ark Continent. The other treasures that he used were all projections, only this tiny pagoda was the real one among them.

Just as the man was puzzled, Zhao Hai suddenly appeared back inside the pagoda. The man stared for a moment before he immediately controlled the pagoda to refine Zhao Hai.

However, he didn’t think that just as Zhao Hai appeared inside the pagoda, he immediately used his crystallization ability in order to deal with physical attacks. Then, his mind delved deep inside his upper dantian and immediately used the small man to launch a spiritual attack!

When Zhao Hai’s divine sense sunk into the small man, the small man immediately opened his eyes. His silvery hair fluttered around as it extended outwards.

The silvery hair became the same property as Berry’s hair. It had turned into numerous filaments as it attached to various parts of the pagoda, then it proceeded its attack.

When the man who controlled the pagoda started to feel that his control was slipping, he couldn’t help but gape in surprise. Then his expression changed, as he made seals using his hands and started to fight for control over the tiny pagoda.

He was very clear, his divine sense was attached to the tiny pagoda, if the tiny pagoda were to be broken through, then his divine sense would vanish, which in turn would cause his projection to disappear.

To be honest, his projection disappearing was nothing to him. He was more concerned about not losing the soul eating pagoda. Once he loses this treasure, then his losses would definitely be huge.

Although he was using his seals, the tiny pagoda was still not in his full control. This made the man anxious, his entire figure disappeared as he entered the pagoda himself.

Zhao Hai was currently attacking the tiny pagoda. He felt that the pagoda was being controlled by a very powerful spiritual force. And now, he was contending for the pagoda’s control with the other party.

Zhao Hai had studied Berry’s attack methods. One must say that the Succubus clan’s achievements when it came to spiritual attacks were extremely great. Spiritual attacks had been honed to almost perfection by them. Because of this, Zhao Hai felt that even if the enemy was strong, it was still possible to take control of this pagoda.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt a formidable spiritual force pouring into the pagoda. The spiritual force was very familiar, it was just like the man in the projection.

Zhao Hai was already on guard against him. So when the man entered the pagoda, Zhao Hai immediately took notice. But Zhao Hai didn’t become anxious, he just continued to use his own spiritual force to fight that person for control.

Zhao Hai discovered that his own spiritual force wasn’t any worse than the other party. But since this was the first time that he used his spiritual force, he wasn’t able to use it in its peak form. For now, Zhao Hai can only fight a back and forth battle with this person.

As Zhao Hai became more comfortable in using his spiritual force, he slowly began to take the upper hand in the battle. Although the person was still resisting, Zhao Hai knew that it was only a matter of time before victory comes into his grasp. At this point, Zhao Hai was being very careful with this man. He was afraid that he would do the same thing as the Demons, self destruct.

And Zhao Hai wasn’t wrong. When the man discovered that he wouldn’t be able to resist Zhao Hai, he became even more worried since he had already used all of his methods in order to secure victory. Because of this, the man couldn’t help but think of his last ditch method and prepared to detonate his divine sense. He wanted to heavily injure Zhao Hai as well as leave a mark on his body. As long as Zhao Hai ascends to the higher realm, the man would immediately be able to sense him. When that time comes, he would go and deal with Zhao Hai.

He was currently a projection, and the strength that his divine sense could display was only a tenth of his true power. This was the reason why he can’t gain victory in his battle with Zhao Hai. If he can exhibit 100 percent of his strength, then Zhao Hai’s only choice would be to hide inside the Space. It would be impossible for Zhao Hai to go head to head with the man.

When the man was about to launch his attack, Zhao Hai suddenly went all out. He poured a huge amount of spiritual force into the pagoda and before the man could respond, Zhao Hai immediately opened a rift and took the pagoda into the Space.

Zhao Hai already wanted to take the pagoda to the Space long time ago. However, it was impossible to snatch the pagoda without having a great lead in controlling it. When his control reached an ample level, only then would Zhao Hai be able to take the pagoda over to the Space.

When he entered the Space, Zhao Hai immediately came out of the pagoda. It didn’t take too long before the Space issued a prompt. “Hostile program detected by the Space. Fixing the program, program fixed.”

“Discovered massive amounts of dark element energy inside the weapon. Weapon can be upgraded by the host using the Processing Machine. The upgrade would require ten thousand year ice, three days, and 100 thousand gold coins. Host can also add a program to your new weapon. Tip: It is best to fuse this program to the recently fixed program that is already installed in the weapon. This will make sure that the upgrade would go well.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then a wave of happiness suddenly washed over him. He didn’t expect the pagoda to be upgraded. Moreover, the tiny pagoda did indeed have some uses for him. And most importantly, the Space had subdued the man’s divine sense. In the future, Zhao Hai can ask this divine sense about where he came from, among other information.

Zhao Hai immediately brought the tiny pagoda over to the Processing Machine. Then he turned his head to Bubble and said, “Bubble, take out some ten thousand-year old ice.”

Bubble quickly complied, his body spun as he released massive amounts of ten thousand-year ice. Then Zhao Hai pressed the start button on the Processing Machine in order to begin the tiny pagoda’s upgrade.

A white light beamed out of the processing machine as it covered the tiny pagoda as well as the ten thousand year old ice. Bubble released ten cubic meters of ice this time, which was more than enough for the Processing Machine to use. After absorbing five cubic meters, the tiny pagoda vanished.

Zhao Hai turned to look as the timer of the Processing Machine started to beat. Then he relaxed as he exited the Space. He was still in a war against the Divine Race, it wouldn’t be great if he were to disappear for too long.

When Zhao Hai vanished along with the man, Cloud Ying couldn’t help but be shocked. He didn’t’ think that Zhao Hai would be this hard to deal with. With Zhao Hai and the Deity vanishing, Cloud Ying didn’t know whether Zhao Hai had been dealt with or whether the Deity failed.

Cloud Ying was confident with the Deity, however, after seeing Zhao Hai’s performance, his confidence couldn’t help but suffer a blow. He had been made aware of how scary Zhao Hai would be. He was hoping that the Deity had eliminated Zhao Hai. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would become a huge threat to the Divine Race’s advance.


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