BTFTLIAW – Chapter 741

Chapter 741 – Pressed to Defend

When Zhao Hai heard the person shout, he turned to look at his and sneered, “If you want to kill me, then you naturally need to pay a price.” Since Bubble had absorbed the river, the pressure on Zhao Hai had lessened. The only thing that he needed to deal with right now was the huge mountain.

Zhao Hai discovered that the Mountain River Fan’s mountain was inferior in attacking strength compared to the river. Although the mountain looked very formidable and had the ability to give strong pressure, that was its only attack. On the other hand, due to the dark energy inside the river, its attacks got more powerful as the waves continued to clash towards Zhao Hai’s domain.

And Zhao Hai didn’t guess wrong. The mountain and river were both part of the Mountain River Fan. However, the river was the more powerful one of the two. The water from the river was refined in the River of Nothingness. The water in that river was a treasure in their world, its power was enormous, which aided the attacking power of the river. On the other hand, the mountain was just an ordinary mountain. It was just used in order to fulfil the requirements in making the mountain river fan. Because of this, it was impossible for the mountain to be on par with the river.

The person’s face was pale as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good, good. It seems like I had underestimated you. Still, you will have to die today.” Then he waved his hand as a sword came out of his ring.

The sword was three feet long and three inches wide. It was blood red and had quite a long hilt. The sword floated in the sky before the person pointed his finger to Zhao Hai and said, “Go!”

Then the scarlet sword flew straight straight towards its target. Just from its appearance, Zhao Hai knew that this sword wasn’t simple. However, he wasn’t afraid of it. He waved his hand as he sent his blood ghost staff to meet the sword.

The person couldn’t help but show a smile on his face. In his mind, Zhao Hai was simply courting death. How could something made in the Ark Continent contend with the treasures that he has. In his opinion, although Zhao Hai’s staff was beautiful, it still wouldn’t be able to defend against the flying sword.

However, the immortal cultivator was soon to discover his mistake. When the magic staff and the sword was about to clash, the magic staff suddenly extended a hand and went on to capture the sword, stopping it in its tracks.

The person couldn’t help but be surprised. This was also because he felt that his control had was slowly diminishing. He immediately used is control method as he shouted once more, “Go!”

The sword fiercely vibrated, seemingly wanting to escape from the magic staff’s grasp. But at this moment, another hand appeared in the magic staff, grabbing it once again. With two hands suppressing it, the sword found it impossible to break free.

This shook the man internally, he didn’t think that his scarlet sword would actually be stopped by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai already broken two of his treasures. At this point, the person didn’t dare identify Zhao Hai as an ordinary foundation establishment cultivator anymore.

The man’s expression was heavy, then he muttered a few words while his hand made some movements. The mountain that was pressing Zhao Hai was collected back into the mountain river fan. Then the person waved his hand, placing his fan into his ring while also withdrawing a black flag.

The black flag was quite large, and on its surface were drawings of horrific ghosts. The flag emanated a very gloomy aura.

The person waved the flag as numerous Evil Ghosts departed from it. At the same time, the sunny sky was suddenly drowned out by dark clouds. As Zhao Hai looked at the black sky, the evil ghosts started to scream and rush towards him.

Zhao Hai quietly looked at these evil ghosts. He was thinking about methods to deal with these ghosts, but he didn’t expect them to rush in an instant. It didn’t take too long before ghosts started biting Zhao Hai’s domain. Then Zhao Hai suddenly felt that his mind was going unstable. This gave Zhao Hai a surprised, he immediately released some undead to see whether they were able to deal with these ghosts.

The undead appeared outside the Domain and immediately threw themselves towards the evil ghosts. These ghosts were not physical beings, so they shouldn’t be afraid of the undead. However, the undead suddenly opened their mouths and sucked in. The ghosts started to scream as they got swallowed by the undead. The undead seemed to benefit from this ordeal as the fire in their eyes started to get brighter. Then they went on to swallow another ghost.

When the man saw that the undead were eating the ghosts of this ten thousand ghost flag, he immediately became anxious. He knew that the ten thousand ghost flag wasn’t easy to refine since it used the souls of countless people. In long term battles, these evil ghosts would worsen wounds and even corrode magic weapons. They were very powerful. But the man didn’t expect that Zhao Hai’s undead would actually be able to eat them up.

The evil ghosts were beings of yin, the undead were also beings of yin. However, the undead were much stronger compared to the ghosts. The yin qi present in the ghosts simply couldn’t contend to those inside the undead. In the end, the ghosts can only become food for the undead.

Seeing that his ten thousand ghost flag was being eaten up, the man couldn’t help but flare out in anger. He immediately took his flag away as his two eyes gave a blazing gaze towards Zhao hai, “Good, good. I have greatly underestimated you, boy. I didn’t think that you would have real skill. It seems like a needed to use this.” Then he waved his hand, making a tiny pagoda appear. This tiny pagoda was black all over. Ghost images were ever present in its 9 storeys. Each level of the pagoda had eight sharp horns in it. In each horn were wind chimes, which were made out of skulls.

The person gently shook the pagoda, making the wind chimes give out a light sound. This sound was not clear, but one could still hear something akin to a wailing ghost. It had a direct impact on the mind of a person.

Zhao Hai was still inside his Domain, so he didn’t think that he would still be affected by this spiritual attack. He was pressed to defend as the attack slowly crawled into his mind. Zhao Hai couldn’t bear the pain on his head, he held his head with his hands as he gave a loud grunt.

Since Zhao Hai was affected by a spiritual attack, then it was natural for his Domain to be broken due to lack of control. The man had a wicked expression as he waved his hand and let go of the pagoda. The pagoda grew into a tower that was more than a hundred meters high as it covered Zhao hai.

Zhao Hai was currently recovering from the spiritual attack, so it was impossible for him to deal with this move. Seeing that Zhao Hai had been swallowed up by the pagoda, the man couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Boy, you have now been absorbed into this Deity’s Soul Eating Pagoda. You should be proud, I will make you into the Pagoda’s main soul!”

When Zhao Hai was taken into the soul eating pagoda, the tower immediately underwent a change. It rotated fast as a huge mouth appeared on its bottom and bit towards Zhao Hai. Since Zhao Hai was still resisting the spiritual attack, he didn’t have the capacity to evade it. His mind was still blank, it was impossible for him to evade the mouth of the pagoda.

But at this critical moment, a spatial rift suddenly appeared, taking Zhao Hai out of the pagoda and into the Space.

Upon entering the Space, Zhao Hai immediately felt more energetic, easing some the pain that he felt. Zhao Hai stared for a moment, and then knew that this was Cai’er’s doing. At this time, Laura and the others ran over, they looked at Zhao Hai as Laura asked, “Brother Hai, are you alright? What just happened?”

Seeing the worry on their faces, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly and said, “I’m fine. But its fortunate that Caier’ managed to pull me over. Otherwise, I would really be placed in a dangerous position. It seems like I had been negligent. Right, let me go and rest for a while.”

Laura and the others nodded, and then stopped themselves from disturbing Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai proceeded to sit cross-legged, he endured the pain on his head as he controlled his divine sense towards his body.

He looked at the monster core in his lower dantian first, it was still doing well, it wasn’t affected. Then he went towards the Dao Lotus, it was still good, nothing happened. Then Zhao Hai controlled his divine sense to probe his upper dantian. As soon as his divine sense entered the upper dantian, he immediately merged with the small figure. As soon as his divine sense came into contact with the small person, Zhao Hai immediately felt that his spirit had become better compared to before. His spirit seemed to become stronger as well.

Zhao Hai gawked, then he immediately understood. This must be because of the small man. Zhao Hai was in his present predicament because he had failed to make use of this small version of him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been affected by the spiritual attack.

Zhao Hai’s own divine power centered on this small man. Then the small man slowly opened his eyes. Zhao Hai immediately felt his body being washed over, he felt very good. Then his divine sense spread outward, covering the Space and mapping all of it inside his mind.

Zhao Hai stared, then he suddenly had the urge to see if he could make this small man move his body. He couldn’t help but think about moving its hand and feet.

Surprisingly, Zhao Hai discovered that his own body had actually stood up. It moved its hands and feet with just a mere thought. This feeling was very bizarre. Zhao Hai felt that he was controlling his own body while also being detached from it. He seemed like a puppet master, with his own body as the puppet.

Although the control was very fluid and Zhao Hai felt good about it. He still couldn’t help but feel strange with all that just happened.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that the uncomfortable feeling had slowly disappeared. The feeling of controlling a puppet also slowly vanished, he was now starting to feel like he was moving his own body. Zhao Hai became glad at this development. Then Zhao Hai started to feel the small man in his dantian, it was still there, it seems like nothing has changed. Then when Zhao Hai withdrew his divine sense, he discovered that he had recovered to full!


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