BTFTLIAW – Chapter 740

Chapter 740 – Immortal Cultivator?

Although Zhao Hai was certain that it was just a projection, he still didn’t dare to underestimate it. This was because the figure was giving him a strong pressure, a pressure that Zhao Hai had felt for the first time. Zhao Hai was certain that this person was extremely strong.

As soon as the projection appeared, he turned around to look at the scene. Then he showed a look of disappointment on his face as he turned to Cloud Ying, “Why did you invite me over?” Zhao Hai noticed that this person was being impolite to Cloud Ying. He even addressed him by ‘you’. At the same time, he also said ‘invited’, not called or found. It seems like this person’s status was much higher than Cloud Ying.

Sure enough, Cloud Ying became subservient to this person as he replied, “I have seen the Deity. I came here to perform the Deity’s work. But this person is obstructing us. I’m afraid we have to ask the Deity for help.”

Then the person looked over to Zhao Hai and said, “It’s just a puny Foundation Establishment brat. Why are you having troubles in dealing with him.”

It seems like Cloud Ying was afraid of this person. He immediately lowered his head and said, “Replying to the Deity. Although the strength of this person is ordinary, he had all sorts of tricks that are very hard to deal with. Me and the others simply don’t have the means to deal with him in such a short time. Therefore, we decided to ask the Deity for help.” The person looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You and the others are handling matters for me, so it is natural that I would help. As long as you remember your jobs, then I shall deal with this person.” Then he addressed Zhao Hai, “Boy, it looks like you had a few achievements despite being young. Its a pity that you shall fall to my hands.”

Zhao Hai looked straight into this person and said, “Are you the one who taught the Divine Race how to change the laws?” The person didn’t think that Zhao Hai would ask this question, he became more curious towards Zhao Hai as he laughed, “You certainly aren’t ordinary. Hahaha. Right, it was I who taught them. Otherwise, they would waste materials on pointless methods. Boy, if it was any other occasion, then I might accept you to be my servant. But unfortunately, you will die today.”

Zhao Hai coldly replied, “I am not interested in being another person’s dog. If you want to kill me, then do it. Since you came to this plane, I’m fairly certain that you will have restrictions on yourself. You might even be reduced to a few steps down from your current strength. Moreover, I wonder how long you will be able to stay here.”

When this person heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but gawk, he looked straight at Zhao Hai and said, “Boy, you’re quite smart. Correct, I cannot stay too long in this place and I cannot use my complete strength. However, dealing with you should be easy enough.”

Zhao Hai actually laughed and said, “You’re just a projection. Even if you are strong, you are still bound to a few steps down from your actual strength. Even if you are a Nascent Soul expert, you still aren’t enough to kill me!”

When this person heard Zhao Hai’ words, his expression couldn’t help but change. He looked coldly at Zhao hai and said, “Who told you that? Nobody in this place should be able to know what a Nascent Soul expert is. Who are you?”

Zhao Hai calmed himself, he coldly looked at the person and said, “And why should I tell you?” Zhao Hai said the word ‘Nascent Soul’ as a probe. This was because he had heard ‘Foundation Establishment’ from before!

These words aren’t strange when it came to the novels back on Earth. As long as one looks at a xianxia novel, then there will be a high chance that these stages of cultivation would appear. Because of this, Zhao Hai tried to use the word ‘Nascent Soul’ that he usually read about. If this person hadn’t heard of this, then he would have no response just like Cloud Ying and the others. It was clear that the Divine Race were completely clueless what these words were, which explains their lack of response.

‘Nascent Soul’ usually came after Foundation Establishment in xianxia novels. Therefore, Zhao Hai took this word out to test the person. He actually didn’t expect that he would take the bait this easily. This made Zhao Hai’s heart sink. He knew that Foundation Establishment was no more than an entry level stage in cultivation. In other words, he had just touched the boundary and had just become an Immortal Cultivator.

Although he didn’t know which realm this person was from, but it was evident that Foundation Establishment was the lowest stage in his realm. In this case, then there were even more mysterious people behind the Divine Race. It seems like the enemies that they will face had become much stronger.

The man was evidently irritated by Zhao Hai, the look on his eyes was proof enough. The man said, “Good, good. Nobody has dared talk to this Deity this way in many years. Boy, prepare to have your soul sucked out of your body and refined. You will neither be alive nor dead.”

Zhao Hai simply replied, “Try it if you can.”

The person didn’t waste any breath, he immediately shouted, “Mountain River Fan!” The waved his hand as his fan flew out. The fan became bigger and then a big river suddenly flowed out of it and went straight to Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai saw this situation, he immediately made a retreat as he placed all of his undead, as well as Berry and Shue into the Space. Zhao Hai had no idea about how strong this man was. The only thing he knew was that this man had called him foundation establishment. And it seems that this person was much stronger than Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai’s figure moved as he established his Domain. Then his Domain changed into a cube that had a whirlpool in the middle, directly welcoming the incoming river.

The river that the man released was very heavy, and its impact was quite strong. In a blink of an eye, the river clashed with Zhao Hai’s Domain. The Domain was constantly shaking, and Zhao Hai’s face started to get pale. The impact was really heavy.

The attack wasn’t a joke, the river was nothing like the spells in the Ark Continent. The river itself was a weapon that held concealed energy. Although it stopped after hitting Zhao Hai’s Domain, the river stayed mobile and attacked the Domain by waves. The first wave of impact brought enough energy that it deformed the Domain.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai had encountered an attack like this. Due to its strength, he couldn’t help but cough up blood. Zhao Hai knew that the person had used a magic weapon, otherwise, the attack wouldn’t have been very strong.

At this time, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that everything around him had turned dim. Then a huge mountain suddenly appeared overhead. Zhao Hai became startled. If he were to block this mountain, then he would become fully exhausted. Resisting the mountain was impossible.

With an intention, Zhao Hai moved his Domain and transformed it into a rotating sphere, negating the strong attacks of the river. However, the mountain still pressed on. Zhao Hai shouted as his Domain changed into a big hand. The hand grasped the mountain, slowing its descent down.

When the person saw Zhao Hai’s performance, he couldn’t help but be surprised. “I didn’t think that a puny foundation establishment brat such a you would actually be able to block my mountain river fan. Although the mountain river fan is just a projection, it could still exhibit a sixth of its strength. For you to block it is surely surprising. I thought that all of the cultivation methods of this plain are pure rubbish, it seems like I have to rethink my thoughts.” Zhao Hai didn’t have the leverage to answer right now. He made a small grunt as a blue water ball appeared in his hand. Then he threw this water ball towards the attacking river.

Although it looked like this, the water ball was actually Bubble. Bubble was said to be the source of myriad water, so Zhao Hai wanted to see if he could deal with this river with the use of Bubble. Therefore, he had Cai’er ask Bubble.

Bubble actually said yes. When Zhao Hai threw him, Bubble immediately changed his appearance into a small child made of water. Then he rotated in place as he pulled the river in. Before long, Bubble disappeared within a large spinning lake.

Then Bubble shrank his body as he returned to Zhao Hai’s Domain. Zhao Hai immediately made his move and took Bubble back to the Space. Zhao Hai felt that after Bubble absorbed the river, he had actually become unstable. Bubble would need some time before he would be able to digest it.

Although the process seemed slow, it actually happened quite fast. Zhao Hai taking Bubble out, absorbing the water, and then returning to the Space only took a blink of an eye.

When the man found out that something was wrong, Bubble had already sucked the river into his body and had returned to the Space. The man couldn’t help but get enraged. Although he only came with his projection, he would still need to expend some energy in order to maintain it, making this projection a type of avatar that once forcibly broken, then it would damage the main body. At the same time, his magical treasure also had their own treasure spirit. Their projection also held a piece of the spirit’s self. When this projection gets broken, then it would definitely cause some damage to the treasure, it might even fall a level.

One must know that for an immortal cultivator, magical treasures were very important. Each cultivator would do everything in their hands in order to upgrade their own treasures. A treasure being downgraded was the same as damaging the vitality of a cultivator, it would definitely have a direct effect in their fighting strength.

When the person saw that Zhao Hai took the river’s projection away, he couldn’t help but get startled as he shouted, “Brat, you dare!” One must know that the river was not made out of any ordinary river. It was actually made out of Profound Moon River, a water that was rich in yin force. It had an effect of strengthening Ghosts and held a corrosive effect towards other treasures. The man took great effort in order to refine this water for his own treasure. Who would’ve thought that its projection would actually be absorbed by Zhao Hai. The effect of this action towards the Mountain River Fan wasn’t small. So how could he not be startled, how could he not be angry?


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