BTFTLIAW – Chapter 739

Chapter 739 – Projection?

Before long, the Divine Race’s magic cannons arrived at the forefront of the battlefield. At this time, the formation had changed. The light cavalry divided itself into two wings and went to both sides of the formation while the infantry took up the position of the center. It was a well-performed change to a winged formation.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the other party’s arrangements. He had already prepared his cube formation and was waiting for the enemy to come. But seeing that they didn’t charge immediately, it seems like the other party wanted to exchange a few words.

And Zhao Hai’s guess was right. The Divine Race’s formation stopped in its tracks as a person wearing a mage’s robe flew forward. Zhao Hai felt that this person was strange, however, he really didn’t know why he felt this.

He was wearing a snow white robe while he held a nearly transparent magic staff. In the staff’s head was actually a winged statue of a young girl. The statue emanated an angel’s holiness. And under his feet were clouds, giving him a look of a holy saint.

Wait! Clouds? Are those clouds under his feet? Zao Hai thought about it and gawked. It was now that Zhao Hai understood the strangeness of this person. It was actually because of the clouds on his feet.

One must know that their current altitude wasn’t high enough for clouds to appear. However, this person was actually stepping on a bunch of them, this was what made Zhao Hai feel strange.

But Zhao Hai was also quick to discover that the clouds on this person’s feet weren’t just decorations, they should be weapon themselves.

Although Zhao Hai can also make clouds appear as long as he uses water magic, it would still be water vapor in the end. Being attractive and mystical wasn’t something that a simple water spell could do.

The cloud that this person was stepping on was different. The clouds themselves look like they were their own entity. The clouds were soft, and whenever the person steps on them, they would even sink a bit.

Zhao Hai’s eyes unconsciously narrowed. It seems like this Divine Race person wasn’t so simple. Just his clouds were enough to surprise Zhao Hai, there was no need to say about the staff on his hand.

The Divine Race person was also sizing Zhao Hai up. He had an ordinary face, a black mage’s robe, a blood red magic staff, and was standing on top of a bone dragon. It wouldn’t take too long for one to see that he was a Dark Mage.

The Divine looked at Zhao Hai and then bowed, “Mister Zhao Hai? Thine is the Divine Race’s High War General, Cloud Ying. I have finally seen ye.”[1]

Zhao Hai didn’t think that this person would be polite. He stared for a moment before he quickly gave his reply, “This is indeed Zhao Hai. I have seen War General Cloud Ying.”

Cloud Ying looked at Zhao Hai and laughed. He didn’t look like an enemy at all. He seemed more like a good friend, a very good friend.

When Zhao Hai saw Cloud Ying’s action, his heart couldn’t help but feel more vigilant. He knew that people like Silver Shuke weren’t the true dangerous characters. Those who looked like Cloud Ying were the real monsters.  This person was basically a smiling tiger, one who calls you brother while he stabs you in the chest.

Zhao Hai didn’t make any noise as he continued to look at Cloud Ying. This made Cloud Ying surprised, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be in such a good condition, he wasn’t angry at all. It was at this moment that Cloud Ying also placed Zhao Hai in his list of dangerous people. Cloud Ying knew that the situation cannot stay this stiff, so he said, “Doth hath heard of mister’s name for a long time. Mister’s name is as commons as the clouds whenever the Ark Continent gets discussed. This Cloud Ying had always admired mister, it is a great fortune for me and my party to be able to meet you today.”[2]

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel sour at this point. Although he liked to read ancient literature, opportunities to speak like them was too few. Cloud Ying’s way of talking wasn’t something that Zhao Hai was used to.

However, Zhao Hai still replied, “Mister is overpraising me. I am no more than an ordinary citizen of the Ark Continent. It should be me who needs to feel honored. The Divine Realm is very large and populous, for mister to have his current standing is something that is extremely laudable. This Zhao Hai is very honored to have met you.”

While Zhao Hai’s expression was calm, he was actually feeling quite sour inside. However, since the other side wanted to talk nonsense, then it was only good manners to reply with nonsense as well.

Zhao Hai’s reply made Cloud Ying stare he didn’t think that Zhao Hai would have this kind of response. He also felt disgusted, but he couldn’t say anything. Cloud Ying was starting to feel that Zhao Hai was very hard to deal with.

However, Cloud Ying still replied to Zhao Hai, “It seems like mister also has some understanding with regards to the Divine Realm. Mister should know that the dream of the people in the Ark Continent’s people was to enter the Divine Realm and become a member of the Divine Race. This time, our Divine Race went against the laws and broke the space to enter the Ark Continent. So why would mister meet us with hostile intentions?”

Zhao Hai looked at Cloud Ying and then smiled faintly, “You’re right, the people in the Ark Continent really wanted to ascend to the Divine Realm and become a member of the Divine Race. However, why haven’t there been any ascensions in the past tens of thousands of years? Shouldn’t Mister Cloud Ying be aware of this reason? Since the Divine Realm doesn’t want us, then the Ark Continent naturally wouldn’t reach out for friendship. We decided to live our lives peacefully but we didn’t think that you would actually want to disrupt our lives. Now, tell me, why shouldn’t I meet you with hostility?”

Cloud Ying didn’t expect Zhao Hai to suddenly be impolite, his words suddenly turning sharp. Cloud Ying’s expression couldn’t help but sink as he said, “So mister is saying that my Divine Race had disrupted the life of the Ark Continent? The continent is a plane under the jurisdiction of the Divine Race, it belongs to us. This means that the residents of this plan is of a lower life form compared to the Divine Race. For us to open the space to the Ark Continent is akin to giving you face. But mister is actually ungrateful, isn’t this quite ironic?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “You Divine Race really are what I heard you to be. You actually think that your invasion of the Ark Continent is a sacred task. Hahaha. This Zhao Hai has seen shameless people in his life, but I haven’t seen people who are as shameless as you. You broke the Space? Then let me ask you, what did it take for you to break the space? You actually used the flesh and blood of my people, millions of them. It is a shameless crime to claim their sacrifice as your own merit. Let this Zhao Hai give you an advice. You want to rule the Ark Continent? Then make sure that you manage to kill every single one of us. Otherwise, I will lead the people of the Ark Continent towards the Divine Realm and slaughter the Divine Race!”

At the end of his speech, Zhao Hai’s killing aura had reached the heavens. Cloud Ying couldn’t help but change his expression as he saw Zhao Hai. Then his voice turned cold as he said, “Since mister doesn’t want to hand the Ark Continent over. Then we shall identify it as a rebellion. Mister fighting with us will only bring ruin to the Ark Continent. However, we don’t know if the other people in the continent shares this idea.”

Zhao Hai looked at Cloud Ying and smiled faintly, “Mister doesn’t need to worry about this matter. To be honest, I am very worried for mister. The Demons had also arrived in the Ark Continent. Have you taken them into account? If the Divine Race suffers heavy casualties in the Ark Continent, then are you still able to keep your territory in the Divine Realm?”

When Cloud Ying heard Zhao Hai, his complexion couldn’t help but change. Zhao Hai’s understanding of the Divine Realm was extremely good. This made him quite confused. The Radiant Church has rewritten the history of the Ark Continent. At this point, the Ark Continent shouldn’t have any records pertaining to the matters of the Divine Realm. Where did Zhao Hai acquire such information?

Seeing Cloud Ying’s change in complexion, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile, “Talking here would be a waste of breath. What are you waiting for? I’ve been waiting here for a long time, I wanted to see how strong the people that the Divine Race had sent this time.”

Cloud Ying gawked, when he saw Zhao Hai’s smiling face, he couldn’t help but coldly snort and said, “Do you really think that we couldn’t deal with you? You think that your undead are able to stop the Divine Race? You are completely dreaming. Today, I shall let you witness the might of the Divine Race. I shall let you know that whoever blocks our path would die!”

The Cloud Ying waved his hand as the staffs of the Mages behind him shone. Then the Mages waved their staff and released a white light which combined with each other. It formed a huge light ball before it blasted out and made a rift in the sky. And then from that rift, a shadow of a person suddenly came out.

When Zhao Hai saw this person, he couldn’t help but stare. The person was wearing an ash gray close fitting gown. The hair on his head was very long but was tied by a silver headpiece. The person wore soft bottom leather shoes and was carrying a folding fan on his hand.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be shocked with this image. This figure shouldn’t appear in the Ark Continent, it shouldn’t even appear in the Divine Realm. This was because the figure looked exactly like an ancient Chinese rich Young Master. This person had a faint yellow skin, black hair, black pupils and looked Chinese. What was going on?

However, Zhao Hai was quick to know that this person was only a phantom. Although Zhao Hai couldn’t feel that the person wasn’t there, he was certain that the figure wasn’t a real person, but a projection instead.

  1. It can be translated as Cloud Shadow(Yun Ying) But I liked how the Divine Race were named before(Tiger Huan, Silver Shuke) so I decided to only translate the first character when it came to this one.
  2. Pardon my archaic english attempts, xD just assume the Cloud Ying talks like an ancient man in this context.


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