BTFTLIAW – Chapter 738

Chapter 738 – The Dwarves’ First Accomplishment

Secret weapon, but in fact, it wasn’t much of a secret. What Zhao Hai gave the Elves were actually blood lightning beads! The bow and arrow that the Elves use were generally based on shooting stone beads. Zhao Hai doesn’t know how they do it, but not only could they shoot round objects, they can shoot them extremely accurately. It can be said that they are the most skilled archers in the entire Ark Continent.

Because of this skill, Zhao Hai prepared a lot of blood lightning beads for the Elves to use. The might of these beads, when used on a bow and arrow, certainly wouldn’t be small.

The blood lightning bead that Tiger Huan had before definitely wouldn’t work in this manner. His blood lightning beads needed to be activated using spiritual connection. On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s blood lightning beads would produce an explosion on impact, which was more convenient to use.

The beads were the reason why Zhao Hai was confident in having the Elves face the Divine Race light cavalry. He didn’t only give the beads to the Elves, he gave some of them to the Dwarves as well. However, because of the Dwarves’ battlefield, Zhao Hai gave them instructions to not use the beads wantonly. If necessary, not use them at all.

Conversely, Zhao Hai gave the beastmen a big supply of blood lightning beads. The Beastmen were mounted warriors. Since they cannot use magic cannons, their second best choice would be the blood lightning beads.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t stop upgrading the strengths of the major races, time was still quite limited. Therefore, the average strengths of the races still weren’t up to par. To combat this disparity in strength, Zhao Hai can only provide them with blood lightning beads.

One must say that Zhao Hai was really thankful towards Tiger Huan. If it weren’t for his blood lightning bead, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t have known about this magic. They were the most efficient things to have in dealing with the Divine Race.

The Elven Blood Hawk cavalry slowly approached the Divine Race. Naturally, horned pegasus cavalry also noticed the approaching enemies. They immediately separated a small group in order to meet the Elves. The Elven cavalry quickly performed a retreat, but not before sending a barrage towards the approaching horned pegasus group.

The Elven Race’s beads were also special since they held a magic formation within itself. Although its strength was inferior to the blood lightning bead, their might was still formidable when fired towards the enemy.

However, it soon become obvious that those beads were ineffective towards the Divine Race. The horned pegasus cavalry immediately hoisted their spears as they held their shields in front of them, easily blocking the incoming attack. Zhao Hai paid attention to the shields and saw Divine Race formations engraved on them, no wonder they were defensively effective.

The Elves didn’t use their blood lightning beads yet. Zhao Hai understood their decision, they wanted to wait until the Divine Race lowers their guard before they give them the full brunt of their attack.

Zhao Hai stopped thinking about these as he released large quantities of undead. At the same time, he moved the undead mobile cannons in front, meeting the Divine Race advance.

While waiting for the enemies to get closer, Zhao Hai turned his attention towards the heavy cavalry on the ground. These Divine Race heavy cavalry naturally weren’t expecting an ambush. They were just simply and uncaringly charging towards the city.

Zhao Hai looked at the heavy cavalry and silently calculated their strength. When he came to it, Zhao Hai discovered that this heavy cavalry unit wasn’t very strong. On average, they only had 8th rank strength. This made Zhao Hai surprised.

These heavy cavalry seemed to be the worst of the Divine Race army. At first, Zhao Hai didn’t understand what was going on, but after looking into it and asking Cai’er, he finally understood.

These heavy cavalry weren’t actually completely composed of the Divine Race. Them and the Divine Race had some differences in their appearance. It seems like this heavy cavalry were completely different people!

Their foreheads were low, their mouth was slightly protruding and looked like a monkey’s mouth, completely unlike a human’s. Their body hair was also very thick. However, their bodies were big and strong, it wouldn’t be a good idea if one were to provoke them.

The weapon in their hands were also special. It was a weapon that Zhao Hai hadn’t seen before, it looked like a long sword but was actually a hammer.

Each hammer looked like it wouldn’t weigh less than fifty kilograms. Even average 8th ranks wouldn’t use such weapons for battle. An 8th rank’s battle qi would allow them to carry a 10 jin sword and fight for several hours. However, if they carry a 100 jin(50 kgs) hammer then they can carry them for an hour, at most. Aside from innately strong people, nobody would use such heavy weapons.

The Divine Race heavy cavalry seemed to be wild men. Each and every one of them were wearing heavy full body armor. They were brandishing their hammers as thought they were light. One couldn’t help but recognize their strength upon seeing such a display.

As the heavy cavalry were charging through, the ground under them suddenly collapsed. Moreover, it wasn’t a small hole, it was big enough to swallow about a thousand heavy cavalry soldiers.

Zhao Hai knew that this was the move of the Dwarves. One must say that when it came to digging, the Dwarves were the supreme masters of the art. The holes that they dug were enough to support a number of troops. But when that capacity reaches the target, then the ground would immediately collapse, eating up the unfortunate victims. This tactic had been effectively used by the Dwarves in their previous battles against mounted armies.

As the first batch heavy cavalry fell into the pit, there were also troops from behind who weren’t able to stop in time, which also caused them to fall into the pit.

The hole was actually filled with numerous stone spikes. If these spikes were used normally, then they wouldn’t have been very effective. But in this occasion, their lethality had increased by many folds. When the heavy infantry units fell into the hole, they were immediately killed by those spikes.

The Dwarves didn’t even appear from beginning to end. When these cavalry soldiers died, they immediately vanished from the pit. Those who looked into the whole only saw bloodstains, nothing else.

The remaining heavy cavalry unit couldn’t help but be surprised. But at this time, a shout can be heard behind them, compelling them to move around the pit and continued to charge forward, gradually approaching the city. However, as they went around the pit, they were once again met with a pit that was filled by stone spikes. But this time, aside from the careless ones, the hole had been rendered completely useless.

At the same time, a bunch of yellow light appeared in front of the cavalry unit, allowing them to step across the hole without falling into it.

Zhao Hai made Cai’er look into this situation. It seems like the Divine Race had used earth element magic which was evidently better than the ones used by the Dwarves. At the same time this magic also killed about a hundred Dwarves while injuring dozens.

Zhao Hai frowned, it seems like the Divine Race were quite experienced about these types of arrangements. They were very efficient in their ways of countering the Dwarves. The fluidity in their action wasn’t something that can be practiced in such a short time.

Then Zhao Hai changed his mind as he guessed the reason. The Divine Race surely had their enemies in the Divine Realm. Perhaps it was against foreign gods that used the same tactics as the Dwarves. Or perhaps they themselves were using such tactics. This explains why they were able to deal with it very quickly.

Zhao Hai didn’t actually care about this. The heavy cavalry units wouldn’t be a huge threat to the city. Additionally, with the Beastmen in coordination with the Dwarves, the situation should be placed under control soon.

Zhao Hai turned his focus to the other enemies in front of him, the horned pegasus cavalry and especially the Mage corps. He wanted to see what they would bring to the battlefield.

The horned pegasus cavalry were still gracefully flying towards Zhao Hai’s direction. The light cavalry unit numbered in the hundreds of thousands, much greater than the about hundred thousand Elven cavalry. The horned pegasus cavalry didn’t even chase the Elves. In their minds, sending a small team over should be enough to deal with them.

The Divine Race were really arrogant, but they would surely pay the price for this attitude. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, he had more than 1 million undead behind him, several hundred of which were equipped with magic cannons. Moreover, these several hundred undead didn’t carry only one magic cannon, they had multiple inside of them. Their killing power wasn’t something to be underestimated.

It was quite obvious that this horned pegasus unit was much stronger than the heavy cavalry. Although they were composed of mostly 9th ranks, they also had God-ranks among them.

Before long, the horned pegasus cavalry stopped a kilometer away from Zhao Hai. They just stood in place as they looked at his direction. They didn’t move and they didn’t speak, it seems like they were waiting for something.

Zhao Hai didn’t speak as well. He looked as the infantry behind the light cavalry arranged themselves. Then the Divine Race mages started to fly towards him.

Zhao Hai looked at these people, he didn’t know what they wanted to do. However, Zhao Hai made up his mind and decided to cope with the events as they happen.


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