BTFTLIAW – Chapter 734

Chapter 734 – Storm Clouds Approach

When she heard Zhao Hai’s question, Laura couldn’t help but smile and said, “They’re doing very well. The Diamond Ape Tribe currently has thirty thousand 9th rank experts. With their strength along with Grandpa Green’s group as well as Cai’er, there certainly wouldn’t be any problems in the Black Wasteland. Right, there is also a piece of good news, Origin Sword Saint has broken through to God Rank. He is the first God-rank that the Ark Continent had produced in thousands of years.” Laura’s statement was true. Origin Sword Saint was really a God-rank that managed to reach his level without the help of the Space.

Zhao Hai was glad with this news, he looked at Laura and said, “Really? Then that’s fantastic! The Ark Continent finally had its own God-rank expert. However, after arriving at God-rank, senior Origin Sword saint would still need to comprehend his own Domain. Zhao Hai said, “How about this, since we already have magic cannons as well as the crystals, he wouldn’t be needed in the Black Wasteland. Let’s have him go with us first, then I’ll have him participate in the battles. Maybe he can comprehend a Domain there.” Laura nodded and replied, “Alright, I’ll go and approach Grandpa Green about this so that he can tell Senior Origin Sword Saint. Brother Hai, when do you think the Divine Race would attack again?” Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t know. But when they decided to retreat, I was sure that they would be waiting for reinforcements. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to deal with us with their current numbers.”

Laura nodded, then she sighed and said, “Once the Divine Race reinforcements arrive, then we wouldn’t be able to live peacefully anymore. I didn’t expect the Divine Race to be that strong.” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Fortunately, we have several means to deal with the Divine Race. Otherwise, we would really be in trouble. We might even be compelled to move the entire continent’s population into the Space.”

Laura agreed, “But things have been very strange. I thought that after killing a fire element expert, then the Space’s fire element undead would also reach God-rank. I didn’t expect that Tiger Huan wasn’t enough to promote them. Moreover, when they did get promoted, they only had the power of a Demigod.” Zhao Hai nodded, “It really is quite strange. When we got Shiying, the Space immediately promoted all the undead assassins. But now, only after we have killed a lot of God-rank Divine Race experts did the Space decide to promote the undead. It seems like the Space’s requirements had become much stricter compared to before.” At this time, Megan replied, “Although we have a lot of God-ranked experts in our hand, majority of them still have Demigod strength. We really lack undead that have Full God strengths. On the other hand, most of the God-ranked experts in the Divine Race army have already comprehended their Domain. In terms of overall strength, we are still a few steps behind. We’re lucky to have the magic cannons to supplement this weakness. Brother Hai, currently, we have magic cannons installed in big undead such as the Dragons. But I think it would be safer it the cannons were placed inside their bodies. This way, the cannons would have a sort of protection against external attacks.”

Laura agreed and said, “But in this case, we need to have the magic cannons be fixed inside the bodies of the undead. How would we be able to do this?” Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “When the Dwarves make the cannons, we can have them install a few steel chains under the cannon. When they are used, those chains could latch onto the bodies of the undead, securing them in place.”

Laura nodded, “Alright, I’ll inform the Dwarves regarding this matter. With the magic cannons on the way, we would be more prepared for the future. If the Dwarves get unbearable busy with work, we can just have more blacksmiths transported from the other cities in order to help out.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “Good, then I’ll hand it over to you. However, make sure to ask the Emperors about this first. We can’t have them be dissatisfied lest we risk having a fire in our own backyard.”

Laura nodded and then turned around to leave. At this time, Zhao Hai turned his attention back to the monitor. The image shown right now was Silver Shuke’s group as well as the situation with the Divine Race.

After Silver Shuke’s group retreated from the city, they went straight back to the new land. But since they aren’t constrained to the new land like before, they had started to clean the surrounding lands and cities. All the dead people and beasts have been cremated. Obviously, they had a similar idea with the Demons. They wanted to make a foothold inside the Ark Continent.

When Zhao Hai saw that they weren’t planning on another attack, he shifter his gaze towards the Demons. The Demons were now becoming numerous. Additionally, they had already went on and occupied Demon City. With how close they were to Rising Sun City, the latter had already started to be in full alert.

However, there still weren’t a lot of God-ranked Demons in their side, this made them refrain from attacking Rising Sun City. Naturally, the Demons understood that if they have fewer experts than the Divine Race, then even if they occupy Rising Sun City, the Divine Race could just take it away from them. The Demons wouldn’t make a move until they have more experts than they had right now.

When Zhao Hai saw the state of the Demons, he became worried. If the Demons attacked frantically, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t have been worried. But they were too calm, and this was a scary matter. Having strong and calm Demons invade the continent didn’t bode to well for the residents of the Ark Continent.

But seeing that there weren’t any movements from the Demons, Zhao Hai became relieved. Then he turned his attention to the continent. The Ark Continent was still very peaceful. Although the Buddha Empire had been transformed into a battlefield, the other parts of the continent still remained to be unaffected. With Zhao Hai’s careful preparations, the Ark Continent remained very stable.

In the Accra Mountain, a defensive line has already been setup. This defense has been taken care of by Zhao Hai. A large number of people participated in this defense, it included even the Beastmen and the Fishmen. Zhao Hai wanted to rely on the Accra Mountain to mount a long defensive battle against both the Demons and the Divine Race.

Not only the surface of the Accra Mountain, even the space that the Demons had dug out was made use of. This huge space was used as a huge shelter as well as warehouse for the defenders’ needs. The blood formation here had already been used and cannot be reused, so the place had become a handy area for the forces of the Ark Continent.

Since the Accra Mountain was now devoid of any Demon presence, the movements made here was all in secret. The entire Accra Mountain had become a busy place. Even the area where the Dragons had lived had become a small base. Zhao Hai made use of the place to house his Blood Hawks.

In order to speed up the preparations, Zhao Hai assigned a lot of large magic beasts from the Space to work there. This ensured that the progress was very fast.

Seeing that nothing was wrong, Zhao Hai made a sigh of relief. He scanned all the undead in the Space and took out the big ones to be used as mobile cannons. He also assigned some undead to act as cannoneers for these moving weapons. Zhao Hai even used his metal manipulation technique to install chains and attached them into the bodies of the undead. Only when they are secured would they be more convenient to use.

The next matter was the blood lightning beads. Although the beads had their shortcomings, the Space had an unlimited supply of them. In order to prepare for wartime, Zhao Hai also started to stockpile a bunch of these beads.

Time went by as Zhao Hai’s group were busy in preparation. Laura would often take magic cannons made in the continent into the Space. Then Zhao Hai would facilitate in installing them inside the large undead.

Three days went by in a flash. While Zhao Hai was busy fixing the cannons into the undead, Cai’er suddenly flew over to him and said, “Young Master, quickly come and see this.” Zhao Hai stared for a moment. He was busy with his things inside the Space all this time, so he had Cai’er manage the monitoring of both the Demons and the Divine Race. Cai’er certainly had news regarding the Divine Race since there weren’t much changes with the Demon Race.

Zhao Hai and the others immediately went to the living room. The monitor was currently showing the current situation in the newly descended land. At this moment, a group of Divine Race people were emerging out of the new land. This time, they were flying.

This was a huge group, and in addition to the silver soldiers that Zhao Hai saw before, there were also huge magic beasts mixed in. These magic beasts weren’t the same as those seen in the Ark Continent. They were mostly white and although they were huge, they seemed to be quite docile.

These magic beasts were pulling some carts. These carts were probably made out of saint light wood due to their color. Inside those carts were large quantities of resources. But what made Zhao Hai worried was the magic cannons that were carried over. These magic cannons looked similar to the ones in the Ark Continent. However, they were much bigger, moreover, their magic formations looked more complex.

After seeing these magic cannons, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but turn ugly. He was aware that the Divine Race also had their own magic cannons, but he didn’t expect that they would look this menacing. The Divine Race’s strength was already much stronger than the Ark Continent, if the continent’s magic cannons were weak, then the cannons would’ve already been rendered useless. But now, the Divine Race had brought their own magic cannons. And from how they look, it seems like they are much more powerful than the Ark Continent’s version. This was huge trouble!


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