BTFTLIAW – Chapter 733

Chapter 733 – Formidable Diamond Ape Tribe

Silver Shuke’s fiery eyes were looking straight at Zhao Hai. If looks could kill, then Zhao Hai would have already died 10 thousand times. Shuke’s hatred towards Zhao Hai couldn’t be described through words.

Of course, Zhao Hai wasn’t intending to become friends with him. After all, the Radiant Empire’s citizens have been used by the Divine Race to activate their formation. Zhao Hai and the Divine Race’s enmity had now reached a point of no return.

Zhao Hai wasn’t a hero, and to be honest, he didn’t want to be. If not for the Demons and the Divine Race forcing him, then he wouldn’t have stepped forward. He wasn’t afraid to live off of two acres of land with his wives, have a kid who would give him headaches, and even a cow to take care of. Inside his heart, Zhao Hai really didn’t have that much of an ambition.

However, the pressure brought by both the Demons and the Divine Race had compelled him to fight for survival, making him end up to where he is today. He didn’t want to be a hero, but he already made a lot of connections in the continent, he had friends, relatives, loved ones, his home, and he didn’t want all of them to get affected.

The people in the Radiant Empire had nothing to do with him, he hadn’t even visited the country before. He thought of it as the lair of the Radiant Church, his biggest nemesis. Therefore, how could he visit such a place.

However, he couldn’t help but be enraged when he saw the fate of the Radiant Empire’s citizens. This meant that the Divine Race didn’t see the people in the Ark Continent as people, and this angered Zhao Hai.

In fact, in Zhao Hai’s eyes, the Divine Race were no longer people. They were monsters in humans skin, they were beings that would forever be his enemies.

Zhao Hai looked at Silver Shuke and then smiled faintly. He gave Silver Shuke a small bow as he said, “Thief Shuke, do you still want to decide victory and defeat today?” Silver Shuke knew what Zhao Hai meant. Before, Zhao Hai said that his name sounded like a thief’s name, so he called Shuke Thief Shuke. To be honest, Zhao Hai’s naming had made Shuke feel uncomfortable, however, he couldn’t do anything about it.

After Zhao Hai said this, Shuke looked at the army that he brought. Some of his men were turned into undead by Zhao Hai, and more than 20 thousand of them were blown up by the blood lightning bead. The losses of this battle had exceeded 30 thousand. This didn’t count the wounded, their losses absolutely weren’t small.

Although Shuke’s army numbered a million, they were also the vanguard forces. The vanguard shouldn’t have too much losses upon entering the continent, otherwise, the succeeding armies would find it hard to transfer here.

After thinking up to here, Silver Shuke coldly snorted and said, “We’ll let you off today, Zhao Hai. Just you wait, when the main Divine Race army comes, then we will certainly eliminate you.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “If you think you are confident, then feel free to do so.” Silver Shuke snorted, then he ordered, “Reform your ranks and slowly retreat!” It didn’t take too long before the Divine Race army formed their ranks and slowly went back.

Zhao Hai didn’t pursue them, he just calmly looked at Shuke’s army. Shue and Berry were also right beside Zhao Hai. Shue received his clones while Berry went out of her stealth. All of them looked at the retreating silver army. At the same time, Silver Shuke was also paying attention to Zhao Hai.

When the army got back to the Radiant Empire, Zhao Hai, Berry, and Shue immediately went back to the Space.

Upon reaching the Space, Zhao Hai immediately turned to Lizzy and said, “Lizzy, have you calculated our losses?” Lizzy nodded and said, “We did, in the battle, we used a total of 892 crystals. The undead casualties surpassed a hundred thousand. However, we also received about twenty thousand God-rank undead. Moreover, the Space just gave a prompt, all fire element undead had now been upgraded to God-rank, but they only have Demigod level strength.”

Zhao Hai was happy, “A prompt? Why haven’t I heard of it? I may be too focused on the fight. Anyway, that’s good. We have more fire element undead compared to the light element ones. How many new God-rank undead do we have?”

Lizzy smiled and said, “Right now, we have more than 20 million undead in the Space. However, majority of them are marine life forms, so almost all of them have the water attribute. In comparison, we don’t have that much fire element undead. In total, we have less than two million fire element undead. Although they only have Demigod strength, they aren’t that weak.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Good, fantastic. With these undead, the Divine Race would surely be surprised at our next clash.”

Lizzy nodded and smiled, “With these many undead, along with the magic cannons and crystals, we could definitely block the next advance of the Divine Race. However, things wouldn’t be that easy, Big Brother Hai, we just went to take a look, the Demon army has increased significantly. The God-ranks in their camp had already reached a thousand. Moreover, this number has been constantly increasing.

Zhao Hai nodded, although it looks like the number of the Demon Race’s God ranks were incomparable to the Divine Race, he still didn’t underestimate them. The Demon Race’s fighting prowess can be seen as the strongest out of all the parties currently in the Ark Continent, it had something to do with how they lived back in the Demon Realm. Additionally, according to Cai’er, the Demon population was much more than the Ark Continent. And with how formidable their 9th ranks were, Zhao Hai didn’t dare to neglect them.

Zhao Hai let out a long sigh and said, “The Demons shouldn’t be acting for quite a while, however, I will still send light element undead to face them. Once we have the light element undead stationed there, then we can rest assured. After all, we now have a lot of God-rank undead, separating 10 thousand wouldn’t be much of a loss for our side.”

Lizzy nodded, at this time, Laura walked in. Zhao Hai looked at her and said, “How is it?” Zhao Hai was asking about the state of the crystals. In this battle, they had used more than 800 crystals. This rate of consumption wasn’t small. After having emptied the crystals, Zhao Hai immediately had them sent to the Space and then to the different parts of the continent, making the various 9th ranks input more energy into them.

For the battles, they would need fire element crystals with a small amount of earth element as well. The fire element had the strongest attacking power while the earth element had the strongest defense. The earth element crystals would be used in the defensive formations, they should be much better compared to the water element.

When she heard Zhao Hai’s question, Laura smiled faintly and said, “It’s going alright. They had already started to recharge the crystals. However, the energy of those 9th ranks are still too low. It takes several people to fill up an entire crystal.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Don’t worry, just take your time. Filling those 800 crystals shouldn’t take too much time. Right, how is the situation with the magic cannons, are they being done?”

Laura smiled and said, “Rest assured, you might not be aware of the Dwarf craftsmanship, but they used to be experts in making weapons like these. However, they still need to familiarize themselves. They are able to make 30 magic cannons per day at this point, but this rate would surely increase in the coming days.” Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s great, with the Dwarves’ help, we can relax even more. Right, how about the Diamond Ape tribe, how are they doing?”

The Diamond Ape Tribe was a powerful warring race. Their attacking strength was very strong, and upgrading their levels was something that Zhao Hai saw as important. Because of this, when he thought of promoting people, he naturally couldn’t forget about them. Moreover, he was also placing more importance regarding their development.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t think that the Diamond Ape tribe’s potion consumption was vastly greater compared to the other races. Even the Elephant tribe would need less in order to promote to 9th rank. This fact astonished Zhao Hai.

After undergoing multiple investigations, Zhao Hai finally found the root of the problem. The reason why the Diamond Apes were slow to promote to 9th ranks was because both the Diamond Ape and their giant ape companion needed to be 9th ranks together in order for them to be promoted. Otherwise, it would be difficult for a Diamond Ape to promote on his own.

After having this discovery, Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate and immediately promoted both Diamond Apes as well as their companion beasts. Then Zhao Hai tested how strong they got.

The tests gave Zhao Hai a glimpse as to why the Diamond Apes were called the kings of the Beastman Race. After rising to 9th rank, the Diamond Apes would undergo a huge change. Each of them would be able to acquire a new innate skill. This skill had a great relationship with their giant ape companion, this skill was even called synthesis!

After a Diamond Ape uses this skill, their body would combine with their giant ape companion. Not only would they be able to command the actions of the giant apes, but their strength, speed, and defensive capabilities would also be greatly improved. It was a genuine, real type of fusion.

Zhao Hai estimated that the Diamond Apes now had the strength that rivalled God-rank experts. And this was regarding a Full God, not a Demigod.

However, since the Diamond Apes were still 9th ranks in the end, they weren’t able to establish a Domain. But still, once the Diamond Apes use their innate skill, their combat capabilities would improve, and they would then be able to contend with God-rank experts.

This discovery filled Zhao Hai with joy. He immediately went on and promoted the Diamond Apes en masse. But even if the Diamond Apes’ strengths had been promoted, Zhao Hai still didn’t make them go to the battlefield. The Diamond Apes had been fighting for their lives in the Northern Icefield for many years. Zhao Hai wasn’t cruel enough to plunge them into battle once more.

The Patriarch of the Diamond Apes had even told Zhao Hai countless times that they wanted to be in the battlefield. But Zhao Hai still didn’t take them there. Instead, he told them that he wanted them to guard the Black Wasteland. He discussed this matter with the Patriarch. The Black Wasteland was now Zhao Hai’s root, once the Demons or the Divine Race finds out that about this place, then they would definitely target it in their future attacks. It wouldn’t be good if a powerful guard force wasn’t stationed here. Because of this, Zhao Hai appointed the Diamond Apes to be the guardians of the wasteland, of which the Patriarch agreed. Therefore, Zhao Hai was now relieved with regards to the security of the Black Wasteland.


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