BTFTLIAW – Chapter 732

Chapter 732 – King of Kings

Since they cannot repel the undead, then they can’t rescue the 10 thousand trapped soldiers. Silver Shuke can just watch as they get slaughtered by Zhao Hai.

For the first time, Silver Shuke felt being powerless. This feeling only came to him when he fought with other races in the Divine Realm. He didn’t expect to have this feeling while in the Ark Continent.

The 10 thousand troops that went on to sneak attack Zhao Hai  suffered serious casualties. At this point, 2000 of them were already left after the others were killed and turned into undead, and this number continued to decrease.

Nobody could blame the Divine Race army for being unable to fight back. After all, they were now being assaulted by more than 10 thousand God-ranks, and some of them were even their former comrades. These undead allies weren’t weak, and all of them were even able to establish their Domains. It was no wonder that they had been completely suppressed.

More than 10 thousand people attacking 2000. Moreover, their strengths were almost identical. For the 2000 Divine Race army to be able to defend up to this point was already laudable. However, they were now beginning to get tired.

These people haven’t used spells like the blood lightning beard. This was because they knew that even if this magic was useful to humans, they were completely useless to the undead.

When the Divine Race went to fight the undead, they discovered how formidable the durability of these undead were. Even if their arms and legs were crippled, they could still fight for quite some time. This ability was something that was absent from these Divine Race people.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the mood to care about what the Divine Race was thinking. All he wanted to do right now was to quickly eliminate this army so that he can turn to deal with Silver Shuke’s group.

After about half an hour, the 2000 remaining soldiers were finally eliminated by Zhao Hai. Then Zhao Hai turned to Silver Shuke’s group as well as the battle that was currently happening.

One could see the miserable losses that the undead had suffered. The attacks of the Divine Race army wasn’t a joke. The might of their combined Domains wasn’t any worse than the attack of the magic cannons. With how clumped up the undead were, it was no wonder that the losses were what they were.

Zhao Hai asked Lizzy and the others about their casualties, of which Lizzy provided the answer. From the time the city has been attacked to the present, the undead losses had already numbered to more than 20 thousand.

This figure was within Zhao Hai’s expectations. After all, the undead that he had sent were all 9th ranks. Naturally, they would be in a very disadvantageous place against the Divine Race. It can be said that if Zhao Hai wasn’t able to discover the might of the magic cannons as well as acquire the blood lightning beads, then there would be even more casualties. Once Zhao Hai killed 10 thousand Divine Race soldiers, then he might have already lost undead that numbered to the millions.

Zhao Hai’s new undead in the Space now counted up to twenty thousand, majority of them were from the prior Divine Race army. Only a few of them were acquired from the magic cannon attacks.

Although Zhao Hai has been doing well in dealing with the Divine Race army, it was still impossible for him to repel them. After all, the God-ranks in his hand were too few.

Silver Shuke also noticed that Zhao Hai had turned his head to their direction. His blood red eyes looked straight at him. The troops under his command had just been exterminated by this Human in front of him. Moreover, they were turned into undead, this made Silver Shuke angry. But since he was embroiled with the battle with the undead, he still couldn’t order a full charge.

One must say that Silver Shuke was an outstanding military man. He knew that keeping a clear mind in the battlefield was essential to being an effective commander. If his thoughts were to slip, then he might get killed.

A reason why he hadn’t ordered his army to mount a full charge was because he was afraid of the blood lightning beads in the hands of the undead. To be honest, Silver Shuke didn’t look to highly upon blood lightning beads in the past. In his opinion, although the might of these beads were strong, the time to prepare them was also quite long. Moreover, after being launched, one couldn’t control them. If the opponent doesn’t dodge and just stood there, then they might get destroyed, otherwise, the bead would just be useless.

However, after seeing Zhao Hai’s undead army and the blood lightning bead on their hands, Silver Shuke discovered that his previous thoughts were very wrong. Blood lightning beads could actually be used as an ultimate weapon, it almost single handedly blocked the advance of the Divine Race army.

If these undead only threw the blood lightning beads, then Shuke wouldn’t have been worried since the explosions can just be easily avoided. As long as they coordinate well, then they can definitely avoid the blood lightning beads.

However, Shuke was quick to discover that the undead had another method of using the blood lightning beads. As long as a soldier takes the initiative to clash, then the undead would immediately take several blood lightning beads and directly detonates itself near the soldier. This would ensure mutual destruction to both parties. This was the method that gave Silver Shuke the most headache.

The undead weren’t afraid of death, however, it was a different matter regarding the Divine Race. Although they had formidable strength, they were still people in the end, they were also afraid of death. Because of this, the suicide attacks of the undead had made them afraid to proceed any further.

Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t want to use such a methods. The undead in the Space were intelligent, they weren’t any different from a normal person. In this case, making the undead kill themselves by explosion left Zhao Hai a bad taste in his mouth.

However, if he didn’t do this, then he wouldn’t be able to block the attacks of the Divine Race. This method wasn’t Zhao Hai’s original thought. Back on Earth, he had seen suicide bombers in the TV, bombs in driven cars or even just inside walking people. Whenever he sees these, he would groan, but he didn’t think that he himself would have do it.

In the end, Zhao Hai had to recognize how effective this method was. After a few suicide bombings by the undead, Silver Shuke began to hesitate in launching a full scale attack. This caused both sides to be in a stalemate.

Zhao Hai also looked at the other big contributors in this war, which were the magic cannons. After discovering the use of the crystals, the power of the magic cannons have been increased, becoming terrifying weapons in Zhao Hai’s hands.

But Zhao Hai was still not satisfied with this. He had all the alchemist in the continent unite and start to develop a new magic cannon. He had three requests for them, make a powerful cannon, make it more durable than the existing ones, and make them waste as less energy as possible.

Before the new magic cannon was developed, Zhao Hai had already told Patriarch Billy about it, having the Dwarves help with the process. Zhao Hai wanted to produce the ultimate magic cannon that was fit to be used in the war.

The newly promoted 9th ranks now had a new purpose, they were now in charge of refilling the empty crystal stones.

Zhao Hai had a lot of these crystals in the Space. Moreover, he has Bubble, so the Space can produce these crystals over and over. However, Zhao Hai didn’t like the crystals produced by the Space, this was because most of them were of the water element. Although water element crystals were still formidable, they weren’t really geared towards offensive attacks. What Zhao Hai liked to have were fire element crystals since they had an explosive effect, causing the most amount of casualties in the battlefield. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to have fire element crystals to be supplied towards the frontline.

Fortunately, crystals can store energy of a different element once they are used up, making it possible to have a lot of fire element crystals. In order to meet his demand, Zhao Hai adjusted his criteria to promote people who had the fire attribute to 9th rank. He wanted to have as much fire element 9th ranks to charge the crystals.

The people on the continent had no qualms regarding Zhao Hai’s action. At this point, everyone knew about Zhao Hai’s efforts in the frontlines against the Demons and the Divine Race. Therefore, they did as much as they could to not pull on Zhao Hai’s leg.

The continent’s most powerful nation’s Emperor, the Rosen Emperor, was Zhao Hai’s father in law. In the Lyon Empire, Zhao Hai was the acting Emperor. The Buddha Emperor currently had his people take refuge in the Lyon Empire, so naturally, he would give Zhao Hai some face. At the same time, the Aksu Empire was too far from their previous power. And even if they were in their heyday, they would still refrain from going against Zhao Hai. Not only are they adjacent to the Rosen Empire, they were also right beside the Black Wasteland, of which Zhao Hai’s elite troops were stationed in. In this case, nobody in the continent would dare bare their fangs towards Zhao Hai’s direction.

Just as the Dwarf prediction said, Zhao Hai had now become the Ark Continent’s King of Kings. Although he wasn’t explicitly crowned, every single resident of the continent were still listening to his words.

At the same time, the other races of the continent also didn’t have any problems with Zhao hai. Although Zhao Hai promoted a lot of Humans to 9th ranks, he wasn’t neglecting the other races. Beastmen, Dwarves, Elves, Fishmen, all of them were given spatial water and blood pond water in order to have their own 9th ranks.

Because of this, the other major races gave Zhao Hai their approval, giving him their complete support. Zhao Hai can now be said to be the uncrowned King of the entire Ark Continent.

While the research for the new magic cannon was ongoing, Zhao Hai also sent an order to all of the races. He wanted them to search for crystal stones. Zhao Hai didn’t believe that only the Northern Icefield had these crystals. He believes that these crystals also existed on other parts of the continent, it was just that nobody paid any attention to them. Zhao Hai wanted to scour the entire continent for these crystals in order to aid the continent in the future war.

Although crystals can be recharged, they still had their breaking point. This meant that the crystals were consumable. They would certainly need as much crystals as then can in order to curb any shortages that may happen in the future.

While Zhao Hai was thinking about the magic cannons, he suddenly felt a deep and hateful gaze. He turned his head to look and saw that it was Silver Shuke!


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