BTFTLIAW – Chapter 731

Chapter 731 – Machine Gun and Artillery

The Divine Race who were turned into ice were immediately absorbed into the Space and were quickly turned into undead.

The attack of the magic cannon made the Divine Race army surprised. They never expected that the simply useless magic cannons would actually kill a hundred of them. This made the Divine Race army startled, but this disturbance quickly calmed down.

The silver commander looked at this with shock. He didn’t think that the Ark Continent’s magic cannons would actually be this powerful.

At this time, Zhao Hai led Berry and Shue back to the city. Then when they managed to enter it, the magic formation immediately activated.

When the magic formation got up, Zhao Hai laughed towards Silver Shuke and said, “Silver Shuke, are you convinced of our magic cannons now?” Then Zhao Hai’s figure vanished as he mounted a sneak attack on the approaching Divine Race army.

Silver Shuke stared, but he knew that he couldn’t underestimate the magical formation of the city. Although the protective shield didn’t look any different, he still made a careful order, “Let me break the formation first!”

The Divine Race army complied, then they reformed their square formation before Silver Shuke went to the skies and wielded his sword to attack the blue protective shield.

However, Zhao Haid didn’t care about them at this time. His attention was currently on the sneaking army from behind. These people weren’t a lot, only about ten thousand people, however, they were all God-rank experts. But even with their current strength, this army still found themselves in a bad situation. They were currently faced with undead both in their front as well as their back.

They were veterans in the battlefield, so it only took them a single glance to tell that the undead numbered about 2 million, this was a fearful sight for a small army such as them.

They wanted to do a sneak attack, going behind the enemy and eliminating them in one fell swoop. But who would’ve thought that they would actually be the ones who were caught in a trap. It seems like the enemy was aware of their actions and was already waiting for them here.

First was the magic cannon eliminating 100 of their kind, and then there was this undead ambush. Moreover, the army that could reinforce them had actually been blocked by the defensive formation of the city.

Although these soldiers were God-rank, they were too few in the end, only ten thousand people. On the other hand, they were faced with 9th rank undead that numbered in the millions. In this case, without Silver Shuke’s group, they would certainly meet a quick and unfortunate death.

After knowing about their situation, the small Divine Race army steeled themselves. They knew that as long as they resist for a long time and wait for Silver Shuke’s aid, then they would have a chance to survive. However, if they were to fall into Zhao Hai’s hand, then they would definitely be exterminated.

These Divine Race fellows weren’t fools. They came to the Ark Continent and also saw what happened to the Radiant Empire. Not a single citizen was left alive, and sole reason for this was the Divine Race’s magic formation.

These people were nothing in the eyes of the Divine Race. In their minds, these people were no different to magic beasts, they didn’t care no matter how many died.

However, the Divine Race also understood that their slaughter would definitely cause an irreversible hatred from the Ark Continent, especially Zhao Hai.

Even the Divine Race had heard of Zhao Hai’s name, this person had destroyed a lot of plans that the Radiant Church had made. If not for Zhao Hai, then they wouldn’t have been compelled to use their magic formation. But even then, Zhao Hai still had a grudge with the Radiant Church, and similarly to the Divine Race. If Zhao Hai were to forgive them, then that would certainly be very strange.

At this time, the trapped Divine Race army still believed that Silver Shuke would be able to break the formation in a short time. As long as the protective shield gets broken, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t have the time to deal with them. When that time comes, they would use the opportunity to escape the undead entrapment.

However, these people have extremely underestimated Zhao Hai’s strength. Although these people were God-rank, they were still ordinary God-ranks. And in Zhao Hai had a lot of God-rank undead in his hand.

When these people started to form their battle formation, preparing themselves to battle Zhao Hai, he suddenly made a move, throwing blood lightning beads towards them.

These God-rank experts didn’t expect Zhao Hai to throw blood lightning beads one after another. Just as they were dumbfounded, the blood lightning beads exploded.

After a loud bang, several gaps were seen in the Divine Race’s formation. Zhao Hai was very satisfied with the might of the blood lightning beads. However, he was also disappointed by the fact that the explosions of the blood lightning beads immediately turned the God-rank corpses into dust. When this happens, it would be impossible for him to turn them into undead.

However, when he saw that the formation has been broken, Zhao Hai immediately shouted, “Kill them, spare nobody!” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as all the God-ranked undead that he had charged towards the opposing Divine Race army.

Shue also made his move, 1000 of his clones simultaneously threw themselves towards the Divine Race Army. In addition, Berry, Shiying, and the light element undead as well as Zhao Hai’s own attacks also flooded towards the Divine Race army. All of a sudden, the Divine Race army was divided into different independent squads.

However, these people were worthy to be called elite. After their initial disturbance, they quickly stabilized themselves and started to resist.

These people were God-ranks who had comprehended their Domains. At this time, they simultaneously made their DOmains appear. What surprised Zhao Hai was the fact that their Domains were actually the same, all of them formed a long spear.

When Zhao Hai saw this, his heart couldn’t help but turn cold. He didn’t care about these ten thousand people, what he cared about was the might of the Divine Race.

Selecting 10 thousand God-ranked experts with the same Domain wasn’t easy. For them to do so was a testament to their military might. This was too astonishing.

But even if Zhao Hai was startled, he still went on and continued his assault. He knew that the formation wouldn’t hold up for too long against Silver Shuke’s constant attacks. At the same time, the opposing 1 million army wasn’t something that can just be disregarded. Although Zhao Hai had placed a lot of crystal stones on the city’s formation, he knew that they couldn’t support the protective shield indefinitely. Therefore, he needed to eliminate these people as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai’s present strength was much more formidable than any ordinary God-rank. These people simply couldn’t resist Zhao Hai’s attacks. One after another, Domains were broken and people were killed before being turned into undead. In turn, these new undead would then turned on their previous allies, this was the convenience of black magic.

At this moment, Zhao Hai felt that the defensive formation of the city started to fluctuate, then it vanished. However, Zhao Hai didn’t turn back, he waved his hand and released close to ten million undead to charge towards the approaching Divine Race army.

Silver Shuke’s eyes were now red, he didn’t think that their first conquest would have this disappointing result. Under his own eyes, 10 thousand elite soldiers were being killed. This was something unforgivable, he needed to kill Zhao Hai’s group in order to satiate the hatred in his heart.

However, after he saw the dense and numerous undead, Silver Shuke knew that his hatred needed to be reeled in. He clenched his teeth as he gave a command, “Battle formations! Kill them all!”

The Divine Race army immediately grouped themselves accordingly before establishing their Domains. Almost immediately, all kinds of Domains appeared in front of Zhao Hai’s undead army.

One must say that the Divine Race really did have the real skills. Not only did they gather similar Domain, they also grouped them into teams. With this arrangement, these people would be able to support each others’ Domains in order to oppose the enemy. With how well coordinated they were, their might would surely be very formidable.

However, the Divine Race didn’t expect that the undead would suddenly form their own formations. Then all of a sudden, blue light suddenly fired off. Every single person hit by this blue light has been frozen, then they vanished before coming back as an undead.

This was a type of formation that Lizzy and Megan had developed. They would use large bodied undead, such as the Dragons, and then place magic cannons on their bodies. They would then be able to be used as mobile turrets, allowing more flexibility in the usage of the magic cannons.

Although this method was good, the magic cannons on Zhao Hai’s hands were just too few. He simply couldn’t just use it to pressure the Divine Race.

However, they still had other means which were the blood lightning beads. If the magic cannons could be used by Zhao Hai as machine guns, then these blood lightning beads would be like artillery shells. A lot of undead had these blood lightning beads in their hands and would occasionally thrown them into the Divine Race army.

But Zhao Hai also discovered the the might of these blood lightning beads were also limited, especially to those God-ranks who had their own Domain. The blood lightning can still affect them, but only when it exploded in close range, of which the Divine Race could just eliminate the undead.

Although the blood lightning bead and magic cannons were limited regarding its capabilities to suppress the Divine Race, they still managed to divert some of the Divine Race’s attention. With the possible lethal consequences of these two things, the Divine Race also needed to consider dodging their attacks. As the matter stands, the Divine Race was currently mired in a sticky situation of the battlefield.

Silver Shuke was starting to worry. Their side only had about a million people while Zhao Hai’s undead numbered to ten million. At this time, Zhao Hai’s 100 magic cannons changed their crystal to fire type ones. The red beams coming from these magic cannons were now causing explosions, which was also quite lethal to the Divine Race army. These actions actually made it impossible for the Divine Race army to make a counter-attack.


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