BTFTLIAW – Chapter 730

Chapter 730 – Blood Lightning Bead

After Zhao Hai heard Lizzy’s report, he said, “There’s no need to care about them. Just prepare some undead to be dispatched. When they attack, immediately release undead on both of their sides, we’ll eliminate them first.”

Lizzy paused for a moment, then she said, “Big Brother Hai, then what do we do about the enemies in front?”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “We’ll deal with them as well. Make sure to release a batch of undead behind them to prevent them from leaving. Then we’ll have three groups of undead clash with their army, let’s see how formidable the Divine Race’s army really is.”

When she heard Zhao Hai, Lizzy didn’t say anything more, she just complied with the instructions and started to prepare. While this conversation happened, Shue was still attacking Tiger Huan. Since he couldn’t face Tiger Huan dead on, Shue continued to attack him with wolf tactics.

On the other hand, the other Divine Race people looked at Shue and Tiger Huan’s battle with an ugly expression. They didn’t think that Tiger Huan would be placed in such a position by someone like Shue.

If they didn’t have their own plans, then they might have already mounted an attack. They were currently waiting for their army to be in their positions before starting their plan to attack and kill Zhao Hai’s group.

Zhao Hai has been observing these Divine Race people. He found that although they seem to be paying attention to the battle, their eyes were actually focused in front, which was the place right behind Zhao Hai. There might even be a hint of anxiety between their expressions.

Zhao Hai knew about what these people were thinking, but he didn’t make a move. He knew that the undead had already shifted the magic cannons to the appropriate direction while keeping it a secret to the Divine Race. The magic formation has been primed as well, waiting for the moment to be activated.

Zhao Hai understood that the Divine Race had some understanding regarding these magic cannons. After all, the Radiant Church has been in the continent for many years, it would be impossible for them to be clueless about this matter.

The Divine Race knew that the capabilities of the magic cannons were limited. Not to say them, but even in the continent these magic cannons can only harm 6th ranks at most, 7th ranks will have no problem resisting them. Because of this, when the Divine Race saw Zhao Hai flaunting his magic cannons, all of them had a mocking thought inside their hearts.

At this moment, there was a change in the battlefield. Tiger Huang has been forced into a corner by Shue, he knew that if he didn’t make a move, then he would fall here. Therefore, he suddenly screamed and then punched his own chest as he threw up some blood. Then his fingers moved as he muttered an incantation. The blood that came out suddenly floated in the air, and along with the incantation, it began to tumble until it looked like boiled water. Then the red blood slowly receded and turned black, forming a bead.

Tiger Huan gave a shout as he threw the bead over to Shue’s clones.

Shue’s clone felt something wrong with this bead, so it sent out an attack using the giant great axe, targeting the approaching bead.

However, what happened next made Shue stare. Just as the attack got in contact with the bead, the energy within it was suddenly being absorbed. After absorbing the attack, the bead started to appear clearer.

When Zhao Hai saw this bead, his complexion changed. Although he didn’t know what this bead was, he was certain that it wasn’t simple. Moreover, he can feel a sense of danger coming out from that bead.

Zhao Hai knit his brows, then he looked at the other Divine Race and saw their happy expression as they looked at Zhao Hai’s group. Zhao Hai knew that the reason of their expression was the army had already arrived behind him.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai didn’t wait as his figure moved and appeared right by the bead. Then he waved his finger as a spatial rift appeared in front of the bead, absorbing it into the Space.

The Divine Race didn’t expect Zhao Hai to make a move. This caused them to be caught off guard, however, Silver Shuke immediately responded, “Zhao Hai, since you dared to disturb the duel, then don’t blame us for being impolite. Begin!” Then the army started to charge towards Zhao Hai.

At this moment, Tiger Huan felt that the Blood Lightning Bead, which he had lost contact with, suddenly restored their connection. With a thought, he immediately compelled the bead to explode.

This blood lightning bead was a type of mixed magic. It was a combination of blood magic and fire element magic along with a hint of black magic. This kind of magic was very demanding with regards to its users, only people who had reached God-rank, like Zhao Hai would be able to use it.

However, even if Zhao Hai were to know of this magic, he would still opt out in using it. This was because the foundation of this magic lay on the user’s blood essence.

Blood essence wasn’t just ordinary blood, it was something that was connected to one’s life force. To each person, this blood essence was a very important thing. If a person lost his blood essence, even if they didn’t die, like Tiger Huan, they would still find their strengths being knocked down a level. In other words, after Tiger Huan used his blood lightning bead, his present strength as a God-rank expert has been reduced to Demigod-level.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of this magic, after all it was a spell unique to the Divine Race. But even if Zhao Hai didn’t know about the bead, he still didn’t dare to underestimate it. Because of this, he made a move and absorbed the bead into the Space. After having the bead in the Space, he immediately threw it back out onto a place away from Shue and in the middle of the Divine Race army.

When Zhao Hai absorbed the blood lightning bead, the Space immediately issued a prompt. Only a short contact with the Space was needed to unravel the mysteries of the bead.

In general, the Space’s prompt described the bead as an aggressive hybrid energy bead. The Space can use the Blood Pond in order to manufacture it and also the Dao Lotus to provide the lightning aspect. With these ingredients, the might of the Space’s blood lightning bead was much stronger than the one Tiger Huan just made,

When Zhao Hai heard this prompt, he was immediately thrown into happiness. This was an extraordinary attacking method. If he didn’t have the Blood Pond, then he wouldn’t have the requirements to do this attack. But since he absorbed God’s blood in the past, he can now use this magic an unlimited number of times. This was extremely good news for Zhao Hai.

While Zhao Hai revelled in his happiness, the thrown blood lightning bead had exploded in the middle of the Divine Race army. The blood lightning bead was truly worthy of being called a first-rate God-rank spell. This single blast along cleared a circle fifty meters across the Divine Race army.

Every single Divine Race in this 50-meter circle was killed by the explosion. But fortunately, the formation of the Divine Race was quite spacious, the blast only killed less than ten people, their losses weren’t serious.

When Silver Shuke gave his order, Shue made use of the opportunity to attack the weakened Tiger Huan. Using one of clones, he killed Tiger Huan in one fell swoop. When Tiger Huan died, a spatial rift immediately appeared right by his body as it was absorbed into the Space. Then after reappearing, Tiger Huan looked completely restored, no injury can be spotted, but his face was paler than normal, Tiger Huan has been turned into a zombie.

However, it was a pity that although Tiger Huan has been turned into an undead, he wasn’t able to promote the levels of the undead. This disappointed Zhao Hai.

Judging by the Domain that Tiger Huan used, he should be of the fire element. In Zhao Hai’s mind, Tiger Huan should be able to turn the fire element in the Space into God-rank. Even if their level wasn’t too high, they should be Demigods at the very least. Unfortunately, the Space didn’t issue any prompt.

But since Silver Shuke had started their move, Zhao Hai didn’t have the mood to think about any of these. His figure moved as he pulled Shue and Berry away from the approaching army. At this moment, a war cry was heard behind him, it was the silver Divine Race army.  Silver Shuke couldn’t help but make a smug look towards Zhao Hai, he wanted to see the startled expression on Zhao Hai’s face. He even wanted to say some disparaging words, knocking Zhao Hai’s pride down a notch.

But much to his disappointment, Zhao Hai wasn’t startled at all. On the contrary, he was looking at the Shuke with a smug look. Silver Shuke couldn’t help but stare, then an unlucky premonition suddenly rose in his mind.

“Is he hiding something?” The Shuke muttered to himself. Then he immediately found the answer, coming from the walls of the city were blue beams coming towards the army, the magic cannons had started to fire!

The Silver Shuke was startled by Zhao Hai’s magic cannons, however, his heart immediately calmed down, he couldn’t help but sneer and said, “Magic cannons? Hahaha. Zhao Hai, you you really think that you can deal with us using inferior weapons such as magic cannons? I thought that you’re much smarter than this.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Silver Shuke and then sneered, “Really? Inferior magic cannons?”

100 magic cannons weren’t a lot, however, an entire salvo coming from all of them looked quite frightening. The Divine Race just neglected them since they thought that they weren’t anything serious.

However, this thought made them suffer a loss. Those who were hit by the magic cannons didn’t care much about it. Some of them might cast a defensive magic, but most of them were too lazy to do cast anything. They intend to use their own physique to defend against the attacks of the magic cannons.

Only when the blue light hit their bodies did they discover that something was wrong. A powerful chill immediately rushed into their bodies. After their initial shock, they immediately went on to push the cold air out, however, they discovered that their meridians had been sealed with ice!


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