BTFTLIAW – Chapter 729

Chapter 729 – Sly Divine Race

Shue’s opponent didn’t think that Shue would become polite. This made his stop on his tracks and stare. This was because the Divine Race would usually declare their names before they attack. Cheap attacks weren’t something that the proud Divine Race would do.

Because of this, the Divine Race was shocked by Shue’s performance. He didn’t that Shue, who was rude earlier, would suddenly declare his name.

It wasn’t only Shue’s opponent who was startled, the other Divines did the same as well. They didn’t know how to handle such an action.

Zhao Hai looked at Shue and smiled. Before the battle, Zhao Hai already discovered that this Divine Race person was stronger than Shue. Shue was now God-rank, and his opponent would surely be a level above him at least. Zhao Hai had Shue battle the enemy because of Shue’s divergent ability. Shue’s clones would be able to overwhelm this person, so Zhao Hai was confident in sending Shue over.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t think that Shue would make a smart move. Although Shue’s words were unnecessary, Zhao Hai knew that Shue’s true intention was to break the arrogance of the Divine Race.

Shue was also aware that this Divine Race expert was very strong. And when the Divine Race person made the challenge, he was quite mad, his morale at its peak. If Shue went on to fight him at this state, then even if he won, he would still make a lot of effort to do so. Since this person was consumed by anger, his attacks would surely be fierce. Moreover, the other party surely has reached 2nd level Domain, his attacks would definitely be strong.

Because of this, Shue used this little method of being polite, shaking the Divine Race expert and resetting his mindset.

Although Zhao Hai understood what Shue wanted to do, he still kept quiet and just calmly looked at the opposing party. He wanted to know whether the enemy would continue with his anger or declare his name.

If the Divine Race expert decided to continue on his frenzy, then it shows that the Divine Race didn’t care for their reputation. On the other hand, if he declared his name, then it meant that the Divine Race were rigid people whose reputation is much more important to them than their lives.

Different enemies required different methods. Because of this, Zhao Hai paid great attention to the other party’s response.

After staring for a moment, the Divine expert’s complexion turned pale. However, he still restrained his anger as he gave a salute to Shue and said, “Divine Race’s Raging Fire General, Tiger Huan!”

After saying his name, the Tiger Huan immediately gave a shout and charged towards Shue. But Shue had enough time to prepare, his figure moved as he established his own Domain.

Tiger Huan didn’t think that Shue would also be a God-rank Expert who had comprehended a Domain. When he saw Shue establish his Domain, Tiger Huan couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Then he also made his move and established his own Domain.

His offensive rhythm was also destroyed for a second time. However, after seeing Tiger Huan’s Domain, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown.

Tiger Huan’s Domain was a human shaped Flame Demon. Naturally, this was a 2nd level Domain. Moreover, since it was a fire element Domain, its attacking strength would surely be strong while its defensive ability would be quite decent. Seeing that the other party had such a Domain, Zhao Hai felt that he wouldn’t be very easy to deal with.

Shue didn’t think too much about this, no matter what kind of enemy he was faced, he would still go on and fight them. Zhao Hai wanted him to deal with the enemy, and no matter who it was, Shue needed to accomplish the task, he didn’t want Zhao Hai to lose face.

Of course, Shue understood that the enemy wasn’t easy to deal with. He immediately made his move, along with his Domain, several other Domains also appeared, these were all made by his clones.

This action didn’t fail to make Tiger Huan stare, he just saw multiple Domains, and all of them were just like Shue’s. The first time he saw this, he immediately thought of illusions. He reckoned that Shue’s Domain had something to do with tricking one’s enemies. Aside from Shue’s original Domain, everything else was fake.

Since Shue only had a 1st level Domain, then Tiger Huan’s spiritual force should be stronger compared to him. Because of this, Tiger Huan thought that this illusion Domain was useless to him. He didn’t worry much about it as he swept the numerous Domains with his Divine Sense and looking for the real one among the fakes.

However, just when his divine sense swept through the Domain, he discovered that the Domains he thought were fake turned out to be real. This made him stare, but he still disregarded it, he thought that it was a type of advanced level illusion. Although he couldn’t completely understand it, Tiger Huan still coldly snorted and had his Flame Demon move. The Flame Demon made a loud cry before it raised its arms and formed two Fire Dragons that attacked towards Shue’s Domains.

Tiger Huan wanted to use this attack to bring out Shue’s real Domain. However, what he wanted to happen didn’t happen. At this moment, Shue had released five clones. This meant that six Shues were fighting Tiger Huan. Tiger Huan wasn’t expecting any of these at all, he thought that Shue had an illusion Domain, this wrong assumption had proven to be deadly.

Just as Tiger Huan released the two Fire Dragons, Shue immediately made his move. Two clones went forward to meet the two fire dragons. The three clones then went on to attack Tiger Huan using their axe Domain.

Shue didn’t fight with his clones for a day or two, additionally, all of them were tied by heart, their coordination was perfect. Shue commanded his Domain to chop the middle of the Flame Demon, as for the three clones, one chopped towards the Flame Demon’s head, another went for the neck, and the last one went behind the Demon, preventing it from escaping.

Tiger Huan immediately felt that things weren’t going well, however, it was too late to make a counter-attack. But still, Tiger Huan was still a God-rank expert who had a 2nd level Domain. Although he couldn’t escape, he still didn’t lose heart. He controlled his Flame Demon and made it turn into a defensive stance, capitalizing on the fact that its defensive capabilities were also quite good.

The three axe Domains hit the Flame Demon, rendering Tiger Huan into a miserable situation, he gave off a scream as blood spurted out. However, Tiger Huan continued to steel himself, as the axes fell down, he immediately changed the shape of his Domain, making the Fire Demon turn into a spherical shape. Not only did this remove the targeted parts of the Flame Demon, it also made the axe attacks deal half their intended damage.

Still, this damage injured Tiger Huan. But even so, he still didn’t retreat, instead, he became angry. He didn’t think that a strong God-rank like himself would actually be wounded by a person from a lower realm. How could a proud person like himself bear this humiliation.

Tiger Huan shouted ferociously as his Domain turned back into a Flame Demon. Then a fiery sword appeared on the Flame Demon’s hand before it attacked Shue’s axe Domain.

Naturally, Shue wasn’t held back by this development. He immediately directed his axe Domains to attack the Flame Demon once more. At this time, Tiger Huan was already aware that Shue’s Domain were not illusions, all of them were real, and their attacking strength wasn’t weak.

Although Tiger Huan couldn’t understand how Shue did it, he still knew that it had to be a secret technique. He knew that if he didn’t kill these clones as soon as possible, then the damage that they can inflict could only increase as the battle went on.

Tiger Huan’s attack was very fierce, however, Shue wasn’t intending on facing it head on. At this moment, Shue was like a pack of wolves attacking a lone bison. Whenever the Flame Demon made a move, Shue’s clone would just retreat while the others continue to make cheap shots. This would make the Flame Demon target another clone, that clone would then retreat while the others make their attacks. This cycle would continue until Tiger Huan would get tired.

When Zhao Hai saw how Shue fought, he couldn’t help but nod. To be honest, Shue’s method was very simple, but this method was very hard to deal with. However, this action needed almost perfect coordination from all the participating attackers, otherwise it wouldn’t be as effective.

Breaking this method was also very simple. One was to fight and entangle on of the attackers, making it difficult for other people to come in and join. However, this method needed one to be flexible and more powerful than the other.

The second method was strength, overwhelming strength. If one could wipe out an attacker after each attack, then it wouldn’t take too long before the attackers would get consumed.

However, it was quite obvious that Tiger Huan was unable to do these two methods. Because of this, he was plunged into a difficult situation by Shue and clones. But Zhao Hai still paid attention to the fight, he was on guard against the other God-rank experts as well as the army behind them.

While Shue was continuing to fight, Lizzy’s voice suddenly came, “Big Brother Hai, there’s a change in the Divine Race Army. People have come around, intending to do a sneak attack. What do we need to do?”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then he looked at the opposing Divine Race and coldly snorted. It seems like the Divine Race wanted Zhao Hai to focus his attention on the fight while they sent out an army to circle around to give a fatal strike whenever convenient. This was a good method, ordinary people would definitely fall for it.

The people that the Divine Race sent were all God-rank, and their attacks were much more effective compared to the undead. If they attacked an ordinary person, then they might be able to completely succeed.

But unfortunately for the Divine Race, Zhao Hai wasn’t an ordinary person.


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