BTFTLIAW – Chapter 728

Chapter 728 – Shue of the Thousand Shadows

Heads covered with silver helmets, bodies donned with shiny silver armor, a long silver spear on their hands as well as a silver longsword on their waists. Although they were wearing full silver armor, they didn’t seem to be encumbered at all. Their bodies were stably floating in mid-air.

At first glance, once couldn’t see where this sea of silver men ends, they were just too numerous. All of them were just standing there quietly, as if waiting for something.

In front of this army was a group of white robed people. The ages of these people varied, but each and every one of them gave off a consecrated aura.

If Zhao Hai sees them, then he would definitely know that these people were of the Divine Race. The army of the Divine Race was no less than a million. They were now concentrated on the edge of the descended land, the soldiers were waiting for their inquisition.

In fact, they had a reason for being here, they weren’t standing here for no reason. Today was the day that the protective shield would disappear. Once it was gone, then they would immediately start to conquer the entire Ark Continent.

What the Divine Race didn’t know was the fact that Zhao Hai had long been aware of their action. Although Zhao Hai hadn’t come to the new land for a while, he already had the Blood Ghost Staff explore the area. Because of this, he can always use the monitor in order to see the situation at the protective shield’s vicinity. It would be impossible for Zhao Hai to miss this huge army concentrated on the border.

Zhao Hai was now inside Upper Bank City, ready to meet the Divine Race. In the past few days, he had sent people to the various Empires and delivered the crystals. Moreover, Zhao Hai also sent his crystals to all the cities in the Buddha Empire. Although the occupied cities weren’t a lot, they could still support themselves using the magic formations as well as the magic cannons.

At this point, the Ark Continent was prepared and is waiting for the Divine Race attack. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t relax on his monitoring of the Demon Race. The God-ranks in the Demon camp had gotten more and more, their army increased while the construction of their city had become faster. What made Zhao Hai feel strange was the fact that the Demons were yet to attack the Ark Continent. Even Demon City that was the closest place faced no Demon invasion.

But after thinking further about the actions of the Demon Race, Zhao Hai didn’t take too long to understand what they were doing. The Demons were waiting for an opportunity. They knew that the Divine Race would attack the Ark Continent first, and not them. Because of this, the Demons planned to keep their position and wait for any substantial result to come out.

If Zhao Hai and the others were defeated by the Divine Race, then the Demons would immediately dispatch their troops and attack Rising Sun City. If the Divine Race suffers a loss, then Zhao Hai and the others would certainly have some losses as well. When that time comes, the Demons would dispatch their troops and kill Zhao Hai.

To be honest, the Demons were currently dreading Zhao Hai. With his formidable undead, Zhao Hai would be able to become an Overlord in the Demon Realm. With this enemy, it was assured that the Demons would pay Zhao Hai their utmost attention.

At the same time, the Demons were also happy with the Divine Race’s move. The Demons were lucky that the laws of the Ark Continent had been changed, otherwise, with Zhao Hai in the Ark Continent, it would be difficult to mount an invasion.

The Demons respect experts, and Zhao Hai was such an expert that was worthy of this respect. Because of this, although the Demons hated him, they also couldn’t help but admire his strength. Zhao Hai didn’t use any underhanded moves when waging war with them. After a battle, Zhao Hai would allow both sides to peacefully retreat. Although he was still hateful for what he did to the Demon Dragon King’s group, the Demons still had to recognize that Zhao Hai was strong.

Because of this, the Demons decided to stand by and watch. When the results of Zhao Hai’s clash with the Divine Race comes, it wouldn’t be too late for them to make their action.

Zhao Hai had a faint idea about this plan, however, he didn’t have the means to do anything about it. The Demons not making their move had also given him some breathing room. After all, his manpower was insufficient for a two pronged war.

Zhao Hai was sitting in the Space while looking at the monitor. The Divine Race were peacefully standing in their current position. Aside from the white robed individuals in front who were casually chatting, the other people were acting like wooden stakes, just standing there, motionless.

After seeing this scene, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but sink a little. These small details can tell the might of an army. This was the reason why the Chinese army paid great attention to their standing army positions. Military posture might sound simple, but this was a good testing point of an army.

These Divine Race soldiers had stood there motionless for a long time. There weren’t any unnecessary movements on even a single one of them. For all of them to stand there showed how great their willpower was. This was certainly an elite army.

At this time, Zhao Hai noted that the outer edge of the new land had suddenly rippled. Then the protective shield surrounding it started to crack, silently breaking itself apart.

Zhao Hai really couldn’t believe that a protective shield that blocked the advance of God-rank experts would just vanish silently like this.

But the Divine Race’s movement stopped Zhao Hai from his thoughts. When the Divine Race saw that the shield was gone, they immediately gave a command to the army, leading them to kill towards the Ark Continent.

After seeing this situation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but take a deep breath to calm his emotions down. Then he turned his head to Laura and the others and said, “Laura, Ruyen, I’ll leave the logistics to you two. Lizzy, Megan, I’ll hand the command of the undead over to you. Shue, Berry, come with me.”

The group nodded, then Zhao Hai led Berry and Shue out of the Space. As soon as he arrived outside, Zhao Hai immediately released two million undead. These undead immediately formed a cube formation as they quietly waited for the Divine Race to come.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also sent some undead towards the city’s magic formation. He also took out 100 magic cannons from the Space and placed them on the walls of the city.

After his experiments, Zhao Hai decided to keep 100 of these magic cannons with him. After all, these cannons were now able to contend with God-ranks once they’re were powered by the powerful crystals. At the moment, most undead that Zhao Hai had were 9th ranks, if these undead were to fight against God-ranks, then it was certain that they would suffer a loss. But now that the magic cannons were on play, the undead’s capabilities have increased, this was a huge advantage for Zhao Hai’s side.

The Divine Race didn’t disappoint, just two hours after Zhao Hai exited the Space, they arrived.

Their move was very daring. After they came out of the new land, they didn’t stop for a moment and just headed straight forward. From this point, one could see how proud they are.

Zhao Hai was currently standing on his Bone Dragon as he stared at the slowly approaching army. His facial expression stayed calm, he also didn’t make an initiative to attack. He knew how proud these Divine Race people were, to demonstrate their superiority, they would definitely spout out a few words before beginning their attack.

And just as Zhao Hai expected, when the Divine Race army reached a kilometer away from the city, they stopped. Then the white robed God-ranks slowly flew towards Zhao Hai’s direction.

Zhao Hai felt how strong these people were. In this 1 million army, 50% of them were unexpectedly God-rank. This startled Zhao Hai. Moreover, although the other half weren’t God-rank, they were still 9th ranks. The Divine Race were truly going hard with such a lineup.

Zhao Hai commanded his Bone Dragon to meet these white-robed people. Both sides stopped when they were 50 meters away from each other. The one leading the white robes was the one Zhao Hai took the three divine artifacts from.

That old God-rank looked at Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but coldly smiled and said, “Zhao Hai, I didn’t think that we’d meet this early.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly at the old man and replied, “Why aren’t you expecting it? Didn’t I say that I’ll be waiting for you? Right, how is your face doing ever since I took those three Divine Artifacts away?”

When the God-rank heard Zhao Hai bring this matter up, his complexion couldn’t help but turn cold. He looked straight at Zhao Hai and coldly snorted, “Hmph, there’s no point in flaunting your lucky encounter. After all, you will die today. Remember the name of the Divine that will kill you, Silver Shuke!”

When Zhao Hai heard this old man’s name, he couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Interesting, too interesting. Such a dignified Divine actually had that kind of name, why does your name sound like it belongs to a thief? It seems like the I have overestimated the Divine Race too much.”

When the Divine Race heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but change their expression. Divines had their own pride, they always claimed that they were a cut above the people from the Ark Continent. They weren’t able to bear being mocked by Zhao Hai. One Divine went forward and coldly said, “Brat, you dare mock my Divine Race? Do you dare have a duel with me?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Race as though he had seen an idiot, then he said, “What? You still do duels? I didn’t think that you would still resort to such ancient way of fighting. You Divines really do disappoint me. But since you dared to issue me a challenge, then I will give you what you want. Shue, kill this fellow!”

Shue gave a nod before his figure moved and appeared in front of Zhao Hai. He looked at the challenging Divine and said, “If you want to fight, then come. But at your level, you are unqualified to fight against my Young Master. If you want to fight him, you have to come through me first.”

The Divine went on to throw his robe away, Shue also went forward. Zhao Hai and the other God-ranks took a step back to give the two people some space.

Shue looked at his opponent, then his expression turned serious, he wielded his axe on one hand before he shouted, “Buda Clan’s steward, Shue of the thousand shadows!”


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