BTFTLIAW – Chapter 727

Chapter 727 – Experiment

There was a valley not too far from the Lyon Empire’s capital. This valley held no specialties, only rocks, nobody lived here. This place was called Stone Valley.

It was a different day in the generally empty Stone Valley. In this virtually unnoticed place came many people. Moreover, these people were the most influential personages in the Lyon Empire. A single cough from one of them would be able to move an entire Lyon Empire army.

Why would powerful people come to a place where birds won’t even defecate in? Along with these group of people were the cavalry of the Lyon Empire. These soldiers were carefully selected so there wasn’t any problem with them.

Zhao Hai came in using an ordinary carriage this time, he didn’t want anyone to know that he was here. This time, he came to do some experiments, so he brought ten magic cannons for the tests.

The soldiers in the valley quickly set up the magic cannons before they went to the sides. Zhao Hai didn’t dare have the soldiers operate the cannon, he was afraid that accidents would happen, killing someone in the process.

Zhao Hai went towards a magic cannon and inspected it carefully. This magic cannon was the most advanced and powerful weapon in the continent. But this magic cannon didn’t look like the cannons that were seen back on earth, it looked more like a satellite receiver rather than a cannon. The power of this magic cannon depended on the crystal stone. People would place the crystal in the middle of the cannon, then they would activate the magic formation to gather the energy inside the crystal. Then the energy would pass through the edges of the cannon and reflected onto a small plate in front of the cannon. This metal plate also held a magic formation in it, when sufficient energy gets gathered, then the cannon would proceed to fire.

The fired beam would then be sent towards the target, reaching the energy level equal to the crystal used. However, it is a pity that the crystal stones used to fire these magic cannons were of inferior quality, making its power quite weak. This was the reason why magic cannons weren’t used in the battle between the Demons and the Divine Race. But this time, the crystal that Zhao Hai had brought was not the same as those inferior ones. With the high energy contained within them, Zhao Hai prohibited soldiers from manning the cannons lest an accident would happen. The cannons were operated by Zhao Hai’s undead. At this moment, Zhao Hai took out a piece of crystal and handed it over to the undead who then placed it on the middle of the cannon and then pressed the activation button.

Not long after the button has been pressed, the entire magic cannon suddenly shone a blue light. The blue light went on to circle the magic formation before being focused on the metal plate on the middle. Upon arriving at the small plate, a beam of blue light immediately shot out.

The blue light  looked the same as a laser beam. The light penetrated the surface of the mountain but to Zhao Hai and the others’ surprise, nothing happened. There wasn’t an explosion nor were pieces of rock being thrown around, everything was as normal as they were before.

Zhao Hai stared, then his figure moved and approached the wall of the mountain. He wanted to know what happened to the wall, and he couldn’t believe that the blue light did nothing. Just as Zhao Hai arrived by the wall, he immediately felt a chilling cold air. The cold was quite strong that Zhao Hai could already feel that he was in world of snow and ice just a meter away from the wall. Although there were no changes on the wall, it was evident that the soil around it had turned into permafrost.

Zhao Hai immediately dug into the mountain wall. Only after digging through five meters of rock did the mountain return to being warm. In other words, the chilling effect had actually penetrated through five meters of solid mountain wall.

This was a good result. Three meters would already be good enough, but it actually managed to make it five. From this trial, it can be seen how powerful the magic cannon attack was.

Zhao Hai made some calculations. If this beam hit a 9th rank, then they would certainly turn to ice in mere seconds. God-ranked experts would also feel afraid of this cannon attack.

The others who had gathered here were also surprised by what happened. They knew about the power of a magic cannon. Even 100 magic cannons wouldn’t be able to exhibit this effect.

Zhao Hai nodded, then he returned to the cannons. He made the undead continually fire the magic cannon. He  wanted to see how many attacks it would take before the crystal ran out.

Before long, blue light flashes repeatedly until the crystal had been exhausted. Zhao Hai counted and saw that it would take 2318 shots before a full crystal gets depleted. 2318 Demigod-level attacks, this wasn’t a small number.

Zhao Hai took the empty crystal out and examined it. The crystal was fully transparent, no energy was seen inside.

Zhao Hai turned his head and called an 8th rank expert over to input his energy into the empty crystal. The 8th rank quickly complied and poured some energy into the crystal. The crystal actually turned red from the original white, evidently showing that the energy placed inside was of the fire element.

Zhao Hai nodded, he can now understand what this white crystal was for. After a crystal was used up, then one could place energy of whatever element inside it. However, if there was still a sliver of ice element energy inside, then it would be impossible to place other types of energy into it.

However, Zhao Hai still had a question. Would this crystal be recharged over and over? Can it be used infinitely? This seemed to be unlikely.

Zhao Hai waited before the 8th rank completely used all of his energy up. Then he took the crystal and examined it. Zhao Hai found out that an 8th rank expert can only fill up to a fifth of the total capacity of a crystal. It seems like it needs five 8th rank experts in order to completely filly up one empty magic crystal. Zhao Hai recorded all of his findings, these would definitely be useful in the future.

Zhao Hai didn’t fill the crystal up to full. Instead, he handed it over to the undead to use it. This time, the magic cannon fired a beam of red light. When this red light got in contact with the mountain wall, a loud explosion was immediately heard. A huge hole was blown out of the mountain face, ten meters across and three meters deep.

Such might wasn’t small, but Zhao Hai’s purpose this time was to consume the energy inside this crystal, so he didn’t really care much about it. After having the undead fire the magic cannon and consume the energy inside the crystal, Zhao Hai placed a bit of energy inside the crystal and fired it again. This process repeated for ten times, after the tenth firing, the crystal finally cracked, rendering it useless.

Zhao Hai recorded this result and then he turned his attention to the magic cannon. He was quite sure that the magic cannons  would also wear off. After being used multiple times, these cannons should become broken. Zhao Hai wanted to see at which point the cannons would break down.

Zhao Hai inspected the current state of the cannon. Although it can still be used, cracks were already seen on its surface, it seems like its life was soon to be used up.

Zhao Hai nodded and then traded the magic cannon for another one. The experiments continued, one cannon after another. In the end, Zhao Hai found out that magic cannons can fire 2000 to 2500 times.

Upon completing his experiments, Zhao Hai returned to the Lyon Empire’s Imperial Palace. Then when they arrived at the Great Hall, he turned to the Great Nobles and said, “I came back this time to see the capabilities of these crystals. These stones have been acquired by me back when I was exploring the Northern Icefield. The energy inside these crystals are very formidable, you should have seen it on the magic cannons earlier. The usage of these crystals aren’t limited to magic cannons, they can power protective formations as well. When I return to the frontlines, I shall leave some of these crystals to you. Every instruction for its operation and properties shall be written carefully. Have these crystals delivered to the cities in the Lyon Empire for defensive purposes. If I were to discover that someone has been hoarding these crystals, then I will definitely be impolite.”

These Nobles in the Lyon Empire were aware about how precious these crystals were. But they also needed to take Zhao Hai’s threat into consideration. If Zhao Hai deemed them to be enemies, then they would be in opposition to the entire continent. With Zhao Hai’s status, nobody would dare disregard his orders. Because of this, every single Noble replied, “Your will shall be done, Your Majesty.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Remember, only hand these crystals over to people that you absolutely trust. Take care of them extremely well, there shouldn’t be any mistakes. When the Divine Race comes, these crystals would be extremely helpful in dealing with them.

The Nobles issued a sound of affirmation. Zhao Hai nodded, then he took out several crystals and handed them over to the Nobles present.

After completing all of these, Zhao Hai turned around and returned to the Space to head towards the Rosen Empire. Since he already did his experiments, he can immediately hand the crystals over to the major Empires. He introduced their uses and properties and how they would be used to resist the Demons and the Divine Race. With these crystals, ordinary people could now be assured of their safety inside the cities of the continent, this was an extremely good thing.


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  1. The author really is no good with math, huh…2318 shots is a full crystal. Then the 8th ranker filled it to it’s fifth, so about 460 shots more. Then Zhao Hai filled it with some energy a few times…so let’s assume that he made 2800 shots with the first cannon. That’s already way above the 2000-2500 range…

    And let’s not forget…how long did that take?! He had ten cannons. Taking the average of 2250, that’s 22500 shots. There are 86400 seconds in a full, 24h day, while I’m pretty sure they were there for a few hours at most. That means that they needed to make several shots a second, and completely disregarding the time for recharging the stone, loading and unloading it into the cannon, and all those calculations of his.

    Considering that the energy needs to be charged and what not, it’s more reasonable to assume that the average time per shot would be at least 30sec. That’s only 2880 shots in 24h.

    I mean, an author shouldn’t need to have some high-end education and what not…but this is basic math that a calculator can do for you. It’s a kid-level expectation that stuff takes time…But hey, this ain’t the first, and surely won’t be the last time that authors zero-level math skills will be shown…

    1. You are expecting far too much from this nitwit POS hack. This thing probably can’t add past its fingers and toes and even up to 20 is likely an intense struggle for it.

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