BTFTLIAW – Chapter 723

Chapter 723 – Adjusting Strategies

When Zhao Hai heard Green, he couldn’t help but smile lightly as he replied, “They had been great. Shue and Berry managed to comprehend a Domain. Right, in two days, when the second batch of herbs matures, we’ll immediately have Shue promote his clones. At that point, our strength would even be greater.”

Green clapped his hand and said, “Fantastic! We’ll be confident in facing the Demons and the Divine Race by then. Right, Young Master, what are you planning to do in the future?”

Zhao Hai calmly replied, “Let’s wait for the Divine Race to attack us when their shield disappears. At that time, we’ll take the offense to them. I’ll get an army and give them spatial water in order to be raised to 8th rank and then 9th rank. Only this composition could manage to face our two enemies. Even if other people are eager to help, all that would be waiting for them is death!”

Green knit his brows and said, “Wouldn’t that reveal the existence of the Space?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. The only thing that they would discover is the fact that I have a formula to increase one’s strength, the Space would never be connected.”

Green nodded, “Alright, at the worst, people will die. Young Master, you don’t need to worry about the things here. There won’t be any problems.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Don’t be too strict on the refugees. As long as they don’t make a huge mistake, then that would be fine. After all, these people are in a new environment. If you push them too much, then they might think that we are bullying them.”

Green smiled and said, “Young Master can rest assured, we have yet to punish someone. Everyone here respects the Young Master’s instructions. But if we find someone, then we guarantee that he wouldn’t be punished too hard.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Then that’s good. The continent has been plunged into hard times. The Divine Race had changed the laws of the heaven and earth. This would surely bring about some consequences. The Divine Race are truly scums, they even used such a method.”

Green was confused at Zhao Hai’s statement, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Young Master, is the change in the laws really that serious?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “Naturally. In the past, the Ark Continent was an independent plane, it had its own laws. Now that these laws had been changed, it had shattered the continent’s division towards the Demon Realm and the Divine Realm. These two higher planes might not find trouble with this, but the Ark continent would surely feel the hardships. With the Ark Continent being disturbed, I’m afraid that we would be susceptible to more invasions from other planes in the future.”

Green stared for a moment before his expression changed, “It’s like that? When that happens, then wouldn’t the continent be destroyed?”

Green’s worries held true basis. The reason why the Ark Continent was invaded by the Demons in the first place was because of the initial action made by the Divine Realm, having a God descend. Now that the laws had been changed even more, the consequences would surely be more severe. The Ark Continent was fortunate that it hadn’t been destroyed in the first place.

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, this was only his guess. But this guess had been made while he was connected to the heavens because of the Dao Lotus. What he understood was only a few things, so he could only make an intelligent guess at this point.

When Green saw Zhao Hai’s expression, his chest couldn’t help but feel heavy. If what Zhao Hai said was true, then the disaster for the Ark Continent has just started.

Upon looking at Green’s face, Zhao Hai comforted him, “Grandpa Green you don’t need to think about it to deeply. In the worst case scenario, we can all just hide inside the Space.”

Green nodded, then he knit his eyebrows and said, “Young Master, this outcome has surely been thought of by the Divine Race. Wouldn’t it be detrimental for their goals if the Ark Continent were to be unsafe?”

Zhao Hai thought about it, and then he said, “That may be possible, however, we can’t make solid judgements this early on. When we come in contact with the Divine Race, then it may be possible for us to be clear about it. Alright, Grandpa Green, I won’t be staying for long. I’ll be heading to the Buddha Empire now to take a look.”

Green nodded, “Young Master, you don’t need to worry about here.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he gave a signal to Laura and the others before they entered the Space. Then Zhao Hai took Shue and Berry to Rising Sun City.

Rising Sun City was the most forward defense against the Demon Race. Originally, Zhao Hai didn’t want to come here. However, since he was most familiar with the people transferred from Demon City, he decided to upgrade the strengths of the people here first.

Moreover, he came here to trade Shiying. Zhao Hai didn’t have too many God-rank experts. Therefore, he can only leave Shiying here to guard the place. But now, he has a lot of light element God-rank undead. The light element is extremely strong against the Demons. Because of this, Zhao Hai prepared to have Shiying go against the Divine Race while leaving some light element undead here.

Although the Demons have gone silent and had paused their construction, Zhao Hai knew that all of this was because of the changes to the Ark Continent’s laws. The Demon should be revising their plans at this time.

In the past, the laws of the Ark Continent were still present. Even if the Demons wanted to attack the continent, then they wouldn’t be able to send too many God-ranks. Because of this, they decided to build a city and steadily advance, stationing God-ranks on each forward city as they slowly devour the continent.

The laws of the Ark Continent also didn’t allow too many God-ranks inside it. This was the reason why the Demons didn’t dare to send a lot of God-ranks.

The Demons had done a lot of experiments in the past years. Although they didn’t think of changing the laws of the continent like the Divine Race, they were still able to create a concrete plan. These experiments included sending God-ranks to the continent to see how many experts the continent would be able to support, and also how long they could stay.

After constant experiments, the Demons have finally gained their results. The laws of the continent only allowed up to five God-ranks to enter. If a single God-rank enters, then the continent can allow this expert to stay for half a year. But this God-rank also needed to adjust for a month before he can move. After one month, the God-rank would be able to display 70% of his power. In three months, he can show 80%. Then after more than five months in the continent, the expert can achieve 90% of its power. After reaching this peak, the God-rank would then need to leave after half a day.

This was the reason why the Demons opened a spatial rift. And this was also the reason why the Demon Dragon King and the four others were the only ones sent as the vanguard.

For five God-ranks, the continent would only allow them to stay for three months. Half a month to adapt to the laws, then after that half-month, they would be able to use 60%. After one month, 70%. Two months, 80%. Then on the third month, they would return.

This was the law of the Ark Continent. The Demons had regarded this law heavily. They sent out five God-ranks this time in order to secure the Demonic Abyss. They were afraid that the Ark Continent’s people would destroy their city.

The Demons knew that it didn’t matter what they did, as long as they used the Blood Void, then the destructive display would certainly alert the residents of the Ark Continent. Because of this, the Demon Realm didn’t hesitate to send five God-rank experts.

However, when the Demon Dragon King and the others arrived in the Ark Continent, they were immediately met with Zhao Hai, even before they had completely adapted to the laws.

Because they weren’t able to adapt, the Demon Dragon King’s group couldn’t display all of their strength. Although they were God-ranks with strong abilities, their power were still reduced by the continent. Without adapting to the laws, these God-ranks would need to return to the Demon Realm after one month if they decided to disregard the laws. This situation made it hard for the Demons. If they were forced to go back after one month, then Zhao Hai would be able to completely lock them out, seeing that he can use 100% of his strength. Shue and Berry were also present, with them in hand, Zhao Hai would be able to deal with every God-rank that the Demon Realm would send. One could say that the Divine Race had provided the Demons some breathing room for their future plans.

Now that the laws had been changed, there was no need for the Demons to make their city. They can just send their God-ranks in along with their army in order to conquer the entire Ark Continent. They would start by capturing the cities as they advanced to all the corners of the continent.

The Demons needed to be swirt because the Divine Race was already here. If they continued to build their city, then it was possible that the Divine Race would have already conquered the continent. The Demons would be ordering soup without being able to drink it. Because of this, the Demons have decided to change their strategy.

After thinking up to this point, Zhao Hai decided to trade Shiying with the light element undead. Although Shiying wasn’t weak, he wasn’t the strongest Demon either. His techniques were all made in the Demon Realm, it wasn’t ideal for him to face the Demons in the battlefield since he couldn’t display his strength to its full potential.

The light element undead, on the other hand, were different. The light element was used to suppress the Demons. Even if these undead weren’t high-level, only being Demigods, they can still get an advantage due to their numbers. Along with Besmir and the others, they would surely be able to go against the Demon attack.


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