BTFTLIAW – Chapter 722

Chapter 722 – An Enemy of an Enemy

Lizzy turned to Zhao Hai and said, “The Divine Race truly are formidable. They changed the laws of the heavens and the earth, they even managed to block the progression to God-rank. And now, they managed to bring an entire army in order to deal with us. It seems like they were truly annoyed by their past failure. Their plan of attack would surely be as fast as lightning. Fortunately, we had managed to get good fortunes to resist them. But Brother Hai, would the ordinary armies really be of use? They will surely die in the battlefield!”

Zhao Hai sighed, “We still need to have them. After all, they are also residents of the Ark Continent. If we don’t make them help, then they might feel dread when everything is over. They might fear that we would coerce them in the future. Also, did you forget about the other races in the Divine Realm? One must know that the Divine Race still had their own enemies in the Divine Realm, and those were the Gods of the three races. If those three races were to enter the war, then it would be a huge advantage to us. These people would definitely be great allies.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Lizzy gave out a small sigh, “I understand. But Brother Hai, do you believe that those Gods are still alive? It’s been countless years, I’m afraid that they had been eliminated a long time ago. Even Gods wouldn’t be alive after tens of thousands of years.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I’m also aware of that. However, them being of help is still a huge thing for us, so we might as well try. If those Gods can help, then establishing a good relationship with them would be very good. Even if they can’t, then we can just rely on our own strength, showing them that we can provide sufficient power. Its good to have more people who have a grudge against the Divine Race.”

Lizzy understood Zhao Hai’s words, in the simplest form, Zhao Hai just expressed that an enemy of an enemy is a friend. If those Gods have a grudge against the Divine Race, then as long as they see Zhao Hai’s strength, then these people would certainly help out. With Zhao Hai, they can unite and destroy the Divine Race together.

However, Lizzy still couldn’t help but express her worry, “But Brother Hai, do these GOds really have a grudge with the Divine Race? If they don’t, then what do we do?”

Zhao Hai’s eyes flashed a cold light, “Then there’s nothing we can do. If worse comes to worst, then we will make God-ranks ourselves. Let’s see which is more formidable, my Space, or the Divine Race.”

At this time, Laura came back, she turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, the order has been passed around. I believe that it wouldn’t take too long before they make the proper adjustments. Do we really have to look away from the Demons?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “We still need to be on guard. However, the Demons aren’t relatively strong compared to the Divine Race. From what I felt today, there are only ten God-ranked experts in their camp. Moreover, with the big move of the Divine Race, the Demons are surely to be on full defensive mode. They are more focused on the Divine Race compared to us. For them, the Divine Race is more dangerous.”

Laura and the others nodded, what Zhao Hai said was true. Both the Demons and the Divine Race weren’t aware that Zhao Hai already had God-rank undead. Since they didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s side to have more strength, then they would definitely suffer in the future.

At this time, Lizzy asked, “Big Brother Hai, did you just say that the Divine Race needed several days before coming out?”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “Less than seven days. This was something that came out of the Pope’s own mouth. I’m afraid that these seven days would be the most peaceful days of the Ark Continent.”

Laura nodded and said, “Brother Hai, we should have the Dwarves and Elves make the proper arrangements. At the same time, informing the four big Empires would be great as well.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Although the Divine Race and the Demons have already appeared, most of the Ark Continent’s land was still in the hands of the four Empires. And even if the Buddha Empire has been turned into a battlefield, it was still in Zhao Hai’s control. If the Divine Race and the Demons wanted to disrupt the continent, then it was certain that they would send some experts towards the other four Empires, harassing the Ark Continent’s rear.

At this point, Zhao Hai’s most difficult problem was the issue of military strength. One shouldn’t overestimate Zhao Hai’s more than 10 thousand God-rank undead. All of these undead were crucial in the actual battlefield. These 10 thousand undead simply aren’t enough in front of the Demon and the Divine Race. This was what made Zhao Hai very worried.

Without God-rank experts, then any preparation was useless. This made Zhao Hai anxious. Looking at Zhao Hai’s worried expression, Lizzy couldn’t help but comfort him, “Big Brother Hai, how about we return to the Black Wasteland and take a look at the situation. See if any of the 9th ranks have made a breakthrough. If they did, then you can just hand the task of protecting the Empires over to them. As long as they stop the attack for some time, then we can use the Space in order to rescue the people.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, it has also been a long time since I returned to the Black Wasteland. Let’s go back and have a look.” He stood up and then along with the others, they vanished and returned to Iron Mountain Fort.

Green and the others were currently inside the castle. The Black Wasteland has been extraordinarily busy recently, there were simply too many people here compared to before. The Dwarves had dug out a lot of caverns in Iron Mountain. Moreover, they had also started to deliver iron ores from the mountain every day. The Dwarves already had their own furnace in the castle, all of them were busily making various types of weapons.

The Elves weren’t idling as well, they kept planting trees all around Flower City. At the same time, they were also manufacturing weapons. The Elves were very clear, the Ark Continent was on its way to disaster. It was impossible for them to live like before, wherein they were completely focused on making artware.

Only the Beastmen weren’t present in the wasteland. This was because there was no need to move. The Beastman Prairie was also quite far from the Buddha Empire. Even if the frontlines were shaken to its core, they prairie still wouldn’t be affected. However, the Beastmen were going all out in dispatching its troops in order to help.

The Black Wasteland had already been made known to everyone on the continent. After all, a lot of Human refugees were sent here. But nobody dared to have greedy thoughts when it came to the wasteland. This was because Zhao Hai was a very strong leader. There weren’t a lot of fools that dared to covet his territory.

Green and the others were fairly busy each day. There were a lot of newcomers in the wasteland, their basic necessities were needed to be managed. Otherwise, chaos would ensue. It was great that these supplies were already prepared by Zhao Hai, there weren’t any shortages that happened. Additionally, the various groups also had their own managers, this allowed Green to be less busy than he needed to be.

Green and the others were currently on a meeting. In attendance were representatives from the Dwarves, Elves, Beastmen, and Humans. These people were in charge of managing their respective people. Although the Black Wasteland had a lot of refugees, Zhao Hai still kept his strict rules in place. It was also made clear that the punishments on each rule breaking was the same for all races.

The major leaders weren’t in opposition to this rule. The status and strength of Zhao Hai were too formidable, all of them were very respectful towards his decisions.’

When Green heard that Zhao Hai had come back, he immediately led the managers to see Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai talked to these people, asked them about their situation, and then had them go back to their posts.

After the managers had left, Zhao Hai immediately turned to Green and said, “Grandpa Gree, how are things going? Did any of those 9th ranks from before break through to God-rank?”

Green shook his head and said, “Not a single one. Origin Sword Saint was the closest one. Those 9th rank beasts would have it much harder to reach God-rank compared to the Humans. Young Master, did something happen?”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he reported what happened with the Divine Race to Green. After Green heard Zhao Hai’s words, he knit his brows and said, “This is really quite troublesome. Young Master, I think the most important thing that we need to do is to spread what happened to the Radiant Empire. Otherwise, people from the continent would still think that the Divine Race are good people. If ‘they still held belief in the Divine Race, then they might cause internal problems to our side.

Zhao Hai nodded, “When the time comes, I’ll have the major powers do this. Our main concern is our lack of people. And once the Divine Race discovers about the Black Wasteland, then they would surely come and target it first. First is because this is our root, and the other reason is because they really hate me now.”

Green nodded, then he said, “Young Master, how do you plan to deal with this?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment before he withdrew the three divine artifacts that he had taken from the Radiant Church. Although these three artifacts had been integrated to the Blood Ghost Staff, Zhao Hai could still take them out. After all, even if the three artifacts had great powers, they were still quite inferior to the Blood Ghost Staff.

Zhao Hai gave the three artifacts over to Green and said, “Grandpa Green, take these three divine artifacts. These things were handed over to the Radiant Church by the Divine Race. Now, they are all under the Space’s control. You can use this sword of judgement. The radiant staff will be given to Grandma Marine while the book will be handed over to Grandpa Kun. Keep these things as a secret. Once the Divine Race attacks, you can use them to resist for quite some time.I will immediately come over and help as soon as I receive word.”

Green wasn’t polite, he took the three artifacts and said, “Alright. Young Master, you need to be careful. Right, how are Berry and Shue doing?”


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