BTFTLIAW – Chapter 721

Chapter 721 – Using the Trigram

Zhao Hai had clashed with the Radiant Church in many instances. Although not everyone in the church were light mages, they still held the majority of light mages and light attributed warriors. Additionally, Zhao Hai also killed a lot of magic beasts who had an innate talent in the element of light.

From the moment they were born, the bodies of the residents in the Ark Continent had their own attribute. Let’s take Meg, for example, she had the water attribute, so she was well suited to studying water magic. Therefore, there were quite a few people and beasts who had the light attribute. And some of them weren’t under the Radiant Church.

If Zhao Hai’s calculations were correct, then all of the light element undead that the Space had numbered almost 10 thousand. In other words, he now had the same number of God-rank undead.

However, after asking Cai’er, he knew that these God-rank experts were only Demigods. This was because they had no Domain. Unlike the 500 God-rank Assassins who was actually found out to have their own Domain.

Zhao Hai was confused about this in the beginning. However, he changed his mind when he began to understand. These God-ranked Assassins were brought up because of Shiying. Shiying himself had his own Domain, so this achievement had also manifested on the 500 undead Assassins. On the other hand, although the three artifacts were formidable, they were still artifacts in the end, unable to manifest a Domain. Because of this, the light element undead weren’t able to have a Domain.

After thinking up to this point, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. The Space was indeed quite rigid. When talking about fighting strength, three 9th ranks with divine artifacts weren’t any worse than Shiying, they might even be stronger. However, since they were artifacts and not people, the artifacts themselves were unable to establish a Domain. Because of this, the Space only extracted their strength and upgraded the undead, it didn’t bother itself with giving the undead a Domain.

However, Zhao Hai was still quite satisfied. No matter what, the Space now had 10 thousand God-ranked undead, about 1 out of a thousand undead were now God-rank. This made Zhao Hai smile. One must know that people with light element attributes were quite rare in the continent. If he hadn’t exterminated the Radiant Church, then he wouldn’t have this many God-rank undead.

But to be honest, Zhao Hai’s true happiness wasn’t because of this matter, it was actually about the usage of the Dao Lotus. The Dao Lotus was extremely wonderful, it can attack, defend, help in absorbing energy, and even help in comprehending the Heavens. This was truly a top class treasure. However, Zhao Hai’s understanding of the Dao Lotus was just limited, he hadn’t even understood half of it.

The three characters that he had shouted before were actually about the eight trigrams: thunder, mountain, and water! The eight trigrams is separated into eight sections, Heaven(Tiān), Swamp(De), Fire(Huǒ), Thunder(Léi), Wind(Fēng), Water(Shuǐ), Mountain(Shān), Earth(Dì).

When Zhao Hai acquired the power of the Dao Lotus, he also acquired the method of using the trigram. Using the trigram was quite convenient, as long as Zhao Hai says the character, then he would immediately get the corresponding knowledge in order to execute it. Moreover, each character’s might was very formidable. Zhao Hai only used three characters in order to block the attacks of three Divine Artifacts, this was hard evidence towards the formidability of the trigram.

After experiencing how strong the trigram was, Zhao Hai was now more confident regarding his own capabilities. With the help of the trigram, Zhao Hai was assured that he wouldn’t be any worse than any expert from the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai was now very clear about how fierce the trigram was. If hadn’t used the trigram and only depended on his strength, the most he could do was to block the three divine artifacts, nothing else. Now that he had used the trigram, not only was he able to block the attacks, he was even able to capture the artifacts. For Zhao Hai, this was definitely a good result.

Contrasting Zhao Hai’s happy harvest, the old Divine Race man didn’t know how to react. He didn’t expect that their side would actually lose three divine artifacts!

One must know that even in the Divine Realm, divine artifacts were still quite rare! In fact, what Iron Hammer told Zhao Hai before had some mistakes. Iron Hammer said that the Divine Race was strong, this was true, however, Iron Hammer didn’t elaborate the fact that divine artifacts with their own spirits were also very rare. Artifacts with artifact spirits were also deemed to be on the top of the item echelon in the Divine Realm. Otherwise, the ancestors of the three major races wouldn’t have entrusted their race’s fate to Iron Hammer and the others. And if those kinds of Divine Artifacts were quite common, then the Divine Realm wouldn’t have been ruled by the Divine Race, but instead, by the Divine Artifacts!

The three artifacts that the Divine Race had sent to the Radiant Church was meant to resist Iron Hammer and the others. However, since Iron Hammer and the others were injured, the Radiant Church managed to suppress their races quite easily without any intervention from the races’ divine protectors. Because of this, an issue appeared on the Radiant Church, the succeeding generations actually forgot the initial purpose of the three artifacts. This caused them to worship these artifacts, using them as little as possible. The Radiant Church had become unskilled in using the artifacts. In the end, the Radiant Church wasn’t able to eliminate the other races and just continued to suppress them.

The Divine Race’s appearance in the rift as well as their modification of the laws didn’t come without a price. The land that descended actually had a protective shield. This shield wasn’t used to guard against the people from the Ark Continent, instead, this shield was used in order to prevent any damages to the land as it fell down towards the Ark Continent. The shield was too formidable that it actually saved the falling land from being destroyed.

However, because this shield was too formidable, the Divine Race couldn’t just forcibly remove it, making it impossible for them to invade the Ark Continent immediately. Only after seven days, when the new land gets stable would they be able to proceed with their invasion. Aside from their Divine Sense, the Divine Race were unable to enter the Ark Continent.

This flaw gave Zhao Hai a huge advantage. The Divine Race person had underestimated Zhao Hai, he expected that he could just command the divine artifacts with his Divine Sense in order to kill Zhao Hai. He didn’t anticipate that the other party would actually take the divine artifacts for himself.

When he felt that his connection to the divine artifacts were severed, the Divine Race person couldn’t help but be angry as he loudly shouted, “Brat, you dare! Return those artifacts immediately, or else, I shall shred you to bits!”

ZHao Hai gave a cold smile and said, “If you have the ability, then come. In the meantime, I shall be dealing with your dogs.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as a giant palm appeared and grabbed towards the Pope.

The Pope was surprised, he sidestepped the attack as he muttered an incantation, giving himself a protective light element shield.

However, even if he was fast, Zhao Hai’s giant palm was faster. Just as the Pope made his move, Zhao Hai’s hand already captured him. And with zero delay, the hand clenched itself, completely crushing the Pope’s whole body. After a short and pitiful squeak, the Pope had turned into a pile of mush.

After that, Zhao Hai threw the Pope’s body towards the Space. He wanted to see whether the Pope can still be turned into undead or not.

He can! Although the bones had been crushed, the Pope was still turned into an undead This was due to the two requirements of making an undead, one was the flesh and blood, and the other was the soul. The soul, flesh, and bones were just materials in making undead. One could compare it to making a sword where you need to use iron, fire, and hammer. The bone was like iron, the flesh and blood was fire, and the hammering was like the magic spell. Even if the iron was broken, it can still be merged together, and as long as there was fire and a hammer, then the sword can still be made.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai didn’t become polite, he immediately did the same to the two red-robed Archbishops, then turning them into undead creatures.

The person from the Divine Realm had a pale complexion as he looked at Zhao Hai’s actions. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this much courage. He actually dared to kill he people of the Radiant Church in front of the Divine Race’s eyes.

One shouldn’t just look at how the Divine Race treats the Radiant Church. Although they were seen as dogs, the Divine Race was still very satisfied with the church’s work. After all, the Divine Race wouldn’t be able to break through the space and change the continent’s laws without the help of the Radiant Church. He just promised the Pope’s group that he would save their lives. However, Zhao Hai was still able to kill them, for the Divine Race, this was an absolute shame.

After looking at the Divine Race person’s complexion, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly, “Divine Realm friend, I had always been waiting for your arrival in the Ark Continent. In fact, I already prepared a lot for this to happen. However, the Demons suddenly appeared, this derailed my plan. This should have derailed your plan as well. At this point, we are in the same starting line. As long as your people arrive in the Continent, then I will immediately have you pay for the lives of the people in the Ocean Waves Dynasty. I’m very hoping for your quick arrival, I can’t wait to kill several people from the Divine Race.”

The Divine Race old man looked at Zhao Hai, and with clenched teeth he retorted, “Just you wait. When we arrive in the continent, I shall personally remove your bones one by one. I shall then go to your family and then feed them to the dogs!”

Zhao Hai looked at the old man and then coldly smiled, “I’ll be waiting for you. Don’t disappoint me.” Then he brought Shue and Berry along with him as they turned around and leisurely walked back to the continent, purposefully making the old man’s eyes turn red.

But what this Divine Race person didn’t see was Zhao Hai’s pale face just as he turned around. This didn’t signify that he was afraid of the Divine Race, nor was it because he had a hard fight with them. On the contrary, he was very satisfied with today’s result. Berry and Shue were able to comprehend a Domain, and he even managed to acquire ten thousand God-ranked undead as well as three divine artifacts. Today truly brought him a great harvest.

The reason for Zhao Hai’s ugly expression was because of anger, he was raging at the Divine Race. These people simply didn’t see the residents of the Ark Continent as people. Their arrival in the continent showed how they regarded the people of the continent. Compared to the Demons, it seemed like they were much worse.

Zhao Hai had an understanding regarding the Demon Race. He knew that the Demons lived with the rule of the jungle. The weak could only be either food or slaves, nothing else. But this characteristic made it sure that they wouldn’t just wantonly kill people. After all, an alive slave was much better than a dead one.

Although the Demon Race’s final goal was acquiring the Ark Continent and killing every single resident inside it, Zhao Hai discovered from their actions tens of thousands of years ago that this was might not be the case.

From the nature of the Demon Race, they would surely change their mind. It was possible that they didn’t want to eliminate everyone inside the Ark Continent, they also want to rule the place.

On the other hand, with how the Divine Race sees the people of the Continent, they would absolutely not be lenient. This can be seen in their previous action. In order to make their target, the Divine Race actually made the Radiant Church sacrifice an entire country’s worth of people. If the Divine Race were to use this mentality in dealing with the Ark Continent, then the residents surely wouldn’t be able to live proper lives.

When Berry and Shue saw Zhao Hai’s expression, they didn’t say anything. Although they weren’t aware of Zhao Hai’s thoughts, they still saw what happened to the Radiant Empire. They too were seething with rage.

The number of people in that country wasn’t small, and the Radiant Church actually killed them off. In the end, only 1 thousand people, all of whom were the core of the Radiant Church, were left. All others weren’t spared, this was too ruthless, it wasn’t strange for people to be angry at this.

After some time, Zhao Hai let out along breath, calming his emotions. Then he lead his group back to the Space as they entered the villa. Upon entering, Zhao Hai immediately said to Laura, “Laura, inform all the armies in the Buddha Empire to rotate the defense and focus on the Radiant Empire. The attack of the Divine Race would truly be fierce. Focus all future defense strategies towards them. As for everything else, leave them to me!”

Laura nodded, then went along to follow Zhao Hai’s directions.


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