BTFTLIAW – Chapter 720

Chapter 720 – Divine Race Arrives

The giant hook had a rope with it. This rope was made out of innumerable filaments that looked like hair, they looked terrifying.

Zhao Hai slowly withdrew his divine sense. He understood that this hook was just like Shue’s greataxe, it was Berry’s Domain.

Berry’s Domain looks like it had three functions. First  was providing her with stealth. Moreover, compared to general stealth ability, her Domain seemed to provide a higher level stealth. Even light magic wasn’t able to break this Domain.

The second function was possibly to pull the enemies over. Otherwise, the hook wouldn’t have this form. However, Zhao Hai was also sure that there were more to it than pulling enemies over.

The third function seemed to be a mental attack. The rope on the hook looks like Berry’s hair, making Zhao Hai think that it would make mental attacks.

And just as Zhao Hai thought about it, the giant hook went flying and grabbed onto the shields of the Pope and the other two. When the hook reached two shields, the shields immediately shattered. However, when it came to the third layer, the hook got deflected. This was largely due to the staff bearing Archbishop to being very careful. Without the extra shields, the Pope’s group would’ve already been killed.

The Pope’s group couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. They didn’t know what happened, but they saw that two of their shields had just shattered. But then, they immediately thought of Berry’s abilities. They knew that Berry was capable of stealth, so this hidden attack should have come from her.

However, they were still yet to find even Berry’s shadow. The Archbishop with the radiant staff just made a few more protections around them, providing them with additional support. At this time, Shue moved.

Shue has been paying attention to the Pope and the others’ movements. When he saw Berry vanish, he couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Then he immediately smashed their layers of protection. Right now, there was only a single layer of protection left for the Pope and the others.

Berry didn’t let this opportunity go. She grasped the rope and threw it towards the Pope and the others, entangling them in the process.

At this time, Zhao Hai discovered that the three people from the Radiant Church were staying still, just looking blankly in the distance. They weren’t any different from clay or wooden statues.

Zhao Hai understood that these three people had been enthralled inside Berry’s mental attack. They weren’t even thinking about their battle with Shue and Berry, they didn’t move a step.

Zhao Hai was already aware that Berry and Shue had won. Although their three enemies had three divine artifacts, the artifacts were already deemed useless. After all, they were only artifacts, they weren’t real and independent God-rank experts. Because of this, even them were unable to leave Berry’s mental attack.

Under Zhao Hai’s sight, Berry held her hook and gently attached on the last layer of the Pope’s shield. Then she gripped her hook tightly as she made a final pull to break the Pope’s last shield.

The just as Berry was about to grasp the Pope’s head, proceeding to kill him, a while light suddenly appeared from the sacred scripture. This stopped the attack while at the same time, awakening the Pope and the two Archbishops.

At the same time, Shue sent several axe projections towards the Pope. And even if the Pope’s group didn’t respond, the sword of judgement suddenly separated itself from the red robed Archbishop and proceeded to block all of Shue’s attack.

After blocking the attacks, the radiant staff also flew up and released a lot of defensive shields all around the Pope’s group. This made the Pope’s group stare at the sudden change. However, they immediately turned ecstatic. As they opened their hands to receive the divine artifact, an archaic voice suddenly came, “Those who attack the servants of the Divine Race shall receive punishment!”

Berry and the others turned towards the direction where the voice came from. Then from the newly descended land, an old person with white robes suddenly appeared. Both the beard and hair of this person was all white. This made him look like a wise old sage.

Berry and Shue became startled, they knew that this was certainly a person from the Divine Realm. This person appearing wasn’t good for them. Their plan to eliminate the Radiant Church has just been placed into disarray.

The Pope’s group were overjoyed, they immediately knelt down and said, “We’ve seen the sacred master. Your loyal servants give their best regards.”

The Divine Race person seemed to ignore the greeting of the Pope’s group, he just nodded and said, “Get up, useless things. You really can’t do things well, but since we can’t do it without your effort, then I shall save your lives today.”

As soon as the old man finished speaking, he suddenly heard a sneer, “Still daring to recklessly boast. They are already monkeys in the cage, and you still dare to guarantee their safety. I want to kill them today, let’s see if you have the ability to stop that.”

This made the people stare, then they turned to Zhao Hai. Shue and Berry’s figures moved and returned to Zhao Hai’s side. On the other hand, the old man actually gawked, he looked startled towards Zhao Hai’s direction.

Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Race person and then coldly snorted, “I completely hate you Divine Race people. You still had the gall to be proud even if you haven’t stepped a foot on the Ark Continent. I am going to kill these three today, you want to stop me? Then try it!”

The old Divine Race person’s eyes flashed a cold light. He returned with a cold snort and said, “Good, good. I didn’t think that the Ark Continent would actually have God-rank experts. Also, even if we haven’t reached the Ark Continent, then how does that matter? I can still command the divine scripture, radiant staff, and sword of justice to attack you. Just by your own strength, it would be impossible for you to block out attack. Do you dare to meet my attack?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Then try it. I will certainly kill those three today, turning them into my own undead. At the same time, i shall also snatch your divine artifacts away.”

The old man got angry, he said, “Arrogant! Ignorant and arrogant! You actually dared to disrespect this God. Suffer death!” Then he waved his hand as the sacred scripture opened up and released a sword of light towards Zhao Hai. At the same time, the radiant staff also gave of a dazzling white light, beaming an offensive light spell towards Zhao Hai. Then the sword moved forward to attack. The path of the sword of judgement was quite peculiar. It actually made a huge arc, intending to attack Zhao Hai’s back.

These three attacks weren’t simple. The sword of light that came out of the sacred scripture was an overbearing attack. Moreover, in addition to being overbearing, it also exerted pressure. The pressure was akin to an attack by a God-rank expert.

The offensive light magic was a soul attack, it was very formidable. And finally, the sword of judgement was quite peculiar. Even if one can see it, it was extremely silent. Other than sight, no other sense was able to feel it.

If an average person were to meet this attack, then they would definitely be caught off guard. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t a simple person. He didn’t take these attacks seriously, then he suddenly said, “Thunder!”

Then nine beams of lightning came out, clashing with the attack made by the radiant staff, eradicating it in the process. Then Zhao Hai continued, “Mountain!”

A huge mountain suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Hai, blocking the sword of light. Although the sword of light managed to make a huge hole in the mountain, it was still stopped.

Then Zhao Hai said, “Swamp!”

The word caused a huge swamp to appear behind him. This swamp didn’t look anything special, but when the sword of judgement collided with it, it seemed to be mired in a sticky web. Its speed got slower and slower before finally stopping in place.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as the three artifacts was pulled over to his body. The three artifacts didn’t have enough time to run as they were immediately grasped by Zhao Hai. Just as they struggled, Zhao Hai immediately threw the three artifacts towards the Space. Upon absorbing the three artifacts, the Space quickly issued a prompt. “Items with light energy detected. First item is an evil extinguishing book. The second item is a sacred staff. The third item is evil executing sword. Virus program detected in each of these items, negatively affecting their performance. Removing the virus, virus removed successfully. Extracting light energy from the three items. All light element robots in the Space have now been upgraded to God-rank. The three artifacts has been integrated to the Blood Ghost Staff. Host can now judge a person, allowing the host’s marked target to receive 50% more damage. Host’s light magic has been increased by 50%!”

Zhao Hai listened to this prompt with a blank expression. He couldn’t respond to the influx of information. He didn’t expect this result, it was completely out of his expectations. The light-element undead had actually become God-rank. This was extremely good, this was because he had a lot of light-element undead!


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