BTFTLIAW – Chapter 715

Chapter 715 – Universe Grand Dao

Zhao Hai already had a faint idea about this aspect. But when he connected with the Dao Lotus and had a feel of the Heavens and the Earth, he was even more convinced about it. And with the report that he had received, he was now quite assured that the reason why there were no God-ranks that had ascended from the continent after all this time was because of an interference done by the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai knew that changing the Laws was very difficult. What is a law? Actually, it was a type of projection of the Dao. And this Dao was separated into Yin and Yang. If the things that are normal to the Ark Continent were Yang, then those suppressed by it were the Yin.

A combination of Yin and Yang becomes a plane. And the reason why this plane existed was because of the Dao. Now that the Divine Race had broken the Laws of the Continent, the entire plane where the continent resides has become unstable. This time, not only did the Divine Race break the laws of the Ark Continent, it also broke the laws of many other planes.

The universe is comprised of multiple planes. And the reason that these planes exist and was able to act independently was also because of the universe. Now that the balance of the Ark Continent has been broken, then it was akin to breaking a part of the universe. As for what influence this action did, Zhao Hai had no way to know. However, he can be assured that the effects wouldn’t be small.

If the universe is composed of countless planes, then each plane would be like a domino that made up the universe. As long as it stood there and wasn’t moved, then there wouldn’t be any influence towards the other pieces. But once one domino fell, then all others next to it would definitely be affected as well. No matter how long or what effects it had, there will be events that would happen as a reaction.

However, Zhao Hai believed that the Universal Grand Dao has a way to repair itself. Just like how the Ark Continent had been punctured by the Demons and the Divine Race, in the end, it still managed to keep the continent’s space intact.

Zhao Hai also believed that there was an avenue for the Universe to adjust. The Universe is all about balance, yin and yang. If the Ark Continent were to be destroyed, then another place somewhere would be affected in order to balance everything out.

However, Zhao Hai had no idea how long this adjustment would occur. And as to the changes that would happen in the Ark Continent, it was difficult to say.

Because of this Grand Dao, it was very difficult to change the laws of a plane. The Divine Race needed to prepare for tens of thousands of years. And if nobody from the Ark Continent were to ascend during that time, then their job would be much easier.

After all, compared to the Ark Continent, the Divine Realm’s strength is leagues higher. They can definitely make a seal to inhibit the ascent of God-ranks from the Ark Continent. Setting wide-scale formations was easier done in the Ark Continent compared to the Divine Realm.

At this moment, Zhao Hai had an idea. He immediately convened all the 9th ranks in the Space. The majority of these 9th ranks were from the Carrion Swamp, there was also Origin Sword Saint who was invited by Zhao Hai. These people were among the oldest 9th ranks in existence. Zhao Hai had seen how strong they were. However, after all these years, they were still unable to reach the next step, this made Zhao Hai quite confused.

But now, he knew that this was a plot done by the Divine Realm. If this was really it, then it may be possible for these people to break into God-rank after going back to the continent.

These 9th ranks have trained inside Zhao Hai’s Space for a long time. Although their strengths were increased, they were still yet to upgrade into God-rank. Zhao Hai wanted to try having them go back to the Continent and see whether they can be promoted to God-rank.

When these 9th ranks heard Zhao Hai’s idea, all of them immediately agreed since. After all, aside from the Origin Sword Saint, all of these people were Zhao Hai’s subordinate. At the same time, the Origin Sword Saint had been training for a long time, he knew that he wouldn’t live for long if he wasn’t able to break through to God-rank, therefore, he also agreed to the idea.

To these 9th ranks, their biggest wish was to reach God-rank. Only then can they have greater strength as well as longer lifespans.

Zhao Hai didn’t have them exit directly to the battlefield. Instead, he had them go to the Black Wasteland first. In any case, the laws present there was the same as anywhere else in the continent.

After sending these people off, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the living room. He was inside Bubble’s body for more than a day, so he was clueless about what was currently happening outside. The only thing he knew about was the change in the Ark Continent’s laws. The reason why Zhao Hai was anxious to let the 9th ranks out was because he was eager to have them break through, only then would their strengths be improved.

When Zhao Hai entered the room, he saw Laura and the others being busy. Everyone looked thin and pale. When they saw Zhao Hai come, they immediately stopped what they were doing and came over. Zhao Hai looked at their faces and said, “Why do all of you look fatigued? Why are you still busy? What is going on outside?”

Laura, with dark circles under her eyes, forced a smile and said, “We’re fine. But Brother Hai, how about you? Are you doing well?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, I’m already fine. If the outside situation isn’t that bad, then you should go and take a rest. You’ve been going at it for two days.”

Laura nodded and said, “Everything is almost done, large thanks to Cai’er. Brother Hai, the defenders in Demon City have already retreated. At this moment, the Demons have gone into full defense. So we decided to move the army, there was no longer any significance in having them defend Demon City anymore. Also, we’ve already had the various armies enter the Buddha Empire. All of the refugees in the Buddha Empire are gone as well, we used spatial rifts to have them moved quickly. Now, the Buddha Empire is already going according to your plan. It has been turned into huge battlefield.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. At this moment, we have more than 500 God-ranked experts. And I already had Little Wen and Origin Sword Saint’s group exit the Space. Now that the laws of the Ark Continent has been changed, I want to see if there are some of them that are able to break through to God-rank. All of them are locals of the Ark Continent and still haven’t broken through even while inside the Space. I think that their cultivation is still not compatible with the Space. So I might as well have them break through their cultivation outside.”

Laura nodded, then she quickly replied, “Although they had their strengths improved inside the Space, they were still yet to break through. It’s a good idea to have them go out and try breaking through. At this moment, there aren’t any further movements coming from the Divine Race. I don’t know what they are planning to do.” Zhao Hai nodded, “Tell me everything that happened.”

Laura replied, “Brother Hai, take a look.” Then Laura turned her head to Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, let Brother Hai see the recording.”

Cai’er nodded, then she played the scene of the two huge magic formation as well as the spatial rift caused by the descending piece of land. After that, a video of the conversation between the Demon Dragon King and the Lich was shown.

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the monitor until everything was finished. Then he had Cai’er show the map of the continent. At this time, there were a dense group of red dots on the Buddha Empire. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I didn’t think that there would be this much diversity in the continent’s army.”

Lizzy nodded as she said, “The current army of Demon City has fallen back to Rising Sun City. Rising Sun City, Lower Bank City, South Plain City, Water Wheel City, Broad Flat City have coordinated with themselves and had become one defensive line. Aside from the army in Demon City, there were also 200 thousand soldiers from the Buddha Empire, 50 thousand Beast Knights and 100 thousand infantry from the Lyon Empire, 50 thousand heavy infantry and 150 thousand normal infantry from the Rosen Empire, 200 Mages and 5000 archers from the Elves, and 50 thousand soldiers from the Dwarves. Altogether, there are more than 1 million troops separated amongst those five cities.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Rising Sun City was yet another fortress not far from Demon City. The walls of this city were quite thick. Moreover, its infrastructure was very well developed. Establishing a defense in this City would be a very good idea. It had good strategic placement. Just like in Demon City, Rising Sun City would be a good place to besiege.

Then Lizzy added, “Then Ashi river’s east bank has become another line of defense. There are two hundred channels connected to this river. Another 1.5 million troops are present here. Their main purpose is to either reinforce Rising Sun City and the other cities or aid them in their retreat.”

Zhao Hai nodded, Ashi river is the Buddha Empire’s second major river. It’s main and side branches stretched through almost the entire Buddha Empire. With the help of Zhao Hai’s Space, the river had now been turned into a defensive line.

Lizzy continued, “Then there’s Hard Fang City, White City, Upper Bank City, White Oyster City, Golden Crown City, Ox City, and other cities close to them who made up the bulk of the Buddha Empire’s defense. A total of 3 million troops are present on these places, 1 million Beastmen, 1 million Humans, 500 thousand Dwarves, 100 thousand Elves, and 400 thousand Fishmen who are in the surrounding rivers. Moreover, there are also troops present in the Imperial Capital.”


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