BTFTLIAW – Chapter 714

Chapter 714 – Dao Lotus

Zhao Hai was lying down on the Blood Pond. To be honest, ever since he came to the Ark Continent, this was the first breakthrough that he had experienced by himself, all other breakthroughs were brought to him by the Space. This time’s breakthrough made Zhao Hai sense a qualitative increase to his own strength. However, he didn’t feel like he had reached his peak, his strength can still be promoted.

This was the reason why in addition to lying down on the Blood Pond, Zhao Hai decided to be placed inside Bubble’s body. The Blood Pond was made out of the blood of a Divine, the energy within it was tyrannical. However, Bubble was a master of water, this allowed him to control how strong the blood’s actions was, nourishing Zhao Hai properly in the process.

Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of exhausting the energy in the Blood Pond. The Space had already recorded its energy patterns and could just recreate an endless supply of it in the future.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t aware that when he turned Shiying into an undead, his wisdom and intelligence was still kept intact. Shiying was a God-ranked assassin, he had a devious wisdom and formidable intellect, but he was now under Zhao Hai’s side, because of this, Shiying gave Shue his Demonic Core. He wanted Shue to hand the core over to Zhao Hai to absorb.

Zhao Hdi didn’t expect Shiying to do this. He still couldn’t understand why Shiying, who had kept his wisdom, would do this. However, he wasn’t afraid of of any harm. After all, Shiying was unable to have evil intentions towards Zhao Hai since the Space already suppressed him. Because of this, Zhao Hai agreed to absorb the Demonic Core.

What Zhao Hai thought was correct. Shiying was now an undead, and like what the Space said, he was like robot. A robot programmed to have perfect loyalty towards Zhao Hai. It was impossible for the undead to betray the Space’s host.

Since Zhao Hai wanted to increase his strength, then Shying would naturally be willing to help, making him offer his own Demonic Core.

Now that Shiying had been turned into an undead, his energy source has now been shifted to the Space. Because of this, the Demonic Core had become useless.

The energy in the Blood Pond, although formidable, wasn’t that abundant in energy. A Demonic Core was different, it was the source of a Demon’s entire strength, the reason why they were so strong. Because of this, once the Demonic Core’s energy entered Zhao Hai’s body, Zhao Hai immediately felt immeasurable pain in his meridians.

Compared to Shue’s pain, Zhao Hai’s suffering was much more. However, Zhao Hai didn’t move, he endured it as he kept lying down inside the Blood Pond, maintaining a peaceful state of mind.

This was the most painful time during Zhao Hai’s promotion. However, this was something that he needed to experience. His previous promotions were too smooth, this made his soul unable to catch up. This was the reason why he had been injured during his fight with the Demon Dragon King.

The pain that he was experiencing actually helped in increasing his spiritual force. Now that his body and soul has been upgraded, Zhao Hai was now a more well-rounded powerhouse.

Zhao Hai continued lying down in the Blood Pond, not even aware that he has been wrapped up by a lotus flower that has entered the Blood Pond. This was something that Bubble decided to do. Naturally, this wasn’t done in order to harm Zhao Hai. This was because Bubble felt that the lotus flower would have big use to Zhao Hai’s current state. Now that Zhao Hai was focused on maintaining his peace of mind, he simply didn’t have the capacity to talk to Bubble. At the same time, Bubble didn’t dare to disturb Zhao Hai. Because of this, he made his own decision to absorb the lotus flower into the Blood Pond. Then, with his own strength, refine Zhao Hai along with the lotus flower and the Blood Pond.

Zhao Hai didn’t know for how long, but he had started to feel that the energy that was rampaging through his body had become calm. And strangely, it seems like the energy was now following a strange and long journey. This route included all of his meridians, even the one in his forehead.

Zhao Hai gawked, he couldn’t help but take a look at what was happening to his body. At his lower navel, a colorful mass has been absorbing energy from the outside. On his chest was a strange lotus pattern with the petals wide open. And on his head was a small projection of Zhao Hai, meditating. This projection had a silver hair that extended into the void, seemingly to no end.

This scene made Zhao Hai blankly stare. Zhao Hai was a fan of novels, and he was clear about what these things were. In China, these spots were called dantian. There was the Lower Dantian(Xià Dāntián), placed below the navel. The Middle Dantian(Zhōng Dāntián), placed at the heart. And lastly the Upper Dantian(Shàng Dāntián), at the forehead between one’s two eyes.

Although Zhao Hai knew about these three points from the start, he didn’t mind them too much since he was practicing Battle Qi and Magic. He also thought that these three points were just something that was made up by the ancient Chinese. But now, it seems like these weren’t useless  at all.

Zhao Hai’s strength was centered on his Lower Dantian. Moreover, he had discovered that this was where his body’s physical strength came from.

Zhao Hai then used his Divine Sense towards his Middle Dantian, where the lotus flower was currently attached. Zhao Hai immediately investigated the lotus flower, this lotus was a treasure of the Heavens, it wasn’t even from the Ark Continent. A lotus seed had fallen down from an unknown space and arrived in the continent. Then the seed was buried deep down as it was nourished by the Continent’s energy.

Then after numerous years passed by, in the deep dark sea, the lotus seed suddenly turned into something like a small lake. Then that small lake slowly grew up and after many years, it managed to change its surroundings. The lotus roots continued to extend as it rooted itself on the surrounding rocks. Then when the lotus bloomed, Zhao Hai saw something that was very familiar to him. It was actually the same lotus that he saw from the Soul Sucking Reef!

The roots of this lotus had a ying-yang cross section. It’s roots along the rocks and soil formed an eight trigrams pattern, a pattern that was very much in line with the Heavenly Dao. This lotus, in turn, had become the world’s most important treasure, the Dao Lotus.

Bubble felt that this lotus would be useful for Zhao Hai, this made him decide to absorb it into his body, accidentally refining it and making it Zhao Hai’s Life Treasure. This lotus flower seemed to agree to this arrangement as it didn’t make any resistance to the refinement. One could say that the capabilities of this lotus was endless. It’s benefit to Zhao Hai couldn’t be easily described. Compared to the Divine Artifacts of the Beastmen, Dwarves, and Elves, this Dao Lotus was completely on another level.

Zhao Hai slowly drew his Divine Sense back. When he connected his Divine Sense with the Dao Lotus, he seemed to feel changes to himself, he had felt how mysterious the Heaven and Earth was. It seemed like he was in a state of understanding but also unknowing. But one thing that Zhao Hai knew was the fact that this Dao Lotus had a lot of functions. It can attack the enemy, it can defend, it can trap them, and it can even heal wounds. It was a treasure with tons of other uses.

The reason why this Dao Lotus was this strong was because of its growth. During its germination period up until it was absorbed into the Space, the lotus didn’t experience any stresses in its entire life. This caused its roots to go in line with the Heavenly Dao, forming an eight trigrams pattern as well as developing the yin-yang symbol. This made it possible for the lotus to make use of all the five elements.

Having this magical treasure made Zhao Hai extremely happy. But he still continued to use his Divine Sense to scan his Upper Dantian. However, Zhao Hai didn’t think that when his Divine Sense entered his upper dantian and scanned the little man, it was immediately sucked into nothingness. Because of this shock, Zhao Hai woke up. At the same time he also understood that this little man was the source of his Divine Sense. However, it seems like the little man’s hair had no traces of spiritual force.

When Zhao Hai opened his eye, he discovered that he was still inside Bubble’s body, lying down inside the Blood Pond. Therefore, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Bubble, take me out” Bubble’s body shook as Zhao Hai exited, the Blood Pool has been restored to its original position as well. Zhao Hai looked at Bubble and said, “Bubble, who told you to place the lotus flower into the Blood Pond?”

Bubble quickly replied, “It was in my own discretion, Young Master. Did Bubble make a mistake? I really don’t have an excuse to tell you, I just felt that the lotus would be fruitful in your current state, so I decided to absorb it and place it into the Blood Pond. Did I harm the Young Master?”

Zhao Hai laughed and then hugged Bubble, “No, no, what you did was right. Hahaha. Well done, Bubble, well done. You just made your Young Master very happy!”

At this time, Berry responded, she arrived hastily right beside Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, how are you? Are you doing fine?” Shue also came over, looking eagerly at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “I’m alright, not only alright, my strength has been improved as well. Hahahaha. I’ve made you all worried. Right, Berry, how long was I out?”

Berry quickly replied, “Not that long, only more than a day. But Brother Hai, while you were gone, something happened. The Divine Race had managed to establish two large formations. When they arrived at the Ark Continent, they also changed the laws of the Ark Continent. In the future, God-ranks would no longer be suppressed in the continent.”

Zhao Hai stared for a moment, then he smiled and said, “These Divines are really good. This was surely not planned for a day or two. It seems like they had been on to this plan for a long time. It seems like they are the reason why the Ark Continent hasn’t produced a God-ranked expert in such a long time.”


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