BTFTLIAW – Chapter 713

Chapter 713 – Change of Laws, Beginning of Chaos

Along with this deafening sound, the entire Ark Continent was also covered with a white radiance. This light was as bright as the noon sun. Everyone in the continent felt their eyes sting, all of them called out in alarm as they quickly closed their eyes.

The Demon Dragon King’s group were shocked at this white light. They were God-ranked experts, therefore, this light had no effect on them. What shocked them was what came along with the white light. A spatial crack appeared in the sky and was getting bigger and bigger. Then suddenly, land can be seen going through the rift. It seems like the land was causing the crack to expand. The tearing continued as the rift became as large as half of the entire Radiant Empire. Then the land slowly descended before it fell and caused a huge bang. This cause the entire Ark Continent to tremble.

At this moment, the Demon Dragon King’s expression changed, he turned his head to the Lich and said, “White Ghost, try to feel it. The continent’s suppression has vanished.”

White Ghost stared, then his expression changed as well, he confirmed, “The suppression had indeed vanished. What is this all about?”

The Demon Dragon King was now quite pale as he replied, “The Divine Race, them and the Radiant Church had worked together to produce these two large magic formations, changing the Ark Continent’s Law of Heaven and Earth. Later on, God-ranked experts entering the continent wouldn’t be met with suppression anymore. White Ghost, you go back and report this to His Majesty. Ask him to organize all of our God-ranked experts and have them enter the continent. Otherwise, our plans would be placed into danger.”

After hearing the Demon Dragon King, the Lich’s expression changed, he immediately nodded and then turned around as he flew towards the spatial rift. The Demon Dragon King had a cold look on his face as he muttered, “Good, Divine Race, good job. But the ownership of this land has yet to be decided!’

Then the Demon Dragon King flew over his camp as he looked down at all Demons and said, “Fortify the camp. All 9th ranks for a group of ten each. If a God-rank comes attacking, then don’t hesitate to link your souls and self-destruct. There should be no hesitation! Defend the camp to your full capability!”

This was basically a suicide order. However, there wasn’t any changes to the expressions of these Demons. All of them nodded and without any pauses, all 9th ranks grouped themselves up into tens. Each group composed on combat squad. All of them were waiting outside the camp, in full anticipation for a fight.

The Demon Dragon King clearly knew that although God-ranked experts can be wounded by exploding 9th ranks, this only applied to those who had yet to comprehend a Domain. As for those God-ranks who had a Domain, 9th rank explosions were completely useless.

However, the strength of linked souls were different. The explosion of ten linked 9th ranks was almost equivalent to a God-ranked expert. The damage should be quite ample. Even if the other party had comprehended a level 2 Domain, he would still be unable to stop this kind of attack.

Zhao Hai’s prior guess was correct, Domains were truly divided into levels. As for the levels, there were False Gods, people who just became God-rank and haven’t managed to comprehend a Domain yet. Berry and Shue were among these people.

Then there were people like the Archer, Knight, and Assassin. Although they had comprehended a Domain, they weren’t very flexible in using them, their Domains were limited when it came to form. They belong to 1st Level Gods, this was where God-ranks officially reach Godhood.

After that was the level of the Demon Dragon King and the Lich. Their Domains were flexible, and they had many forms to transform into. Their Domains also had an avatar form that can fight by itself. They were called 2nd level Gods, or Highgods.

On the top of all God-ranked experts were Saint Gods. Only a few people can reach this rank. Their strengths were extremely powerful. With one raise of the hand, they can turn Heaven and Earth upside down. When they stamp their feet, mountains move. They were the strongest God-ranks. Even in the Demon Realm, these people were extremely rare. It was said that everyone who managed to reach this level had gone to a mysterious place. Nobody knew where it was, only those who managed to become Saint Gods were able to know.

It was precisely because of the absence of Saint Gods that the top existences in the Demon Realm had become people like the Demon Dragon King, the Highgods. Even the Great Demon King would need to discuss with them whenever he needed something to be done, he simply cannot force them.

But the reason why these people listened to the Great Demon King was due to three things. First, it was because the Great Demon King was a good leader. Second, because the Great Demon King was also a Highgod. Third, and most importantly, only the Great Demon King had the means to contact the Saint Gods. Because of this, nobody dared to challenge the rule of the Great Demon King.

However, even if one was God-ranked in the Demon Realm, he couldn’t just easily wage war against any Demon Army. Although God-ranks were indeed powerful, they were still completely susceptible to the soul-linked attacks by the Demons. Once Demons concentrated their strengths, the result was very astonishing.

Moreover, majority of Demons in the Demon realm grew up fighting. This made all of them fearless towards death. Once they were pushed too far back, then they wouldn’t hesitate to blow themselves up. Because of this, in addition to strength, God-ranks also need influence in order to get respect. This was the reason why the Demon Dragon King was also the northwest king of the Demon Realm.

The Demon Realm had a certain understanding with regards to the Divine Race. Because of this, after the Demon Dragon King discovered the changes in the laws, he immediately issued a command of self-sacrifice to his men. There were plenty of God-ranked experts in the Divine Realm. The only way to push them back was through the threat of Demonic core explosions.

While he issued his commands, the Demon Dragon King was completely unaware that he was heard by Cai’er. Although Zhao Hai was currently healing inside Bubble while Laura and the others were busying themselves by relaying information to the various Patriarchs and Emperors of the Ark Continent, Cai’er was also listening to the developments in the Continent. Moreover, she had become stricter in her gathering of information.

When the Demon Dragon King said that the laws had changed, Cai’er’s expression changed. She knew what this meant for the Ark Continent.

The reason why Zhao Hai was confident in going against the Divine Race and the Demons was because he was relying on the Ark Continent’s law. The law that forbade the existence of God-ranked experts. Because of this law, Zhao Hai and the others would be able to become equals with the God-ranked experts. But now that the laws have changed, both Demons and Divines would be able to send out swathes of God-ranks to the Ark Continent without any repercussions. This would diminish the Ark Continent’s means to defend itself.

Cai’er immediately relayed this information over to Laura and the others. When they heard this, all of them couldn’t help but stop what they were doing. They weren’t expecting the Divine Race to play this big move. Their hand was too great, it was akin to removing a huge advantage of the Ark Continent. At this point, what could the Ark Continent do in order to win?

While they were in  shock, Laura being competent woman,  managed to calm herself quickly as she said, “Don’t be upset. Let’s relay this news to the powers of the continent as well. Cai’er, immediately gather all assassin-class undead and see whether some of them are able to use a Domain. Then have them on standby, closely monitoring the movements of both the Demons and the Divine Race. Also, immediately tell the Buddha Emperor to hasten the evacuation, use the Space if possible but make sure that it doesn’t get discovered, stick to using the spatial rights and have them sent to the Lyon Empire. Have the Dwarves, Elves, and Beastmen prepare their 9th rank experts as well as their Divine Artifacts, then move them to the Buddha Empire. Inform the Lyon Empire and the Rosen Empire to prepare their experts as well and have them sent to the Buddha Empire. These were the emergency orders that Brother Hai prepared ahead of time.”

Among Zhao Hai’s wives, one must say that the earliest one was Meg. However, with Meg’s disposition, she wasn’t fit to become a leader. On the other hand, Laura was Zhao Hai’s second and also had the talent to be a leader. This gave her a high status compared to the other wives. Even Lizzy and Megan chose to listen to her. When Zhao Hai healed himself, Laura immediately became the default leader. Her orders were akin to Zhao Hai’s own.

The women immediately nodded and started to do their jobs. While telling the powers of the continent, they deliberately hid the fact that Zhao Hai was injured. Instead, they told them that Zhao Hai was currently focused on finding ways to suppress the Demons and the Divines. All of these actions were done in order to keep the morale stable.

At this point, everyone in the continent were aware as to how strong Zhao Hai was. Moreover, the fact that Zhao Hai was God-rank was also relayed to the other powers. The fact that he had killed another God-rank was also relayed. This was to increase morale. But now that the Divine Race had descended, another wave of anxiety had appeared on the continent. If the fact that Zhao Hai being injured was revealed, then the continent would surely fall into chaos.

Laura knew that Zhao Hai was the Ark Continent’s sole pillar of hope. Once Zhao Hai falls, the continent would surely fall alongside him. At that time, there would be no army that would have the strength to resist. Nobody would be able to stop the advance of both the Demons and the Divine Race.


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