BTFTLIAW – Chapter 712

Chapter 712 – Unexpected Development, The Divine Race Has Arrived

The people in Demon City couldn’t help but stare at Zhao Hai. This was a God-ranked expert, a thing that only existed in legend. But now, it actually appeared in front of them, moreover, it has been killed and turned into undead!

But even with how unfathomable this was, all of them still believed in Zhao Hai. In their minds, Zhao Hai’s exploits have always been out of the ordinary. Therefore, upon hearing Zhao Hai’s announcement, a short dullness was experienced before the entire city blew up in cheers. The celebration was too loud that even the Demon Dragon King was able to hear it.

Upon hearing the cheers, the Demon Dragon King’s complexion couldn’t help but turn cloudier. He had a faint understanding about what this cheer represented. It seems like Shiying had suffered an unfortunate end.

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but sigh, he was truly speechless now. Their attack on the Ark Continent didn’t turn out as simple as they had thought, in fact, it was actually very difficult.

At this time, the sky in the distance suddenly had a huge change. Blood red radiance was seen coming from the Radiant Empire’s direction. Along with this red light, an incomparably huge blood red formation suddenly appeared. The formation seemed to cover the entire Radiant Empire, it slowly rose up as it clashed with the sky.

Zhao Hai’s complexion changed as his figure flashed, bringing Berry and Shue back into the Space. Then without saying any words to Laura and the others, he disappeared once more and reappeared in the border between the Buddha Empire and the Radiant Empire. He looked at the misty Radiant Empire in the distance, his expression difficult to describe.

The blood red formation slowly rose as the white mist covering the Radiant Empire slowly vanished. When the mist vanished, Zhao Hai immediately used his Divine Sense to scour the Empire, what he found out made his expression turn extremely sour.

He hasn’t visited the Ocean Waves Dynasty before, therefore he wasn’t aware of the situation inside. Then afterwards, while the Radiant Church usurped the Empire, he was in another place, unable to divert his attention to there. When he managed to make time, the mist had already covered the entire Empire, even his God-rank Divine Sense was unable to find anything out. In the end, Zhao Hai can only wait and see what would eventually happen.

The Ocean Waves Dynasty was one of the five powerful nations in the Continent. Although their strength wasn’t very good, their navies were still invincible. And in fact, the Dynasty was even the richest nation in the entire continent, this was because of their great marine trade.

As a country gets richer, their citizen’s moral requirements also increase. This made it rare for men in this country to have several wives. Because of this, the Dynasty population couldn’t be compared to the other great nations.

The reason as to why the Dynasty was  placed on the same level as the other Empires was because they took their navy very seriously, pumping huge amounts of money in order to gain naval superiority. This allowed them to hold their heads up in front of the other nations, even if their army wasn’t that great. It was their naval strength, not their population, that made them great.

When Zhao Hai’s Divine Sense swept through the first city of the Empire, he immediately found what was wrong. The whole city was extremely empty. Aside from the people of the Church, the entire city’s population have all died.

Everyone, it didn’t matter if they were women, children, elderly, or able bodied men. All of them seemed to be trapped in the city, like magic beasts ripe for slaughter. No living witnesses managed to survive.

The cause of death was also very unusual, all of them turned into a shriveled corpse. Their blood and flesh seemed to have been sucked out, only their skin and bones were left behind.

Under the bodies of these people were traces of a magic formation. It was quite obvious that the Radiant Church had grouped these people up in this place and then killed them, carrying a ceremony similar to sacrificial offering. However, this formation was actually used to make a connection towards the Divine Realm.

Zhao Hai’s face turned pale, his eyes spewing out flames of hatred. He didn’t expect the Divine Race to be as crazy as the Demons. The Demons used magic beasts in order to activate their Blood Void, however, the Radiant Church actually used living people, the entire population of the Ocean Waves Dynasty as the conduit for their formation!

Shue and the others had also seen this situation, they didn’t think that the Radiant Church and the Divine Race would be this merciless. Zhao Hai’s expression turned uglier and uglier as time passed by. His chest constantly heaving up and down, and when he couldn’t bear it anymore, he suddenly coughed up blood.

Shue looked with great surprise as he supported Zhao Hai, “Young Master, what happened? Young Master, what’s wrong?!”

Zhao Hai looked forward as he loudly shouted, “Divine Race! I, Zhao Hai, will surely slaughter all of you!!” Then he flashed into the Space. When he arrived inside, Laura and the others immediately rushed over. At this time the Space suddenly issued a prompt, “Host is undergoing major mental destabilization. Adjusting Host’s mental state. The potential of the Host’s body has been stimulated. Host’s strength has been improved, soul has been improved.”

However, nobody had the time to care about this. Laura and the others surrounded Zhao Hai, not knowing about what just happened to him.

Zhao Hai looked at the others and then smiled bitterly as he said, “Tell the Patriarchs and Emperors about what just happened. Make the people in Demon City retreat, we’ll proceed to the second step of the plan. Make the eastern and southern parts of the Buddha Empire enter in first level alert. Shue, take me to the Blood Point. Bubble, absorb me and the Blood Pond into your body.”

After Zhao Hai’s command, the people in the Space immediately made their move. Shue quickly took Zhao Hai to the side of the Blood Pond. Then Bubble changed his shape as he absorbed Zhao Hai and the Blood Pond. At this moment, Shiying appeared, carrying a black bead in his hand. He gave the bead to Shue as he said, “These will be useful to the Young Master.” Shue stared, he didn’t think that Shiying would speak at a time like this, he didn’t know what to say.

But Zhao Hai actually gave a nod to Shue, so he didn’t hesitate and threw the beads towards Bubble’s body. Then when the bead hit Bubble, he immediately rotated at fast speeds. Laura and the others can almost feel that the energy of the entire Space has been concentrated towards the Bubble’s body.

After watching Zhao Hai, Laura immediately said, “What are we doing here, we need to act on Brother Hai’s orders. Let the Patriarchs and the Emperors know about the current development, have all of them prepare their strengths since the Divine Race had come.” Although they were still worried about Zhao Hai, they needed to clench their teeth as they turned and went inside the villa. Only Shue and Berry were left to oversee Bubble. Bubble was still spinning, and he was getting faster and faster.

Just as Zhao Hai entered the Space, the huge formation in the Radiant Empire suddenly rotated. And at the same time, another formation descended from the sky. This formation seemed to have been prepared for a long time. However, it was not blood red, instead, it gave off a white light, giving people a very sacred feeling.

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who managed to notice this formation. The Beastmen could even see faint traces of these two massive formations. They were just too high up and enormous that they seem to rival even the moon in the sky. It was actually difficult to miss it.

The Demon Dragon King stared blankly at the two formations. He didn’t know why, but he seemed to dislike these formations, their aura elicited disgust deep inside him.

Then without much thinking, the Demon Dragon King turned to the Archer and said, “Herd, you go and return to the Demon Realm, report this to the Great Demon King. It’s possible that the Divine Race had already made their move. Moreover, it seems like it wouldn’t bade well for us. Make them prepare for the future. We’ll continue to monitor the developments here. If there are instructions, then return here immediately.”

Herd didn’t dare to neglect this order, he gave a nod as he quickly dashed towards the rift. At this time, the Lich arrived by the Demon Dragon King and said, “Demon Dragon, do you really think that the Divine Race is behind this?”

Demon Dragon nodded, “Correct, you might not know, but His Highness has been sending out many scouts towards the Ark Continent. These scouts were able to discover the Radiant Church as well as their connection to the Divine Race. The reason why the Great Demon King decided to move this time is because he knew that the Divine Race wouldn’t be able to arrive soon. He wanted to take control of the continent before the Divine Race even arrives. This is why he sent the five of us here, he knew that we would be fighting with the Divine Race in the future, so it would be useless to rely on 9th ranks. The Divine Race is very strong. We never expected them to come this soon.”

The Lich looked at the two magic formations and said, “These two formations, have you seen them before?”

The Demon Dragon King shook his head and replied, “I haven’t but it looks like it has the same function as the Blood Void. It seems to have unusual origins as well.”

The Lich nodded, unlike the Humans, who weren’t aware of the Divine Race for a long time, the Demons already knew that the Divine Race existed. Moreover, they were also aware about their methods, this was the reason why the Demon Dragon King was quite worried.

The two formations in the sky slowly approached each other, their rotations going faster and faster. Both of them looked like two enormous stone mills, intent on grinding the skies, moving in opposite directions to each other.

As the two formations got closer, their rotations got faster and faster. Then when they met, a huge explosion was suddenly heard, Heaven and Earth seemed to be have all of its colors removed.


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  1. > As a country gets richer, their citizen’s moral requirements also increase.

    What sort of an ignorant idealist the author is…Richer countries get more corrupted. Money is the no.1 factor for corruption, even higher than ‘power’.

    > This made it rare for men in this country to have several wives. Because of this, the Dynasty population couldn’t be compared to the other great nations.

    Ignoring the irrational connotation of ‘higher morals = monogamy’ which is objectively wrong (morals are not fixed, therefore it is entirely relative and it needs to be anchored into a specific society), the childbirth rate is actually totally unaffected by whether a society is monogamous or polygamous. The only thing that matters is the amount of sexually active women.

    In this case, if the amount of women is similar or less than the amount of men, then polygamy and monogamy only affect the distribution of children between the families. If the amount of women is higher on the other hand, it means that the “high morals” of monogamy are cause of massive, traumatic, social grief of the women that have no chance of marriage or childbirth. This on the other hand would lead to the society falling apart in one way or another. From frequent rapes, through kidnapping babies, murder of married women/mothers, all the way to genocide. To avoid that, the likelihood of the average woman to be able to satisfy her needs would need to be stabilized, and that’d mean that even if the country is monogamous, extramarital relationships would be a norm…which on the other hand negates the “monogamy=less births” argument.

    In other words, the author really shouldn’t talk about things that have to do with humans nature, society and such, except where culture applies. Cause ya know, there are such crazy cultures in human history, that just about anything is feasible…Even a culture where parents are expected to cook their firstborn and share it with the whole village, despite being a bundle of insanity, would be believable…

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