BTFTLIAW – Chapter 711

Chapter 711 – Strengthened

Iron Claw gave a nod before he went towards the spatial rift. The Lich and the Archer didn’t speak, they were aware that the Demon Dragon King was telling the truth. Even if Zhao Hai was injured, he still had a lot of cards in hand. They weren’t even sure if Zhao Hai had a method to recover quickly. If Zhao Hai did, then with his strength as well as his strange helper, the Demons’ troubles would surely be big.

Also, for them and the Demon Dragon King, protecting the the city was a much more important task. Therefore, before their city gets finished, they still wouldn’t go and attack Zhao Hai.

In fact, the Demon Realm intended to attack Zhao Hai in turns. God-ranks were unable to stay in the Ark Continent for too long. And since the Demon Realm’s experts were numerous, they were planning to have them go to the Ark Continent in turns. They believed that with such a plan, the Ark Continent wouldn’t be able to hold on.

The Demon Dragon King’s group were one of the most famed experts in the Demon Realm, thus the reason why they were the ones to who were sent to the Demonic Abyss first. The Demons believed that with them in the vanguard, then there wouldn’t be any problems that would derail their plan.

However, they had underestimated Zhao Hai as well as his Space. They didn’t think that the Ark Continent would produce three God-ranked experts in such a short time. Most importantly, they didn’t expect that Zhao Hai was able to comprehend a Domain, and a formidable Domain at that.

And because they underestimated Zhao Hai, they lost big. It was then that the Demon Dragon King discovered that their current group weren’t enough to keep the city safe. Therefore, he decided to ask for reinforcements from the Demon Realm. For the Demon Race, asking for reinforcements was something that was extremely rare. However, the Demon Dragon King still did it, this city was just too important for the Demons.

Zhao Hai was healing himself up inside the Space. This was the first time that Zhao Hai had been injured after all his fights. He couldn’t help but recognize how strong those Demon God-ranks were.

Although Zhao Hai has his crystal body, he was using his Domain in this fight. Because of this, the damage to Zhao Hai was more spiritual than physical. This was the reason why the crystal body was unable to block the Demon attack.

To be honest, this was also due to the fact that Zhao Hai was still unskilled in using his Domain. He can actually use his divergent abilities with his Domain. However, he has not done it yet because it wasn’t an easy task to use divergent abilities with a Domain. However, as long as he succeeds in doing so, he would definitely be more powerful.

Among the many fights that Zhao Hai did, this was the first time that he had suffered such a heavy wound. However, Zhao Hai was not too worried about it. The Space had a lot of methods to cure wounds, among them were the Spatial Water and the God’s Blood.

However, Zhao Hai also managed to discover that another place actually had a good healing effect, it was the Hot Spring. It could actually make him recover, and the effect was no weaker than the Spatial Water and God’s Blood.

Although Zhao Hai’s wound was quite heavy, it was actually just a damage on his soul. Such wound might be troublesome to others, but to Zhao Hai, he really doesn’t need to worry too much about it.

Even if the Space didn’t have the experience of curing damage to the soul, one shouldn’t forget that Zhao Hai’s side had an expert on spiritual force, Berry.

The Succubus race relied purely on spiritual attacks in order to confront the enemy. Their mental attacks were the most powerful among the Demons. Therefore, Berry was quite experienced when it came to treating these kinds of damages. Moreover, Berry had a method of curing such wounds. So when Berry discovered that Zhao Hai suffered an attack on his soul, she immediately imparted the method over to Zhao Hai.

But who would’ve thought that when Berry passed the method over, the Space suddenly issued a prompt, “Host obtained soul cultivation manual, Advanced level. Host’s spiritual force has been strengthened. Resistance to spiritual attacks increased.”

Zhao Hai blankly stared while listening to the prompt. He didn’t think that he would be gaining a soul cultivation method. Moreover, the Space had actually strengthened his spiritual force as well as his resistance to attacks on the soul. This was too astonishing.

All of these happened after Zhao Hai returned to Demon City. Before this, Zhao Hai appeared in front of the people of Demon City. He rode on top of his Bone Dragon as his undead were right behind him.

Zhao Hai did this in order to give confidence to the people of Demon City. He cannot have them think that he was injured since morale was too important to Demon City.

It was great that Zhao Hai’s wound cannot be seen by the naked eye. Because of this, the people of Demon City were completely unaware. The only thing they witnessed was Zhao Hai’s battle with the other God-ranked Demons.

After all, the Domains were very large and they were fighting mid-air. Even if they were far away, the people in Demon City can still see them. They saw Zhao Hai manage to fend off five attackers. And although they didn’t see Shiying being captured, they were still able to witness Zhao Hai retreating safely. Now that he had appeared in the city, it was no wonder that he was greeted with huge cheers.

After appearing in the city, Zhao Hai told the guards to stay put once more before entering his Bone Dragon to recover. He wasn’t even expecting that because of his relationship with Berry, he was able to acquire a soul cultivation method.

Zhao Hai had now recovered to his normal state, which made Laura and the others relaxed. When then they saw Zhao Hai spurt out blood, all of them had been worried to death.

After seeing that Zhao Hai was doing well, Laura then pointed towards the corner of the room, where the entangled Shiying was placed. Shiying was already sober from his bewilderment, he really didn’t expect that a God-ranked expert such as him would actually be captured.

When he was pulled into the Space, he intended to go all out fighting. However, he discovered that he was just a small insect in this terrifying place. The other party can just do whatever they want without him being able to resist.

He had witnessed Zhao Hai being healed, as well as the Space issuing a prompt. However, he was still completely clueless about what just happened. However, he knew one thing, the reason why Zhao Hai was able to fight them was due to this Space.

Zhao Hai stood up and walked towards Shiying, he smiled faintly to the Assassin and said, “I must congratulate you. You will be the first God-ranked undead to join my army. How does it feel? Do you feel honored?” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand, allowing Shiying to speak. The Assassin looked coldly at Zhao Hai and said, “The Great Demon King is all-powerful! All of those who offend him will suffer.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile towards Shiying and said, “Not necessarily. I know that the Great Demon King is formidable. Although the Demons have been silent for tens of thousands of years, he still managed to make a plan that shocked not just me, but I believe the Divine Race as well. However, do you really think that he could do anything to me? The Demons have completely underestimated the Ark Continent. I’m afraid that the one who wouldn’t get a good ending would be the Demons.”

Shiying looked at Zhao Hai, he didn’t know what to say. Zhao Hai smiled at him as he made a signal to Cai’er. Without any hesitation, Cai’er twisted Shiying’s neck, breaking his spine in the process. Shiying’s vitality might be formidable, but it was completely useless in the Space. If Zhao Hai wanted to kill him here, then there was no doubt that he would certainly die.

Shiying quickly died from Cai’er’s move. Zhao Hai wasn’t polite as he immediately turned the Assassin into an undead.

But Zhao Hai didn’t expect that as he turned Shiying into an undead, a prompt was suddenly heard, “Mutant Robot Assassin detected. Copying his abilities and integrating it to all Assassin-class robots in the Space. Space’s Assassin robots now has God-rank strength.”

Zhao Hai stared, then a huge sense of happiness washed over his entire being. He never expected this outcome. Although he only had a small number of assassin undead, there were still more than 500. For Zhao Hai’s side, this development was too significant.

Most importantly, this discovery informed Zhao Hai about the method to turn his undead into God-ranked. When Zhao Hai became God-ranked before, he didn’t manage to hear anything about the undead. Zhao Hai even thought that the undead had already reached their peak, unable to advance any further. But there was actually a method to strengthen them. This was a very crucial discovery.

Laura and the others heard about the Space’s prompt as well. They weren’t expecting this to happen. Zhao Hai laughed in happiness as he turned to Laura and said, “Today is a very good day. We should celebrate. I think it would be great if we do it in Demon City.” Naturally, the others didn’t oppose to this idea. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he brought Berry and Shue to appear in Demon City. At this moment, the people inside the city were talking about the recent fight that just happened. When they saw Zhao Hai come out, all of them cheered in one voice.

Zhao Hai looked at all of them and smiled. Then he stood on his Bone Dragon as he made the undead Shiying appear and told everyone, “I have good news! During the fight with the Demons, we managed to kill a crucial character to the Demon Realm. This is a God-ranked Demon, and now he is a member of my undead army!!”


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