BTFTLIAW – Chapter 710

Chapter 710 – Captured

Although Shue’s movement was simple, his actions were very quick. In a flash, another Shue appeared right by his side as their figure moved and went towards different directions to flee.

The Lich didn’t expect Shue to have this move. While he was stunned, one Shue disappeared as another one appeared bearing an axe as it chopped once more towards the Lich’s Domain.

Although Shue’s two attacks weren’t able to break the Lich’s Domain, it still managed to damage the Lich. At the same time, Berry’s hair attack wasn’t that simple. Her soul attacks used her hair as a conduit, her attacks had already made a name for itself in the Demon Realm. Although Berry was yet to comprehend a Domain, her soul attacks couldn’t be underestimated, it was God-ranked after all.

A God-rank that had comprehended a Domain was much stronger than one who hadn’t, however, this statement had its limits. As for the Lich, he could easily deal with Berry and Shue if he was in his peak form. But now, in addition to him not being in his peak, he was also injured by Zhao Hai. At this point, it would be impossible for him to easily deal with Berry and Shue.

Moreover, Shue and Berry were different from Zhao Hai. In the past, Zhao Hai exclusively fought using his own undead, making his close combat abilities quite poor. On the other hand, before becoming a God-rank expert, Shue was a mercenary assassin. Nobody knew how much fighting Shue had in his life but one could be assured that his fighting experience was rich. While being a mercenary, he was even known to kill people who were a rank higher than him. Now, although he hasn’t comprehended a Domain yet, him and the Lich were of the same level. With his experience, Shue should be able to clash with the Lich quite comfortably.

There was nothing else to say about Berry, she was born in the Demon Realm. No matter which race, all of the Demons in the Demon realm grew up fighting. This made Berry’s fighting experiences quite ample. Her only downside was her lack of a Domain since she just managed to become God-ranked.

From the very beginning, the Lich had truly underestimated the attack from Berry and Shue. In his opinion, these two who didn’t have a Domain wouldn’t be able to launch strong attacks. However, the Lich managed to make a mistake. He forgot that they had also underestimated Zhao Hai, assuming that he wasn’t able to establish his Domain, injuring the Lich in the process.

Berry’s hair continued to entangle the Lich’s skeleton Domain, attacking him with a constant barrage of soul attacks. Although these attacks weren’t able to injure the Lich, it was still enough to cause a headache.

The Lich were generally immune to physical attacks, especially after they reach God-rank. However, the Lich’s most feared attack were the ones who target their soul. These kinds of attacks do heavy damage to the Lich Race. Although the Lich had his Domain to protect him, the other party’s attacks still managed to influence his mind. The skeleton Domain was now more unstable compared to when it battled with Zhao Hai.

When the Demon Dragon King saw this situation, he immediately gave a command, “Shiying, go help White Ghost. Deal with those two as soon as possible.” The Assassin gave a nod before he threw himself towards the Lich.

Zhao Hai looked at the departing Shiying as his complexion turned ugly. He looked towards the Demon Dragon King as he muttered, “You had truly forced me.” Then he waved his hand as a spatial rift appeared in front of the Assassin. A vine suddenly came out of that rift and entangled the Assassin’s Domain. Then the vine retreated, pulling the Assassin’s Domain towards the Space.

The Assassin became surprised. It was impossible for him to know about the Space, so naturally he wouldn’t dare to go in. He tried to break free from the vine but found out that he couldn’t. This made him even more surprised, his Domain couldn’t actually free itself from this vine. The Assassin gnashed his teeth as he forcefully retrieved his Domain. When he saw that the vines didn’t do anything, he quickly drew back

However, just as the Assassin was retreating, a enormous whale suddenly appeared in front of him, swallowing him up. The Assassin noticed that the whale was actually transparent, and its interior had grasses, flowers, plants, and even a hut. More importantly, Zhao Hai was present as well!

The Assassin was startled, then he discovered that he had been absorbed into Zhao Hai’s Domain. The Assassin immediately established his Domain, but discovered that he couldn’t. He couldn’t even command his body properly. It seems like he had become helpless inside this Space.

While Zhao Hai captured the Assassin, he was also enduring full-on attacks from the Demon Dragon King, the Knight, and the Archer. Zhao Hai coughed up some blood, this time he was truly injured.

Zhao Hai became anxious when he saw the Demon Dragon King command the Assassin to help the Lich. He knew that Berry and Shue already had their hands full in suppressing the Lich, the addition of the Assassin wouldn’t be great for their situation. Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t have any other choice but to have Cai’er make a move.

Cai’er was a card that Zhao Hai kept in secret, he didn’t want to use her quite easily. Cai’er’s strength surpassed ordinary God-ranks. This was the reason why the Assassin wasn’t able to move when being entangled by her vine.

Zhao Hai had also thought that the Assassin would let go of his Domain and escape. Therefore, he waited for the Assassin to do so. As soon as the Assassin managed to escape, Zhao Hai didn’t pay any attention to the oncoming attacks and just took the Assassin into his Domain.

Outward attacks of Zhao Hai’s Domain weren’t very formidable, however, its internal attacks were incomparably strong. As long as a God-ranked enters his Domain, then Zhao Hai can do whatever he wants to him. There were different laws inside Zhao Hai’s Domain, and the strength of these laws were very strong, God-ranked experts are simply helpless against it.

The reason Zhao Hai deemed it necessary to capture the Assassin was because he wanted to hide Cai’er’s strength. Since he wanted to keep her as a secret, then it was natural that he wouldn’t have to Assassin escape and tell the Demon Dragon King about how strong Cai’er was.

Fortunately, when Cai’er took action, she didn’t show her characteristics of being a Seven colored flower. The vine that came out looked just like any ordinary vine. It would be troublesome if the Demon Dragon King were to recognize her.

Since Zhao Hai neglected the attacks, then it was no wonder that he was injured. After all, his Domain wasn’t the true Space where even if he can’t control it, Cai’er was still there to take charge. Zhao Hai didn’t dare to drag things further as him and his Domain suddenly vanished. Berry and Shue, who were suppressing the Lich, disappeared as well. The undead who were fighting the Demons were also withdrawn.

Besides the Demon Dragon King’s group and the Demons, there weren’t anybody else in the battlefield. The magic that the Demon Dragon King was currently preparing was left with no target to cast on.

The Demon Dragon King’s heart immediately constricted as he gave a shout, “Be careful!”. Then he turned his head towards the direction of Demon City. He knew that Zhao Hai was injured, and if Zhao Hai were to return to the city, then a commotion would surely rise up.

When he turned his head, he saw Zhao Hai appearing in a place about a kilometer away from them. He currently stood on top of his Bone Dragon with his undead army behind him. Berry and Shue were also with him on the Bone Dragon.

Zhao Hai’s complexion was calm, one wouldn’t be able to find out that he was injured. The Demon Dragon King became even more alert. He withdrew his Domain as his stared at Zhao Hai. The Lich and the others have also arrived by the Demon Dragon King’s side.

Zhao Hai looked at the four God-ranked Demons and smiled faintly. Then he gave a small bow to the Demon Dragon King and said, “I managed to get good lessons from the Demon Dragon King. To be honest, I’ve lost quite a bit this time. If there’s an opportunity, then I will definitely ask for more advice from the Demon Dragon King’s group. However, today, I must say my farewells.” Then Zhao Hai made his Bone Dragon turn and head towards Demon City. The undead army following behind him.

The nearby Archer looked at the Demon Dragon King and said, “Why haven’t we made pursuit? Are you afraid?”

The Demon Dragon King turned to look at the Archer and said, “Herd, do you have the confidence to stop him? Do you think our group of four is enough to hold him down? Don’t forget, although those two people on his side weren’t able to establish a Domain, their fighting strengths were still very good, even enough to tie one of us down. And did you see those vines that managed to capture Shiying? If those vines weren’t anything special, then Shiying wouldn’t have given up on his own Domain. That thing can hold another one of us back. Do you think that two people is enough to suppress Zhao Hai?”

Herd didn’t speak, he knew that the Demon Dragon King was telling the truth. Zhao Hai had already shown his exceptional strength. He managed to block four people and suppress three, it was almost impossible for their side to kill Zhao Hai. And Zhao Hai just captured Shiying, the Demon side had truly suffered a blow. Although Zhao Hai has been injured, do they still have the confidence to tie him down? It was completely impossible to do so.

At this moment, the Knight’s voice was heard, “What do we do now?” The Demon Dragon King replied, “Iron Claw, you go return to the Demon Realm and report all that happened to the Great Demon King. Ask for a few more people to be sent here. Shiying’s strength isn’t that much different from all of us, yet he was still captured. Things just became dangerous for our side. We need more people to keep the security of the city so that we can establish a foothold on the Ark Continent.”


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