BTFTLIAW – Chapter 706

Chapter 706 – Don’t Take It Too Seriously

Shue quietly sat inside his room. He didn’t drink the God-rank potion immediately. Instead, he decided to adjust his mind first, only consuming the potion at his peak state. He held the bottle in his hand and stared at it for quite some time,

Although he kept rotating the bottle in his hand, Shue’s mind was actually somewhere else. He was thinking about the first time he and Zhao Hai met. At that time, two of them were enemies, with Shue being hired as an assassin.

But now, he was a 9th rank expert and a steward of the Buda Clan. And at the same time, he had made a name for himself that even Great nobles would give him great face whenever they meet him. And soon, he was going to be a God-ranked expert, an existence placed at the utmost apex of the entire Continent, a position only his Young Master had acquired before.

All of these things were given to him by his Young Master. Shue knew the current situation of the continent. At this time, they were truly in a dangerous position. If the Demons decide to attack at this time, then his Young Master would surely be unable to stop them.

In the past, Shue had always lamented the fact that his strength was too low, and that he cannot offer any significant help to Zhao Hai. But now, as long as he becomes a God-ranked expert, then he would become an aid to Zhao Hai’s plans.

Shue never thought of going against Zhao Hai. And this was not because of the Blood Oath, in fact, the Blood Oath has already been deemed useless once he became 9th-rank. Shue didn’t dare think about betraying Zhao Hai because he wouldn’t have had all of these things without Zhao Hai.

Shue recovered from his thoughts, his eyes held a firm resolve. He decided deep in his heart that once he becomes a God-rank expert and had God-ranked clones, then he would still follow Zhao Hai’s side, he would always stand by and protect his Young Master.

After thinking up to here, Shue’s heart became free. This was a kind of feeling that made it seem like his heart was two taels(100g) lighter.

Shue looked at the bottle, then he smiled slightly before he turned the cork and drank it. The moment the potion hit his stomach, Shue immediately felt a rush of strength tyrannically going through his body. Shue felt his body going to shreds, however, he wasn’t afraid. He believed that Zhao Hai would never harm him. Because of this, he calmed his thoughts and just allowed the energy to go through his body. He understood that there was no point in controlling something that can’t be controlled, so he just decided to wait it out.

Shue was currently in a unique state of mind. He felt that he had been separated from his fleshly body. It seemed like he was standing in a far off place, observing as his soul separated from his body. It was a marvelous feeling, Shue felt that he had become omniscient in his own little world.

Not knowing how long, but Shue suddenly felt that the rush of energy had completely subsided. It was currently running in his meridians in a straight and orderly manner.

Shue knew that the process has succeeded. He currently had the feeling of invincibility that couldn’t compare to what he was feeling before. At the same time, Shue suddenly had a discovery, his clones hadn’t been promoted to God-rank.

Shue sighed, he stood up and felt the strength of his body. Then he summoned a clone, the clone was still 9th-rank and did not reach the next level. Shue frowned before he slowly walked out of his room.

At this time, Zhao Hai was sitting inside the Space looking at the situation outside the city. It hasn’t been too long before Shue entered his room, only about two hours had passed.

Hearing Shue’s door open, Zhao Hai immediately turned his head to look. Shue had arrived at the living room at this time, he bowed to Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master.”

When Zhao Hai looked at Shue’s gloomy expression, his face couldn’t help but turn heavy as he asked, “Shue what happened? Did you fail?”

Shue worriedly replied, “Young Master, I only half-succeeded. I am now a God-ranked expert, however, my clones are still 9th rank.” Zhao Hai didn’t become disappointed with this result as he laughed and said, “That doesn’t matter, you already did good. Hahaha, from the expression of your face, I really thought that you had failed.”

Shue looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, I have this very unusual feeling. I think that as long as I drink another potion, then my clones would reach God-rank.”

Zhao Hai stared, then his eyes shined as he said, “Really?”

Shue nodded and said, “Yes, Young Master. The feeling is quite strong. I can assure that you that it is not a desire, but it is a genuine feeling.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good enough, there’s no need for you to explain yourself further. Cai’er, how long will the next batch of ingredients be prepared?” Cai’er counted with her fingers and said, “Young Master, at minimum, five days.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he gave some instructions, “Look after those materials, after they get prepared, go and immediately make a potion, there would be no need to notify me.” Cai’er nodded.

Then Zhao Hai turned to Shue and said, “Shue, you don’t need to worry too much. When that other potion get finished, then you’ll get to drink it. When that time comes, we would have more than 1000 God-ranked experts. Those Demons and Divine Race fellows would surely get swept away.”

Shue’s looked at Zhao Hai with an elated expression, then he kneeled to the ground and said, “Shue is forever grateful to the Young Master.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and held Shue up as he said, “Alright. Shue, there’s no need to be this formal. All of us here is family, you’re too modest. Right, follow me outside. It really makes me feel disgusted whenever I see the Demons continued to build while we couldn’t do anything. Let’s show the Demons that building their city in the Continent wouldn’t be that easy.”

Shue couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright, Young Master. I haven’t fought with a Demon before, I want to see how fierce they really are.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then turned his head to Berry, “Berry, let’s head out and see how the Demon Dragon King’s people plans deal with us.” Then the three people went out of the Space.

Outside, Zhao Hai summoned his Bone Dragon as the three of them stood on its head. Zhao Hai summoned 1000 undead, all of them in their humanoid form. Then Zhao Hai smiled as he relayed a message to Lizzy and Megan, “Lizzy, Megan, I’ll be handing the control of the undead army over to you while we block the God-ranked experts. Today, we must let the Demons understand that the Ark Continent isn’t just a place where they can casually come over and build cities in. They seem to be underestimating us too much”

Lizzy and Megan, who were both inside the Space, nodded. Then they commanded the undead army to slowly approach the Demons. The city that the Demons planned on building wasn’t small, therefore, the Demons were still in the process of laying in some foundations.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai’s huge army of undead, the Demon Dragon King’s expression couldn’t help but change. Just as what Berry thought, the Demon Camp had five God-ranked experts. However, the five of them were still yet to restore their strength. Currently, none of them were able to fight to their full potential.

Because of this, the Demon Dragon King sent their most elite troops to meet Zhao Hai in the past. He wanted to make Zhao Hai understand their strength, making him afraid of ever attacking them again.

Naturally, the Demon Dragon King also discovered that Zhao Hai was a God-rank expert. In order to prevent Zhao Hai from attacking, he deliberately had the God-ranked experts in his army to show a hint of their aura. This was to make it known to Zhao Hai that the Demon side had five god-ranked experts, making him hesitate to attack them.

His plan had become very successful, Zhao Hai didn’t make any other moves. He just stayed in Demon City all the time, looking at the city slowly being built. The Demon Dragon King wanted this state to continue up until the God-ranked experts were able to use their full strength. When that time comes, then they wouldn’t need to worry about any attacks that Zhao Hai might do in the future.

However, they had decided to launch an attack, not giving the Demons any chance to prepare. Moreover, the Demon Dragon King didn’t expect that along with Zhao Hai, there were also two other God-ranked experts.

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but smile bitterly, he used to think that Zhao Hai was a patient person. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to make a move this abruptly.

Moreover, the Demon Dragon King felt worried about the two other God-ranked experts beside Zhao Hai. Where did these two people come from? Didn’t the Ark Continent forbid the existence of God-ranked experts? The Demon Dragon King had realized that their conquest wouldn’t be as easy as they thought.

Additionally, it seems like Zhao Hai’s side wasn’t struggling from the suppression brought by the Ark Continent. They were God-ranked experts yet they seem to be able to use all of their strength. Completely unlike the Demons who needed to stabilize their condition in order to reach their full performance.

However, there wasn’t enough time to think about these. The Demon Dragon King immediately issued a command, “Prepare to meet the enemy!!” At the same time, his Black Dragon carriage shot up into the sky, the other God-ranked experts going alongside him.

These God-ranked experts were also very special. One of them was a member of the Black Dragon race, he wore a black plate armor as his sat down on his horse. The hooves and tail of this horse was aflame. It had two eyes, a scaled body and a look of extreme savageness. The Knight had a lance on his hand while a two-handed sword hung on his waist. At the same time, he also had a knight’s shield mounted on his back.

Then next God-ranked expert had a Mage’s appearance, it was a Lich. Underneath this Demon Lich was a skeleton beast. From the looks of it, the beast seemed to be a huge blood sucking bat.

To the right of the Lich was a leather armor wearing archer. He had a jet black longbow on his hand and quivers on his waist. Each quiver holding 12 jet black arrows within it.

Second to the right was a person that looked like an Assassin. Cotton garments wrapped the whole person’s body except his eyes. One couldn’t spot a hint of skin on his body. Other than the rapier on his back, there weren’t any weapons that can be seen.


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