BTFTLIAW – Chapter 705

Chapter 705 – The Thing They Worried Most About

The Demons still didn’t attack in the next two days. However, Zhao Hai didn’t idle in this period of time. He called Barres, Julian, and Gellar over to go meet with Besmir. After all, everyone was together in defending Demon City.

After the group met, they immediately discussed about their arrangements in the future. In the end, the main task that was handed over to the Dwarves was the construction of the tunnels.

Naturally, since the Dwarves didn’t need too much people in digging, they were also tasked to deploy some of their members to help defend the city. Like the Humans, they would be acting as sentry as well as wall patrols. This wasn’t an embarrassment to them, after all, this would also help them in judging the status of the City in the future.

On the other hand, the task that was given to the Elves was quite simple. While Zhao Hai was fighting with the Demons outside the city, the Elves would be the outside aerial cavalry, taking shots at the Demons from time to time.

Although the Elves had brought a lot of dual cultivators of sword and harp, their melee capabilities were trained for ground combat. It would be impossible for them to learn aerial battles in a short time. Therefore, it would be detrimental for them to approach the Demons in melee combat.

However, the one with the biggest problems were the Elephant Beastmen.. Although they were quite slow, their defensive abilities were quite amazing. At the same time, some of them were able to use earth magic as well. They would be a huge help in the defense. The only problem was the fact that the walls were made for Humans, the Elephants would have a hard time while being stationed there.

The Elephants wouldn’t be able to scale the walls. Although their fighting strength is indeed significant, it wouldn’t have that much of an effect, after all they were on the defense. However, Zhao Hai was still quite reluctant about this. But since there was no other way, the temporary task handed over to the Elephants right now was to help transport weapons and commodities all throughout the city.

In order to prepare for the attack of the Demons, Zhao Hai had also made the Humans use the first excavated tunnels by the Dwarves to reinforce the walls of the city. He was afraid that the walls wouldn’t be able to withstand the charge of the Demons.

Those two days went past in a blink of an eye. At this time, Zhao Hai wasn’t inside Demon City but instead he was inside the Space along with Laura and the others. All of them stood in front of the processing machine. There were only two minutes left before the God-rank potion becomes available.

Shue was standing right by Zhao Hai’s side. When Shue heard that Zhao Hai wanted to promote him into a God-ranked expert, he was utterly stunned. He was aware of the God-ranked potion, however, he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to pick him to be the first one to consume it.

But when Zhao Hai explained the reason to him, Shue immediately understood. Shue didn’t say anything, and after handing his tasks over to someone else, he immediately went to the Space.

The ticking of the Processing Machine’s timer coincided with the heartbeat of those who were present. The atmosphere got more and more tense with each digit that the timer counted down.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai would use the God-rank potion in order to promote someone to God-rank, telling people that he was not anxious would be a lie. When Shue gets promoted, then their relative power would be very close to the power of the Demon Race. Also, as long as they are given time, the number of 9th ranks that they produce would get more and more. By then, forcing the Demons to return to the Demon Realm would be an easy matter.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. “Strengthening Potion has been completed. Please collect it as soon as possible.” Then a small bottle appeared right in front of Zhao Hai.

This bottle was about the size of one’s palm. It was an extremely ordinary bottle, there were no cosmetics on it. Filling half of the bottle was a dark blue liquid. The color was very beautiful, it was akin to the dark blue ocean. One could see how clean the potion was, there was no point of impurity that can be seen.

Zhao Hai took the bottle and inspected it properly, then he couldn’t help but say, “All of those precious materials, only to make this much. It’s really quite an expensive potion.” Then he gave the bottle to Shue and said, “Shue, go and prepare yourself before drinking this potion. Adjust your mental state accordingly before taking it all down.” Shue carefully received the bottle before bowing, “Yes, Young Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he looked at Shue and then added, “Shue, it would be great if this potion would be able to make your clones into 9th rank. However, if it doesn’t matter. After all, the Space can just plant more materials for the potion.”

Shue nodded then he said, “Young Master, let me excuse myself.”

Zhao Hai gave his approval, then Shue went towards his room as Zhao Hai and the others returned to the living room. At this time, Lizzy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, do you think that Shue would succeed?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Success is for certain. The Space has not disappointed me before. However, I’m afraid that the potion won’t be enough to turn his clones into God-rank. If that happens, our strength would be lesser than what I wish it to be.”

Berry frowned as she said, “We also aren’t aware as to when Shue would be done. I feel that the God-ranked Demons are already done with restoring their strength.”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “Maybe we’ll have to wait for a few more days. I don’t think it would be easy to deal with the Demons now that the Divine Race seem to be absent. Moreover, there is also the Demon Race’s self-exploding methods. They are quite powerful, Berry, you should already know about it.”

Berry nodded, “Demons regard being captured after defeat to be a shame. Therefore, when they are defeated, they would immediately initiate their self-destructing incantations. Moreover, 9th rank Demons have the capability to injure God-rank experts with their explosions.”

Zhao Hai inodded, this was what he dreaded the most about the Demons. They were simply unafraid to die. They regard war as their lifestyle, such a race would definitely be fearless warriors.

When Laura and the others heard Berry’s statement, their expressions couldn’t help but change. They didn’t think that the Demons would get that aggressive. If both sides fought and the Demons decided to blow themselves up, then the casualties would definitely be huge.

Laura couldn’t help but look at Berry and asked, “Do only 9th rank Demons explode themselves?”

Berry shook her head and said, “I’m afraid not, every Demon above 5th rank, no matter Demon or magic beast, can self-explode. This was because of the difference between the Humans and the Demons. Humans practice Battle Qi and Magic, and while the Demons train in these methods, upon reaching 5th rank all of them would develop a Demonic Core. As long as these Demons have their core, then they would be able to explode themselves. However, low level Demons wouldn’t have powerful explosions. 5th ranks can kill or wound 6ht ranks while 6th ranks can injure 7th ranks. When 7th ranks explode they would take an 8th rank’s life. And similarly, 8th ranks would become threats to 9th ranks.”

The worries on Laura and the others’ face became more evident. For 8th ranks to become threats to 9th ranks meant that 8th rank Demons would prove a threat to Zhao Hai’s undead. One must know that Zhao Hai’s undead were their main source of strength when going against the Demons and the Divine Race. Now it seems like Zhao Hai needed to be more careful with regards to future battles.

And although Zhao Hai can crystallize his body to the point of being unbreakable, Zhao Hai was still unaware of how strong the God-ranked Demons were. If those God-rank experts can break Zhao Hai’s crystallized body, then Zhao Hai would be placed in a perilous situation.

But even if they can’t break Zhao Hai’s crystallized body, they were still unsure whether they can beat the God-ranks of both the Demon and the Divine Race’s side. This was where the undead would prove useful.

Zhao Hai looked at those around him and smiled, “Alright, there’s no need to worry about these for now. Let’s wait before the Divine Race arrives and then we’ll make prior arrangements. At this point, I’m more worried about their absence than them being already here.”

Laura nodded and said ,”I don’t know what kind of plan is being made by the Divine Race. However, I’m quite sure that when they start, then their movement wouldn’t be small. Their actions should be as fast as lightning. We should be careful about this point.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he frowned and said, “Right, apart from sending in 9th ranks, what other methods can the Divine Race do? I remember from what Iron Hammer said that its harder to descend to the Ark Continent than to ascend to the Divine Realm. Is it possible for them to have found a much better way?”

Laura and the others frowned, “They were unable to guess what ideas the Divine Race might have. After all, they had Cai’er and Berry to get information about the Demon Realm. But when it came to the Divine Realm, they have virtually nothing. This point made them worry.”

The enemy you understand isn’t terrifying since you can make all sorts of plans against them. On the other hand, and enemy that you can’t understand is scary. No matter how many cards you have on your hand, you still couldn’t use them since you don’t know what move to make.

The preparation done by the Divine Race was certainly more than the Demon Race. But now that the Divine Race had done nothing, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel a headache.

Zhao Hao didn’t underestimate the Divine Race. When they sent their person down last time, they were able to turn heaven and earth upside down. Now that they had prepared for tens of thousands of years, who knows what methods they had already conjured.

However, there was one thing that Zhao Hai was sure about. No matter what methods the Divine Race does, he would make sure to give them the strongest counter-attack!