BTFTLIAW – Chapter 704

Chapter 704 – The Elephant Race Arrives

After Gellar was briefed on their tasks, Zhao Hai immediately lead them back to their camp. However, he didn’t have enough time to be idle since it was time for him to meet the Elephant Beastmen.

One must say, the Beast King’s working efficiency is very high. It wasn’t a long time before Zhao Hai approached him but everything has already been prepared. Upon asking the Beast King, Zhao Hai knew that the Beast King didn’t have the Elephant Race head to Beast God City. Instead, he just had them gather in their main camp and wait there for Zhao Hai to pick them up. This saved a lot of time since the only thing that needed waiting was the hawk that delivered the letter.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh when he heard the Beast King’s method. Then his body flashed and appeared in a place not far away from the Elephant Race’s main camp.

The Elephants had a very good reputation in the Prairie. But although their temperament was quite mild, they were really good fighters. They didn’t fear any race in the Prairie and the other races didn’t want to offend them either.

Ordinary Elephant Beastmen were much bigger than Humans. They have average heights of five meters while some of them can even reach six or seven meters high. The weapons that they are using were special and were divided into two types. They had maces for both hands, but they were much bigger than the ones usually used by the other Beastmen .They were sturdy weapons that seems to be made out of beast bone.

Their other weapon was actually a scimitar. This weapon wasn’t wielded by their hands, but instead by their noses. It was quite known that the nose of an Elephant was much more dextrous compared to their hands.

Like majority of maces, the Elephant Race’s maces pack a lot of thunderous power in each strike. On the other hand, their scimitars were quick and light, due to the control provided by their long trunks. With how their scimitars gracefully swing on the battlefield, the Elephant Race’s blade arts became quite famous in the continent.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the main camp, he saw a gathering of about twenty thousand Elephant Beastman Warriors and twenty thousand war elephants. This army can be used both as an infantry and as a cavalry. However, the Elephants were less lethal when riding their mounts. Their mounts weren’t really suited for high speed movements, which weakens the Elephant Race’s ability to charge the enemy. In the end, the Elephant cavalry can only be played around by their much nimble enemies.

On the other hand, their prowess as an infantry was different. Every single step the Elephants make, even if quite slow, gave off an intimidating aura, pressuring the creatures  they were up against. There wasn’t a lot that an army could do to withstand an Elephant infantry advance.

The war elephants of the Elephant Race weren’t suitable for being mounts. They weren’t fast beasts, however, they are quite heavy, this made it possible for these beasts to be used in wars as well.

When Zhao Hai flew his Bone Dragon towards the main camp of the Elephants, the 20 thousand warriors were already prepared to be deployed. At the same time, the tribe’s Patriarch was already there waiting for Zhao Hai.

The Royal Clan of the Elephant race was quite a famous group in the Prairie, they were the Silver Elephant Clan. Their skins were silver-white, some might even claim to see them radiate silver shine. Their skins were extremely defensive, and in addition to their monstrous strengths, they were quite the force among the Beastman Race.

Zhao Hai had his Bone Dragon land outside the main camp. When the Elephant Patriarch saw Zhao hai, he immediately went forward and bowed, “Elephant Race’s Patriarch Baht meets His Highness, Prince Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai returned the courtesy and said, “Patriarch Baht is too polite. To be honest, I didn’t expect your race to get prepared this quickly.”

Baht smiled and said, “When I received His Majesty’s letter, this Baht didn’t dare to neglect it. After all, we Beastman have been longing to fight with the Demons for quite some time. I didn’t even expect that we would be the first ones to be deployed. This is really the luck of the Elephant Race. I already made the men gather around so that the Prince can take them away at any time.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he glanced at the Elephant army and said, “I will have to trouble the Patriarch this time. Since Demon City has become quite hectic, I won’t be staying here for long. When I have time, I shall have a drink with the Patriarch later.”

Baht smiled and said, “The Prince is too polite. When you visit later, I shall personally arrive to entertain you.” Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, then that’s settled.” Then he waved his hand as a spatial rift appeared. Zhao Hai turned to Baht and said, “Then I won’t be staying, Patriarch please command your men in.”

Baht nodded, then he beckoned his hand before a Silver Elephant came. Baht looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Prince, this is my son, Barres. He will be the commander for this troop. If the Prince has anything he needs, then you can freely approach him.”

Barres immediately bowed and said, “I have seen His Highness Prince Zhao Hai.” He had a very nasally voice. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then we’re good to go.” Berres trumpeted his trunk before the army slowly entered the spatial rift.

When all of the Elephants had entered the rift, Zhao Hai then turned to Baht and said, “Patriarch Baht, I shall be leaving. I won’t be disturbing you anymore.” He bowed to Baht once more before entering the rift and vanishing.

When Zhao Hai came out of the rift, he saw Barres leading his men to make a formation outside Demon City. Seeing them prepared, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Barres, follow me. I’ll lead you to the place where you will be staying at. Let’s have you rest in the city first.” Bares complied and commanded his army to walk towards the city along with Zhao Hai.

The people on the city had spotted the army as well. However, when they saw Zhao Hai’s Bone Dragon, they immediately knew that it was the reinforcements. This made their hearts warm up with excitement.

Although there weren’t a lot of reinforcements from the three other races, it was still a very huge morale boost to the defenders of Demon City. For the people inside the city, this meant that three powers were supporting them from behind.

Before long, Zhao Hai had taken the Elephant Beastmen to their residence. One must say that the Elephant Race’s camp needed special attention. They needed big houses otherwise they wouldn’t be able to fit.

The arrival of the Elephants didn’t make as large as a commotion compared to the Dwarves and Elves. After all, there were still ample contact between the Humans and Beastmen all these years. At the same time, Humans and Beastmen would constantly go into war with each other. This made the Beastmen look bad in the minds of the Humans.

Although the Buddha Empire didn’t border with the Beastman Prairie and big battles generally didn’t bother them, knowing that the Beastmen and Humans went to war with each other still had an effect in their mentality. However, the arrival of the three races were still able to calm the defenders’ hearts. Knowing that Demon City has been reinforced and strengthened was a very good thing for the people inside the city.

In fact, it wasn’t only Demon City which will have reinforcements. Later on, the three races will be sending more troops to aid the Buddha Empire. Together with the Humans, the entire Buddha Empire will be formed into a defensive fort.

At this time, all of the races in the continent needed to be united. The Divine Race even has yet to arrive, and this worried Zhao Hai.

After taking care of the Elephants, Zhao Hai lead Berry back to the Space. Laura and the others had now gotten up and were ready to eat their meal. Since Zhao Hai was quite hungry as well, he decided to eat along with them. At the same time, Zhao Hai also looked at the monitor and looked at the scenery outside Demon City. The Demons hasn’t made a single sound, this made Zhao Hai worry.

When the Demons came, would they just be building their city in peace? Why doesn’t this feel like standard Demon behaviour? Is there something wrong?

However, Zhao Hai was also wishing for this to happen. He was also waiting for the God-rank potion to be finished. When Shue gets promoted to God-rank, then Zhao Hai’s side would have four God-rank experts. With this number, Zhao Hai can now lead his undead to harass the Demons.

Time slowly passed as the skies turned dark. After this day passes, the Demons have already stepped foot on the continent for three days. There weren’t any fighting between both sides yet, there weren’t any significant losses. The present situation looked like a peaceful coexistence.

However, Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t peace. This was merely the calm before the storm. The Demons were only waiting for their God-ranked experts to stabilize their strength. On the other hand, Zhao Hai was also waiting for his potion to be finished. As soon as the potion gets used up, then Zhao Hai would launch his own attack against the Demon Race.

Originally, Zhao Hai wanted to wait for the response coming from the Divine Race before taking any action. However, the Divine Race has been very slow in responding. Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to take a shot at the Demons and see if he can drive them back all on his own. Even if he cannot deal with the Demon Race, Zhao Hai would still cement his image as a formidable person inside the minds of the Demons.

After a peaceful night, Zhao Hai came out of the Space and went to see the people from the base of operations outside the City. Zhao Hai didn’t have the Gan family take charge for the whole night. Although Tywin and the others were 9th rank experts, they weren’t like Zhao Hai who didn’t need to use any spiritual force in order to control the undead. They were different, they needed to exert an effort so that they can give orders to their minions. The reason why Zhao Hai had them guard here in the daytime was so that they can train their spiritual force.

Zhao Hai knew that although the potion for 9th rank was very beneficial, those who drank it needed to be accustomed to 9th rank strength as well. Because of this Zhao Hai decided to position them outside the city, making them use their spiritual force in controlling the undead. This way, they would be able to use their 9th rank abilities much more comfortably.


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