BTFTLIAW – Chapter 703

Chapter 703 – Threat

Zhao Hai stood up and turned to Julian before saying, “It would be nice to have a drink with you. But it seems like I don’t have the opportunity to do it this time. Sigh. To be honest, I really don’t like to deal with the Elves. Although they are good fighters, they are a bit too proud. However, since they are also a member of the Ark Continent, we can’t just leave them behind.”

The reason why Zhao Hai dared to tell Julian about this was because he knew that after the previous debacle, the Elves weren’t exactly in good graces with the Dwarves.

Although Billy knew that the attitude that the Great Elder and the Prince showed him was due to them being people from the Radiant Church, Billy was also aware that the Elves were truly looking down on the Dwarves. This fact made Billy quite angry.

And after Billy returned to the Dwarf Mountain, he told everyone about this matter. With the Dwarf Race’s disposition, they just wouldn’t let this offense go lightly. Therefore, the Dwarves didn’t have a good impression with the Elves from then on. It was only because of the Demons that the Dwarves chose to refrain from acting on the Elves.

The Dwarves have the capital to do so. After all, they have a lot of opportunities to get in touch with the Humans. Their weapons were very popular for Human armies, this made it possible for them to acquire Human goods as trade. Among the other races, the Dwarves has been faring the best.

The Elves’ arrogance ran through their bones, and it was a completely incomprehensible attitude. One should know that before the Dwarves came, the Elves were living quite terrible lives. Only after they got in contact with the Dwarves and managed to sell some of their artworks off that they began to live comfortably. For the Elves to still look down on the Dwarves after all of this was something that Billy and the others were unable to bear. But since the Elves were quite important to the alliance, the Dwarves didn’t dare to make any moves. However, the gap was already there.

Because of this, Zhao Hai can feel relieved when expressing such bold words regarding the Elves in front of the Dwarves. Not only will it be fine, the statement might even make Zhao Hai look better in the eyes of the Dwarves.

When Julian heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Alright, but you still need to see those guys. I just can’t understand why the Elves are arrogant towards the Dwarves. It’s very strange.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as well, “It’s quite strange indeed. Alright, Julian, I’ll have a drink with you when I have some time.”

Julian nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll wait for you.” Zhao Hai waved to Julian one last time before turning around to leave.

Outside the Dwarf camp was a Human soldier. When that soldier saw Zhao Hai come out, he immediately went forward and gave Zhao Hai a salute, “Mister, the guards on the western walls saw some flying beings in the distance. We hope that you can come and look at it.” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go and take a look.” Then he summoned the Bone Dragon and captured the soldier before shooting up into the sky.

The soldier became a little excited, he was shaking when he was standing on top of the Bone Dragon. After all, this was the first time that he flew into the sky. And for him to do it on the head of a Bone Dragon was a truly exhilarating experience.

Before long, Zhao Hai’s Bone Dragon arrived at the western walls of the city. The Bone Dragon descended slowly before Zhao Hai had the soldier go down. After that, Zhao Hai looked into the horizon to see what was going on.

The plain white sky was currently dotted by some black spots. And presently, Zhao Hai was getting information that those black spots were red lights on the monitor. This assured Zhao Hai that the people in the distance were the Elves.

Zhao Hai immediately stood on the back of the Bone Dragon as it flew towards the sky in order meet the approaching party. Before long, the the black spots got closer and closer. Then Zhao Hai can finally make out a silhouette of Elves on top of some flying beasts. Majority of the Elves were archers, only a few of them were Mages. And it seems like it was the Mages that were taking the lead.

Zhao Hai had also spotted an acquaintance among the group, it was Gellar, the Elven Race’s princess. Zhao Hai didn’t expect her to be the one leading this group. Zhao Hai turned his Bone Dragon around and went side to side with Gellar’s mount. Zhao Hai turned his head and said, “Captain Gellar, welcome. Please follow me.” Then Zhao Hai flew towards a part of the city where the Elves were supposed to live in. Besmir personally inspected the cleanliness of the place. It was even much cleaner than the residences for the Dwarves and the Beastmen.

Gellar hadn’t had a chance to say anything as she gave a command to her people to follow Zhao Hai towards Demon City. This time, most of the archers that came with Gellar were harp users, they numbered about 5 thousand. Zhao Hai and Besmir had arranged to have them stay in the richer parts of the city, where the environment was relatively better.

After Gellar and the others had disembarked, Zhao Hai led them to get familiar with their residences. Zhao Hai turned to Gellar and said, “Captain, this place shall be your area inside Demon City. Rest assured, I’ve already sent an order to have the Humans refrain from coming here. If one disobeyed the order and still came here, then your people would be fit to judge them. Everything that you will need has already been prepared. If there’s anything else that you require, then you can send someone to approach me or send it through the General. Speaking of which, Captain Gellar, come with me to meet the General of the Demon City’s army.”

Gellar nodded and said, “Alright, Elder, please lead the way.” Zhao Hai gave a nod before he led Gellar as well as two harp archers towards the center of Demon City. Zhao Hai didn’t mind the guards too much. After all, Gellar was the princess of the Elven race.

The arrival of the Elves elicited more of a response compared to the Dwarves’ arrival. This was the Elves, titled as the most beautiful race in the entire Ark Continent. The entire city caused a stir, mercenaries, adventurers, and soldiers alike were filling the roads.

When these people saw Gellar’s appearance, each of their eyes turned red. Two mercenaries even dared to whistle, which were promptly made stiff by Zhao Hai’s pressuring gaze.

Gellar and the others weren’t familiar with all these attention. The three of them glared at the two people when Zhao Hai took action. The two guards were completely ready to kill, afraid that people might rush towards Gellar.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about it. These mercenaries and adventurers in Demon city weren’t generally good people anyway. Majority of them came to offer their lives in exchange for money. To make their own and their family’s lives better, they disregarded life and death. Therefore, it made an environment of lawlessness inside the city.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also wanted to give them a warning. Elves were truly very attractive. If these fellows were to have bad thoughts, then they might even charge towards the Elven encampment to cause trouble. At this time, Zhao Hai stopped, Gellar and the other two Elves looked at him in confusion. Zhao Hai swept his gaze towards the mercenaries and adventurers as said with a threatening tone, “I don’t care about any of your backgrounds, however, I must tell you that the Elves, Dwarves, and the Beastmen are our allies. Allies that this Zhao Hai had invited. If anyone dares to be impolite to them, then I would personally make them regret their decision. Don’t think that since the world is going into turmoil, you would be able to do whatever you want. If you do any crimes inside Demon City, then even if you go to the ends of the continent, I will come to you and eliminate you. This Zhao Hai has always lived by his words. You better reign in any improper thoughts. Otherwise, I won’t mind adding more people into my undead army.” Then after giving a cold look to those present, Zhao Hai moved forward.

What Zhao Hai said about these people were in fact true. Among these people, a lot of them held criminal records. They have done crimes on other places, so they cannot stay in the continent for too long, this made them decide to run towards Demon City.

These fellows just became so bold after seeing how beautiful the Elves were. With how weak their minds were, the only thing that was on their mind was how much they would get if they can capture on Elf. One should know that even one Elf can garner enough gold coins that can make someone live in luxury for the rest of their lives. They believed that with the chaos in the continent, they can just run to another place and nobody would take the effort to arrest them.

However, Zhao Hai’s threat was actually effective. One could say that the people’s worst nightmare would be Dark Mages. From what they heard, Dark Mages were people who were able to take your soul out of your body and imprison it. Dark Mages can then use methods interrogate that soul and ask for the whereabouts of one’s family, who will then die to the hands of the Dark Mage.

Moreover, when one’s soul is imprisoned, it doesn’t mean that one would have control of their own being. In essence, an imprisoned soul could just helplessly stare as the Dark Mage proceeds to kill all of their loved ones. This was a kind of torture that nobody would be able to withstand.

Because of this, no matter what kind of person one was, they would always be afraid of Dark Mages. This was because Dark Mages were the quintessential ‘bad guys’ of the continent.

And with Zhao Hai being the strongest Dark Mage, his threat was the most ominous one. Although these people were lawless, they were still intelligent enough to not ignore Zhao Hai’s words.

After Zhao Hai issued his threat, the onlookers immediately behaved themselves. They didn’t dare to act unreasonable anymore. In the current Demon City, Zhao Hai undoubtedly held the most power. If they disregard Zhao Hai, then they wouldn’t even be aware how they died. Therefore, they had no other choice but to stay honest.

Zhao Hai brought Gellar’s group to the General’s residence and introduced them to Besmir. This time, the Elves were just present because they needed to experience the battlefield. Then at appropriate times, Zhao Hai would have them fight with the Demons. Zhao Hai didn’t really expect the Elves to have a large impact against the battle, after all, the number of Elves were just too small.


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  1. terrible life inside a forest that could easily provide everything that you need to survive, i would like to hear more about this “terrible life” they were suffering before the dwarves came and traded with them. Maybe a lack of metalwear but in that regard the beastmen lived an even worse life than the elves, the radiant church made sure that they barely had any food and next to no other trade other than the bare minimum.
    But its the elves that has it terrible? Please enlighten me…

    Do you think its strange that the elves are arrogant and is looking down on the other species? They have been isolated for thousands of years and had radiant church spies in leading positions of their entire species, whats so weird with them thinking that everyone else is a lesser species? Thats the whole idea with the Radiant Church, make sure that all the different races will stay separated and hate each other and then help the divine win the war.
    But they probably forgot all about that by now, Amnesia is pretty common these last couple of chapters….

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