BTFTLIAW – Chapter 702

Chapter 702 – Elves in Flower City

When Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the Processing Machine, Cai’er was already waiting for them. Moreover, she already got the herbs and placed them on the side of the machine.

Zhao Hai looked at the pile of material’s on the ground, ginsengs, crow’s heart, snow lotus, goldmetal fruit, and a lot more were present. Moreover, one could clearly see how expensive the potion must be judging from how much precious things it needed. When he saw this, Zhao Hao couldn’t help but sigh. All of this just to make one potion, it really was a very hard to make product.

Although Zhao Hai lamented about this fact, he still turned to Cai’er and said, “Start it.” Cai’er nodded and then pressed the buttons on the Processing Machine. The Processing Machine suddenly flashed a bright light on the pile of herbs on the ground, absorbing them one by one.

When all of the herbs had vanished, the Space immediately issued a prompt, “Strengthening Potion being processed. Estimated time, 48 hours. 1 million gold has been deducted. Please wait patiently for the product to finish.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but force a smile at this. The Space really was a drain of money. Even if it works for him, it still deducted 1 million coins to his inventory.

Cai’er looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but chuckle, “Young Master, you don’t need to worry. When the Space gets upgraded to a certain level, the Processing Machine wouldn’t need gold to operate anymore.” Zhao Hai bitterly smiled and said, “Still, we need to wait for that day. Who knows, maybe I will go broke even before we reach that point.”

Lizzy and the others chuckled, all of them knew that Zhao Hai was just cracking a joke. Although the Processing Machine had indeed taken a lot of money, Lizzy and the others knew that Zhao Hai wouldn’t run out of money. With the produce that the Space provides everyday, money would certainly be the last of their problems. And even if they can’t sell it to the continent, Zhao Hai can still sell them off to the Space. Although the Space buys them at a lower price, it was still at an understandable rate. When Lizzy and the other first saw this happen, they were very startled. If Zhao Hai were to introduce these gold coins to the continent, then he would certainly give ruin to the running economy of the world. Fortunately, Zhao Hai wanted to be low-key, he didn’t like to go too far in acquiring and introducing gold to the continent.

Forty-eight hours, it would take two days before the potion gets made. Although Zhao Hai was somewhat disappointed that he couldn’t see the potion today, he didn’t say anything and just led the group back to the villa.

On the other hand, even though Shue got word from Zhao Hai, it was still impossible for him to hand over his work to someone else in such a short period of time. After all, there were too many people currently living in the Black Wasteland.

The Elves and the Dwarves have already reached the Buddha Family’s land. Zhao Hai had also given them a place to settle in. There was no need to mention the Dwarves, they were now temporarily living inside the camps. However, they have started to dig inside Iron Mountain to see if there were iron deposits still left. At the same time, they were also preparing the caverns inside the mountain since they were used to the living environment there.

On the other hand, the Elves were much more troublesome to settle in. They were too familiar to the life inside the Tree of Life, and it was impossible for the Black Wasteland to have a tree of that size. And compared to the temperate forest, the Black Wasteland would have freezing winters, at the same time, it was impossible for the Elves to live inside Iron Mountain.

Therefore, Zhao Hai made a special plan to give them a place to which they can plant trees in. This way, they would find their settlement more comfortable to live in.

Although the Black Wasteland is big, it was impossible for it to have places like the Dwarf Mountain and the Elven Forest. Because of this, Zhao Hai still had problems in finding places appropriate for the Elves to plant their trees.

In the end, the plan was stopped since way too many people had started to stream into the Black Wasteland. Since Zhao Hai didn’t have a means to arrange a proper place for the Elves, he decided to just place them in Flower City, making them live their isolated lives once more.

Flower City was quite big, and because it was in the Carrion Swamp it was very isolated from the others. This gave the Elves a feeling of security. However, it was still impossible for the city to accommodate all of the Elves. In the end, Zhao Hai had to ask Cai’er to expand the city so that the Elves can move in.

This was only a temporary arrangement, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to make them live for too long in this place. After all, Flower City was once interlinked with a spatial rift to the Demon Realm. Zhao Hai couldn’t have people living in this place.

However, the Elves loved Flower City. Although they had a change of environment, flowers and vines were present everywhere in the place. Moreover, they also didn’t need to worry about food because Zhao Hai would be bringing it to them. Because of this, it took a very short time for the Elves to get settled in.

But even so, the Elves were still quite restless. After having lived in Flower City, they discovered that they had nothing else to do. They cannot just eat and sleep everyday, that was something that pigs did. Therefore, they proposed an idea to Zhao Hai, they wanted to plant trees in the Carrion Swamp.

Zhao Hai didn’t have a choice but to comply. He went to the Elf Queen and told her about this matter. The Queen immediately agreed and had prepared some seedlings to be sent over. These seedlings were the ones most commonly used by the Elves.

Now that the Elves had started to plant trees near Flower City, Zhao Hai stopped thinking about them. He decided to let them be, this was also allow them to cultivate their strength.

Although the magic beasts of the carrion swamp didn’t disturb the Black Wasteland anymore, Zhao Hai has yet to subdue them. It wasn’t because he didn’t have the capability, but because he just didn’t want to, he wanted the beasts to live in the swamp quite freely. Now that the Elves have occupied Flower City, it was inevitable for them to get attacked. Whenever the Elves go out into the outskirts of their settlement, there was a high probability for them to meet these magic beasts. Although the magic beasts didn’t dare to enter the city, they were still able to roam around due to the absence of 9th ranks.

Zhao Hai already told the Elves about this matter when they decided to plant trees. However, the Elves didn’t care much about it. They were already used to being attacked by the magic beasts in the Elven Forest, being attacked by magic beasts now wouldn’t be much of an issue.

Because of this and many other matters, Shue needed to lend Green and the others a hand. Extracting himself from these tasks couldn’t be done in a short time.

Since the Processing Machine needed two days to make the potion, Zhao Hai decided to have Shue continue with what he was doing in this period of time. Also, it seems like the Demons would still need some time to prepare their attack. At this moment, Zhao Hai had nothing to do, he was totally free.

After taking care of the Processing Machine, Zhao Hai made Lizzy and the others rest. Then he led Berry out of the Space to visit the Dwarf camp.

Although the Dwarves were tasked to make tunnels, these tunnels don’t need too much manpower to make. At most, the operation would need a commanding Dwarf while most of the work was done by the iron beasts. Because of this, a lot of people were still present inside the camp.

Zhao Hai went to the camp and saw the Dwarves practicing their fighting techniques. Meanwhile, outside the camp were a lot of curious adventurers. They were looking at the camp in order to see the Dwarves. However, because of the order, they didn’t dare to go in. At the same time, the Dwarves were too preoccupied to care about them.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the camp, the Dwarves immediately took notice of him. Two Dwarves went forward to greet Zhao Hai as they bowed and said, “Elder, you came”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the two and said, “Where’s Elder Julian?”

One of the Dwarves answered, “Elder Julian is currently taking charge in making the tunnels. Do you want us to call him over?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I’ll have to trouble you then. Tell him I came with liquor to drink.” The Dwarves nodded as one of them turned around and ran.

Zhao Hai entered the Dwarf camp with a happy mood. Although the area of the Dwarf camp has been made private, it wasn’t fenced off or walled in. It was only the Humans who didn’t dare come here because of Besmir’s strict order.

The remaining Dwarf led Zhao Hai to the place where Julian lived before he retreated. Zhao Hao looked around the place and muttered, “This is quite a small courtyard.” It was relatively independent, but it wasn’t just Julian who was living here. There were a lot of Dwarves inside, all of them busy with what they were doing that none of them took the chance to approach and talk to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai couldn’t blame them, he knew that this was just the Dwarves being Dwarves. It doesn’t matter who came, as long as the Dwarves were busy, they will not come and greet that person, even if it was the Patriarch.

Not long after Zhao Hai reached the courtyard, a laugh was suddenly heard, “Mister, how did you have the time to ask me for a drink?

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I had nothing to do, so I came to drink a cup. But also, I was waiting for the Elves to arrive. I think it wouldn’t be long before we can see them on the horizon.”

Julian smiled and said, “But still, they can’t be as fast as us. I must say, your Space Divergent ability is really something. For you to be able to take us from the Dwarf Mountain to Demon City in such a short time is extremely astonishing. It’s quite nice to be able to travel a thousand kilometers in just a single step.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s quite good. In a few days, I’ll be taking the Beastmen from the Prairie to here. When that time comes, Demon City would become more lively.”

Julian smiled and said, “The Dwarves and the Beastmen had broken our relationship for a long time. It would be great to see our Beastman brothers once more.” The Beastmen and the Dwarves have quite similar temperaments. Because of this, their relationship in the past was quite good. However, when the Humans started to suppress the other races, the Dwarves drew back to their Mountain while the Beastmen returned to the Prairie. This broke contact between the two races. Being able to meet again in Demon City made Julian quite glad.

While Zhao Hai was preparing to drink with Julian, a Dwarf suddenly came knocking at the door, “Elder Julian, Elder Zhao Hai, there’s a Human outside. He said that a flying group can be seen outside the city. It’s possible that the Elves have arrived. They are asking Elder Zhao Hai to go and assist in meeting them.”


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  1. Zhao Hai is already ruining the economy, all the gold he spent in the market mostly comes from the outside. How do you think the economy of the continent is gonna turn out when millions of gold disappear every time he is making a potion?
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