BTFTLIAW – Chapter 700

Chapter 700 – Consummate the Marriage

Although Zhao Hai hadn’t fought with the Demon Dragon king, he just had this feeling that the other party was a God-ranked expert. He can’t really describe this feeling, but it was there, this was also the reason why Zhao Hai didn’t act rashly.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai also believed that the Demon Dragon King had sensed his strength. Therefore, he wasn’t quick to advance and just stayed to construct their city. It seems like both sides are dreading the ability of the other.

If the other party just had the Demon Dragon King as the God-ranked expert, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t be polite and just attacked them. But now it seems like the enemy doesn’t have the Demon Dragon King as its only God-ranked expert. Zhao Hai has the feeling that there were at least five God-ranked experts in the enemy’s army. If he dared to attack, then he might be besieged by those God-ranked experts. However, even if Zhao Hai didn’t attack, those five God-ranked experts can just make a move on Demon City. If they did it this way, then Zhao Hai’s prior preparations might be placed in a precarious position.

As to why the other party didn’t attack, Zhao Hai was not sure. Maybe they still aren’t adapted to the Ark Continent? Who knows.

In fact, Zhao Hai was correct in his guess, these experts still needed to familiarize themselves with the Ark Continent, this was the reason why they decided to refrain from making any actions in the meantime.

The Ark Continent had its own laws, one of them forbade the long-term existence of God-ranked experts. The suppression of this law gets more powerful as the violating party gets stronger. Therefore, these God-ranked Demons needed to adapt their strength in order to perform at their full strength.

Because of this, in addition to Zhao Hai’s existence as well as his undead, the Demon Dragon King decided to stay back and refrain from attacking Demon City immediately.

Berry was currently right by Zhao Hai, at this moment, she turned to him and said, “Brother Hai, there’s no need to worry too much. Although there are a lot of Demons that would come to invade, it would still need some time before all of them manages to come out of the spatial rift. I’ve gotten a whiff of their plans before. They would have several God-ranked experts take command of the vanguard in order to construct their city, after that, they would proceed to attack the Ark Continent bit by bit.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I was thinking the same thing. But how many God-ranked experts do they have? And since they have God-ranked experts, why haven’t they made an attack yet?”

Berry smiled and said, “Things aren’t as easy as that. Although they are God-ranked experts, I heard that they would still need to adapt after arriving at the Ark Continent. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to show their full strength. And the time it takes for them to adapt isn’t short. Therefore, it would still take quite some time before they can express their full abilities. We can definitely resist them for a long time.”

Zhao Hai frowned and said, “I’m afraid that the Demon Realm would have a lot of God-ranked experts. If all of them were to arrive at the Ark Continent, then we would be in deep trouble.”

When Berry heard this, she couldn’t help but frown as well, “This is also an issue. I know that there are quite a number of God-ranked experts in the Demon Realm. If they attack, then it would indeed be very troublesome.”

Zhao Hai sighed, then he said, “It looks like we need to start our plan soon. There are a lot of herbs in the Space, but the herbs that we need to make a God-ranked potion is really a lot. At the same time, the growth time of those plants is too long. Our rate of making God-ranked potions is just too low.”

Zhao Hai was quick to discover that the Processing Machine was now able to make God-ranked potions. At that time, he also noted which herbs were needed and planted them. However, he didn’t think about how many were needed to make a single potion.

It was only afterwards that Zhao Hai discovered how much herbs he needed to promote a 9th rank to God-rank. Also, the herbs that were needed to make the potion were very demanding. Take a certain ginseng, for example. In the past, Zhao Hai was able to plant ginseng in a very simple manner, and he was also able to harvest them in large quantities. But now, the ginseng needed for the potion required a hundred mu of farming ground. And in this 100 mu, no other plant must be present in order for this special ginseng to grow. And after this ginseng gets planted, extreme attention needed to be made in order to nurture it. It needed to be watered in a specific time or else the land would get dry. Although the ginseng still wouldn’t die then, but it would lose its potency to be used for the God-ranked potion. This made it hard to cultivate this herb.

More importantly, the God-ranked potion didn’t need one or two of this ginseng, but instead it needed 81. And this was only the ginseng, the other herbs still weren’t calculated.

If one wanted to make the potion, then one would need to grow more than 100 herbs. Each of then unique and each of them needed special ways of growing. Some of these were present on Earth, while some have already been acquired by Zhao Hai, like the Goldmetal fruit. And the amount of Goldmetal Fruit needed was actually more than the ginseng.

Because of all these limitations, Zhao Hai was still unable to make Green and the others into God-ranked experts. With the materials he currently had, Zhao Hai only has enough to make a single God-ranked potion.

Therefore, for Zhao Hai, what he needed the most at this moment was time. As long as he has enough time, then he would be able to raise a lot of God-ranked experts. And when that time comes, whether they be Demons or the Divine Race, all of them weren’t going to be problems anymore.

Another reason why Zhao Hai was unwilling to fight the Demons was the existence of the Divine Race. The Radiant Empire has become more and more mysterious as the days passed. And since Zhao Hai couldn’t go there to scout, he was getting more and more anxious as time goes by.

When the Divine Race comes, Zhao Hai didn’t know what plans they would have. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to refrain from going all out against the Demons. He was afraid that if he lost too much in fighting the Demons, then he wouldn’t have anything to resist the Divine Race with.

Although Zhao Hai hoped that the Divine Race would divert the Demons’ attention, it seems like there weren’t any movements coming from the Divine Race. This gave Zhao Hai a sense of dread. This was why Zhao Hai thought of making the Buddha Empire into a huge battlefield. Not only would it help in fighting the Demons, it would also prove useful when the Radiant Empire attacks.

When Berry heard Zhao Hai mention the promotion of 9th ranks into God-ranked experts, she was immediately startled, she seemed to have remembered something. Berry looked embarrassingly at Zhao Hai and said with a shy voice, “Brother Hai, I’m a 9th rank Succubus. When a Succubus consummates her marriage, she will gain a huge boost in her strength.”

Berry was blushing as she stared downward. Zhao Hai looked at Berry and immediately understood what she wanted to convey.

Berry was a 9th rank expert, if her marriage goes official, then her strength would gain a huge promotion, it might even be possible for her to advance to God-rank. When he thought of this Zhao Hai’s eyes couldn’t help but shine.

As for consummating the marriage, Zhao Hai was quick to understand what it was. Although Berry had become Zhao Hai’s wife and had people recognize her status, the two of them had yet to make the marriage ‘official’. In other words, they haven’t done what married people tended to do.[1]

Zhao Hai looked at Berry and said, “Are you sure?”

Berry gave a shy nod. This made Zhao Hai laugh and said, “Then what are we waiting for, let’s go.” Then he pulled Berry as they flashed to the Space. However, he didn’t go through the villa’s entrance but instead appeared directly inside his room.

Berry knew what would happen so she didn’t have any intentions to resist. She just lowered her head in embarrassment, making her much more charming for Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai held Berry’s hand as he said, “Berry, I apologize. The situation is quite hectic and I am not able to hold a wedding for you.”

Berry looked at Zhao Hai as she shook her head and said, “You didn’t do anything wrong, Brother Hai. I don’t really care about a ceremony. As long as you treat me as your wife, then that would already suffice.”

Zhao Hai patted Berry’s head and whispered, “Silly girl.” Zhao Hai pulled Berry into his bosom as he gently kissed her forehead. Berry gently closed her eyes as Zhao Hai went down to kiss her eyes, her nose, her cheek, her neck……”

When Berry felt Zhao Hai’s lips on her own, she couldn’t help but feel an electric current going through her whole body. Her body tingled with numbness, sapping all of her energy away.

Zhao Hai gently removed Berry’s clothes as he proceeded to kiss her whole body. In the end his mouth reached Berry’s sensitive breasts, he continue to tease it until Berry made a delighted moan.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Berry to taste this good, he was unable to stop himself. He couldn’t help but nib lightly on the tip as Berry gave a tender sound, arousing Zhao Hai even more.

Zhao Hai’s tongue explored Berry’s peaks for a moment before he went and kissed Berry lips. Berry curled her tongue as she met Zhao Hai’s lips, the two of them played around before Zhao Hai removed all of his clothes and started to work on Berry’s figure.

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