BTFTLIAW – Chapter 698

Chapter 698 – Crucial Refining

Zhao Hai was currently looking at Bubble who was floating in front of him. Although Zhao Hai can’t see any expression on him, he was sure that Bubble was having a smug expression.

However, Zhao Hai was too glad to mess around with Bubble. This was because the little blob was now able to do refining. Moreover, the experiments done on the Space’s plants yielded great results. Bubble was now ready to refine the lotus. Zhao Hai was wondering what surprises the lotus would bring once it has been refined.

Zhao Hai looked at Bubble, then he snorted and said, “What are you being so smug about? Go and start working on the lotus. Refine everything in the pool as well. If anything goes wrong, then I will definitely clean you up.”

Bubble wasn’t very afraid of Zhao Hai, he was smart, he knew that although Zhao Hai was being hostile, Zhao Hai wouldn’t do anything to him. Zhao Hai just cared too much about the lotus, so if anything goes wrong, then Zhao Hai would be very disappointed.

Although Bubble was quite a headache, in fact, he had already considered Zhao Hai as his master. He knew when things were crucial and when he could mess around. So upon hearing Zhao Hai, Bubble immediately turned around and went to the pool where the lotus was placed. Then after a moment, the lotus pool suddenly disappeared. Zhao Hai wasn’t too surprised about it, he knew that Bubble had his own space inside his body where he can store things. Bubble just needed the lotus to be inside so that he can slowly refine it .

Zhao Hai made Bubble come closer, then he looked into Bubble’s transparent body and saw a small bubble where the lotus was located. Zhao Hai nodded and then looked at Bubble and said, “Bubble, remember to refine the lotus well. There should be no mistakes. Place every inch of your energy in refining, don’t get distracted. Understand?”

Bubble complied as he said, “Young Master, feel relieved, I shall complete it with no problems.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned around and proceeded to head towards the villa. He was receiving messages from the various powers in the alliance aside from the Lyon Empire since there was no need for it. Although Zhao Hai was just a temporary Emperor of the Lyon Empire, the Great Nobles of the Empire still wouldn’t dare to disobey him. Not only because of Zhao Hai’s strength, but also because of his status as the focal point of the alliance. If they dared to misbehave under Zhao Hai, then the days left for them to live wouldn’t be very long.

Zhao Hai also instructed them to prepare some troops. At the same time, he also released more magic beasts in order to reestablish the Empire’s elite cavalry unit, making it much stronger than before.

When Zhao Hai came back from the Lyon Empire, Bubble had approached him about his success in refining the plants in the Space. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t able to enter the villa up until now.

When Zhao Hai entered the villa, he was immediately greeted by Ruyen’s smiling face while she was talking with Berry. Lizzy and Megan were at the side as well, looking at the monitor, probably discussing various battle formations and so on.

Upon hearing the sound of the door, the group immediately turned their heads and saw that Zhao Hai has come back. They quickly stood up and welcomed him in. Zhao Hai looked at the women and then smiled, he felt a warm feeling in his heart while looking at this scene. Then he smiled to the group and said, “What’s happening? Are there new formations?”

Lizzy smiled and replied, “How could it be as easy as that? We’re just introducing the Space to sister Ruyen and sister Berry. Big Brother Hai, you should give sister Ruyen some work inside the Space. With this, her body would be benefited as well. And also, we can approach her to discuss some matters later on. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “You don’t need to ask me about these things, you can just do it yourself. Ruyen, you can help Laura in the future. Lizzy and Megan aren’t skilled in that area. The only one that can currently lend Laura a hand is you. Now that the continent is at war, material distribution, manpower problems, and the likes are needed to be sorted out properly. Laura has been busy doing these things alone, you should be able to at least ease her burden. LIzzy and Megan will have to command the army a few days from now, so you and Laura need to work hard.” Ruyen immediately replied, “Alright, Brother Hai, rest assured, I will help sister Laura with management.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Berry. He didn’t know much about the Succubus so he said, “Berry, do you want to stay inside the Space or do you want to go outside with me? If you stay in the Space, then you need to find something to do, otherwise you will get bored. If you go outside, then you can stay by my side.”

Berry quickly replied, “I’ll go and follow you out. The other sisters are very busy with their own affairs inside the Space while I have nothing else to do. I can take care of anything that you need when you’re outside. I have already discussed this matter with sister Lizzy and the others.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, then do as you like. How is Demon City doing right now?”

Lizzy replied, “There aren’t any significant developments in Demon City. However, the Dwarves had already arranged their army. You should look and see if you can transfer them to Demon City right now.”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “Tell Patriarch Billy to wait . I’ll immediately go and tell General Besmir to prepare a place for the Dwarves to stay in. This is the first cooperation between Humans and Dwarves after a long time, it needs to be processed well.”

Lizzy nodded, then she said, “Alright, then I’ll go talk to Patriarch Billy. Sister Berry, we’ll be leaving Brother Hai’s care to you. As you can see, we have a lot of things to take care of at this time. Only you can take care of Brother Hai right now.”

Berry quickly replied, “Sister, rest assured, I will take good care of Brother Hai.”

Zhao Hai just smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. Actually, he’d much prefer having Meg take care of him. After all, Meg has been looking after him for a long time, so he was already familiar with her routine. However, Meg was also quite busy in helping Laura with her job. With her being heavily engaged, it would be impossible for her to take care of Zhao Hai.

On the other hand, it was quite obvious that Berry had zero interest in those matters. This made it possible for her to go outside of the Space with Zhao Hai.

At this time, Besmir was quite worried. The only thing he knew was that Zhao Hai had fought with the Demons and then went back to the city to take a rest. Besmir didn’t know whether Zhao Hai was doing well or maybe he has been injured. If Zhao Hai was wounded, then it would be a fatal blow to their morale. However, when Zhao Hai came in along with a beautiful woman, Besmir immediately calmed down. Then he went forward to greet Zhao Hai, “Mister came. Please come in. May I know the details regarding mister’s fight with the Demons?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and replied, “It went quite fairly. None of us has taken too much of an advantage over the other, it’s a tie. Right, I came here to talk about something.”

Besmir quickly said, “I ask Mister to tell me and I will do my best to comply.”

Zhao Hai said, “General is too polite, there’s no need to be so formal. I just want to ask you to prepare three camps in the next few days, the sooner they get finished, the better. Some Dwarves will be arriving later, they will help us with defending against the Demons. In a few days, Beastmen and Elven warriors will arrive as well. I want you to prepare three separate areas for each of them. Also, make sure to tell everyone to refrain from offending them. Our cooperation with the other races will be very crucial in the following days.”

Besmir couldn’t help but stare for a moment when he heard Zhao Hai. But it didn’t take too long before he became elated with the news. He was aware that although everyone was willing to resist the Demons, it wasn’t necessary for them to send troops over. At the same time the people of Demons City had already accepted this truth. The others can just be considered to be offering moral support. But now that the other powers are sending their troops, the morale of the defenders would surely surge up once more.

Although Zhao Hai didn’t say it, Besmir knew that these people were all invited by Zhao Hai. Besmir didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would have this much clout over the other races. This was very good for the alliance, so Besmir quickly agreed, “Mister, rest assured, I shall arrange for those areas immediately.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Also, the Elves only take fruits and green vegetables as food, they don’t eat meat. Pay attention to this when giving them rations. On the other hand, the Beastmen love meat. Both the Dwarves and the Beastmen also liked to drink liquor, prepare some for them. If you don’t have any of these in hand, then don’t hesitate to inform me.”

Besmir quickly replied, “Yes Mister. I’ve noted them all down. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that nothing goes wrong.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he adds, “Remember to keep the area for the Elves very clean, they don’t like dirty places. Also, tell the soldiers to refrain from looking at the reinforcements as though they are monsters. The Dwarves and the Beastmen are quick to lose their temper, and the Elves get offended quite easily. Small problems like these wouldn’t be good when the actual fight comes.”

Besmir replied, “Alright, I’ll take care of it.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked outside and the sighed, “I already talked with His Majesty. While we delay the Demons here as much as possible, the Buddha Empire will mobilize its own army in order to provide defensive lines all over the empire. When all of the citizens have withdrawn, the entire Buddha Empire shall be converted into a huge fortress. We’ll make the Demons suffer when the set foot into its lands.”

Besmir’s eyes couldn’t help but fire up when he heard this, his hatred for the Demons couldn’t help but resurface as he replied, “Alright, Mister can rest assured, everything will go according to plan. But with this, it is inevitable that the Buddha Empire will be destroyed.”

Zhao Hai lightly sighed and said, “The Buddha Empire’s land will surely be destroyed. However, as long as its citizens survive, then sooner or later we can reclaim the land and revive the Empire. It’s useless to worry about the land. Don’t forget, the most important thing to the Empire is its people and its talents.”


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