BTFTLIAW – Chapter 696

Chapter 696 – Deploying Troops

When Zhao Hai saw the Emperor’s expression, he immediately knew what the other was thinking. He smiled at the Emperor and said, “There’s no need for Your Majesty to be worried, everything is going fine. Let’s head inside first.”

Upon hearing that there wasn’t anything wrong with the frontline, the Emperor nodded. Then they returned back into the Great Hall. There were also plenty of ministers present inside, all of them were anxiously looking at Zhao Hai.

After giving a salute to the ministers, Zhao Hai said, “The Demons have appeared in the Demonic Abyss. However, they didn’t attack Demon City immediately. Instead, they actually went and started to build a city.”

“Building a City?” What Zhao Hai said made the other people gawk. But then, they immediately understood the actions of the Demons, each and every one of their complexions couldn’t help but change.

Zhao Hai looked at those present and said, “Everyone, there’s no need to worry too much. I had a small contact with the Demons yesterday, none of us lost nor won. This means that I can stop the Demons there for quite some time. And since the Demons are busy with their city, we still have some time before they begin to launch attacks towards the continent.”

The crowd relaxed, then Zhao Hai turned his head to the Buddha Emperor and said, “Your Majesty, I want to ask you to refrain from sending too many troops to Demon City.”

The Buddha Emperor stared, then he knit his eyebrows and said, “Mister’s meaning is?” Then Zhao Hai replied, “Although Demon City is in a strategic place, its terrains isn’t suited for large scale battles. Moreover, the Buddha Empire’s elite cavalry isn’t really suitable to defend a city. Instead, they excelled in wide plain battles. Because of this, I came here to ask Your Majesty to not send too many Iron Knights to Demon City. Instead, we should divide them to various strategic points in the Buddha Empire. I shall also be asking the Dwarves, Elves, and Beastmen to help with the fight. We’ll be making the entire Buddha Empire into a giant battlefield. And establishing our own advantages here will be good against the Demon attack.”

The Buddha Emperor quietly closed his eyes. He wasn’t someone who didn’t understand military affairs. On the contrary, he actually started in the military, so he was very familiar with strategic decisions. The Demons had come suddenly and he wasn’t able to think much about them at all. So when he heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but think about the matters of the war.

The Buddha Emperor wasn’t dumb, he knew that it was impossible for the Buddha Empire alone to block the Demon Advance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have listened to Zhao Hai’s request to have the civilians be evacuated.

Because of this, the Buddha Emperor was in staunch agreement with regards to turning his entire Empire into a huge battlefield. His heart didn’t feel pain for those cities, he knew that all of these needed to be done. As long as the citizens are alive, then the Empire is still standing.

At the same time, he was also considering the feasibility of Zhao Hai’s plan. The Buddha Empire’s Iron Knight Cavalry was very well-known. Additionally, when they mounted the beasts that Zhao Hai brought, the Buddha Empire’s Cavalry, along with the Beastmen, can definitely take advantage of the Buddha Empire’s plains in order to resist the Demon advance. On the other hand, having Dwarf Infantry was also very good in defending Demon City. After all, the Dwarves were formidable melee fighters. One shouldn’t underestimate them just because they are short, the hammers in their backs can easily deal heavy strikes with each swing. Although there weren’t much news with regards to the Elves in recent years, it was also known that the magic and archery of the Elves were top notch. Having a mixed army like this would actually help in dealing with the Demon Race.

After thinking about it, the Buddha Emperor opened his eyes slowly and said, “Alright, then we’ll move according to Mister’s plan. I shall immediately send orders, sending one army troop to defend Demon City. In any case, they are already itching for a fight. My Buddha Empire’s soldiers aren’t afraid to die, all of them wanted to make the Demons pay for the price of invading the Ark Continent.’

Zhao Hai nodded, “Then I’ll leave you here to prepare. I’ll be meeting the Beastmen and the Elves next. We cannot delay in deploying troops.”

The Buddha Emperor stood up and gave Zhao Hai a big salute, “I represent the entire Buddha Empire in expressing our gratitude to Mister. If not for your effort in going back and forth between nations, then the Buddha Empire might have already been buried in history.”

Zhao Hai was then quick to reply, “Your Majesty is too polite, I’m just considering the fate of the entire continent. Your Majesty can rest assured, I’ve already arranged for your people’s stay inside the Lyon Empire. At the same time, the Aksu Empire has been short of people, for those who are willing to help with the manpower, I shall have them sent there by boat.”

The Buddha Emperor looked at Zhao Hai, he didn’t know what to say. He knew that without Zhao Hai, it would be impossible for the Buddha Empire to survive. They might already been conquered by the Demons by now. Moreover, the eastern parts of the Buddha Empire might have also fallen to the Dragon-ruled Lyon Empire.

Zhao Hai gave the Buddha Emperor a slight bow as he turned around to leave the Imperial palace. When Zhao Hai left, the Buddha Emperor immediately sent some orders, “Pass this order, have the armies near the Rising Sun City, Lower Bank City, South Plain City, Water Wheel City, Broad Flat City congregate. Have them form a defensive line along the river. The west bank cities would need to do the same as well. Mister told me that he would have marine friends assist us, so we should fortify the river locations. Run along the other branches of Iron Warhorse City and have armies stationed there as well. Control the logistics and have all those points interconnected with each other. Let’s make the Demons regret going through the Buddha Empire, we’ll make them bleed out with every step they make. With the capital as the center, we will have six strategic lines going outwards. The Buddha Empire will be the greatest fortress the continent has ever seen.”

The officials in the Great Hall issued a huge shout. The Buddha Emperor looked at them and said, “Mister Zhao Hai has been going all out in the frontlines. He is doing this not only for us, but also for the entire continent. We, the Buddha Empire, are not afraid of war. Since Mister Zhao Hai is willing to give his all to the continent, then the Buddha Empire shall help him by becoming an advantageous battlefield for the alliance. This is our home, there’s nobody more familiar with the place than us. We shall make the Demons understand that it was a mistake stepping in the lands if the Buddha Empire!” Overwhelmed with his emotions, the Buddha Empire even slammed the table right in front of him.

The Ministers in the Great Hall simultaneously shouted, “Long Live the Buddha Empire!! Long Live his Majesty!” The Buddha Emperor looked at tho officials and said, “The entire Ark Continent has entered a special period. Various brothers from the other races will be helping us. I want all of you to remember that from now on, all these races will be the friends of the Human Race. Spread my command, have all our brothers from a different race be treated with utmost hospitality. Anyone disobeying this rule will be punished heavily!”

The ministers acknowledged the order. Then the Buddha Emperor nodded and said, “Go and make your preparations. Tabulate the needed materials and then report back to me. We’ll be asking mister for help in this regard. Now go!” After giving a bow, the ministers proceeded to leave the Great Hall.

When everyone left, the Buddha Emperor slowly sat down on his throne. His eyes were shining brightly as he laughed by himself, “Hahaha, be quick, Demons. Let me see who is more formidable, you or my Iron Knights! Hahaha” After all that happened in the Buddha Empire, the fear and anxiety that the Buddha Emperor felt had been swept away. Instead, it actually provoked his arrogance. He suddenly reverted back to his attitude back when he was just an ordinary soldier, during the times where he was still hot-blooded and was charging his enemies in the frontlines. Ever since he had become the Emperor, this mindset had slowly withdrew. But now, it seems like it was reignited due to the upcoming war.

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware about this, he was currently inside the Elven Forest. When the Elves spotted Zhao Hai, they immediately sent a report to the Queen who invited Zhao Hai directly to the Royal Palace.

Upon arriving at the palace hall, Zhao Hai met the newly appointed Great Elder. He immediately gave a bow to the Queen and the elder before saying, “I have seen Your Majesty and the Great Elder.”

The Queen quickly replied, “Mister doesn’t need to conform to ceremony. May I know why mister made a visit this time?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I have an important matter to tell you, Your Majesty. The matter is like this….” Then Zhao Hai told the Queen the matter that he had discussed with Billy. “Your Majesty, I’d like it if you are to send troops to help defend Demon City. I have discussed this matter with the Buddha Emperor as well. What do you think?”

The Queen frowned, to be honest, she didn’t want the Elves to mingle with the others. However, she was also aware of how effective Zhao Hai’s plan would be. Therefore, she gave a nod and said, “Alright, then I shall send 5000 archers to be dispatched to Demon City.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then Your Majesty has my gratitude. I won’t be staying here for long, I still need to go to the Beastmen. However, Your Majesty can rest assured, nobody would dare touch the Elves if they appear in the continent. Otherwise, I shall be the first one to punish them. And also, when I leave, I shall be leaving 5000 Blood Hawks to be the mounts of the Elves. The Blood Hawks are more suitable mounts for combat compared to the Voiceless Soundbirds. When Your Majesty has prepared your army, you can have them ride the Blood Hawk towards Demon City.” The Queen nodded and said, “Alright, then we shall be following Mister’s arrangement.” Zhao Hai gave the Queen a bow before he turned around to leave.

When Zhao Hai left, the Great Elder looked at the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, should we really dispatch troops this early? To be honest, with our current strength, we can sufficiently hold the Demons back inside the forest. On the other hand, why do we need to work together with the Humans?”


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