BTFTLIAW – Chapter 695

Chapter 695 – Billy’s Idea

In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t tell Ruyen and Evan about the Space. What they knew was that Zhao Hai was someone with a Space Divergent Ability.

When their figures appeared inside the Space, Ruyen’s mind couldn’t help but turn blank. They were currently in front of the Space’s villa, and Ruyen saw Lizzy and Megan.

When she saw them, Ruyen couldn’t help but pull her hand away from Zhao Hai. She was still ashamed in front of Lizzy and Megan, one was because of her status, and two, because of her past.

When Lizzy and Megan saw Ruyen’s action, they smiled but didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai turned his head to Ruyen and said, “Alright, Ruyen, you can take a rest here. Lizzy and Megan will tell you everything there is to know about this place. I still need to head out.”

Ruyen gave a nod before Lizzy and Megan pulled her over and telling her everything about the Space. Then Zhao Hai’s figure disappeared as he went out of the Space. This time, he wasn’t heading towards Demon City, but instead towards Dwarf Mountain. The Dwarf Mountain is inside the Buddha Empire, because of this, Zhao Hai thought that once the Buddha Empire’s army withdrew, the closest army to face the Demons would be the Dwarves.

When Zhao Hai arrived inside Dwarf Mountain, he was quick to notice that the atmosphere here was very different compared to the past. There used to be the sounds of Dwarves hammering here, there were also Dwarven Women, making armor and other things. But now, the place appeared very empty, there weren’t any Dwarf children or women present. The only ones left were Dwarves soldiers. When Zhao Hai appeared, he was immediately escorted by two soldiers towards Billy’s office. When Billy saw Zhao Hai, he immediately asked the latter to take a seat. After sitting down, Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Why did you come? Did something happen?” Zhao Hao nodded, “The Demons have arrived and I had a minor scuffle with them. Neither of us won or lost.”

Billy nodded with a heavy expression. He knew how strong Zhao Hai’s undead were, and to think that Zhao Hai was unable to win, it seems like these Demons wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Billy and said, “Patriarch, how are your preparations doing?” Billy gave a nod and said, “Preparations are doing well, moreover, with the magic beasts that you gave us, our communication with the Elves has gone much smoother.”

Zhao Hai nodded, after taking the Dwarf women and children to the Black Wasteland, Zhao Hai released large quantities of water element beasts in order to aid the Dwarves. With these magic beast, the Dwarves would have it easier to communicate with the Elves. At the same time, this also made it easier for the Dwarves to traverse the underground rivers of the mountain.

Billy looked at Zhao Hai and said, “The people from the Buddha Empire are still moving. It will take at least two months before all of them left. I’m afraid that relying on Demon City for defense wouldn’t be enough. We should try and find another solution.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I also think that Demon City wouldn’t be enough to slow the Demons down. Therefore, I plan to lay some ambushes on every city in the Buddha Empire.”

Billy nodded and said, “That isn’t wrong, but there are some issues. If you want to really ambush the Demons in the Buddha Empire, then relying only on the Buddha Empire’s army would be a good idea. The Buddha Empire is famous for their iron, this made their heavy armored cavalry very effective in battling in the plains How about getting the Beastmen to help the Buddha Empire in defending? And while the Beastmen and Buddha Empire cavalry are attacking the Demons in the field, we can also have some Blood Hawk Cavalry and some Hawk Beastmen attack from the skies. Adding your undead to all of these would be a very good way to tussle with the Demons going through the Buddha Empire. Moreover, this would also increase the depth of strategy in the battlefield. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai was shocked, he hasn’t thought about this point. Now that Billy reminded him, he can remember that he can now use the entire continent as manpower in this war. So why wouldn’t he unite the various forces, making sure that everyone shows their best performance?

After thinking about it, ZHao Hai couldn’t help but get pumped up. He was currently thinking about the feasibility of this plan. While the Beastman Cavalry are indeed strong, the Elves are also formidable archers, who also have their own aerial cavalry. If this aerial cavalry were to ride the Blood Hawks, then their speed should be no slower than the flying Demons. The Elven air force could surely disrupt the Demons in the skies while the Buddha and Beastman Cavalries clashed with the ground toops. At the same time, the Dwarves could also assist in defending Demon City, digging tunnels here and there, making offensive and defensive maneuvers many times more effective.

Nobody could blame Zhao Hai for not thinking about this before. One should know that Zhao Hai had not commanded such a huge battle before. Even though the forces in the continent were listening to Zhao Hai, all of them were also preparing themselves to defend the Demons. During the war, Zhao Hai would just issue his ideas and the others would just make the move. That is to say, Zhao Hai just told them the heading, and they just decide how to do it by themselves.

One could say that Zhao Hai’s capability can only be ranked as an officer, not an alliance leader of such a big alliance. He just didn’t have the talent to do that.

Billy’s idea completely woke Zhao Hai up. If they do as what Billy said, then they won’t only have the Accra Mountain as an option, new paths and strategies would be opened up.

Seeing that Zhao Hai was staying quiet, Billy didn’t speak. He knew that Zhao Hai was lacking in this aspect. However, he wasn’t worried about it since Zhao Hai was still quite young. Moreover, he already has the strength, given enough time, Zhao Hai would mature bit by bit, eventually being able to contend properly with the Demon Race.

After some time, Zhao Hai gained some ground as he looked at Billy and said, “Alright. Patriarch, I know what we should do. However, I would need to ask the Dwarves to dispatch some troops to send towards Demon City. No matter what, we cannot lose that place to the Demons very easily. If we lose it this early, then the Demons would gain more foothold in the continent.”

Billy nodded, “That’s not a problem. Rest assured, we shall have the troops prepared in a short time.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Alright, then I’d like you to dispatch about 50 thousand troops for Demon City. I’ll be heading to the Buddha Empire now and discuss things with the Buddha Emperor. I want to stop him from sending troops to Demon City. instead, I’ll have the Beastmen and Elves send some troops there instead. Those troops would be a huge help in defending Demon City and delaying the advance of the Demons. At the same time, we’ll have some troops propagate along strategic positions in the Buddha Empire. As for the smaller cities, we can just leave them.”

Billy nodded, “ The Buddha Empire’s situation is truly special. As long as we hold those strategic positions, then we would be fine. Small Cities aren’t just worth defending, instead, we can just have Buddha and Beastman Cavalries wander around selected areas.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Alright, then please prepare your army. I’ll go see the Buddha Emperor now then the Beast King and the Elf Queen. This time, I need to discuss things with them personally.”

Billy nodded, then he stood up to prepare his army. On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s figure vanished as he appeared in the Buddha Empire’s capital. Iron Knight City was actually more bustling compared to before. However, Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t due to business, these ships were currently transporting people. One could say that the Buddha Empire’s capital had become a beast that had been struck by a sword, bleeding out, but instead of losing blood, it was losing its citizens. In the end, this city would be left empty.

Zhao Hai appeared right outside the Imperial Palace of the Buddha Empire. The Palace has now strengthened its vigilance. It was basically under martial law, there were teams of cavalry constantly patrolling the place.

When he got out of the Space, Zhao Hai immediately summoned his Bone Dragon and then rode it towards the Buddha Empire’s Imperial palace.

At this point, everyone in the continent was aware that the Bone Dragon symbolized Zhao Hai. Even if they didn’t know Zhao Hai’s face, they would still know it was him due to the Bone Dragon.

Zhao Hai’s status in the continent was now very high. He can come and go out of an Imperial Capital at will. Moreover, his words were already considered as Imperial Decrees by the various powers in the continent.

Zhao Hai’s sudden appearance in the Buddha Empire’s capital caused a commotion in the city. Both Warriors and Mages looked at him in reverence while Nobles looked at him with worry. They were afraid that Zhao Hai was carrying unfavorable news.

The Buddha Emperor was currently inside the Great Hall, handling several domestic matters. When transferring citizens, it was imperative that nothing went wrong, and this was a very hard thing to do. The Buddha Emperor hasn’t slept for several days, his appearance had become much thinner compared to before.

When Zhao Hai’s Bone Dragon landed on the Imperial Palace, court eunuchs immediately informed the Buddha Emperor. Upon hearing that Zhao Hai came, he was startled, just as the other Nobles in the Great Hall. They were all afraid that Zhao Hai had brought bad news. What the Buddha Empire needed right now was time in order to evacuate its citizens. If Zhao Hai brought bad news, then things would become even more difficult.

When he arrived at the Great Hall, Zhao Hai was immediately personally greeted by the Buddha Emperor. Upon seeing the Buddha Emperor come out, Zhao Hai immediately gave him a bow as he said, “I have seen Your Majesty.” Then the Buddha Emperor didn’t hesitate to pull Zhao Hai’s hand and said, “Is mister doing well? Why did you come visit? Did an accident happen in the frontlines? Mister can rest assured, in two days, the Empire would have about a million elite cavalry reinforcing Demon City.”


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    I’m amazed how he doesn’t even consider using the space more for his combat tactics, relying entirely on clashing head on against them.

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    All the races combined won’t have 100k rank 9’s compared to the MC 2m+

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    Why is Zhao Hai so shocked about the fact that he can use the entire continent to defend them for? What was the point of preparing them all and even making that alliance scroll for?
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