BTFTLIAW – Chapter 694

Chapter 694 – This Enemy Is Hard To Deal With

The reason why Zhao Hai battled with the Demon Race right now was not to block them nor stop them from making their fortifications. Zhao Hai knew that this was impossible. He attacked this time in order to probe the Demon Race’s fighting strength.

In the end, it seems like the Demons were very strong. This was bad news for the continent. The stronger the Demons were, the harder it would be for the continent to fight back.

Zhao Hai continued to watch the battle. Although the fight was quite intense, there weren’t much losses in the Demon Race’s side. These Demons were very proficient in fights, they seemed to be complete veterans when it came to these, they rarely get injured. Even if they were unable to dodge an attack, they would still make movements to ensure that they would get minimum damage. Then after getting injured, they would immediately proceed to retreat from the front. It was evident that they were very used to these maneuvers. Not only was their bodies sturdy, their recovery was also quite quick. Therefore, it wasn’t very easy to kill one of them.

Zhao Hai could remember his previous fight with a group of Vile Demons. After receiving a mortal wound, they could even launch a counter-attack. While thinking about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel apprehensive. If all of the Demons in the Demon Realm had this property, then it would be really scary.

The Demon Dragon King and Zhao Hai looked at each other from across the battlefield. Both of them knew that there wasn’t much to be had in today’s battle. Although Zhao Hai had a lot of undead, he was still unable to kill Demons at a faster rate. While the battle was going on, more and more Demons were still coming out of the rift. Since continuing the battle would useless, Zhao Hai had planned for his retreat.

Although the undead were called that way, it didn’t mean that they have true immortal bodies. Once experts of the Demon Realm arrived, then it might be possible for Zhao Hai to suffer huge losses. Since he didn’t want to go all out, Zhao hai smiled towards the Demon Dragon King and said, “Your Majesty Demon Dragon king, I shall be retreating for today. I will wait for you in Demon City.” Then Zhao Hai turned his Bone Dragon around and headed back to Demon City. When he left, the undead who were still fighting the Demons suddenly vanished. This made the Demons, who were planning to go all out fighting, stare. Even if they wanted to continue fighting, they already didn’t have an enemy to fight with.

When the Demons saw Zhao Hai standing alone on top of his Bone Dragon, heading back to Demon City at a leisurely pace, all of them thought of one thing, it was to rush in and kill Zhao Hai. And as they were going to execute their action, the Demon Dragon King suddenly shouted, “Halt! All of you go back with me.” All the Demons turned to the Demon Dragon King and stopped what they were about to do. Although they didn’t know why the Demon Dragon King stopped them, they knew that they couldn’t violate his commands. After all, the army rules of the Demons were extremely strict.

At this time, a Vile Demon flew towards the Demon Dragon King and said, “Your Majesty, why didn’t you make us chase? We still have a lot of people on our side. Moreover, more people would keep coming as time goes by. It is the best time to pursue. If we manage to kill this Zhao Hao, then we would gain huge merit towards the Demon Race.”

The Demon Dragon King looked at the vile Demon, he was quite fond of this subordinate of his called Loyola. He was a very brave warrior and was also a good commander, his only negative was his hot temper.

The Demon Dragon King looked at Loyola and replied, “Don’t forget about what’s important. We are here to build the city first. As long as we’ve built this city, then the Demon Race would be able to establish a footing in the Ark Continent. This would give us much more leverage in attacking the continent. On the other hand, what could we accomplish in chasing after Zhao Hai? From our investigations, not only does Zhao Hai have formidable undead, he’s also a 9th rank expert. Moreover, he is a rare Human that trains in both Battle Qi and Magic. With this in mind, are you really confident in dealing with him?”

When Loyola heard the Demon Dragon King, he didn’t make any other noise. He had personally fought in the frontline, so he was aware of how strong Zhao Hai’s undead were. Zhao Hai’s undead vanished because he received them, they weren’t defeated by the Demons. If they pursue, then Zhao Hai can just use those undead to suppress them once more. It was truly impossible to deal with Zhao Hai in this way.

The Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai’s back and said, “If this person isn’t eliminated, then our Demon Race would surely have great big troubles. This matter should be reported to His Majesty.” Then the Demon Dragon King took his carriage and went back to the Demonic Abyss.

Although the Demon Dragon King was the monarch of the Demon Realm’s northwest, he wasn’t the Lord of the entire Demon Race. He was only a king in his own territory. In front of the Great Demon King, he can only be an official, this explains why the Demon Dragon King still had someone to call ‘His Majesty’.

Zhao Hai returned to Demon City under the cheers of the defenders. These people hadn’t heard Zhao Hai’s exchange with the Demon Dragon King, but they still witnessed the fight that happened. Although Zhao Hai couldn’t wipe out the opposing party, he was still able to completely match them. This made every person in the city very excited.

After all, Zhao Hai was just one person, yet the Demons were still unable to overwhelm him. This was truly something that can raise people’s morale.

In the past, these people only knew Zhao Hai’s strength through word of mouth, they hadn’t seen him make a move with their own eyes. This time, they had finally managed to see how powerful Zhao Hai really was.

When he saw the people in the city, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly. Then when he turned his head to look at the Demon camp, his expression couldn’t help but turn heavy.

After some time, Zhao Hai turned to the guard closes to him and said, “The Demons wouldn’t be attacking for quite some time since they are still busy with their city. Stay here and monitor them, I’ll be taking a rest.”

The guards complied with thunderous response. Then Zhao Hai flew up and went inside the Bone Dragon’s mouth.

Everyone in the continent were aware that Zhao Hai tended to go inside his undead and live there. Therefore, when the guards saw Zhao Hao enter the Bone Dragon, none of them were very surprised.

Actually, Zhao Hai entering the Bone Dragon was just to conceal that he just went to the Space. After arriving inside the Space, Lizzy immediately came to welcome him as she said, “Brother Hai, this enemy is truly difficult to deal with. These Demons are quite strong. Moreover, their formation was something they developed across many years. Finding a formation to counter them would not be easy.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “They are truly difficult to deal with, they’re quite suited for battle. You must have seen it, although we managed to injure a lot of Demons, the number of their casualties aren’t very large. We didn’t manage to make them suffer enough losses. Also, their numbers would continue to swell up. This is quite troublesome.”

Lizzy nodded, Megan did the same as well. Then after some time, Megan said, “Big Brother Hai, the Buddha Empire’s evacuation would still need some time. Do we need to stop them here for long?’

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “i don’t know. The only action we can make is do our best here. I already reached an agreement with the Fishmen. They will be entering the Buddha Empire’s waterways, first is to help the refugees in their retreat. And the second would be to block the Demons if it becomes necessary. But even if we use the rivers to block the Demons, we still cannot stop their further advance. It seems like we can only rely on the Dwarf Mountain and the Elven Forest to block their advance.”

At this point, Lizzy frowned and said, “Is this fine? The Demons are very strong. Can the Dwarves and Elves really block them?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, they can certainly block them. Don’t forget, the two of them have their own Divine Artifacts. More importantly, I’m quite sure that the Radiant Church had started to get anxious. They should be starting their move any time now.”

Lizzy agreed with this point. Although Zhao Hai couldn’t see what the Radiant Church was doing, one could still see that they had been anxious just by the state of their Empire.

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Camp on the monitor and sighed, “The Demons have changed their methods this time. I can remember that in the records of the Dwarves, the Demons immediately attacked upon entering the Ark Continent. In the end, the Demons went to far and was beaten back by the various races. But this time, it seems like the Demons have gotten smart. They actually decided to build a city first. As long as this city gets built, then they would gain a stable footing in the continent, allowing them a safe place to retreat. This isn’t good for us.”

Megan frowned, then she said, “Wouldn’t it be better for us if we destroy the city?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that won’t be easy. The Demons are settled on having this city. I’m afraid that with my current strength, we still couldn’t afford to destroy it.”

Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you sure? We have about 20 million undead in our hands. Couldn’t they just overwhelm the city?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Don’t forget, in addition to their strength, the Demons also have a self-destructing technique. If we push them too far, then they might decide to sacrifice themselves, taking several undead along with them. If we trade like that, we could easily deplete our number of undead. And what do we do when our undead gets depleted? I don’t want to use the continent to fill those numbers.”

Megan nodded, she understood what Zhao Hai meant. Although Zhao Hai had 20 million undead, this was their main battle force in resisting both the Demon Race and the Divine Race. Topping up those numbers with people from the continent wasn’t something that Zhao Hai wanted to see.

Lizzy nodded and said, “It’s best if we don’t destroy the city, this would give us even more time to prepare. At the same time, if the Divine Race really did come, then the Demons would be able to cause more trouble to the Divine Race..”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to look at the two and said, “How about Laura and Berry? Are they busy?”

Lizzy nodded and said, “Elder Sister Laura is busying herself with the allocation of materials. Although she had Cai’er for help, the tasks that needed to be done is just too many. On the other hand, Berry was still enjoying the scenery in the Space. She kept staring at the unchanging grassland. I really don’t know why she liked that scene.”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “The scene might be dull to us. But for Berry, it was the most wonderful thing that she had seen in her entire life. Cai’er had already told us about the situation in the Divine Realm. Cai’er’s leaves weren’t delicious, yet her leaves are still the most staple food of the Demon Realm. From just this point, we can imagine what kinds of days she had while in the Demon Realm. I’m sure she wouldn’t get tired of the scenery for a long time.”

Lizzy sighed, then Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, Sister Ruyen has been going all out these past few days. It seems like her body is getting weaker and weaker every day. Go and see her. Otherwise, her body might really break down.”

Zhao Hai sighed, then he nodded as  his figure vanished and appeared inside the Lyon Empire’s Royal Palace. Ruyen was currently inside, processing documents. Although Zhao Hai already left, the Great Nobles still didn’t dare to neglect Ruyen’s presence. As long as something important cropped up, they would immediately have Ruyen look through it. Although this allowed Ruyen to have a grasp of the Empire, this made her very tired as well.

Zhao Hai looked at Ruyen, she was even thinner than when he last saw her. Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but ache when he saw this, at the same time, he couldn’t help but look at Ruyen in a new light. Everyone was young at one point of their life, and everyone makes mistakes as well. For Zhao Hai, Ruyen’s hard work can already be considered to be the price that she paid for her past mistakes. Zhao Hai doesn’t want to see Ruyen torture herself anymore.

Zhao Hai also thought that he had been unfair to Ruyen. Among his women, the only one who didn’t know about the Space was her. This made Zhao Hai feel sorry, so he decided to tell Ruyen about the Space.

When Ruyen heard Zhao Hai sigh, she looked up. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, Ruyen couldn’t help but let out a breath as she smiled and quickly said, “You’re here.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at Ruyen and said, “I just fought with the Demons. Neither of us lost or won. It seems like we can only use Accra Mountain as a defensive terrain to block the Demons.”

Ruyen couldn’t help but stare when she heard Zhao Hai. Then she immediately too a step towards Zhao Hai and said, “How are you? Are you injured?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m fine. On the other hand, you look like you couldn’t survive for another day. You already did a good job, don’t busy yourself too much. I’ll take you to a place where you can take a well-deserved rest.” Then he went and held Ruyen’s hand.

Ruyen was overjoyed when she felt Zhao Hai’s warm hand. Zhao Hai looked at Ruyen and smiled at her as their figures flashed and entered the Space.


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