BTFTLIAW – Chapter 693

Chapter 693 – Fight

When Zhao Hai heard the Demon Dragon King, he couldn’t help but smile faintly and said, “You Majesty, didn’t your subordinates tell you? I just got the Succubus Berry as my wife.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but stare for a moment before he laughed and said, “This King forgot. Hahaha. To be honest, this King is quite envious of Mister Zhao Hai’s luck. It’s not easy to subdue a Succubus to become your wife. Mister is truly lucky.”

Zhao Hai certainly would not tell the Demon Dragon King that it was Cai’er who told him all about the Demon Realm. To be honest, Zhao Hai was quite sympathetic towards these Demons. If they only chose to come peacefully, then Zhao Hai will not stop them. However, instead of doing things peacefully, they chose to do war. Although Zhao Hai disliked wars, he certainly wasn’t afraid of it.

Because of this, Zhao Hai chose to lead an army to resist the Demons rather than have Cai’er deal with them. If Zhao Hai were to make Cai’er deal with the Demon Race, he could just make her withdraw all of her branches there. In time, the Demon Realm would possibly enter an extremely severe food crisis.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to starve the entire Demon Realm, so he decided to just fight the Demons in a straightforward way. At the same time, he was also unwilling to expose Cai’er’s identity since it may have a bad influence on her branches.

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Dragon King and smiled, “Your Majesty has a Succubus as a wife as well, there’s no reason for you to envy me. Right, Your Majesty came as a vanguard, there should be no need to build a city, right?”

The Demon Dragon King looked deeply into Zhao Hai and said, “Mister might know a lot about the Demon Realm, but this time you are mistaken. We decided to build this city so that we can have our own base in the Ark Continent.  No matter how much you natives would like us to go away, you would have no other choice but recognize the existence of our Demon Race.”

Zhao Hai shook his head as he smiled faintly and said, “We can actually recognize your presence, however, it seems like you don’t like us being here. To be honest, the Ark Continent is too small compared to the Demon Realm, all of you cannot just transfer over here. This made me wonder why you even wanted to wage war.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, the Demon Dragon King seemed to turn mad as he shouted, “Why we go to war? Why?! It’s because of lesser creatures being able to occupy such a beautiful land while we Demons get to experience such a hellish landscape. This land should belong to the Demon Race! Anyone who dared to stop us will die!”

Zhao Hai looked at the expression of the Demon King and sighed, he knew that talking would only get this far. He looked calmly at the Demon Dragon King and said, “Then it’s war!”

But before Zhao Hai gets to command his army, he gets interrupted by the Demon King who said, “Mister, wait. Do you really want to become an enemy to the Demon Race? Mister is a Dark Mage, your kind had always been suppressed in the Ark Continent. At the same time, your belief in the God of Darkness is no different to our faith for the Demon God. How about mister joins our side, and together we shall conquer the entire continent. With Mister’s strength, as long as you help us occupy the continent, then we would surely give you a very high rank.”

Zhao Hai stared at the Demon Dragon King, then after a moment he suddenly laughed, “I want to thank Your Majesty’s good intentions. However, this Zhao Hai already considers himself as a person of the Ark Continent. Although there are friction between the powers in the continent, all of us share the same resistance against being slaves or being exterminated. Even if the Demons or the Divine Race make out continent’s rivers turn red, we would still continue to fight on until the very end!” Zhao Hai expressed his thoughts, as well as the conviction of the entire continent.

The Demon Dragon King looked at Zhao Hai, his expression turned ugly as he said, “Mister’s words truly enraged this King. Then from now on, the entire Demon Race and I shall be your mortal enemies!” Then the Demon Dragon King waved his hand as the Dragons that were pulling his carriage issued a loud roar. After that, the Demons around the carriage charged towards Zhao Hai. It seems like they wanted to eliminate him here and now.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he waved his hand. The Bone Dragon retreated back as the other undead pressed on forward, blocking every attack coming towards Zhao Hai.

The Demon Dragon King slowly turned back as well. In fights like these, the superiors would naturally refrain from engaging in the initial clash. It just didn’t conform to their status.

Before long, the undead and the Demons clashed, their strengths were unexpectedly the same. When the Demon Dragon King saw this, he couldn’t help but knit his eyebrows. Although they had collected a lot of information pertaining to Zhao Hai, it seems like they still underestimated him. The Demon King didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this difficult to deal with.

There were also some races in the Demon Realm who were able to control the undead. This was because the Demon Realm was a very good environment for the evolution of undead. Therefore, this made the undead of the realm very strong. Making them one of the main battle forces of the Demon Realm.

Naturally, the undead couldn’t be the true battle army of the Demon Realm. Although undead could be controlled by races, there was only one race that can command them with great complexity, and it was the Demon Realm’s Lich Race.

The Lich Race was very special in that they were extremely low in population. Moreover, they were quite mysterious. However, they were just the Demon Realm’s version of the true Lich Race.

The True Lich race were legendary beings of the underworld. They were creatures that only existed in soul form and couldn’t be harmed by physical attacks. All of them were innately talented in Dark Magic. In the past, there was a Dark Mage that was able to summon a true Lich. That Lich had wisdom that was no lesser than a Human. At the same time, it was also not willing to be under the control of a Human. This caused a backlash on its summoner. This was also the time where people came to know of their existence.

On the other hand, the Demon Realm’s Lich Race was actually just a type of Demon that possess half of a soul form. This meant that they were still susceptible to material attacks. However, their bodies still had a strange ability of going ethereal when an attack arrives, greatly minimizing the damage done to it. This ethereal form can only be achieved for a short time, and cannot be used continuously as well. Therefore, they were called the Demon Realm’s Lich Race.

The fighting strength of a Lich is no worse than a Vile Demon. The only reason why they weren’t rulers of the Demon Realm was because of their low population. It was estimated that the entire Demon Realm only had around ten thousand Lich.

The entire Demon Realm was so big, and for the number of Lich to only be ten thousand was something that baffled a lot of people. However, since each one of them were very strong, nobody dared to annoy them. Even the Vile Demons would act polite towards these beings. The Lich were able to control a large amount of undead. As to how much, nobody really knew. What they only knew was that a extremely formidable Lich appeared a long time ago. That Lich was able to control an astonishing 1 million undead and controlled them in order to annoy the Vile Demons. It was precisely because of its actions that the Vile Demons decided to sent troops in order to deal with the Lich.

In order to kill this Lich, the Vile Demons sent an army of 3 million. In the end, of the 3 million, only 850 thousand managed to survive. At the same time, the battle also made the Vile Demons lose 20 9th rank experts. This battle was a testament of how powerful the Lich were.

And while the Vile Demons were surrounding this Lich, they were also able to witness the prowess of the Lich’s undead. The undead were quite strong, majority of them had 7th to 8th rank strength. Additionally, these undead were unafraid to die in battle. This fearlessness was something that even the Vile Demons were unable to emulate. This event made the Lich Race untouchables in the Demon Realm.

In the beginning, the Demon Dragon King thought that the Demon Realm made the most powerful undead. After all, the constant battle in the Realm was the best catalyst in creating formidable undead. However, the Demon Dragon King eventually found fault in this belief. Zhao Hai’s undead were actually more formidable than the undead in the Demon Realm. They even managed to achieve 9th rank strength.

One must know that the Demons were beings that grew up in battle, this gave them formidable fighting power. Even if they were still 8th ranks, each Demon can easily exhibit 9th rank strength. 8th ranks of the Ark Continent were completely unable to contend with 9th rank Demons.

This time, since the Demon Dragon King acted as the vanguard of the Demon Realm, he was tasked with building the city in order to establish a foothold for the Demon Race. Because of this, not only was he given powerful Vile Demons to command, the other races of the Demon Realm also sent their elites for him to use. This made the vanguard army much more powerful than average Demon armies.

However, such an elite army actually fought to a draw with Zhao Hai’s undead. It was no wonder that the Demon Dragon King was surprised.

Zhao Hai looked calmly at the battle in front of him. He was using this battle in order to gauge the strength of the Demon Army. It was quite obvious that these Demons weren’t 9th ranks, but their strength was still very strong. They were actually able to fight evenly with the 9th rank undead. Although there was still a small gap between them, the mere fact that they lasted this long was already quite surprising.

While the battle progressed on, Zhao Hai’s mood had turned heavier and heavier. If this was the strength of their 8th ranks, then what can be said about their 9th ranks? It seems like the fight with the Demon Realm wouldn’t go smoothly as what he thought.

The two sides proceeded to strangle each other in the air. Zhao Hai’s undead always fought head-on with the opposing Demons. And these Demons were no stranger to this kind of battle. They even managed to make a formation in the air while fighting with the undead.


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