BTFTLIAW – Chapter 692

Chapter 692 – Demon Dragon King

Zhao Hai was currently standing outside Demon City. Behind him was the city’s walls and in front of him was an army of undead. The undead looked like statues as they stood, unmoving.

Zhao Hai was currently on the back of the Bone Dragon along with Tywin. The undead on the field were all controlled by the Gan Family. Zhao Hai’s undead were yet to be released.

It has been a day since Zhao Hai communicated with the various Patriarchs and Monarchs of the continent. In the past day, Zhao Hai has been inside the Space, continuously talking to his messenger fishes, coordinating with the everyone and deploying various materials.

It was fortunate that Zhao Hai was able to make the Monarchs and Patriarchs listen to his instructions. These people also understood that if they didn’t follow through, then they would get eliminated by the Demons sooner or later. Therefore, they decided to fully cooperate in this huge operation.

Also, this alliance needed a leader. And since Zhao Hai held special status in all of these groups, he became the de facto leader. Because of his Space, Zhao Hai was able to move massive resources around, giving him the power to dictate when and where people needed to be. This made everyone consult Zhao Hai whenever an important decision needs to be made. At the same time, this also fulfilled the Dwarves’ prophecy, King of Kings.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about these. To be honest, with regards to resources,  he really didn’t have too much of a problem about it. At this point, he had a lot of things in his hand. Adding that to the reserves of the Empires, then Zhao Hai found himself unable to fathom the exact number. On the other hand, Laura and Cai’er were already crunching the numbers as well as allocating everything in behalf of Zhao Hai. At the same time, Megan and Lizzy were conserving their strengths for the upcoming fight with the Demon Race.

On the contrary, Berry was not busy at all. She is currently working with Lizzy on how to command in battle while also familiarizing herself with the situation inside the Space.

The more Berry understood about Zhao Hai’s space, the more she found it to be mysterious. She already has a few ideas in her mind, however, she didn’t tell it to Zhao Hai at this time.

Zhao Hai was currently waiting in Demon City for the Blood Void’s activation. From what he heard while talking to Berry, the void formation would should be starting quite soon. At this moment, Zhao Hai wanted to see what it looks like when the formation starts.

Tywin and the others were also by Zhao Hai’s side. Their expression of anxiety couldn’t be hidden as they gazed towards the Demonic Abyss. They knew that the fight would start soon, they couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Zhao Hai turned his head towards the city walls and looked at the soldiers, they were anxious as well. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh, although the war with the Demons happened tens of thousands of years ago, legends about the Demons were still prevalent in Human societies. It was told that Demons were overbearing, lusted for blood, and powerful. All of these descriptions had slowly crept up on these soldier’s minds, making them very nervous.

However, Zhao Hai couldn’t do anything much but wait. Zhao Hai sighed before sitting on the Bone Dragon’s head. Then he took out a small table, a bottle of wine, and a wine glass as he continued on with his thoughts.

When the soldiers on the walls saw Zhao Hai’s action, they couldn’t help but stare. Then their expression loosened. In their minds, Zhao Hai had already become the main pillar of support. Zhao Hai’s calmness had affected them as well, making the pressure in their minds slowly ease up.

At this moment, a very fierce vibration suddenly came from the Demonic Abyss. This vibration shook the terrain, making Demon City’s structures sway.

Zhao Hai seems to have not noticed this as he drank the wine in his glass and muttered, “You’ve finally come. I had been waiting for half of the day.”

Just as Zhao Hai said this, a more violent shaking happened, it was as strong as an earthquake. Then black fog started to come out of the abyss as it slowly covered the skies above it.

Zhao Hai looked at the black clouds as he smiled faintly and said, “Magnificent, good, very good.” Then a fierce rumbling came out as a shockwave came out of the abyss, eradicating everything around it, may it be stone, soil, or plants, turning all of them into powder instantly.

With an intention, Zhao Hai released countless amounts of undead. When the undead appeared, they immediately formed a large green shield in their bodies, protecting themselves as well as those behind them from the shockwave. Demon City as well as the base of operations outside became unaffected by the destructive wave.

And just as Zhao Hai drank from his wine glass, mushroom clouds suddenly came out of the Demonic Abyss!

Zhao Hai can only imagine one thing upon seeing these mushroom clouds, it was an image of a nuclear explosion. He didn’t think that the Blood Void would cause explosions strong enough to cause mushroom clouds to appear.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but mutter, “Is this an illusion? It must be, aren’t the Demons afraid of blowing themselves up?”

Although Tywin and the others were right by Zhao Hai’s side, they still didn’t hear what Zhao Hai just said. They were too enthralled by the mushroom clouds in front of them.

At this time, the Demonic Abyss suddenly changed. A small whirlpool started to appear in the middle of the mushroom clouds. Then this whirlpool continued to grow bigger and bigger as it started to revolve, absorbing all of the dark clouds before all of it vanished.

When the dark fog completely disappeared, Zhao Hai couldn’t’ help but breathe in some cold air. A massive change just happened in the Demonic Abyss. The abyss had become wider and more spacious. At the bottom of the abyss was a huge crack that was suspended half a meter above the ground. At the same time, groups upon groups of Demons slowly appeared from it, rows upon rows of Demonic beings from the Demon Realm.

After the changes in the Demonic Abyss, it has now become a wide flatland. The surrounding cliffs had completely vanished. With how large the flatland was, it was more proper to call it a plain.

It was an incomparably huge plain, and in the middle of it was a huge spatial rift. At the scale of this plain, an army of tens of millions would fit to be stationed here.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect that the effects of the Blood Void would be this significant. One must know that Zhao Hai took two days to fly towards the rift, all of that distance has been affected by the Blood Void. This showed how powerful the formation was.

However, the thing that surprised Zhao Hai the most was the fact that the Demons didn’t immediately attack upon coming out of the spatial rift. Instead, they started to build their base of operations on the flatland right beside the rift.

From the looks of it, it seems like they aren’t just building a camp. They were constructing a city. After seeing this development, Zhao Hai’s expression couldn’t help but turn gloomy.

If the Demons just attacked them after coming out, then Zhao Hai didn’t have anything to worry about. But now that they are constructing a city, this meant that they wanted to establish a base, intending to fight with the Humans for a long time. This wasn’t what Zhao Hai wanted to see.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he collected his drinking set, then he turned to Tywin and said, “You wait here.” When Tywin heard this, they immediately jumped down from the Bone Dragon and stayed in mid-air. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as an innumerable amount of undead appeared. Zhao Hai gave a command, then the undead started to form into a cube before rushing towards the Demon invaders.

When the people on the walls saw what Zhao Hai did, they couldn’t help but gasp. At the same time, the Demons also saw Zhao Hai’s action. They immediately split into teams as some of them flew up to meet Zhao Hai’s approaching undead army.

As the two forces came closer and closer, Zhao Hai discovered that the other party was composed of flying beasts as well as winged Demons. All of them had grotesque looks, but one could see that they had extraordinary strength.

The two forces stopped when they were about a hundred meters away from each other. Zhao Hai directed the Bone Dragon as he slowly got out of the cube formation. At the same time, a small group also went forward from the other party.

This group was composed of Vile Demons. All of them were protecting a carriage that was in the middle of their formation. What pulled this carriage wasn’t actually a horse, but Dragons instead.

These Dragons were similar to those back in Accra Mountain. However, their bodies were pitch black as their scales flashed with the same metallic luster. They also have eyes that were red, leaving those who looked at it with a very bad feeling.

The two teams stopped when they were ten meters away from each other. Zhao Hai inspected the carriage, the carriage was actually just the lower half of the structure. There was a throne with beast engravings right on top of the carriage. Sitting right on the throne was a Vile Demon.

Although there wasn’t much difference to how this Vile Demon looked, one could still feel that he was more majestic than the others, just like how a alpha male lion looks like when it was just lying on the ground.

The Vile Demon was similarly inspecting Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was wearing his Dark Mage Robe as he stood on the head of the Bone Dragon. In his hand was a blood red magic staff. Although his appearance was quite ordinary, his aura was telling a completely different thing. Zhao Hai’s imposing aura wasn’t any less than the VIle Demon himself.

The Vile Demon looked at Zhao Hai, then with his deep voice he said, “Are you Mister Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, he didn’t think that the other party would actually know about him. He smiled faintly and said, “Right, I am Zhao Hai. I didn’t think that His Majesty, the Demon Realm’s Northwestern Monarch, the Dragon Demon King actually knew of my name. This Zhao Hai has been disrespectful.”

It was the turn of the Dragon Demon King to be surprised, he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “My Demon Race has been collecting information regarding the continent for tens of thousands of years. Mister Zhao Hai’s quick rise to prominence naturally couldn’t be ignored. Me knowing Mister’s name isn’t surprising. This one is just curious, Mister, how come you are completely well-informed of the things in my Demon Realm? I wonder if Mister can sate my curiosity?”


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  1. This also fulfilled the dwarves prophesy of king of kings? now that sounds like an excuse by the author, he even had to mention it just in case someone would try and point it out later.
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