BTFTLIAW – Chapter 690

Chapter 690 – Miscalculation of Time

It didn’t take too long before the fight finished. Although Zhao Hai’s undead suffered when faced with the same 9th rank power, they were completely dominating those who are less ranked. After all, 8th rank and 9th rank were totally different from each other.

After all the dark beasts and undead have been cleaned up, Zhao Hai continued to fly ahead. And before long, they arrived at a valley inside the Demonic Abyss.

At the valley, the first thing that Zhao Hai noticed was the spatial rift. Coming out from the rift were clumps of black gases. Fortunately, this rift wasn’t big, it was only less than a meter long and a half meter wide. Aside from small people, no bigger creatures can emerge at this time.

With the spatial rift as the center, a huge magic formation was erected, shooting out white radiance now and then. This was the void formation of the Blood Void.

Zhao Hai inspected the spatial crack, he wanted to see how different this rift was compared to the Space’s own. After looking at it for some time, Zhao Hai couldn’t see much of a difference. It was the same floating hole, like a hole in a transparent canvas.

Behind this rift was nothingness, one couldn’t see anything at all. Even light seems to get swallowed by it.

Upon looking further, Zhao Hai noticed that the rift was surrounded by ten Vile Demons.[1]

Zhao Hai was no stranger to Vile Demons, he looked at the ten of them and smiled, “Vile Demons enemies, you can rest assured that I am not here to destroy your formation. However, when you Demons arrive, be sure that I shall be there waiting.”

Zhao Hai’s attitude shocked the Vile Demons. They were puzzled at Zhao Hai, they couldn’t understand what Zhao Hai meant.

Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “There’s no need to be anxious. Usually, I call people with a different race than me, friends or brothers. However, you Demons wanted to invade my Ark Continent, so I had no choice but to call you enemies. But I am indeed sincere in not attacking the Blood Void. I know that there’s no way to stop the Blood Void, and I also don’t want it to activate ahead of time. Therefore, I shall be leaving you here and I will just wait for you in the surface.”

The Vile Demons stared blankly at Zhao Hai, then after some time, one of them said, “No matter who you are, you are worthy of our respect. We will defeat you in the battlefield, we’ll make you aware of how strong the Demon Realm is.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, he already knew that although these Demons were battle freaks, they were also people who respected brave warriors. To be clear, they respect brave warriors, not strong experts.

Brave Warriors and Experts have their distinction. A brave warrior isn’t necessarily a strong expert. When faced with an enemy much stronger than yourself but still are willing to fight, then you are a brave warrior. These kinds of people were very well respected by the Demons. For this respect, the Demons would defeat you in an upright manner, there would be no tricks involved.

Berry was also quite surprised at Zhao Hai. She discovered that Zhao Hai actually understood the Demon Realm fully. This made her confused, she didn’t understand how a Human was able to know about the Demon Realm. This was too inconceivable. The Humans haven’t even entered the Demon Realm.

At this time, the head Demon turned to Berry and said, “Berry, why are you together with him? Do you want to betray the Demon Realm?”

Berry looked at the Vile Demon and said, “I didn’t betray the Demon Realm. I am just following the customs of my Succubus Clan. This person managed to break free from my mental attack. Therefore, according to the rule, I shall have to marry this person.”

When the Vile Demon heard Berry, he couldn’t help but gawk. Of course, the Vile Demon was aware about which rule Berry was talking about. He just didn’t think that Zhao Hai would survive Berry’s attack.

One must know that the Succubi held the most powerful mental attacks in the Demon Realm. Additionally, Berry is a 9th rank Succubus, her mental power was very well known in the Demon Realm. The Vile Demon didn’t think that she would actually lose to a Human.

The ten Demons looked at Zhao Hai with envy, then their leader said, “Congratulations, brave Human warrior. You actually managed to get yourself a Succubus as a wife. Human, we shall not attack you as well. Our fight might possibly destroy the Blood Void. You can leave now. Our Demon Army shall fairly defeat you in Demon City.”

Zhao Hai looked at the ten Demons, he couldn’t help but develop a slight appreciation towards them. However, it was a pity that they are his enemies. Zhao Hai was surprised when the Vile Demon said that the Blood Void might get destroyed if they decided to fight. It seemed like nobody wanted to activate the spatial rift ahead of time.

Zhao Hai looked at the eyes of the Vile Demons, then he nodded and said, “Alright, then I shall be waiting for you in Demon City. Farewell.” Then Zhao Hai commanded the Bone Dragon to fly out of the Demonic Abyss. The ten Vile Demons stayed true to their promise, they didn’t attack Zhao Hai.

Compared to when he entered, Zhao Hai’s speed of advancement was quite faster. Zhao Hai had calculated that after entering the Demonic Abyss and undergoing battles inside, two days had already passed by. Zhao Hai reckoned that it would only take them half a day to come out.

With this rate, Zhao Hai had already used up four days. In three days, the spatial rift would open and the Demon Race would arrive.

Zhao Hai stood straight on top of the Bone Dragon as he muttered, “Three days, three days.”

Berry looked puzzled at Zhao Hai as she said, “Three days? Are you expecting the Blood Void to activate in three days? That’s not right, from what I can remember, there is only one day left before the Blood Void activates.”

Zhao Hai stared, he quickly turned his head to Berry as words came flooding out of his mouth, “One day? How could it be one day? Doesn’t the Blood Void activate after seven days?”

Berry nodded, “Right, it takes seven days. The countdown starts the moment the blood formation gets moistened by blood. From what I can remember, five days have already passed since then. After a bit more than a day, the Blood Void would activate.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but from upon hearing Berry. He kept thinking about why Berry would say that only a day was left. Did he go wrong somewhere?

Suddenly, Zhao Hai thought about where he slipped. He had missed the timing of the blood formation. He miscalculated how long the formation had been running before he arrived at Accra Mountain. The formation started the moment Zhao Hai began killing the beasts in the mountain, not when he discovered the formation.

If Zhao Hai took that thought into account, then the Blood Void really only had one day left to activate. In a day’s time, the Demons would be coming out of the spatial rift.

Zhao Hai regretfully tapped his own head. He didn’t think that he would miscalculate this matter. This shouldn’t be happening, it was his fault. He immediately had the Bone Dragon pick up its speed to return to Demon City as soon as possible. Upon reaching the city, Zhao Hai was met with the gazes of the Adventurers and Mercenaries. All of them looked at Tywin and the others in envy, they didn’t think that the Gan Family would be able to establish a relationship with Zhao Hai in a short period of time.

Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to act low-key right now as he flew directly towards the General’s residence. Upon reaching the front door, Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate to enter the room.

The guard in front of the General’s residence naturally didn’t dare to block Zhao Hai. Nobody dared to stop him. After all, Zhao Hai had the highest status here in Demon City. The whole city depended on Zhao Hai to defend against the Demons.

Zhao Hai proceeded to head towards Besmir’s room. At this moment, Besmir was looking at the map. When he heard footsteps and looked up, he didn’t imagine to see Zhao Hai. So he quickly straightened himself up and sid, “Mister, how did your expedition go? The layout of Demon City had already been set up. We’re just waiting for Mister’s undead to settle in.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, as long as the General has adjusted, then I can feel relief. However, I had made a miscalculation this time. The Demons will be arriving much earlier than we thought. I’m afraid our current layout wouldn’t be good.But since you have already settled in, you can stay put. There’s no need to send word back to the mainland, I shall be taking care of it.”

Besmir stared, then his expression changed as he immediately asked, “Really? Mister, what happened?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Now’s not the time to explain. I shall be handing the city over to you. The outside matters would be taken care of  by me. I’ll be sending word to the major Empires and Races of the continent. As long as you prepare yourselves, then you are good.”

Besmir nodded, he understood that it really wasn’t the time to be asking. He said, “Alright, then mister can rest assured, the city has already prepared. All the logistics and commands have already been given.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Then that’s good. I’ll be leaving first, I still need to inform the mainland.” Then Zhao Hai hastily left the General’s residence and returned to his own.

After arriving inside the Gan Family’s residence, Zhao Hai released a group of undead and turned to Tywin and said, “These are the undead that we have acquired in the Demonic Abyss. I also took the effort of strengthening them. You can take them under your command. Right, how many undead can you currently control?”

Zhao Hai didn’t know how much undead a regular 9th rank can control. Therefore, he had no choice but to ask. Tywin gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, “Answering the Young Master. Although we had become 9th ranks, we still aren’t accustomed to our new strength. So at this moment, each of us can only control about ten thousand undead. When we get fully adapted, then we can control 20 thousand undead each.”

  1. It used to be ‘Evil Demon’ but I just made it as Demon, like the one back on Accra Mountain. But I decided to use Vile Demon just in case something crops up later. Lorewise, Vile Demons are the rulers of the Demon Realm.


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