BTFTLIAW – Chapter 689

Chapter 689 – The Weakness of the Undead

In the end, Tywin and the others decided to refrain from moving. This was because even Zhao Hai himself didn’t make a move. They decided that it wouldn’t be good if they were to make any unnecessary actions.

Zhao Hai looked at the Succubus that stood right beside him in the Bone Dragon. Then he said, “You have to think carefully, I am the focal point of the Ark Continent alliance, the first one to go up against the Demon Realm. If you really want to marry me, then you would be enemies with your own people, every Demon, and all of the Demon realm.”

The Succubus looked at Zhao Hai and coldly snorted, “If you must kill all the Demons, then I would even help you sharpen your blade.”

Zhao Hai gave a short hmph, however, he didn’t say anything, he knew that it wasn’t the time to talk too much at this point. So he just asked, “Are there any more Demons ahead? And why are you here? Isn’t the Blood Void supposed to be indestructible?”

The Succubus looked at Zhao Hai and said, “We are here to guard the void formation. Although the Blood Void can still activate after being destroyed, it would still be much better if it operates in its full potential. There aren’t a lot of people here, aside from the Flower Devil, Flame Demon, Me, and the dark beasts and undead, there aren’t other people. However, there are ten Demons in the formation itself. If you go forward, the undead and dark beasts would go all out in stopping you. Ten of those dark beasts and undead are 9th ranks, the others are all 8th ranks. They are tasked to delay you as much as possible from destroying the void formation. However, I think you’re not here to destroy the formation. Otherwise, you would have destroyed the blood formation back then.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he nodded and said, “Your right, I didn’t want to destroy the Blood Void. Instead, I’d rather wait for it to finish and get more preparation time that way. After all, there aren’t very much difference between launching now and launching later. Right, I still don’t know your name.”

The Succubus looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I’m called Berry. If you destroy the Blood Void ahead of time, the power of the rift would be reduced by a tenth of the original.” Berry’s voice had become mellower compared to before, her cold disposition seems to have vanished.

But Zhao Hai didn’t pay much attention to it now. He was currently pondering about what a tenth of a difference can do. Will he have to destroy the formation now?

In the end, Zhao Hai decided to refrain from destroying it. Once he attacked the Blood Void, then it would immediately start. However, Demon City was still unprepared. Although a tenth couldn’t be underestimated, Zhao Hai deemed it to be negligible in when compared to the time for preparation.

Even if the rift were to be reduced, the sheer size of the Blood Void rift would still be quite large. A difference between a million demons and 900 thousand Demons seemed to be insignificant in the long term.

Berry looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You really don’t want to destroy the Blood Void?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Destroying it is useless. This time, I only came to eradicate all dark beasts and undead in the abyss. I want to prevent them from being an addition to the Demon army. What can a tenth of a difference really do to us? What significant difference would there be between a million Demons and 900 thousand Demons?”

Berry’s eyes flashed while she looked at Zhao Hai, then she sighed and said, “You really don’t understand the Demons. They had been waiting for that day, for many years. For you, 1 million and 900 thousand might not have much of a difference since you are the enemy. However, for 100 thousand Demons to see the Ark Continent in advance is a very big factor for the Demons. People would fight to the death even for just a spot of being able to see the Ark Continent a day ahead.”

Zhao Hai can understand what Berry meant. If one were to tell people who lived in darkness that they can see the sunlight, then they would be extremely desperate in order to be the first one in the line. Between Zhao Hai and the Demons, the significance of a tenth was completely different.

Zhao Hai sighed, then he didn’t speak anymore. He urged the Bone Dragon to go forward. He wanted to complete his original plan of coming here, eliminating all the dark beasts as well as the undead.

Just as Berry said, Zhao Hai didn’t meet any significant resistance as he went forward. All that they had come across were more dark beasts and undead.

Zhao Hai relaxed, then he turned to Berry and said, “You have become quite close to me back then, why haven’t you used your assassination techniques and went for a mental attack instead?”

When Berry heard Zhao Hai, her face couldn’t help but turn red, “I was already near you when you were fighting with the Flame Devil. However, I knew that our assassination techniques would alarm the Bone Dragon before I arrive. Therefore, I decided to trap you here using my mental attack until the Blood Void activates.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he knew that since Berry was aware of his conversation with the Flower Devil, then she should’ve been present when he fought the Flame Demon. However, the two fights had shown Berry how strong he was. Therefore, Berry had no choice but use their mental attack. However, she didn’t expect that she would lose.

Zhao Hai stopped asking about this matter. He turned his gaze towards the distance and said, “They should be coming about now.” Zhao Hai was referring to those ten 9th ranks.

As expected, just as Zhao Hai said that, ten black spots appeared in the distance. The black spots slowly grew as it approached Zhao Hai. Among them were eight dark beasts and two undead creatures who were emitting a strong aura.

The dark beasts are just special magic beasts, so they didn’t get too much out of Zhao Hai’s attention. On the other hand, the undead made Zhao Hai intrigued. He didn’t expect that the undead would be able to reach 9th rank naturally. This was the first time that he saw a true 9th rank undead.

The two undead had human forms. Their bodies were equipped with worn out battle armor. They were also holding damaged great swords. Their image conforms to what Zhao Hai expected 9th rank undead would be.

However, these two undead creatures gave Zhao Hai a peculiar feeling. Zhao Hai felt that he was facing actual people instead of undead. Compared to what he felt with the Space’s 9th rank undead, these two undead had a more formidable aura.

Zhao Hai curiously looked at the two 9th rank undead and said, “Are you naturally evolved undead? Why would you listen to the words of the Demons?”

“Demon consciousness. Unsurpassed honor! Kill!” Zhao Hai thought that the opposite party wouldn’t reply. He really didn’t expect that they would say anything, even in broken sentences.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as he commanded the undead on the ground to fly up. Then he had this group of undead form a small cube formation in front of Zhao Hai. After that, he commanded them to fight the 10 9th ranks.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about these undead, he wanted to see how these 9th rank dark beasts and undead from the Demon Realm fight. From Zhao Hai’s calculation, aside from the 9th ranks, there should be about 1 million undead as well as about 2 million dark beasts.

However, he didn’t kill the 8th rank dark beasts this time, all of them were absorbed into the Space. Additionally, the 8th rank undead were also taken into the Space, changing them into Zhao Hai’s own undead army.

Before long, the 10 9th ranks had managed to eliminate about a hundred of Zhao Hai’s own 9th rank undead. But instead of being angry, Zhao Hai was actually glad. He discovered that these naturally formed 9th rank undead seemed to be much more powerful compared to the 9th ranks that were produced by the Space.

This made Zhao Hai puzzled at first, but he quickly thought of the reason. One was artificially promoted by the Space while the other was made after innumerable years of existence. In these years, the undead should have encountered a lot of battles, making its fighting experience constantly improve. It seems like battle experience was more important to these undead than what Zhao Hai originally thought.

Although the undead of the Space were similarly 9th rank, they were still far behind those who were forged through constant battle. Because of this lack of experience, the Space’s undead were unable to utilize all of their strength. It was like having powerlifter fight, he might be strong, but it was extremely possible that he would lose against a similarly strong but experienced fighter.

However, there was no way for Zhao Hai to have an immediate solution to this problem. The undead in the Space were truly lacking in genuine battle experience. Moreover, before becoming 9th ranks, most of them had strengths that were incomparably low. This caused a disparity in their thoughts and actual strength. The only solution that Zhao Hai thought of was to forge them through constant battle during the war. Only when they can accumulate experience would they be able to perfectly control their strength.[1]

Now that the Demons were on their way and the Divine Race not far behind, huge battles would surely happen in the future. Zhao Hai would use this opportunity to have his undead acquire ample experience. That way, Zhao Hai can then command an invincible army. Whether it be the Demons or the Divine Race, Zhao Hai would not be afraid anymore. He would even march into the Demon Realm and the Divine Realm in order to eliminate future problems!

  1. Or you can just let them fight each other inside the Space. cmonbruh


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