BTFTLIAW – Chapter 687

Chapter 687 – Flame Demon

Zhao Hai didn’t think that the Flower Devil would have this trick. And at this moment, the Flower Devil started to actually fly. This made Zhao Hai surprised, Cai’er who was God-ranked still cannot make her main body float. Zhao Hai didn’t expect the Flower Devil to be able to do what Cai’er can’t.

After the Flower Devil flew, it immediately waved his hand as man-eating flowers flew directly towards Zhao Hai and the others, looking just like pouncing snakes.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he waved his own hand as several Bone Dragons appeared and threw themselves towards the Flower Devil. At the same time, the Bone Dragons also blocked the flying man-eating flowers.

Now it was the time for the Flower Devil to be startled. It didn’t think that Zhao Hai would actually be able to unleash formidable undead.

Just when the Flower Devil decided to hide, it suddenly discovered that it was already surrounded by undead. These undead formed a huge ball that rotated continuously. The Flower Devil stared, he didn’t know what to do. Then a spatial rift appeared and before the Flower Devil could react, it was quickly pushed into the rift by the undead.

When the Flower Devil entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Plant-type Demon detected, unwilling to surrender, proceeding to subdue. Plant-type Demon surrenders. Detected special ability on plant-type demon. Withdrawing ability and integrating it into the Space. Space’s Manager can now use these abilities. Space’s plants now have a higher chance of gaining sentience. Plants in the Space now have much more defensive ability.”

Zhao Hai expected this result, therefore he wasn’t to surprised. He was already aware that the Flower Demon had a lot of abilities.

However, Zhao Hai still couldn’t ignore the abilities that the Flower Demon had given to Cai’er . From what he can understand, Cai’er can now fly, which may allow her to leave the Space. This was a good thing, it meant that Zhao Hai had gained another strong helper.

Naturally, Tywin and the others were unaware of all of these. What they saw was the undead surrounding the Flower Devil in a giant ball. Then after that, the Flower Devil disappeared. Although they couldn’t understand what happened, they didn’t dare to ask.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and stored the excess undead. Then he commanded the Bone Dragon to fly forward and go through the sea of flowers. After the man eating flowers, the amount of undead and dark beasts had increased. Zhao Hai was not polite, he absorbed all of them into the Space.

Zhao Hai and the others flew down even more. However, their speed had gone slower since the visibility had also gone shorter. Zhao Hai also discovered that even his divine sense was affected, he cannot sense things that were too far.

At this point, the power of the dark beasts and the undead got stronger and stronger. Even Zhao Hai’s 9th rank undead needed to exert some effort in order to clean them up.

In order to eliminate the beasts and undead inside the abyss as soon as possible, Zhao Hai decided to speed things up. Since he couldn’t see very far, decided to release more undead. At the same time, Zhao Hai also quickened their speed of advancing.

However, the Demonic Abyss has once again proven how bottomless it was. Just as Zhao Hai was thinking that there was no end, he suddenly felt a powerful aura in the distance. Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he stopped. Then a fierce roar was heard from in front of him as a fiery red light appeared. Zhao Hai immediately erected a magical barrier. If his movement wasn’t quick, then they might have been burned by fire.

Zhao Hai looked in front of him in surprise, he wanted to know where this heat came from. At this moment, a clump of red light slowly approached the Bone Dragon. Zhao Hao stared at the human-shaped monster that was made out of fire. This monster made a loud hissing sound as fire spewed out towards Zhao Hai’s direction.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare at the creature, he can feel how destructive its flame was. Zhao Hai waved his hand to produce a ball of water. Then he threw the ball of water to quench the approaching fireball.

Zhao Hai’s water wasn’t any common water, it was actually the Space’s glacial water. The coldness of this water easily trumps frozen ice. Once an average person touches this water, then they will surely be frozen to death.

The ball of water slowly approached the fireball. It wasn’t very big, compared to the fireball, it would be like a watermelon being hit by a walnut. But unexpectedly, when Zhao Hai’s ball of water came into contact with the fireball, the fire was immediately extinguished. At the same time, the water ball seemed to be untouched as it continued its trajectory towards the monster.

The monster seemed very surprised. It immediately roared and raised its hand to release a stream of fire to collide with Zhao Hai’s water ball. This time, the ball of water couldn’t block it as it vaporized under the constant barrage hot flame.

Zhao Hai knit the brows on his head, this Flame Demon was really hard to deal with. It was also at this time that Zhao Hai heard from Cai’er that the monster was named Flame Demon. It was another peculiar lifeform in the Demon Realm. In the Demon Realm, they can become God-ranked beings, with the majority of them having strengths much stronger than 9th ranks. Although the one in the Demonic Abyss wasn’t God-ranked, it was still something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

It seems like the Demons had gone big with their move. First, it was the Flower Devil, and now it was a Flame Demon. Who knows what else was waiting for Zhao Hai.

At this rate, Zhao Hai can only use Bubble in order to deal with this Flame Demon. However, Zhao Hai didn’t want to bother Bubble right now since the little blob was still learning about how to refine items. It wouldn’t be worth it to have Bubble stop what he’s doing just to deal with this Flame Demon.

In fact, Zhao Hai can just kill this Flame Demon, but he also thought that the Flame Demon would be useful for the Space, therefore he wanted to capture it.

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly felt something move in the Space’s sky. Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he thought about the little thing that he gained along with the crystal jar. It was something that looked like a small sun. After arriving at the Space, the small sun went to the skies and stayed there. At this time, that same small sun transmitted the feeling of wanting to go out.

Zhao Hai gawked, he couldn’t help but think back to Bubble. If Bubble was the source of myriad water, then couldn’t this little sun be a source of myriad fire?

After thinking up to this point, Zhao Hai made an intention as the small sun appeared in front of him. Then Zhao Hai waved his hand and had the little sun charge towards the Flame Demon.

The Flame Demon suddenly sensed something dangerous coming from Zhao Hai’s direction, so it didn’t delay as it immediately turned to run away.

However, its speed wasn’t faster than the small sun. In just a short moment, the little sun already arrived by the Flame Demon and entered its body. The Flame Demon immediately stopped and roared out loud before it slowly turned silent. The Flame Demon’s body slowly shrank before it completely vanished, leaving the little sun floating there. It seems like nothing changed from the sun’s appearance. But Zhao Hai can feel that the little sun was quite happy, it was as if it had just eaten great food.

After that, Zhao Hai absorbed the small sun back into the Space the he urged the Bone Dragon to go further into the Demonic Abyss. On the other hand, Tywin and the others couldn’t help but turn stupid. They were very shocked by Zhao Hai’s attacks. Zhao Hai was using special methods in order to deal with the enemies. Although it seems like Zhao Hai’s methods weren’t eye-catching, they still couldn’t hide the strength that Zhao Hai had.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the Gan family’s reaction. He was now more curious about the situation with the Demons. He was now convinced that there was something inside the Demonic Abyss.

However, after flying for some time, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be disappointed. They haven’t met anything, it seems like the Demons have exhausted everything that they had.

At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped moving forward. He felt that something was wrong. He had been moving forward after he defeated the Flame Demon. But although the scenery in front of him was changing, he still felt that he wasn’t advancing at all.

Zhao Hai immediately called Cai’er over to see what was going on. What he got from Cai’er was information that he wasn’t moving all this time judging from what she saw from the monitor.

This made Zhao Hai feel confused. This was because he had always been flying, but Cai’er actually told him that he didn’t move. What was happening here?

Zhao Hai calmed his mind, he closed his eyes and then felt everything around him. With this, he found out a lot of floating things that seemed to surround him. These seemed like filaments but Zhao Hai wasn’t sure if they really existed, they feel more like energy projections than actual objects. From what he can see, it looks like these hair like things were giving Zhao Hai’s surroundings a strange feeling.

Zhao Hai quitely felt these floating energy filaments, he wanted to know what these were. Zhao Hai can feel that these things had no offensive ability, it cannot hurt him. However, these filaments were also giving Zhao Hai a dangerous vibe. This contradictory feeling surprised Zhao Hai.


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