BTFTLIAW – Chapter 686

Chapter 686 – Man Eating Flower, Flower Devil Race

The reason why Zhao Hai stopped to see these flowers was because Cai’er just recognized what these were. The flowers weren’t flowers from the Ark Continent, instead it was one that was found in the Demon Realm.

This flower was a demon plant, simply because it was from the Demon Realm. It was a flower that gave Demons a headache. In fact these flowers were controlled by a Demon itself, it was called Man-eating Flower.

Just from the name alone, on could see what kind of flower it was. The attacking power of a single flower can reach the strength of 4th to 5th rank. If it was a large one, then maybe even 8th ranks would have to turn around and leave it be.

Cai’er had been low-key during her stay inside the Demon Realm. She didn’t attack Demons, on the contrary, her leaves can even become a food source for the Demons and the demonic beasts. Therefore, her reputation in the Demon realm was quite high. After Demons die, they would even bury their bodies under Cai’er’s vines, providing her with extra nutrients.

On the other hand, this Man-eating flower was different, since their attacking strength was formidable, they didn’t need Cai’er’s methods in order to survive. On each petal on these flowers were sawtooth like teeth. As long as a person or beast comes walking in, they would act like wild beasts and snatch them using its petals, like how a predator snatches their prey. Then the flower would chew the body into dust. Because of its sawtooth teeth, they can even grind a magic beast’s bone down to nothingness.

Although the flowers don’t look too tall, their vines were in fact very long. Moreover, these flowers were said to be perennial. They can also grow up to a meter wide. Their flowers were usually curled up and when the flower attacks, the vine would suddenly shoot out as the flower went in to take a bite.

If you think that the flower only had this as a means of attack, then you are wrong. It still had other offensive ways. They also had their vines that were so tough that normal swords wouldn’t be able to cut through it. Not only were these vines thorny, they were poisonous as well. Once one gets cut through the skin, then they would immediately get paralyzed in no time. This paralyzing effect was very strong that even most 7th rank magic beasts weren’t able to resist it.

And if you were able to cut those vines off, you still shouldn’t consider them as finished. This man-eating flower was very abundant in sap, and this sap was very corrosive. This corrosive effect can melt through your flesh and bones. It was so corrosive that once you ingest it, then it wouldn’t take too long before your entire body turns into a heaping pile of mush.

This mush would then become very helpful to the man-eating flower, becoming its fertilizer. Most importantly, the reproductive ability of this flower was very strong. Although the flower vine doesn’t grow fast, as long as it doesn’t get uprooted, then a flower would eventually bloom on top of it.

For these reasons, these flowers had become a difficult existence in the Demon Realm. Only the Flower Devil Race of the Demon realm can control these flowers. Naturally, it wasn’t just the flowers that they can control, at the same time, it can also cultivate them and spread them out. From the appearance of the flowers in the Demonic Abyss, it seems like they were cultivated by a Flower Devil.

Zhao Hai looked at the sea of man-eating flowers. He now knew why many adventurers fell inside the abyss. If one couldn’t recognize these flowers, then it would be very easy to be the flowers’ prey.

Tywin looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Young Master, are there any issues with these flowers?”

Zhao Hai turned his head to Tywin, then he smiled faintly and said, “You will know when you see it.” Then he turned his hand and took out a magic beast corpse that he got from Accra Mountain, and then he threw it towards the sea of flowers.

When the magic beast was thrown down, the flowers immediately turned into something that can only be compared to sharks that had smelt the scent of blood. All the flowers immediately snapped towards the corpse, wrapping it inside them. Before long, the flowers withdrew, leaving nothing behind. Even the bones of the magic beast weren’t spared.

Tywin and the others looked at this in shock. They didn’t expect these flowers to have so much attacking power.

Zhao Hai looked all around before moving his hand, taking a man-eating flower directly into the Space. As soon as the flower entered the Space, a prompt was heard, “Carnivorous plant detected. This flower has a spiritual imprint of another. Removing spiritual imprint.”

Zhao Hai nodded, it seems like this flower was indeed raised by someone from the Flower Devil Race. Zhao Hai looked at the sea of flowers, since all of these were cultivated here, then the Flower Devil shouldn’t be too far. Zhao Hai wanted to find it.

However, Zhao Hai was also aware that this was not easy to do. The Flower Devils belong to a very special race in the Demon Realm. Their race can be said to be Plant Sprites like Cai’er, but they weren’t fully Plant Sprites, they were also part beast, it was very unusual.

They can turn into a person, able to walk in all directions while also able to become flowers, taking the place of a bud. Moreover, their lifespans were quite long, most of them can easily live for about a thousand years. And when they die, they would form into a seed, known as a Flower Devil seed. It didn’t matter if they were people or magic beasts, as long as this seed gets mistakenly eaten, then the seed would slowly germinate inside the body of its host. And when it finally digested the host’s body, a new Flower Devil would be born.

There weren’t a lot of Flower Devils in the Demon Realm. Moreover, they also needed to be adults in order to control flowers with strong attacking capability like the man-eating flowers. Usually, they would just control ordinary flowers.

Although adult Flower Devils were strong, they were very weak in their childhood. Flower Devils can breed as well. Their breeding method was very special, two Flower Devils would meet and then they would become flowers. After that, through pollination, another Flower Devil would be born between the two of them.

Zhao Hai looked all around but he still couldn’t see even a shadow of a Flower Devil. It seems like it had turned into its flower form. Zhao Hai didn’t become polite, he wanted to snuff this Flower Devil out.

Zhao Hai absorbed a huge chunk of man-eating flowers into his Space. Then no prompt came from the Space, so Zhao Hai took another chunk into the Space.

Finally, when Zhao Hai took his fifth chunk of man-eating flower into the Space, a movement can be seen in the distance. A flower suddenly changed and slowly stood up. Zhao Hai knew that this was what he was waiting for.

Zhao Hai sized this Flower Devil that was in the process of standing up. Its stature was tall and big, it was unexpectedly four meters high. It was wearing a long robe that was composed of flower petals. It was brilliant purple and looked very fancy. The Flower Devil’s face was red, and it had a hair that looked like a fresh flower that was in full bloom. This person had its eyes closed, probably not quite sober yet.

Zhao Hai stood there, quietly observing the Flower Devil. After a while, the Flower Demon opened its eyes. The eyes weren’t divided into sclera and pupil, instead, it was pitch black, looking just like two reflective gemstones. Due to it being fully black, it actually gave out a very evil feeling.

The Flower Devil looked into the distance and into Zhao Hai and his Bone Dragon. Then it opened its mouth and said, “How dare you take by children?! Hand them over now, or else, die!” The Flower Devil’s opened mouth made Tywin and the others shocked. The Flower Devil actually had sharp jagged teeth, it looked extremely horrible.

Zhao Hai looked at the Flower Devil and asked, “Are you a Flower Devil? What is your name?”

The Flower Devil couldn’t help but stare, its black eyes seemed to shine for a moment before it asked, “Are you from the Ark Continent? How come you are aware of our Flower Devil race?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You don’t need to know that. Now, tell me your name, or else I won’t spare you.”

The Flower Devil laughed out loud and replied, “Empty boasts. Just because you are a 9th rank expert, you think you can deal with me? You are too naive.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Flower Devil and smiled, “Of course I can deal with you. You’re quite an easy target.”

The Flower Devil looked at Zhao Hai, then it coldly said, “A Human Expert, finding out about the Demon invasion, so he decided to stop it. Then I have something to tell you. You’re already too late. The Demon army will come soon, and there’s no other way for you to stop it.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Flower Devil and smiled, “I’m not here to stop it. There’s no stopping the Blood Void formation. The Demons back then told me about it, I’m only here to clean the place up.”

As soon as the Flower Devil heard Zhao Hai, his eyes suddenly flashed, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You actually knew this much? Who are you? Why would you know about the matters of the Demon Realm.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It doesn’t matter as to who I am. You only need to know that when the Demon Race comes, I would be the first one to stand up and defend the continent.”

The Flower Devil’s eyes showed a cold expression, then he gave a long hiss, seemingly giving a command to the flowers on the ground. The flowers all stretched up like snakes getting ready to pounce.

The Flower Devil looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You meeting me today can only be blamed on your bad luck. You shall die today. Flower Armor!” Then just as his voice fell, the man-eating flowers immediately flew towards him. Before long, his body was covered with an armor completely made out of man-eating flowers.

With this, the Flower Demon’s stature had become even bigger, reaching a height of about ten meters. But what made Zhao Hai shocked the most was that this armor actually performed just like the Flower Devil’s own body. There weren’t any awkward movements that can be seen, it moved fluidly just like how a normal being moves. It seems like the man-eating flowers had become part of the Flower Demon’s body.


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