BTFTLIAW – Chapter 685

Chapter 685 – Historical Novel like the Three Kingdoms?

Zhao Hai calmly stood on the Bone Dragon, behind him were the people from the Gan Family. At this moment, these people were already 9th rank. They were currently feeling like they were in a dream, they couldn’t believe that they had become 9th ranks, it was completely unbelievable.

9th rank experts were considered to be the peak powers of the continent. And all of the Dark Mages in the Gan family were now 9th ranks, this gave them extreme excitement.

However, they didn’t dare to be complacent. They understood that this was given by Zhao Hai. If they dared to betray him, then Zhao Hai would definitely clean them up.

The didn’t believe that they were the only 9th rank subordinates of Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai can make them into 9th ranks, then he could definitely make other people 9th ranks as well. If Zhao Hai had a lot of 9th rank subordinates and then the Gan Family decides to rebel, then aren’t they just courting death?

But most importantly, when they became 9th rank, they still weren’t able to fathom Zhao Hai’s level. This made Tywin and the others believe Zhao Hai’s previous words, that Zhao Hai was a God-ranked expert. A 9th rank and a God-ranked expert were just too different. Their disparity was leagues greater than the difference between an 8th rank and a 9th rank. Therefore, the Gan Family was very loyal and devoted to Zhao Hai. They were afraid that if Zhao Hai wanted them to die, then they wouldn’t even have the time to blink before they perish.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the mood to think about these right now. He was thinking about the Radiant Church’s reaction upon hearing about the Demon Race’s arrival.

The news about the Demon Race had spread quickly throughout the continent. This was also in line with Zhao Hai’s plan. He wanted the church to give this news to the Divine Race, prompting them to make their move ahead of time.

The people from the Radiant Church weren’t aware that Zhao Hai had so many 9th ranks in his hand. So after they received the news about the Demon Race, they would surely inform the Divine Race. After all, the Divine Race wouldn’t want the Demon Race to conquer the continent first.

Compared to the native population of the Ark Continent, the Divine Race should be more afraid of the Demon Realm. This was because the strength that was displayed by the Demons was no worse than the Divine Race.

It was impossible for the Divine Race to allow the Demons to eliminate the people in the Ark Continent, then just swoop in to claim the prize. In fact, Zhao Hai reckoned that the Divine Race was not interested about the Ark Continent itself, but its people instead. If the entire population of the Ark Continent were to get extinguished, then the Divine Race wouldn’t be able to gain anything.

Most importantly, the Demon Race’s launching point was in the Demonic Abyss, a place not too far from the Radiant Empire. In this case, the Demons would surely target the Radiant Church first. And since the Radiant Church alone couldn’t stop the Demon army, they would definitely call upon the Divine Race. After all, there weren’t any other people in the continent who would come into their rescue. Instead, the continent might even find joy in this encounter, these were the two invaders, they might as well fight each other.

In the case of the Demons, their spatial rift needed the Blood Void formation in order to activate. On the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be some magic that was being done by the Divine Race. this made Zhao Hai believe that the Divine Race really had the capability to take action. Perhaps they might even appear in the continent quite soon.

This was what Zhao Hai desired. If the Divine Race failed to arrive, then the Ark Continent would then face an enemy one after the other. On the contrary, if the Divine Race were to come, the situation would now turn into a three-way battle with the locals of the Ark Continent, the Demons, and the Divine Race, like in the Tale of Three Kingdoms. Between the Divine Race and the Demons, one of them wanted to get the Ark Continent for themselves, while the other wanted to enslave the natives. Although it seems like there was an avenue for zero conflict, the Divine Race wouldn’t just allow the people of the Ark Continent to enter the Divine Realm. In the eyes of the Divine Race, the Ark Continent was inhabited by savages, people who didn’t belong to the Divine Realm. What the Divine Race wanted to do was to keep the natives in the Ark Continent, making it like a pen. The sheep were the natives and the herders were the Divine Race. When the time comes that a sheep gets fat, the Divine Race would then come over and take it for themselves.

On the other hand, the Demon Race wanted to massacre the entire native population. This was something that the Divine Race wouldn’t agree to. They don’t really care about the pen, but if the sheep were to be touched, then they certainly would fight back. This was where the two came to contradict each other.

As long as they have this contradiction, then it would be impossible for them to cooperate and in the process, making the pressure on Zhao Hai much smaller.

And the most important thing was that the place where the Demons would arrive was not far from Radiant Empire. Behind the Demonic Abyss would be the Buddha Empire, the Lyon Empire, the Rosen Empire, the Aksu Empire, and then the Beastmen. With all of these in line, the continent would have a strategic depth in their defense. On the contrary, the Radiant Empire would be left isolated, without any backers supporting them. If the Demons were thinking right, then they would definitely target the Radiant Empire first, getting themselves in conflict with the Divine Race. This was the scenario that Zhao Hai wishes to happen the most.

Because of this, Zhao Hai started paying attention towards the Radiant Empire. But unfortunately, he can’t use the Blood Ghost Staff to conduct reconnaissance on the Empire. This was due to a strange situation happening in the Radiant Empire. When the Blood Ghost Staff went there, it seems like its range of vision had become very small. And it also seems like the Empire’s 9th ranks had been tasked to patrol the area. This made Zhao Hai unable to have his Staff wander off too closely. Otherwise, if those 9th ranks find out, then he would have to find more innovative ways to scout the enemy out.

However, this wasn’t a bad thing for Zhao Hai. This performance from the Radiant Church meant that the Divine Race has started to move quickly. As long as the Divine Race takes action, then it would be good for Zhao Hai’s side.

Zhao Hai’s current strength was very strong. It can be said that compared to the war tens of thousands of years ago, Zhao Hai’s capabilities had already surpassed the other powers. But one shouldn’t forget that the Demons had managed to prepare for ten thousand years aw well. Additionally, they were also very well suited for battle, every one of them were formidable fighters. This was something that gave Zhao Hai some worries, therefore, he wanted everything to be prepared as much as possible.

To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t believe that the Buddha Empire would be able to defend against the Demons. Because of this, a plan for evacuation was already gone underway. The Buddha Empire would be turned to be a strategic defense position. Their generals would block the Demons as much as possible.

Naturally, this was in the premise that the Divine Race didn’t come. If the Divine Race arrives, then they would get into a skirmish with the Demons. When that happens, then the lives of Zhao Hai and the others would become better.

Zhao Hai was also quite worried that the Divine Race wouldn’t act. Although the Blood Ghost Staff wasn’t able to see the situation inside the Radiant Church, Zhao Hai knew that a plan of action was already underway by the Divine Race. But as to what plan this was, Zhao Hai had no clue. This matter being out of his vision was not very good, Zhao Hai didn’t like this feeling.

At this time, the Bone Dragon had already penetrated inside the abyss. Every single magic beast and undead that Zhao Hai came across weren’t spared. Those he can kill were killed, while the undead were absorbed into the Space, turning them into Zhao Hai’s soldiers.

However, Zhao Hai also discovered that the magic beasts and undead present here were relatively low-level. One must know that Zhao Hai and his team were already quite deep into the abyss. Where were the formidable creatures? Did they go back to the Demon Realm?

The Gan Family were behind Zhao Hai during the entire ordeal, and they had witnessed how powerful Zhao Hai was. While they were descending, Zhao Hai had released a batch of undead, sweeping everything in the way. Whether they be darkness beasts or undead, all of them were eliminated in a short period of time.

The Gan Family Mafes were also Dark Mages, moreover, they were very familiar with the Demonic Abyss and had used undead summoning to subdue the undead here. However, compared to Zhao Hai’s undead, their own undead had fallen extremely short. They now understood why Zhao Hai didn’t trust their combat efficiency, they were just too weak. If they didn’t rank up, then not to say Zhao Hai, even Zhao Hai’s undead would stump them then and there.

Soon, the group went deeper into the Demonic Abyss. This was a place where no person had explored before, this made the group even more careful in their advance.

Zhao Hai stood on top of the Bone Dragon as it went forward in a moderate pace. At the same time, the undead on the ground had kept on cleaning up the Demonic Abyss, missing absolutely nothing.

Then suddenly, Zhao Hai had noticed something interesting. He made the Bone Dragon slowly go down as they stopped a few meters above the ground.

Tywin and the others followed Zhao Hai’s gaze, they wanted to see what managed to attract Zhao Hai’s attention.

Looking down, Tywin and the others couldn’t help but get absorbed by the view. Under them was a sea of flowers. Flowers of various colors were everywhere, it looked very beautiful.

The Gan Family Dark Mages were very surprised to see this flower garden. They didn’t think that the Demonic Abyss would have such a place. Was beauty something that belonged to the abyss? Compared to an Emperor’s garden, this sea of flowers was just more attractive. This fact was quite inconceivable.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s undead had also arrived by the flower garden. However, they didn’t advance, they just stared into this sea of flowers.


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