BTFTLIAW – Chapter 682

Chapter 682 – Unimportant Person

Besmir understood that Zhao Hai wanted him to withdraw his army, minimizing the losses to the defending troops. At the same time, Zhao Hai would use his undead army to bear the brunt of the attack, after all, they were also strong enough to do so.

Besmire wasn’t a fool, considering the manpower present in Demon City, it would be impossible for them alone to block the Demon Race. The previous time that the Demons attacked, it took the power of the entire continent to drive them back. Ninth rank experts joined in the resistance back then as well. Those 9th ranks even used forbidden sacrificial magic in order to seal up several spatial rifts. It was said that those 9th ranks were much stronger than the 9th ranks in the present time. And more importantly, a lot of forbidden magics have been lost from that day forth. If one were to compare the proficiency of magic today and in the past, then one could say that it might not have improved, and in terms of forbidden magics, then it might be even worse.

The reason why Besmir thought about all of these was because magic was something that was constantly being developed. It was just like how Earth developed from using cold weapons into using firearms, from using stone tools into using metal ones. However, that progress took thousands of years. The Ark Continent underwent the same process as well. After a long period of research, the continent’s progress was also quite amazing.

As far as people were concerned, the magic of the continent tens of thousands of years ago wasn’t as complicated as it was now. That magic back then was just powerful, especially the forbidden magics, it had the power to move mountains Although forbidden magics can still accomplish this at the present time, one shouldn’t forget the fact that only very few Mages were able to use forbidden magics.

People who had studied history discovered that tens of thousands of years ago, promoting to 9th rank was much easier than it was now. At that time, there were even news that people had been ascending to the Divine Realm. But after that, there were no information of people ascending for tens of thousands of years.

Although this point made people confused, their research yielded them with no results. In the end, the researchers just reckoned that the magic elements present in the continent right now was much thinner compared to back then. But was it really like this? Nobody knows.

However, even if forbidden magics were very rare in the present time, the continent had actually taken another road when it comes to magic. Some low to mid-level magics have become stronger compared to back then. There were also a lot of Mages right now, so if one would really compare, then the current magical level wasn’t that worse compared to before.

But while people can say that its no worse than tens of thousands of years ago, nobody would dare say that it was stronger. If it took the entire continent to repel the Demons last time, then it would also take the entire continent to repel the Demons now.

Although Besmir didn’t know about the situation of the Demon Race, he was quite smart, he knew that the spatial cracks in the past had appeared by accident. The Demons weren’t aware that those spatial cracks would appear, they were also very ignorant when it comes to the Ark Continent.

But now, it was different, the Demons had been aware of the Ark Continent for tens of thousands of years. Although they were defeated and had the spatial cracks sealed, the Demons still waited for many years in order to invade the Ark Continent.

The previous Demon invasion can be said to be done in haste, they just didn’t have time to prepare. But now that they were prepared, there was no way to solidly compare the two events. Therefore, blocking the Demons here would certainly prove impossible. Besmir’s purpose here was to delay the Demons for a couple of days, giving the continent time to gear up.

When he heard Zhao Hai’s plan, Besmir couldn’t help but nod and said, “Alright, then we’ll be doing it according to Mister’s plan. Does mister have any more ideas?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t. However I’ll be heading to the Gan Family and then going to the Demonic Abyss to take a look. I want to clear all the undead and magic beasts there before the Demons arrive otherwise they might aid the Demons in their invasion.”

Besmir stared, then he knit his eyebrows and said, “Mister, that is too dangerous. I suggest that you don’t go.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “General can rest assured, I already had managed to explore several Forbidden Areas of the Continent. I had been to the Northern Icefield as well as the Carrion Swamp. The Demonic Abyss shouldn’t be any different from those.” Then Zhao Hai turned around and walked towards outside.

When Besmir heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but stare. There were few people who were aware that Zhao Hai went to the Northern Icefield, however, the fact that he had explored the Carrion Swamp wasn’t well known. Zhao Hai’s exploration of the Carrion Swamp was what made Besmir astonished.

The people of the continent had always speculated that the Buda Clan had a secret territory somewhere. Otherwise, where would the family’s good products come from? However, up until now, people weren’t able to find it. But if one adds Zhao Hai’s statement that he had explored the Carrion Swamp, seeing how well he was doing, and the fact that the Black Wasteland was still owned by the Buda Clan, Besmir immediately thought that the Buda Clan’s mysterious territory was actually their first territory in the continent, the Black Wasteland.

What was this? Is there something good out there in the Black Wasteland? It depends on which hands it falls into. Other Dark Mages can control thousands of undead, and it was known that Zhao Hai can control undead that numbered in the millions. If he can do this, then why can’t he grow something in the Black Wasteland?

Zhao Hai didn’t care about what Besmir was thinking. The reason he told Besmir about this fact was because he was already prepared to reveal the Black Wasteland to the entire continent. At this point, there was no use for him if he were to take the Black Wasteland as his secret.

After Zhao Hai left the General’s residence, a carriage driver immediately bowed towards him and said, “Mister, I am the General’s personal carriage driver. I have been given the task of taking you wherever you want.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I want to go to the Gan Family, do you know the way?”

The carriage driver immediately replied, “Of course, Mister, there’s no place in Demon City that I am unable to find. I ask Mister to please board the carriage.”

Zhao Hai nodded and went into the carriage while the driver held the door open for him. Then the carriage immediately soared towards the Gan Family. In Demon City, there were only few people who don’t know of the Gan Family. However, the family’s residence wasn’t very special. There were no special structures anywhere, it looks just like an ordinary residence with a very ordinary courtyard.

As soon as the carriage stopped in front of the Gan Family’s residence, the carriage driver immediately got down from the carriage and went to two Gan Family members who were guarding the gate. When the two Gan family members saw the carriage driver, they immediately recognized him, one of them said, “Barn, I didn’t expect that you’d come. We really can’t accommodate you, do you know who we’re expecting today? It’s mister Zhao Hai. Therefore, the family can’t really receive visitors now.”

Barn smiled at the two people and said, “I was given an order by General Besmir, starting today, I will be acting as Mister Zhao Hai’s carriage driver. Today, Mister Zhao Hai asked me to take him here to see the Gan Family.” After Barn said that, he quickly opened the door as Zhao Hai walked down from the carriage.

The two people from the Gan family were shocked, then didn’t think that Barn would actually be Zhao Hai’s carriage driver. Although Barn’s driving skills and carriage were the best in Demon City, they still didn’t expect Zhao Hai to sit in Barn’s carriage. They thought that Zhao Hai would be visiting the Gan Family on board the General’s special carriage.

Actually, this arrangement was made by Besmir. He wasn’t actually very stingy in handing his carriage over, however, he was given information by the Buddha Emperor that Zhao Hai preferred to be low-key if possible. Making a huge show wouldn’t be to Zhao Hai’s liking. Therefore, Besmir decided to have Barn take Zhao Hai around. Naturally, this arrangement was very well liked by Zhao Hai.

After seeing Zhao Hai come out, the two immediately responded, they took steps towards Zhao Hai before bowing, “We have seen Mister Zhao Hai. Mister, please come in.’ Then one of them escorted Zhao Hai in while the other ran as fast as he could to report the matter to the family. Naturally, the first one to be informed would be the Patriarch of the Gan Family.

Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised about this situation, he turned his head towards the doorman and said, “Hey, are you very familiar with Barn?” The Gan Family member didn’t think that Zhao Hai would be very polite. He couldn’t help but gape his mouth, unable to speak.

Zhao Hai looked at the person’s expression and smiled faintly, “Don’t be anxious, just answer my question, I won’t eat you.”

The Gan family member recovered, his face couldn’t help but turn red as he apologized, “I’m very sorry Mister, I have been rude. Right, I am very familiar with Barn. He grew up inside Demon City and his parents were adventurers. But one time, his parents went to the Demonic Abyss to explore, only to never come back. After then he became a beggar in Demon City before working for other people when he grew older. Afterwards, when he had the money, he bought himself a horse carriage, becoming Demon City’s best carriage driver. With him having grown up in the city, there were nobody who bullied him, making him enjoy a good life. When the news about the Demon invasion came and civilians were leaving, Barn decided to stay behind. He said that although he couldn’t fight and help in resisting the Demons, he would still offer his carriage to help the army with transportation. General Besmir felt grateful for Barn’s decision so he decided to have Barn be his residence’s attendant.”


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