BTFTLIAW – Chapter 679

Chapter 679 – Demon

Zhao Hai sat in the Space and gave a long sigh of relief. Then he glanced at the monitor. The monitor didn’t display the Lyon Empire, instead, it showed a fortress city.

This city is quite famous in the Buddha Empire, this was because it had a very interesting name, Demon City. Naturally, this wasn’t a place occupied by the Demons. Instead, this was a city that was closest to the Demonic Abyss. This place is completely different to the town back in Accra Mountain. The town on Accra Mountain rarely gets attacked by magic beasts. But in Demon City, the situation is different. At any time, it was possible for the city to be attacked by beings coming out from the Demonic Abyss.

Because of this characteristic, Dark Mages proliferated in this city. This was because the undead were the most common creatures that can be found inside the Demonic Abyss. If Dark Mages were to subdue several of them, then their abilities would be improved. This was the reason that it’s called Demon City.

Even when the Radiant Church was at its peak period in the continent, they still wouldn’t easily dare come to Demon City. There were just too many Dark Mages here. Therefore, the Radiant Church has no other choice but turn a blind eye towards this city,

For the Dark Mages in Demon City, this place was their Holy Land. In their hearts, this was a sacred place, while the others pinned that title to the Calci Family.

Compared to the family-style management of the Calci Family, the Dark Mages in Demon City had more of an alliance. They were all living in Demon City, relying on hunting dark creatures for a living. Therefore, it was even thought that the Dark Mages here were stronger compared to the Dark Mages of the Calci Family.

While Zhao Hai came to visit the Buddha Emperor, he also had Cai’er use the Blood Ghost Staff to investigate the terrain in and around this place.

There were still many businessmen and adventurers here, however, one could notice that the population was now quite skewed towards the Dark Mages and the army of the Buddha Empire. Almost all of the civilians were evacuated.

Zhao Hai inspected Demon City. Probably because of its year-round battles, the walls of the city looked very thick and heavily damaged. One could even see blood on the walls. Compared to the walls of other cities, this one surely did seem to be more murderous.

At this time, Meg brought a cup of tea over to Zhao Hai. When she saw Zhao Hai’s complexion, she grieved as she said, “Young master, you should take a rest. Let me give you a massage.”

Zhao Hai turned his head towards Meg, he smiled faintly and said, “What are the others doing? Why are they not here?’

Meg went behind Zhao Hai and gently massaged his head, at the same time, she answered, “Elder Sister Laura is examining the overall commodities in our storage and is discussing matters with Patriarch Billy regarding its distribution. At the same time, Megan and Lizzy are studying the map.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he held Meg’s hand and said, “Alright, I’m fine really. Come and take a seat with me for a while.”

Meg nodded, then the went around the sofa and sat behind Zhao Hai, snuggling gently on his bosom. Zhao Hai held Meg’s soft body and upon smelling her delicate fragrance, began to relax his nerves slowly.

Meg also felt Zhao Hai becoming more relaxed, she placed her ear to Zhao Hai’s chest and listened to his heartbeat, then she said with a soft voice, “Young Master, can we win?”

Zhao Hai replied with a serious tone, “Of course we can. Our destiny can only be decided by ourselves, nobody can control our lives.”

Meg nodded, then she said, “Young Master, after repelling the Demons and the Divine Race, what should we do next? Will we go back to the Black Wasteland and live in seclusion?”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Why would we live in seclusion? If we did repel the Demons and the Divine Race, then we would follow them to the Demon Realm and the Divine Realm. We need to cause them irreparable damage so that they wouldn’t think about returning to the Ark Continent. Otherwise, they would recover and then try to invade the Ark Continent once more. We can’t live forever and we would have our own children soon. If we die and leave our offspring here, we cannot have them suffer attacks from the Demon Realm and the Divine Race once again.”

Meg’s face turned red, she sat up and looked at Zhao Hai, “Young Master, why don’t you answer my question properly? And what are you talking about, children?”

Zhao Hai faintly smiled and said, “Look, we have been married for quite some time, but we still haven’t had a child. I’m just looking after Grandpa Green and Grandma Merine’s worries. They had always wanted a new heir to the Buda Clan.”

Meg blushed and rolled her eyes at Zhao Hai. However, she didn’t leave, instead, she leaned towards Zhao Hai’s body and said, “I really hope that everyone would be happily together all the time, not thinking about many things. Brother Hai, why do people do this? Why would the Demons and the Divine Race want to invade us?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “No other reason but ambition. In the eyes of the Divine Race, the Ark Continent is a source of troops. Naturally, when they control the continent, they would be treating everyone here as slaves. Then the slaves would join their armies and fight their enemies. On the other hand, the Demons see the continent as a huge cake. The living environment of the Demon Realm is extremely terrible, therefore, they want to occupy the Ark Continent. Unfortunately, the Demons are used to slaughter, so they didn’t even think about a peaceful method in order to reside in the continent. Instead, they wanted to kill every single creature in the continent in order to make way for their own population to move in. At the same time, I also think that the Demons are afraid. From what I learned when I met the Demon in Accra Mountain, they have been investigating the continent for more than a thousand years. Therefore, they must have learned about how the Humans were suppressing the other races. And since the Demons were also a foreign race, then it was natural that the Humans would suppress them as well. If they were to come peacefully and get suppressed by the Humans, then they might as well kill off everyone in the continent.”

Meg was confused, “Young Master, didn’t Cai’er say that the Demon Realm is much larger than the Ark Continent? Then once they take the continent, wouldn’t they have problems in accommodating everyone?”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Of course, but there was no use in thinking about other people. As long as the high-ranked Demons can live here then all is good. These low-level Demons can be neglected then. This is the rule of the Demon Realm. Once you have a high rank in the hierarchy, then you would get anything that you want. If you are a low-ranked Demon and then managed to get something good, then you would have to hand it over to a higher-ranked Demon. Otherwise, it would only bring you disaster. To put it bluntly, the lower-ranked Demons are the high-ranked Demons’ slaves.”

Meg nodded, “So it’s like that. How about the amount of soldiers that would come here? Does Cai’er know?”

Zhao Hai nodded and smiled bitterly, “How can Cai’er not know? One could say that Cai’er is the most informed person with regards to the Demon Realm. From what she can estimate, the army that would arrive would have no less than 50 million soldiers in it.”

Meg was greatly surprised, “50 million? That much?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “And that number only counts the number of Demons that would come. We didn’t include the number of magic beasts that would join them. At the same time, there are also Dark Mages among the Demon Army, completely capable of summoning undead. If a battle happens, their numbers wouldn’t go down too fast. We really have  met a difficult opponent this time.”

Meg’s complexion changed dramatically, “What do we do?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s fine. You can rest assured that there’s no need to worry. If they have 50 million troops, then the continent has its own army as well. And for those who can summon the undead, let’s see how they fare against me. There’s no need to be afraid, everything will be fine.”

Meg nodded, then Zhao Hai turned his gaze towards the monitor. There were no changes in Demon City, there were some Dark Mages and adventurers that left, but the majority of them still stayed behind. They wanted to help the army of the Buddha Empire in fighting off the Demon army.”

These Dark Mages and Adventurers clearly understood that the Demons wouldn’t spare anyone in the continent. If they leave today, sooner or later, they would still face the Demons. These Dark Mages and Adventurers were also people who liked to live beside the blade of a knife. So after knowing that the Demons were coming, not only did they stay, the also prepared to fight against the Demons.

Also, the Buddha Empire had sent word that as long as they make meritorious deeds in the battle against the Demons, then they might gain themselves a hereditary noble title. This prize was too tempting for the Adventurers and Dark Mages.

One must know that a hereditary title was completely different to an ordinary one. It would be impossible for ordinary nobles to pass their title to their children. For example, when Mages who were given their titles die, their status would be gone. Only if they had a child with good talent and becomes a great Mage, then that child would have the right to apply for inheriting the title.

The Buddha Empire had truly placed sufficient capital this time. They didn’t have much troops in the vicinity of Demon City. And in a short period of seven days, it would be impossible for them to assemble an army for reinforcement. Therefore, the Buddha Emperor made a decision, provide the Adventurers and Dark Mages with benefits of great titles so that they would stay behind and defend the city. These people had lived in this place all year round, so they should have the right abilities to defend against the Demon army.

It was because of this that large quantities of Adventurers and Dark Mages had remained and decided to fight the Demon Race together with the Buddha Empire’s army.

However, the Buddha Empire can only gather about two hundred regular troops in these seven days. If we add the Adventurers and Dark Mages, then it might reach about four hundred thousand. Although these numbers were quite strong, it was still impossible if they were to defend against the Demon Army. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to head towards Demon City and take personal command of the defenders!


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