BTFTLIAW – Chapter 678

Chapter 678 – History’s Most Unique Throne Ascension

Aside from Evan and Ruyen, Zhao Hai really didn’t have anybody else to call over. And since Evan had ruled over a Duchy in the past, he should have some experience in running a country.

Ruyen has done a good job in Aksu Empire all this time.  It was impossible for Zhao Hai to see her for a long time so her mood has not been that great. This affected her lifestyle and in turn she looked quite a bit sick.

In fact, Evan was already enough to manage the Lyon Empire, Ruyen wasn’t needed here at all. However, Zhao Hai had no choice, if Evan was alone, then these Great Nobles might continue to misbehave. But if Ruyen was here, then those Great Nobles would think that Ruyen was Zhao Hai’s woman, so they shouldn’t dare show their bad sides to her.

Zhao Hai knew that these Great Nobles didn’t want to offend him right now. If it weren’t for his strength, then these Nobles would’ve been shredded by the continent a long time ago. The only reason why the Lyon Empire remained untouched was because of Zhao Hai. Since he was the one who attacked the Lyon Empire, then the other nations gave him face in not attacking. But if Zhao Hai left, then these Great Nobles would meet an attack by almost everyone, dismembering the entire Lyon Empire.

If we set aside the reaction of the other Nobles of the continent, if the civilians were to know something, then the Nobles wouldn’t have a good future.

Therefore, these Lyon Empire Nobles can only rely on Zhao Hai. It can be said that if Zhao Hai establishes a country, these Nobles would be the first to flock to Zhao Hai’s side. This was because other than Zhao Hai, nobody would want to have them.

The reason why Zhao Hai didn’t make Laura manage the Lyon Empire was because she didn’t have the experience of running a country. Although Laura had been managing the Markey Family, and even some parts of the Buda Clan, it was still different from the Lyon Empire. Back in the family, there were nobody that could undermine Laura’s authority. In Lyon Empire, problems such as these Great Nobles were present, and Laura had no experience in managing these kinds of people.

Additionally, Zhao Hai had things to discuss with Laura, therefore, Laura cannot stay and manage an Empire. Megan and Lizzy can’t do it as well since they were needed to command armies when dealing with the Demons.

As for Megan and Ni’er, having them manage a country? This wasn’t the time for cracking jokes. Knowledge on management cannot be learned in a day, they weren’t any use at all. More importantly, Zhao Hai had Meg and Ni’er manage the Fishmen in the Space’s sea. Therefore, Zhao Hai had no choice but to invite Evan and Ruyen over in order to manage the Lyon Empire.

Sure enough, when the Great Nobles saw Ruyen, they immediately thought that she was Zhao Hai’s woman. Almost immediately, all of them bowed to Ruyen and said, “We have seen the Madam.” Ruyen’s pale face immediately turned red, but just as she was about to refute, Zhao Hai waved his hand calmly and said, “This is Grand Duke Evan, Ruyen’s father. You can handle everything yourselves later, but if there’s anything that needed consent, just approach them. They will find a way to contact me.”

The Great Nobles immediately complied, Zhao Hai looked at their faces and said, “Alright, then I’m done here. After I leave, I shall tell everyone that I’ll be acting as the temporary Emperor to the Lyon Empire. The overall management of the Empire shall be handed over to Prime Minister Evan. All of you shall help him manage the Empire. After I leave, all of you should do your best to have the Empire prepare for war in the shortest possible time. Since the Lyon Empire is known for its Magic Beast Cavalry, you don’t need to worry about this. I shall release some magic beasts that I acquired back in the lesser dragon camp. You may divide those magic beasts among yourselves. Understood?”

The Great Nobles immediately replied, “Yes, Your Excellency.” Zhao Hai nodded and then turned to leave the palace.

Outside the Great Hall, Zhao Hai released his Bone Dragon and then rode on its back. Under the gazes of Evan, Ruyen, and the other Nobles, Zhao Hai flew up.

Zhao Hai’s flight path wasn’t high, he just flew over the sky of the Lyon Empire’s capital. The civilians could clearly see him on the back of the Bone Dragon.

While he flew, Zhao Hai said, “People of the Lyon Empire, listen to me. I have already eliminated the evil Dragons, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. However, when I dealt with the Dragons, I had discovered a connection to the Demons. The Demons had made a magic array in order to open a spatial rift between the Demon Realm and the Ark Continent. In seven days, that spatial rift would open, that spatial rift is located inside the Demonic Abyss. I shall be heading there in order to meet the Demons head-on. I shall announce myself as the temporary Emperor of the Lyon Empire. But since I am going to battle, I shall be appointing Grand Duke Evan as the Prime Minister of the Lyon Empire. I hope all of you will cooperate with him in the future!”

This was the most unique ceremony in the continent’s history, the most unique speech in history, as well as the most unique throne ascension in history. It was the first time that someone took the throne and just left afterwards.

And along with Zhao Hai’s words, the Lyon Empire’s capital had erupted into chaos. However, undead suddenly started to appear, stabilizing the mood of the citizens.

Zhao Hai knew that the big Empires of the continent had started to move. And because of its special situation, the Lyon Empire would surely be the last one to prepare. Additionally, Zhao Hai cannot manage the Empire, the only methods that he can think about right now was this.

After seeing that the undead had managed to calm the populace, Zhao Hai said, “Everyone shouldn’t be afraid. The big Empires as well as the other races of the continent are already aware of this information. Everyone has united together in order to face this crisis. I hope that everyone would calm themselves.”

Although these civilians were scared, they couldn’t help but behave when they saw the undead. And as long as things proceeded peacefully, everything else would be fine.

After Zhao Hai said these, he had his Bone Dragon return to the Imperial palace. When he entered the Great Hall,  he immediately had the Nobles go out and appease the populace.

These Great Nobles didn’t dare make any mistakes at this point. They knew that since the Demons had come, then Zhao Hai would be unable to help them stabilize the current situation. And if they were to disappoint Zhao Hai, then he might be impolite towards them. Therefore, the Nobles issued their compliance and then immediately went out.

After seeing that the Nobles had left, Zhao Hai turned to Evan and said, “Uncle Evan, Ruyen, I’ll be handing the Lyon Empire over to you temporarily. I need to head towards the Demonic Abyss as soon as possible since I am still completely unaware of the situation there. I’ll have to ask you to guide the Lyon Empire in assisting the Buddha Empire and the Dwarf Race in preparing to defend against the Demon invasion. I’m afraid the Buddha Empire wouldn’t be able to handle it by themselves.”

Evan couldn’t help but knit his brows and said, “Is the situation really serious? The undead in your hand had already crossed ten million. And we’re already clear about how strong those undead are, do the Demons have as much experts?”

Zhao Hai forced a smile and said, “I’m afraid so, the Demon Realm is a lot bigger than the Ark Continent. With how bad the environment is there, the Demons have been constantly subjected to killing and fighting. And this time, they had come prepared, I’m afraid that the matter wouldn’t be easy to deal with.”

Evan frowned, then he sighed and said, “Alright, then you can leave the Lyon Empire to me. You be careful in the Demonic Abyss.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then his voice turned serious as he said, “Observe these Nobles well. I’m not completely confident in them. If anything strange happens, immediately inform me and I will immediately deal with them.”

Evan faintly smiled and said, “Rest assured, from what I can see in their expressions, they wouldn’t dare to misbehave. Except for us, nobody in the continent would dare to accept them.”

Zhao Hai coldly replied, “There’s still the Radiant Church. Don’t forget that the success of the Dragons was due to those Nobles. And I’m quite sure that the Dragons weren’t the ones who lobbied them. So it must be the Radiant Church, perhaps offering them with a lot of benefits. Although they were now aware of the Divine Race, we shouldn’t forget that a lot of Humans have sided themselves with the Divine Race in the last great war. We should prevent them from going to the Divine Race, especially when they learn how hard it would be in the frontlines.”

Evan knitted his brows and said, “Hard? Even if the battle would be no good, they shouldn’t just surrender to the Divine Race. After all, what could the Divine Race offer them?”

Zhao Hai sneered, “They can give them shelter. Although there aren’t any records of the Divine Race in the Human history, we shouldn’t forget about the existence of the Radiant Church. Also, the Divine Race has the strength to not be afraid of the Demons. If the Divine Race were to give them shelter, then it would not be impossible for those guys to agree. After all, the most important thing to those Nobles are their family and their status.”

Evan couldn’t help but agree, then he said, “Alright, you can rest assured that I shall be looking at their actions. There won’t be any problems.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he took out a messenger fish, “Take this messenger fish, you can use this to contact me directly. I shall be leaving a thousand undead for you to command. Remember, no matter what happens in Lyon Empire, always keep your own safety as a priority. Even if the Divine Race came, I believe that those undead could still keep them off for quite some time. That would give me time to pick you up.”

Evan nodded, then he received the messenger fish. At this time, Zhao Hai turned to look at Ruyen, who also looked back at him. Then Zhao Hai said, “Ruyen, you should understand why I haven’t been able to see you for all this time. After everything gets settled down, I shall give you what you deserve.”

Ruyen understood what Zhao Hai meant, her face couldn’t help but go red as she gently nodded and said, “I’ll wait for you.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to nod at Evan and said, “Then I shall leave everything here to you.” After that, his body vanished as he entered the Space.


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