BTFTLIAW – Chapter 677

Chapter 677 – Your Excellency, You Have No Choice But To Govern Us

What can seven days make?

If this question was presented to the commoners, then they would surely provide a multitude of answers. However, for an Emperor who would receive an attack on his empire, these seven days was just too short.

This was what the Buddha Emperor was thinking about right now. Seven days was just too short, he was stumped on what to do.

When Zhao Hai left the Buddha Empire, he then went to the Aksu Empire to tell Boris of this information. Although Zhao Hai and Boris had a grudge in the past, Boris was now quite angry towards the Radiant Church. Moreover, this was a Demon invasion, so no matter what, Zhao Hai still needs to tell Boris about it. After all, Boris was also an Emperor of a Human nation.

After he awkwardly told the news to Boris, Zhao Hai went back to the Lyon Empire. Zhao Hai knew what was currently going on in the Lyon Empire. The Empire was now in a state of anarchy. The Great Nobles were currently managing the Empire. However, in the minds of these Nobles, Zhao Hai was the Lyon Empire’s current ruler. Therefore, it was Zhao Hai’s tasks to manage the things in the Empire.

Zhao Hai didn’t teleport towards the Lyon Empire. Instead, after he came out of the Space, he rode on the back of a Bone Dragon and then entered the capital.

Just as he arrived at the capital’s skies, he immediately discovered that the place exploded into cheers. Zhao Hai looked downward and saw civilian people standing on the square and cheering at him.

Zhao Hai wasn’t expecting the situation, he didn’t’t think that the Lyon Empire’s commoners would like him this much. This made him confused, in his opinion, he didn’t do anything. So why would these people cheer for him?

Although the Dragons had ruled the Empire for a few days, but because of how overboard the lesser dragons had become, killing civilians whenever they want, it wasn’t strange that the civilians had already hated the Dragons.

But since the Dragons were very powerful, and were quite known to be invincible, the commoners were left not being able to resist. Now that Zhao Hai had eliminated the Dragons, the civilians were naturally very happy.

While riding the Bone Dragon, Zhao Hai flew directly to the Lyon Empire’s palace. As soon as he landed on the square, the Great Nobles immediately welcomed him. They originally weren’t in the palace, but when they heard that Zhao Hai had come, they immediately went to see him.

Zhao Hai looked at the nobles and then said, “Let’s go to the Great Hall, I have something to tell you all.” Then he turned to walk towards the Imperial Palace Great Hall.

These Nobles looked at Zhao Hai with no hostility, instead, all of them had a very happy expression. In their minds, for Zhao Hai to go to the Great Hall, this meant that he had accepted his own status, and that he would rule the Lyon Empire.

Moreover, the mere fact that Zhao Hai came back meant that his fight with the Dragons was finished. After seeing Zhao Hai being safe and sound, without a single scratch on his body, it showed the nobles that Zhao Hai did indeed have the overwhelming strength to face the Dragons!

These Great Nobles didn’t think that Zhao Hai could eliminate the Dragons. In their opinion, this task was impossible. Not suffering any losses was already good, so how was is possible to eradicate the Dragons.

When Zhao Hai headed to the Great Hall, these Nobles also followed behind him. Zhao Hai looked at the throne in the Great Hall and then sighed. He didn’t sit on the throne and just turned to look at the Nobles. These Nobles felt a chill when they met Zhao Hai’s gaze. They couldn’t help but get startled, they knew that Zhao Hai didn’t like them, so they just lowered their heads in obedience.

After scanning the Nobles, Zhao Hai said, “Did you know what you just did? You almost made the Humans fall into an irredeemable place just because of benefits. I really want to kill all of you, I really do!”

The Nobles lowered their heads further. They can feel the killing intent in Zhao Hai’s words. If that killing intent was tangible, then they would have had trouble breathing.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted, then he turned his hand over and retrieved the beast skin scroll, then he threw it over to a Great Noble and said, “Look at it yourself and see if I am exaggerating.”

The Great Noble caught the beast skin scroll and looked at it. He read the contents of the scroll and when he was finished, he was coldly sweating when he looked at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted, then the Great Noble couldn’t help but bend his waist. Then the scroll was handed over to the next noble who had the exact same reaction as the first one. The scroll was then passed over to the Great Nobles inside the Hall before the scroll returned to Zhao Hai’s hands. At this point, the Nobles in the hall were having pale expressions. The word ‘frightened’ was an understatement.

Zhao Hai swept his gaze across the hall and then sighed, “There’s no use in scolding all of you right now. I’m not familiar with the Lyon Empire, so I cannot be the Emperor. With how things are going, I don’t have the time to be a ruler. You have seven days to prepare.” Then Zhao Hai told them about his encounter with the Demons back in Accra Mountain.

The mouths of these Nobles were gaped open as their eyes stared straight at Zhao Hai, it seems like they had turned into idiots. They didn’t think that a calamity has come. The Demons would arrive to the continent soon. This was the Demons, beings who would kill humans without even blinking. How could this be!

Zhao Hai looked at the expressions of these Nobles and coldly snorted, making these Great Nobles recover their senses. All of them looked at each other, they didn’t think that matters would come this quickly. There were seven days before the Demon army arrives, what can they do in these seven days?

Zhao Hai snorted and said, “Seven days, think about what you would do in seven days. It would be impossible for me to stay in the Lyon Empire for all this time. I shall be heading to the Buddha Empire in order to assist them with resisting the Demon Army. As for the Lyon Empire? It would be left to your discretion. Whether you want it to crumble or to return to its former glory before the Dragons arrived, I don’t care. All of these shall be left to all of you to take care of.”

And just as Zhao Hai finished talking, the Great Nobles knelt in front of him as the oldest one of them said, “Your Excellency, you have no other choice but to govern us. We know that we had made a mistake, but we truly didn’t expect the situation to reach this degree. We ask Your Excellency to remain. We want you to be the Lyon Empire’s rules, please stay here.”

The other nobles expressed their agreement.When he saw these people, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel a headache. He does not have the time to manage an Empire at this time. The Demons were about to appear and he needs to be in the frontlines of battle to block them. This would give the Rosen Empire and the other powers to make their proper arrangements.

Zhao Hai looked at the Great Nobles and sighed, “I really dont’ have the time to manage the Lyon Empire. The Demons are coming soon, and I need to head towards the Demonic Abyss right now in order to find a way to block the Demons. Only in this way would the continent be able to have a little more time to prepare.”

The Nobles looked at each other, they knew that what Zhao Hai said was true. But at this time, the Lyon Empire needed Zhao Hai. After the matter with the Dragons, the Great Nobles weren’t exactly well regarded by the population. No matter which one of them were to become the Emperor, the civilians would naturally disagree. And a chaotic Lyon Empire wasn’t what they need right now, seeing that the Demons have come.

At the same time, Zhao Hai also knew that what the old Noble said was true, he couldn’t help but have a headache. Zhao Hai was aware that the Great Nobles had already lost popular support. This was because they were largely responsible for the Dragons’ quick occupation of the Lyon Empire. The commoners had hostile feeling to these fellows, and if one of them were to get the throne, then the entire Empire would definitely thrown into chaos. On the other hand, if Zhao Hai were to take the seat of the Emperor, then the populace would surely accept it.

Thinking about these matter did indeed cause Zhao Hai’s head to ache, he looked at these Nobles and couldn’t help but sigh, “I can be the Emperor and I shall go and announce it outside later. But after that, I shall be heading to the Demonic Abyss. The remaining matters would need to be handed over to all of you. However, I shall have someone supervise all of your actions.

When the Great Nobles heard Zhao Hai, they immediately burst into happiness. Zhao Hai doing this meant that he would just be an Emperor in name, while the nobles had the true power in their hands. However, this happiness wasn’t because of the power, it was because of Zhao Hai accepting the throne. If he still declined, then the Lyon Empire would be finished.

Once the Lyon Empire turned chaotic, the ones who would lose out greatly would be these Nobles. Although they were thousand year old clans, their roots were still in the Lyon Empire. They couldn’t afford to have the Empire be in a chaotic state.

Zhao Hai looked at the Nobles of this Empire, then he coldly snorted and said, “Wait a moment.” Then his body vanished. Before long, he reappeared along with two other people. On of them was a man with a stature that was tall and big, he was about two meters tall. The other one was a woman, tall and beautiful, but her complexion was quite pale, it seems like she was not quite healthy.

Zhao Hai looked at these Nobles and said, “I’ll be heading to the Demonic Abyss. The matters of the Empire shall be handed to all of you. This is Evan and Ruyen. If there’s something that you cannot decide on, then ask for their opinion. Understood?”


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