BTFTLIAW – Chapter 675

Chapter 675 – Seven Days

Zhao Hai didn’t bother himself with those Demons who were injured and were still moving. He believed that those Demons were already dead, they just kept their movements due to their abundant lifeforce.

Zhao Hai’s judgement was correct. These Demons were already dead, but since they lived in the Demon Realm all their life, their vitality was just too strong, so these fatal strikes weren’t able to kill them straight away. After counter attacking, these Demons should be motionless, this was a common deathrattle for Demons.

The middle Demon didn’t stop his incantation as he looked coldly at Zhao Hai. The incantation continued on, he didn’t move even a single bit. Even as Zhao Hai stabbed his sword through this throat, the Demon just looked at Zhao Hai. Blood was now flowing out of his mouth, but he still kept mumbling the spell. The Demon smiled at Zhao Hai and then used some of his strength and said, “Your actions are useless, the Blood Void wouldn’t stop as long as blood is present. The blood in here is already enough, and with our own blood as a primer, the Demon army will now come and avenge us.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon and said, “Your spell should be the self-destruct spell right? You’re just talking to me in order to pass time and include me in your explosion. Hehe, I know how strong you people are as well as how formidable the Blood Void is. However, you aren’t aware of how strong I am.”

The Demon’s complexion changed, his incantation was truly the self-destruct spell. This spell absorbs the strength of several people in order to create a very big explosion. Everything that he did before was to make Zhao Hai think that he was casting a spell in order to activate the formation. He wanted to use this method in order to kill Zhao Hai.

Actually, he was taking a risk. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to live, so he just planned to use his and the others’ blood in order to help power the formation. If he can kill Zhao Hai in the process, then it would greatly benefit the Demon Realm.

However, he didn’t know that Zhao Hai was aware of his spell. He also discovered that Zhao Hai was quite knowledgeable about the Demons. One has to know that when the Demons and the Humans fought the last time, the Demons still hadn’t invented this spell, so it was impossible for the Humans to recognize it. For Zhao Hai to know about it was truly a surprise for the Demon.

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon and said, “Do you find it strange, the reason why I know this? Well, I’m not going to tell you, think about it for the rest of your life.” Then Zhao Hai’s went back, leaving the area completely.

Naturally, the reason why Zhao Hai knew about this was Cai’er. Demons completely ignored the fact that plants were ever present in the Demon Realm. And at the same time, they were unaware of the existence of Cai’er.

Cai’er was a plant that had been watching the Demon Realm for many years, she might even know more about the Demon Realm compared to the Demons. Therefore, the Blood Void, as well as the self destruct incantation was something that she knew about.

This Blood Void was a truly powerful Demon formation, its might was quite strong for a magic formation of its kind. However, something unusually strange about this formation was that its power was exerted on someplace else.

This kind of magic formation was called a primary-secondary formation. It was a set of formation that had two parts, the blood formation and the void formation. The blood portion was the energy provider of the formation. It would collect blood and transform it into energy. Then the blood formation would then transfer the energy over to the void formation where the power is fully exerted.

Most importantly, this magic formation was irreversible, it cannot be stopped. In other words, as long as the formation is established and blood was supplied, this formation would start immediately. If the blood supplied was few, then the power would be small as well, otherwise, if the blood was in high volume, then the formation would be very formidable. With how much blood was supplied on this formation under Accra Mountain, Zhao Hai knew that it would be formidable, at the same time, the void formation was surely inside the Demonic Abyss.

After the Blood Void starts, it would take seven days before its full power can be exhibited. If someone wanted to destroy this formation in advance, then the formation would activate in advance as well. This made Zhao Hai decide to refrain from using his Bone Dragons to attack it. If he would destroy this formation, then the Demons would be coming in advance. If he just let this formation be, then he would still have seven days to prepare.[1]

The only reason why Zhao Hai attacked the Demons was to gauge how powerful they were. In the future, when the battle starts, Zhao Hai would have a basis on how strong a Demon army would be.

These Demons were truly fierce, they were 9th ranks, but in Cai’er’s words, the status of these specific Demons shouldn’t be high. They would at the very most be medium-rank. There might be a lot of these Demons in the Demon Realm, however, their army would surely be mostly comprised of low-ranked Demons, with the worst one being weaker than a Human 6th rank. But in general, a group of Human 7th ranks wouldn’t be able to contend with a group of low-ranked demons.

After hearing this, Zhao Hai’s heart couldn’t help but turn heavy. He thought that he would be fighting the Divine Race, but instead, it seems like he would be facing the Demons first.

But he didn’t regret his action in Accra Mountain, killing the magic beasts and fueling the Blood Void formation in the process. Zhao Hai knew that if he didn’t exterminate the magic beasts, then the Demons would still do it secretly just as what they did with the Dragons. The outcome of their method was no different to Zhao Hai’s plan to kill the magic beasts.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was quite happy. He was happy to know about all of these, and the fact that he had seven days to prepare. Otherwise, if the Demons were to suddenly emerge from the Demonic Abyss, then many deaths would occur due to the Humans being caught off guard.

Just as the Zhao Hai left, the Demons exploded as well. However, Zhao Hai casted a protective shield over the formation, otherwise it might get destroyed and activate the formation in Demonic Abyss in advance.

The Demon explosion was quite strong, but since Zhao Hai was now a God-ranked expert, he didn’t bother to block. The Demons’ bodies weren’t spared and their blood fuelled the formation. Seeing all of these, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh, he knew that because of this, the void formation would get stronger.

After lamenting on the fact, Zhao Hai’s body flashed as he entered the Space. Green and the others’ expressions were quite ugly while they were sitting on the villa’s living room. They were able to witness what just happened, they didn’t expect that the day for battle had come this quickly.

When Zhao Hai entered the living room, he turned his head to Green and said, “Grandpa Green, you should return to the Black Wasteland and prepare. Turn the entire place into something suitable for retreat. When the war comes, I’m afraid a lot of refugees would be forced to flee their homes. You must be ready to accept them.”

Green nodded, then Zhao Hai turned to Kun and said, “Grandpa Kun, you should head back to Golden Island and prepare as well. Have all the ships equipped for war. At the same time, have Golden Island be primed to be a stopover station.”

Kun also nodded, then Zhao Hai sighed as he retrieved his messenger fish. Then he talked to to it, “Your Majesty, can you hear me? Please answer if you can.”

Then the voice of the Mermaid Queen was heard, “I can hear mister, is there something wrong?”

Zhao Hai sighed once again, then he reiterated how he discovered the Demons as well as the matter with the Blood Void formation. After telling his story, Zhao Hai said, “I hope that Your Majesty would have her people prepare. Battle would come soon. When the time comes, the Fishman race can enter a channel that I would open that would lead you to the continent. I hope you can provide us with suitable support.”

The Queen didn’t think that the matter would come this fast, however, she still immediately replied, “Alright, Mister can feel relieved. I shall immediately arrange a Fishman army that can head to the continent right now.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Then I’ll have to thank Your Majesty in advance. I shall go and inform the others, so I need to leave the conversation first. Take care, Your Majesty.”

The Queen replied, “Mister, you take care as well. Your significance to the continent is quite huge. I hope that you can protect yourself well.’

Zhao Hai calmly replied, “Your Majesty can rest assured, I shall take care of myself. Then, Your Majesty, farewell.”

Then Zhao Hai retrieved his Messenger Fish and the took out another Fish. This messenger fish would connect to the Beast King. Zhao Hai immediately talked to the Beast King and told him about the situation, then he had the Beastmen prepare their army to fight at any time. The Beast King didn’t say anything and just agreed. The Beast King already made ample preparations, so he wasn’t too anxious about this matter.

The Zhao Hai called Billy and the Elf Queen, explaining everything to them as well. Then Zhao Hai came out of the Space and appeared inside Rosen Empire’s palace.

Zhao Hai didn’t plan to delay, he only has seven days to prepare. At this point, the Human nations were completely unaware of what was about to happen. One could say that they had zero preparation. With only seven days to prepare, this time frame was truly very short.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to save as much time as possible. He would first look for the Rosen Emperor, convincing him of the events and then have him sign the beast skin scroll. After that, Zhao Hai would proceed to approach the other Emperors of the continent.

  1. Took me a very long time to read this along with the previous chapter. In the end, they just don’t add up. In the past chapter, Zhao Hai seems to be uninformed, but here, he was.


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  1. Couldn’t he have just absorbed all the magic beasts into his space instead of killing them?

    1. He could, yes. He could also absorb the killed demons, to stop their blood from fueling the formation further, as well as to get some powerful undead. And with some valuable information to boot.

      I’ve been binge reading this story for a bit now…but the rate at which it goes worse makes me wonder whether it’s actually worth the time. It’s a shame, seeing as the idea behind it is entertaining.

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