BTFTLIAW – Chapter 672

Chapter 672 – The Dragons didn’t Appear

Green and the others were happy as well. Although the strength of magic beasts were formidable, their builds were too big. And in their cramped situation inside Accra Mountain, their performance wouldn’t be as efficient as the Human form undead. So now that they had this ability, these undead magic beast would be able to display even more power.

Although Alien was still unable to speak and can only communicate over spirit transfer, this didn’t matter. It didn’t have any effect on its fighting strength.

Then Zhao Hai turned to the Dragon and then asked, “What is your name?”

The undead Dragon immediately replied, “Young Master, I’m called, Ao Sar.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Do you know why these magic beasts are still listening to the Dragons? What is happening?”

Ao Sar replied, “I do. Young Master, this is actually a secret technique that the Divine Race had left behind. This technique is called Divine Enlightenment. This technique is quite formidable, after being used on a magic beast, this magic would still manage to penetrate its descendants, making the subsequent generations loyal to the Dragon Race. No matter what we order them, they will obey, even if they are asked to commit suicide or slaughter their children. There are many uses of this technique, but it is still useless to magic beasts with high wisdom, and it also has little influence on people. At the same time, this technique uses up a lot of magic each time. But since the Dragons have been in the Accra Mountain for too long, all the magic beasts had been turned into loyal beings to the Dragons. It was precisely because of Divine Enlightenment that the magic beasts were all frantically attacking the Young Master’s army.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “So it turns out to be something left behind by the Divine Race. Can you also do this Divine Enlightenment?”

The Dragon nodded, “I can, all Dragons are capable of executing the technique.”

Zhao Hao gave a nod, “Then tell me the how you do it, let me see what this Divine Enlightenment looks like.” Then the Dragon complied, telling Zhao Hai how to execute this technique.

This Divine Enlightenment’s application method was based on light element magic, but it was not entirely light magic. It was a combination between light magic and blood magic.

When using the technique, one would use their own blood first as a guide before one casts the magic. This kind of magic would not only affect the magic beast, it would also manifest on its descendants. One could say that it was a kind of evil control magic.

Zhao Hai didn’t use the magic even though he had learned how to do it. He just wanted to understand the magic that were used by the Divine Race. Now it seems like the Divine Race were indeed powerful, they can actually combine different magic to make completely new spells.

Although the fight was still going on outside, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t rush out. It had continued for the whole day, they were even unaware that night had arrived. At this time, they felt somewhat hungry, so their had their dinner inside the Space.

Even if he left the undead outside, all of them were 9th ranks, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about them.

While they were eating their dinner inside the Space, Zhao Hai and the others discussed the fight that happened during the day. Green took a sip of his wine and then said, “Where are the Dragons? The lesser Dragons should have already reported what just happened. Why were the magic beasts continuing to attack?”

Kun smiled faintly and said, “It isn’t really strange. The Dragons are unaware of the existence of the Space. In their minds, these undead were controlled by Dark Mages. The Dark Mage might be strong, but they couldn’t sustain commanding these undead for too long. I think the Dragons are trying to drain Little Hai’s magic by bombarding him with those magic beasts. When Little Hai’s mental power gets exhausted, the Dragons can just come and deal with him easily. Unfortunately for them, Little Hai didn’t need to expend energy in commanding the undead, he already has the Space to do that. The undead can fight as long as Little Hai wants.”

Zhao Hai gave a slight smile and said, “If the Dragons think like that, then that would be great for us. If we can kill all the magic beast in the mountain, then we would generally be taking care of the Dragons’ trump card. Even if the Dragons were to escape, they wouldn’t be a threat to us anymore.”

Green agreed, “It would be troublesome if the Dragons were to keep their magic beast army. Moreover, whether or not the Dragons survive this battle, their reputation is now ruined. After this, even the Humans wouldn’t be as scared of the Dragons as before.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “But I think the Radiant Church wouldn’t just be still upon seeing this. They would definitely have the the Divine Race act as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Divine Race wouldn’t have any allies if they were to delay. Our current exhibition has already informed the Radiant Church that they are no match against us.”

Kun nodded, “It looks like we need to prepare for even more battles.” The group sighed, the jovial mood of their dinner was now gone.

After finishing their meal, Zhao Hai and the others went to the Space’s villa and watched the crazy attacks of the magic beasts. At this point, the levels of the magic beasts that they were encountering had already reached 4th to 5th rank. However, even these levels had no impact to the undead army. It seems like in the eyes of the undead, all of these beasts were of the same level.

Upon seeing the continual magic beast assault, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows and said, “From day to night, these magic beasts actually didn’t stop. At the same time, no Dragons can be seen. What kind of plot do they have?”

Green was frowning as well, “What are the Dragons thinking? Do they want to attack us this way? It seems to be the wrong way of doing it.”

Kun shook his head and said, “Don’t think about it too much. If they attack, then let them be. In any case, we are here to destroy them, eliminate them for good. There’s not much to think about.”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he still frowned, “But I still feel that there is something wrong. We can’t go on like this. I must make the undead deal with this as soon as possible.”

Naturally, nobody opposed to Zhao Hai’s decision. The Space had an uncountable amount of magic beast corpses, all of which can be turned into undead.

In the past, the levels of the magic beasts were too low. Although the Space can still make them into undead, their levels were really to low for them to be 9th ranks. After all, the difference was too far. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t turn those initial magic beasts in to undead. However, the beasts that they were killing at this point were 4th or 5th ranks. They were definitely worth turning into undead.

After deciding on what to do, Zhao Hai immediately came out of the Space and turned all of the dead magic beasts into undead, increasing the amount of undead in Zhao Hai’s army.

The Accra Mountain was extremely large, and it had many magic beasts in it, much more than Zhao Hai can count. At this point, the Space has about 10 million 1st and 2nd ranked beasts. Adding the amount of 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranks, the current count would reach 20 million. The lower ranks can be turned to army provisions, however, those with high enough levels were turned into undead. After this fight, Zhao Hai’s undead army would be much more powerful. This gave him more confidence in dealing with the Divine Race.

However, the main thing on Zhao Hai’s mind right now was his feeling of unease. It seems like something was going on, and he wanted to know about it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the adventurers that were behind Zhao Hai had become dumbfounded. They can’t see any magic beast corpses anymore. However, the battle in front of them was still going on. There were still blood on the ground, the only thing missing were the dead corpses.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the mood to think about any of these right now. His army of undead was rapidly increasing. At first, it was the magic beasts who were attacking them, but now, Zhao Hai’s army were the ones who did the assault. Aside from the ground, the aerial battles had heated up as well. There were also a lot of flying beasts in Accra Mountain, and these flying beasts were now getting attacked by Bone Dragons, naturally, they didn’t stand a chance.

With the increase of undead, Zhao Hai’s rate of advancement had also increased. As they got closer to Dragon’s peak, 7th and 8th rank magic beasts had started to appear. Although these beasts weren’t numerous, their attacking power wasn’t something to scoff at. Even if the undead were able to deal with them, they still managed to drive them back for some time.

But still, Zhao Hai was unable to see any Dragons. This made Zhao Hai very surprised. The skies slowly turned to day, and at this point, the mountain had turned quiet. All of the magic beasts on Accra Mountain were dead.

Zhao Hai’s undead had now reached more than ten million. While Zhao Hai was continuing his slaughter up into the mountain, he was still quite puzzled as to why the Dragons still didn’t appear.

Before long, Zhao Hai finally arrived at Dragon’s peak. This place was the highest point in Accra Mountains. This place was an extinct volcano. However, even if it was extinct, it was still very hot. The place where the Dragons resided in was in the deep crater where a lake was situated in the bottom. On the inner walls of the crater, caves can be seen one after another. Those caves were the residences of the Dragons.

The terrain here had already been scouted by Zhao Hai’s staff. Therefore, Zhao Hai was very clear about the place. But what was not clear was the fact that the Dragons were still absent even if Zhao Hai was already at the mouth of their home.

After thinking about this, he immediately flew to the peak along with his undead army. He wanted to see what was going on. Did the Dragons already escape? This wasn’t very likely, it was not in line with the nature of the Dragons.


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